The Lotus Pose: Yoga challenge for beginners | Shabana Jabine | Skillshare

The Lotus Pose: Yoga challenge for beginners

Shabana Jabine, Yogi for You

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13 Videos (1h 45m)
    • Why should you do this course?

    • 1 Introduction to Lotus Pose

    • 2 Lotus pose for meditation

    • 3 Why is it called the Lotus pose?

    • 4 Contra-indications

    • 5 Benefits of the pose

    • 6 How will we work towards the pose?

    • 7 How long will it take before I achieve the pose?

    • 9. Sun-salutations

    • Practice 1: Hamstrings

    • Practice 2 Hamstrings, hips and quads,

    • 4 Practice 3: Intense Hips, hamstrings and adductors

    • Achieving the lotus pose


About This Class

Problem: You spend way too much time in the office and your laptop: your hips and hamstring muscles have become tighter. You love sport or the gym, but every time you work out your hips and hamstring muscles become tighter. You (we all) stress way too much.

Solution: Working towards the lotus pose.

You never thought you could do it. You never realised why you should do it. You can do it. You need to do it. Everyday we work out or, on the opposite extreme we remain sedentary our hips and hamstrings take a hammering. I have designed a comprehensive course to help you work towards this position, and the practice are sweet and short, but effective. You don’t need to actually achieve the lotus to feel the benefits, as you’re working towards the pose the hamstrings muscles will lengthen and loosen, the hips will become more open, you will gain incredible flexibility, and it will help you remain relaxed and focused. A healthy body, healthy joints, a healthy mind requires your investment. Invest in it today and work toward the lotus pose.





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Shabana Jabine

Yogi for You


This fun and simple online yoga class is taught by Shabana Jabine, one of yoga's rising teachers who is adept in combining specific yoga workouts with humour, love and passion.

You are here because you want to be able to do learn beginners to advanced yoga in the comfort and ease in a home practice, you’d love to gain more flexibility, and in the process understand your capacity for patience, kindness to your body and to your mind.  You’ll be impress...

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