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The Law of Attraction: 10 Steps to Transform Your Life & Achieve Your Dreams

teacher avatar Neil Mars, Author & Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lecture 1 - Develop Good Habits

    • 3. Lecture 2 - Study and Learn

    • 4. Lecture 3 - Reprogram Your Beliefs

    • 5. Lecture 4 - Respect Yourself

    • 6. Lecture 5 - Love Yourself

    • 7. Lecture 6 - Exercise Your Will

    • 8. Lecture 7 - Visualize Your Desire

    • 9. Lecture 8 - Own Your Identity

    • 10. Lecture 9 - Surrender to God

    • 11. Lecture 10 - Apply Sorcery

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About This Class

Description: This is one of the most complete courses on the Law of Attraction, created and presented with the intention of providing anyone the tools and complete insights to why the law of attraction can work every single time. The course is a step-by-step process presenting a full understanding about human beings and their limitations, while guiding towards the principles that can empower the soul to make any dream come true.

You Will Learn to:

  • The 10 steps to achieve anything in life
  • The most well-kept secrets about alchemy
  • The most ancient secrets about the power of the mind
  • How to change yourself and the world at the same time
  • How to be spiritual and wealthy too
  • How to fulfill your dreams while being religiously devoted
  • Why God wants you to be successful in life

Target Audience:

  • Anyone interested in learning more about the law of attraction
  • Anyone interested in understanding why the law of attraction doesn’t work for everyone
  • Anyone interested in becoming more successful in life
  • Ambitious business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone wanting to be financially independent
  • Life Coaches, Motivational Speakers and Therapists
  • Health Professionals in general

Meet Your Teacher

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Neil Mars

Author & Entrepreneur


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1. Introduction: you just drown If you're scared, I guess just back out now. In town, you strike you down that you wish you way 2. Lecture 1 - Develop Good Habits: lesson number one. Develop good habits. Have you noticed that most people do not have good abbot's? Why does this happen? What is, in a bit, well, the orbit is something that you I usually do, is something that you repeat often in a daily base. Therefore not have good habits means to repeat a certain amount of behaviors that is not congruent. We'd what you want to achieve if you did not develop good habits. What happens is that you will invariably reach a point that will bring you a result, which is not the one that you want to achieve. There are many results that can be achieved by our habits. Our habits can determine those results. Therefore, when you have a nabit, that a bit will invariably lead you to a certain outcome. For example, if you want to lose weight but your habits are not correct, you will not be able to lose weight. Many people can excuse themselves with their environment with their health with many other things, But the truth is, your habits determined your results. Therefore, if you want to keep your health, if you want to lose weight, and if you want to lose weight hell, in the healthy way, you must develop the right habits. The same thing applies to money. You cannot simply become reach with the wrong abbot's now which abbots to reach people have that poor people do not have. Several researchers have shown that which people read in average off health an hour a day. Several researchers have also shown that reach people do exercise, and several Abbott have also shown that reach people are usually more persistent in achieving their goals. Now, if you combine the story elements together, we come to the conclusion that reach people have habits related to learning Percy stints and the position of knowledge that can help them achieve their goals. That is why they are hard working. That is one of the most important habits. 3. Lecture 2 - Study and Learn: another very important habit used to study and learn, as I have mentioned previously. If a person does not have a good a bit, that person will not achieve the results. To study and learn means to learn about the things that you need to understand about life, to study with those that can give you the answers. This Abbott is what will allow you toe understand better how to achieve what you want. Nothing is possible without actions. You must have the right actions to achieve your goals. 4. Lecture 3 - Reprogram Your Beliefs: the third principle is related to your beliefs. No, you believe what you have seen, what you have learned. Therefore it's only normal. Good to alot, which are parents, your teachers, your friends, your neighbors, belief toe. Enter your subculture system of beliefs. Very commonly, we believe with other people around this during our growth belief. Until we are able to change those beliefs, especially when they contradict what we want to achieve in life, we will not be able to achieve simply because we will act against those beliefs. You probably heard people saying I will never be reach. That is not for me. I don't have any talent. I cannot be successful when people have these beliefs, it's very difficult for them to do anything to change them. It's a matter of fact if reality changes, they will reject the opportunities coming their way. If you try to help a person, most people will not accept help easily in the recent way is because they don't believe help. It's possible. Therefore, there you go. You have a belief there when infesting. If you are betrayed by a friend, it's because your friend does not believe in friendships, he doesn't trust people, and usually people that don't trust others are not themselves trustworthy. We tend to act according to our belief system. People that talk about about other people will often have a self bad self image of themselves as well. And so it's normal that we express our beliefs in our behaviors. Someone may say, I wish I could have more money in my life or I wish I could have more love in my life. I wish I find the ideal relationship. And yet this person, when presented with the opportunities, will refuse to act on those opportunities. Maybe she will find a man that likes her, but she believes I don't deserve to be left. I'm not pretty enough. Maybe someone will attract an opportunity to make money and think I'm not smart enough to do these. Maybe you will attract the ideal job and think to yourself. This job is not for me. I am not good enough for this job. Many times when people say I'm not good enough for these job or I'm not good enough for these relationship, what they are doing is sabotaging their own life. They received the opportunities they wanted. They receive what they have dreamed about, and then they destroy it with their beliefs. And so, as you see, the love attraction does work. But you have to re program your beliefs in order to accept the changes that come your way because it changes very often come before our belief changes. We just don't see those changes because we're not ready. We have not reprogrammed ourselves to accept our new reality. And so reality keeps changing, keeps showing us different opportunities. And we keep selecting the ones that much are self, the ones that represent who we are. And that's why it's important to change our beliefs, even if we do not find enough information to justify those changes. 5. Lecture 4 - Respect Yourself: we can No, to the fourth step. This four step means self respect. Do you have self respect? Self respect is the capacity toe except yourself. You are many times is we are growing up. We followed. The advice is of our parents we follow The advice is over teachers, our neighbors, our friends And we assume that they the majority know what is right for us. Therefore, most of the times we follow their footsteps and you will realize that we are wrong. Takes a while. By the time we realize we are too afraid to go outside this flow to break the row off the mainstream of what this common, we are afraid to be different. However, if you are not able to respect yourself, you will not be able to change your life. Your life changes when you start accepting yourself as you are. This is the meaning off respecting yourself. Do you respect yourself? Are you capable off going against the mainstream? Are you capable off confronting those that think that you are wrong because you're not following their steps? This is the meaning off self respect 6. Lecture 5 - Love Yourself: the stage means the capacity to love yourself. It's very easy for a person to say that he or she loves himself or herself. What is more difficult is to truly apply it. Very few people apply what they say Now, if you are capable off applying it, you will realize that there is a challenge. There are channels with too much to overcome. This challenge regards your capacity toe except your limitations, but also the ability to rediscover yourself as you are. What this means is that when you are learning how to love yourself, you are basically rediscovering your ability to enjoy life, to enjoy your own personality, your own activities. Because you see, if you're not capable of loving yourself, it will be very difficult for you to love someone else. Those that cannot love others cannot love themselves as well. So when you love yourself, it's much easier to love others. The two things are related. If you learn the first, the second will follow. This is why it's so important to learn how you only you can feel pleasure on your own. We don't on others interfering with your emotions. For example, what kind of books. Do you like to read on your own? What kind of games can you play? A little. What kind of moments can you have on their own with kind of countries who like to visit a load? What kind of cities will like to visit alone? What would you like to do if you were alone? Once you are able to answer these questions, you will be able to know what makes you enjoy yourself, your presence. And when you are able to do these, then you can say that you are present in a moment because to be present, you have to first love yourself. The two things are connected. Those are two little of themselves. Spent too much time caring for what others think, looking at what others are doing, what they are, addressing what they are saying. Judging them. They do not love themselves. If they did, they would not have time to judge others because it will be too busy judging themselves. If you want to love yourself, judge yourself, it's okay to feel bad for a while until you find a way to make yourself happy again. 7. Lecture 6 - Exercise Your Will: do you exercise your real very few people do you see many people say what they would like to have, and that could be a car house. Better job, more money. But very few actually exercise their will, exercising your real means. Reading the right book, searching for the people that can help you. Spending days, weeks, months, learning what is necessary for you to achieve your goals, persisting they after day trying to achieve them and even creating a schedule off daily activities that you need to endure and persist on another to achieve your goals. If you are capable to do these, then you'll be able to achieve your goals. Do you have to put actions to your words? You cannot just say what you want. That is easy. It's also true that many times opportunities come to us that you have to be able to grab those opportunities. And in order to do that, you have to be able to see them, and not many people can see the opportunities that come their way. For you to be able to see those opportunities, you have to start by acknowledging them. Now. I can not just decide to see the opportunities. It doesn't happen that way. You may want the opportunity, but you cannot decide to see it. Many times opportunity passes through you and you have not seen. Usually this happens because the opportunity itself is cover flash. You cannot see it because the opportunity there's not show itself. As you expect very often, the opportunity comes in unexpected ways. Maybe the person that is going to teach you, he's not dressed like me. And, you know, usually when I'm with friends and loved dressed like this, so very few know that I'm a writer. Very few asked me questions because they have no idea what I do. And even if I tell them that I'm a writer, what happens is that their brain filters the information out because for them right there is the best like these, and many times I'm not dressed like this, so I become invisible to their eyes. I am invisible to their mind because they have a very low conscience. You see, conscience is something that you need to develop a swell. You're not born with it. You cannot decide to have a higher conscious. You have to work with it the ability to have a higher conscience requires the ability to perceive reality s cities to stop being received by your eyes and buy your mind by your believes you have to go beyond what do you think It's true and false? You have to go beyond what you think Israel Onley. Once you can do these, you can see the opportunities coming your way. But these opportunities will not be seen if you do not have the knowledge to see them. But these knowledge comes from different sources. 8. Lecture 7 - Visualize Your Desire: Can you visualize your decided? Not many people can do that. You see, I've noticed that some people actually get nervous When I asked them to imagine what they want to achieve in life, when they visualize what they want to have. They started a few nervous about it. Do you know why? Because they're not emotionally ready to get it Until you are emotionally No vibration of acceptance. You cannot visualize correctly what you want to achieve. If you do visualize it correctly, you missed you. You feel nervous every time you dream about it. In other words, your vibration, your mind in your imagination. They have to be congruent. They have to be in harmony. All of them have to be well coordinated. Once you can do these, then these things were much what you see, what you have, what you can imagine and what can official lies. And then you will see in your reality that these things start to appear usually in the hands of others. These things happen because again your emotions have to be worked. Many people are jealous off the achievements of others. Jealousy is in negative emotion because it's about but because it repels what you want to get. When you feel jealous, you are repelling the energy that you want to attract. It's like saying I want that. But that person was loved, deserve it. But who is that person? But the reflection of yourself? You are what you see. If what you see is a negative. If you reject what you see, then the identification is not about it does not matter if you see the other person, you yourself in the mirror or the reflection off who you are. What matters is that the reality will always show you what you want toe whenever you say I want with that person house. But he doesn't deserve it. You are saying I once that achievement, but I do not deserve. And that is why feeling, love, compassion and empathy are the keys to success. You must embrace your emotions not only for yourself, but for what you dream about, but also for the world. In order to achieve what you desire 9. Lecture 8 - Own Your Identity: do you own your writing? Do you really know who you are? Your identity has been changed over many years. You were not the same person. And if you are, I feel sorry for you because you did not learn enough to change. Sometimes people ask me, Is it possible to change? Do people really change? People change when they want to change. Not many people can go through that process. Changing requires a detachment from the ego northern to search for what is needed, what is necessary, what is needed and what is necessary. Easter full feel the gaps that you have and the knowledge that you need to acquire. When I talk about gaps or knowledge, I maybe we're not talking about sex. Sometimes the guts are related toe our own weaknesses. We want to do something, but we don't feel strong enough to do it. The knowledge can be something that we may not want to burn that needs to acquire. In order to develop a certain technique, for example, you may want or nose to listen to my words. That is fine. You see, what is important is what you do with the knowledge that you are required because once you acquire these knowledge, you can sit on it and nothing about it or you can apply it. If you apply the knowledge, then you will get to results. Maybe not immediate results. First, you may see some challenges along the way. Now is you find the challenges on your path to the results. You learn to feel the gaps, what I talk about gaps. What it means to talk about is something that you need toe learn to overcome. Now how do you overcome the caps? You do these by learning how to be strong with yourself, but how would you become stolen with yourself? You do it is by seeing what makes you and you know what makes you when you are working towards your goals because you see your goals and your personality, they are combined for you to change who you are. That is how the personality changes. If you own your identity, you are capable of accepting the challenges and changes. You embrace them. You don't see the barriers in life as difficulties that are trying to bring you down or stop for you Backwards. You see them is necessary challenges steps that you need to go through to achieve what you want. So you embrace the challenges with motivation, strength with a recent, and there are more and more challenges for you. At this point, you're playing again, you don't see challenges. You see all these steps in these steps, if you have this attitude, are easier to overcome. 10. Lecture 9 - Surrender to God: the nine step. It's not easy for most people to talk about. You see, many people want to achieve things in life without the belief you know any religion. We don't believe in God. For many, the concept of God is strange. I'm gonna give you simple interpretation off God. According to what I'm explaining here, it is a divine and supreme intelligence. The Supreme Intelligence knows better than what is best for you, and you will adopt reality according to your actions. You could try to go through a shortcut to your dreams. You will. We address the reality so that you go back to the lessons you need to learn before achieving those views. It is very interesting to notice that these things applied every single time I have made famous artists that loose your creativity. I've met beat rich business owners that lose their opportunities in their clients and then start to lose money. You can say the easy slope, but there is something that I notice that is similar in all of these people is it is similar in those that the chips success the ones that surrender to God they accept. The challenge is going their way and they're not afraid. Toe adopt discharges. They know that they need to grow first before they can have what they want. These are, for example, the men that no, that they need to learn how to treat a woman well before having a proper with this receipt for the woman that knows that she knows that she needs to know how to respect the man before you can find one that she could marry and be happy for him. These people understand that they cannot achieve what they dream. We don't being at the level for Darrelle dreams. So, for example, the person that is creating music or painting he knows that his inspiration does not come from it comes from something higher than him. And so this person surrenders to that horse with intention off, creating more beauty in the world, more art, more aesthetics. If this person believes that he holds his art, he's creativity manages. One day he was this interesting, going back to relationships, people that believe that they deserve a good relationship. But they themselves a lot, make themselves deserving. I cannot find a partner that you loved him. Now let's talk about money. For many people, spirituality and wealth are not with the topics. Let me show you clearly that they are. If you are wealthy enough, you have time to read spirit or books. If you are not, you are spending all your time in a job trying together money. That means he will not have time for spirited for meditation. Really just activities. Even if you have this Sunday off, you will be too tired to go to church and many times you won't. So you see the morning depending on money. The last movie to see you become greedy and selfish freight. I've seen these in many religious people. If they do not possess enough money, their Christianity is threatened. They become weak, vulnerable, beautiful and just working. And it's sad to see these. But you see, God does not belong to one church. He belongs to those that belong to him. So your temple has to be first in your heart. If your temple is in your heart, then you will understand my words because everything else will come by association. 11. Lecture 10 - Apply Sorcery: in this final lecture, I would like to talk to you about magic. You have different kinds of magic and different ways to see magic. For the purpose of this lecture, I will talk about one type of magic, the one that comes from reading from within your heart. If you can appreciate life disease, if you can enjoy life is it is if you can embrace your achievements because once you have decided that because they are, it's much easier for you to go forward. I'm not saying for you to accept your life, necessarily cities. I'm saying that you should appreciate the things that are good in your life. If your food in the table. You are luckier than many people in this planet. If you have a roof over your head the same you have access to knowledge to books, to libraries. You are a very lucky person. Not many people have these Appreciate it. So thank you, God, for everything that you brought to my life. No. Do you deserve these? If you deserve, then you are in the right place because magic only belongs to those that deserve it. If you apply magic, we don't reserving it. You're heading for disaster because you will pay back everything to gain. So what kind of magic? My talking. This magic operates in the combination of elements, intellect, emotions, the power of your actions determinism. When you work with the floor, when you understand what makes you strong your flu, then you are determined. If you can analyze what happens to you, you are developing reason. The next stage is the heart learning to love life. I'm not saying that you need to love all human beings for all aspects of your life. I'm merely saying that you need to know how to observe what is good. What is bad on focus most of your attention on what is good, what you want, what you needs, what you want to give, what you want to work for the's attention. This type of attention will bring energy to you and use the energy to visualize your power is greater. Magic is basically the art of visualization and it's only mastered by good alchemists. To be a good alchemist, you have to be able to work with your heart and you do these by focusing in transforming the world into a better place If you are the German to change the world direction. Not just your life, not just yourself. You will attract a huge energy to use this energy to visualize your dream. You become extremely powerful and you are able to achieve for everyone can take one year to take six months in the years. But you will achieve what you want. I know how this magic operates. Oh, really? Just books. So us. It's called Faith Believe you have to believe you have to believe that everything is possible. Did you know the way? But everything is possible. In many times what was not possible before becomes possible to you. What is not possible for others becomes possible to you. And that is how away is made. Maybe not everybody rules have access to the same things or be shown in the same way. Doesn't matter. It doesn't matter if you are the first for another one. Cheating to some things. What matters start a way can be late and you don't know. You don't need to know how that will manifest. You just need to believe have faith that the outcome will come to you. Your ignorance. I used to believe that you know how we talk, because that is an illusion. If you knew the way you will be able to achieve with already, you don't. What do you think it's possible? It's not because that is not the way for you. Nobody is the way for someone else it. Many times we interpret reality based on what we see in others. But the local traction chooses each individual to give specific road for his or her desires according to his or her heart. So purify your heart with good actions and good emotions and good intentions and attitudes . Annual harnessed the power of magic and once these calories yours, you can have what you want.