The Lazy Way to Lose Weight ... How I Lost 50Lbs and 12" Around My Waist!

James Burchill, The Side Hustle Coach

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5 Videos (33m)
    • The Heart of My Weight Loss Story

    • Finding a Way Forward With Food

    • The Simple Food Formula For Easy Weight Loss

    • The Results of My Lazy Approach To Weight Loss

    • The Future & What To Do When You Fall Off The Wagon ...


About This Class

In 2015 I weighed 250 Lbs and my waist was 46" round. I felt "large", slow and uncomfortable. This "big me" had happened slowly over the last 10 years and now it had to change. A pleasant walk in the park reinforced that need when I suffered what was later called a "mild heart attack." 

Here's how I shed 50 lbs and 12" around my waist doing something very simple that anyone can do. It's not hard, it's not expensive and it does not require you become a gym rat or deny yourself good foods.

It's my lazy way to weight loss.

Watch this short 5 part series as I explain what happened, how I changed things and how you can enjoy the same results too.

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James Burchill

The Side Hustle Coach

I help people make extra money and save time in a variety of ways.

My preferred approach is with an online passive income side hustle.

For free resources and more information visit http://TheSideHustle.Coach

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