The Key to Eternal Happiness - Tips For Loving Yourself Deeply and Completely!

Anna Kay, Self-Care & Business Coach

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7 Lessons (13m)
    • 1. Self-Love Introduction

    • 2. Skillshare Self Love Tip 1

    • 3. Skillshare Self Love Tip 2

    • 4. Skillshare Self Love Tip 3

    • 5. Skillshare Self Love Tip 4

    • 6. Skillshare Self Love Tip 5

    • 7. Skillshare Self Love Conclusion

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About This Class

I'm a happiness and wellbeing coach and I've come to believe  over the past year or so that loving yourself deeply and completely is the key to eternal happiness!

When you start to love yourself you find that everything in your life improves in a big way.  Your relationships, friendships, work life, family life, and lots more change in really positive ways and you feel generally happier and healthier and content in your own skin.

I want to spread my message of self-love to as many people as possible so I've created this taster course as an example of what's in my larger course on self-love, Want Some Self-Love? Love Yourself Deeply and Completely - Forever! which you can find on my website.  I also have a course on increasing your happiness, and I do one to one coaching if you'd like to delve deeper and have someone there to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction!

If you need any help or tips or have any questions at all, just give me a shout in the comments of this class or via my website.

Also on my website you can find free stuff to download, and check out my YouTube channel for tips on living your happiest life possible, as well as more info about me, my courses, my approach to happiness coaching and my general philosophy on happiness.

I really hope this taster helps you kickstart your journey to complete self-love as it really is a life changer!