The Long Tail of Vanity Urls - Buying and Selling

Philip 'dm' Campbell, Decentralised Your Life

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8 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. 1.1 - introduction

    • 2. 1.2 - vanity urls? huh?

    • 3. 1.3 - look for the domain name base price

    • 4. 1.4 - searching and validating

    • 5. 1.5 - custom and unique will always have a value

    • 6. 1.6 - realworld .ee estonia network example

    • 7. 1.7 - round up of things discussed

    • 8. 1.8 - sharing is caring, comment and tweet!


About This Class


over the coming years, I'll be building out a WordPress network of sites (I've already started) with custom vanity URLs for a country I believe will start to make real waves in the global sense when it comes to technology, startups and digital id - Estonia.

I've already invested a small amount in a batch of vanity URLs from the country and intend to build a concept network to bring awareness, network reach, Adsense and auto-broadcasting to my many twitter accounts.

in this course, we will discuss the following topic and areas.

  • what are vanity URLs (think personalised number plates)
  • how to search and buy us from the correct register
  • be careful of gazumping when it comes to purchasing a URL
  • being in it for the long term (long tail mindset)
  • flipping your domain after a few years

I had some success in 2011 selling a domain name that I had owned for six years. I had over two thousand blog articles and my domain keyword was pretty high up in google. I was approached by Evan Williams (@ev on twitter) via email to see if I would be interested in selling the domain name.

after a nerve wrecking kind of week where my current world would change for the better if it went through or just stay the same. we agreed on a figure and we made the escrow. for one year it changed my life briefly in that, I could move forward again after being in a dark place with depression. the net kinda saved me from vanishing.

I had the domain name for six years. I had never considered selling it. the four character domain ( was worth five figures to twitter because they were launching a new product called medium (which I use today ironically) - I was lucky that they wanted to release a product with the same name. 

in san Francisco law if a company goes for IPO then i would have as much legal rights as the name conventions are similar (I was led to believe anyway after i sold it) - I could have probably sold my domain for twice as much but I was not greedy and I worked out how much that six years of me using that as my brand meant to me. 

I felt I would rather have the 'story' of selling it to evan, one of the three founders of twitter instead of focusing on the money figure. don't get me wrong, money is nice and you can do things with it. I bought new equipment which I'm still working on today.

I'm in a position again now where I need to move that needle again to make the next steps in my life and for the life of others so a cash injection or more positive monthly income will enable those things to happen. my skillshare courses are part of that journey (please support me via premium courses if you can)