The Keys to Success in Your Small Business: KEY ONE | John Kirk | Skillshare

The Keys to Success in Your Small Business: KEY ONE

John Kirk, Small Business Trainer & Mentor

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7 Videos (14m)
    • Introduction

    • What Are The Keys?

    • Key 1: The What, Why and How

    • Key 1: Research and Viability

    • Key 1: Creating Your Business Plan

    • Key 1 Project

    • End of Class 1


About This Class


The Keys to Success in Your Small Business is a short course on starting a business. It covers all the important basic concepts you need to address when starting a new business.

The course is of benefit to all new and would be entrepreneurs and home based business people. From the "What and Why" to the "How", this course will guide you through the maze to creating your Business Plan. If you have been in business for a while, but you are stuck in a rut, "The Keys", of which there are 10, will help to get you back on track again.

This class includes the Introduction and the 1st Key.

Presented by John Kirk who has many years of experience in Small Business, Training, Mentoring, Sales and Marketing, "The Keys to Success in Your Small Business" will get you off to a sound start.





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John Kirk

Small Business Trainer & Mentor

John Kirk is an experienced business mentor, having spent many years both managing small business and teaching it. He has been a self employed financial planner and tax auditor for the Australian Tax Office. John knows all about what you need to start a home based business both in Australia and internationally.

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