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The Journey of a Hero - To Unlock Your Own Potential

teacher avatar KAMAL SUCHARAN, Filmmaker at Newlight Cinemas

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. What is Hero's Journey?

    • 3. Ordinary World

    • 4. Call to Adventure

    • 5. Refusal of Call

    • 6. Mentor

    • 7. Crossing the Threshold

    • 8. Tests, Allies and Enemies

    • 9. Approach

    • 10. Ordeal

    • 11. Reward

    • 12. The Road Back

    • 13. The Resurrection

    • 14. Return with the Elixir

    • 15. Conclusion

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About This Class

Take Harry PotterSpider ManKungfu Panda - they have something in common.

What if I told you they are all the variants of a same Hero 

Do you believe that?

Joseph Campbell did. He studied myths from all over the world and proposed Mankind's one greatest story called Mono-myth.

Why the same story has been told over and over again?

To remind us some eternal truths of mankind

Why do you need that?

Life is a conflict; we all need some strength to face it. Our course gives you exactly that; we just give you enough push to wake up your psyche to follow your bliss. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


Filmmaker at Newlight Cinemas


Kamal Sucharan Burri is a Filmmaker, writer, instructor and entrepreneur. With teaching experience of over 8 years, he is pursuing Ph. D., on Storytelling Dynamics. He teaches communication, film production, TV production, screenwriting and other soft skills as a Visiting professor in various Universities and Colleges in India.

He is also the founding Director of Newlight Cinemas, a film Production Company striving to carve niche with sensible storytelling.

He staunchly believes that storytelling can change the world and always aims to do so.

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1. Promo: Hi, I'm coming to Turnberry founder off new late cinemas, a film production company striving hard to create, initiate with sensible storytelling. Having had my masters in mass communication, I teach filmmaking skin playwriting, scripting in various colleges and universities in India as a visiting professor for over 80 years. Today I have come up with the course, the journey off a hero to unlock your full potential, to empower you with the secrets off The hero's journey is an aerated pattern identified with Americans Color Joseph Campbell That is evident in all limits. It describes the typical adventure off a hero, the one who goes out and the chief's great deeds on behalf off dry group or civilization. You might be wondering what is so special about this hero's journey? Why should I care? Let me explain what you see when you watch, listen or story, getting back your own hopes, dreams and fears, just like the hero in that list, because you want the hero off your own journey called life. It's not that you're going to fight the dragons or save the world, but you have your old conflicts to resolve. That's the reason why you need discourse. Getting acquainted with the symbols of hero's journey make you feel confident enough to fight with the conflicts oflife and unlock your own potential. The symbols off the hero's journey are not manufactured. They cannot be ordered in winter or permanently surfaced. They are the spontaneous productions off psych that exists in all of us. All we have to do is to give enough push to identify and pursue them. Are ghosts live to exactly that? A good and decent bush. So sign of for the cause. You never the great thank you, See you in the course. 2. What is Hero's Journey?: Welcome to the course, The Jenufa hero toe. Unlock your own puttin ship before analyzing each stage of hero's journey. Let's discuss what is Hero's journey fast. The hero's journey is innovative Pattern, identified by the American scholar Joseph Campbell. That is evident in all the myths and stories off divide. So simply put, Hero's journey is mankind's one greatest story. Now you may ask, Why is this relevant for us? It showed us. It gives you hope to follow your own bliss, facing conflicts and conquering fears, every hero has gone through it. Now it is your turn to to achieve something great because we are heroes of her own. Life's too struggling to find some purpose, and it is something great. The secret is the park to achieve Something great had already been laid by our ancestors. And that is decoded by Mr Joseph Campbell in his book The Hero, With 1000 Faces researching for tickets. All you have to do is to follow the path enough. Come on, let us decode that part and make our lives worthy off living by unlocking an old potential . Let us end this lecture with the court of Mr Joseph Campbell. Furthermore, we have not even to risk the adventure alone for the heroes off. All time have gone before us. The labyrinth is thoroughly known. We have to follow only the threat of the year apart. And where we had taught to find an abomination. We shall find God. And where we had talked to slay another viciously Astle's where we had thought travel outward will come to the center of our own existence and where we had talked to be alone will be with the entire world. 3. Ordinary World: No, let us start the journey. The first stage of hero's journey is ordinary world. There are two stages in Hero's journey. The ordinary world and the special world will discuss special word later in the process. What is ordinary work? The incompleteness off the hero and the world he lives in encapsulates the ordinary world. Basically, the hero is flawed. In this stage. He might be frustrated. He might be confused or doing something which he hates extra. To put it simple, he's not satisfied with his life, and his life needs immediate change, which he might not know yet to demonstrate ordinary world. For simple understanding. To you check this picture moment age from confirm Panda In the very opening scene, poor dreams of becoming dragon barrier and all of a sudden he fells down from his bed and comes to reality lies to his father that he's actually dreaming ever noodles. But he desperately wants to be a dragon barrier in spite happy savy personality. Both dead actually wants to teach him secret ingredient and handled the restaurant to him. What does it teach you? Toby? Florida is to be human. Nobody's perfect. Everyone has for us and we obviously get connected to the hero who has flus and starts traveling with him. The one important element that ordinary world is trying to teach you is everyone who achieved something great had their own set off los once, and your flaws should not limit you to achieve something great. So when you are frustrated with your life, it is better to stop blaming and follow your own bliss. 4. Call to Adventure: from the hero in the ordinary bird, he receives a call. So now let's come to the second stage known as culture adventure. The call to adventure signifies that Destiny has someone the hero and transform the spiritual center of gravity from his pale and incomplete society. In the zone. A no. So simply put it is an unconscious reveal to the conscious. The car to adventure doesn't involve high speed chases, guns, medical calls on medieval texts. The court adventure can just be a problem or an opportunity to the here. It doesn't matter whether the hero wants a caller north in either way, he's going to be unsettled, which provokes him to act for the to demonstrate called adventure. For simple understanding. Check this big chairman age from confirm Panda Boils a ringer. This restaurant sees a posture. It says Master Oogway, choosing Dragon married today. So he desperately wants to go there and one of witnessing. But his father gives him a vehicle of noodles and wants him to sell our Jade Palace. He just wants to hit his father that he also wants to become tracking barrier, but couldn't What does it teach you? The card would. Winter is just a whispering off destiny to you just answered the call and take the Charlie . We all get calls from our life. All we have to do is listen to them carefully and answer them sometimes opportunities a call to lead you into new revenues. Sometimes failure is a call to inspire you to try harder. Sometimes problem is a call to explore new solutions. 5. Refusal of Call: let us discuss the third stage off Hero's Journey. Refusal off the call. This is the stage where Hero usually refuses to call. They might rationalise the refusal by saying that they can't afford to go or that person is totally wrong for them, or that goal is totally impossible to achieve because deep in their hearts they know that they're afraid off answering the call. This stage obviously gets connected to our psych because at any point of her life we might have faced such fears to to demonstrate refusal of the call for simple. And it's turning. Check. This picture won't age from confirm panda accidentally. He was chosen as Dragon Barrier by master you pick, but he doesn't know it be tough Kung Fu and Master Shifu and his greatest students. Furious fight doesn't like bow to be chosen. But soon he realizes that he doesn't have any extra nick warnings and wants to leave before master chief who could throw him? Maybe So what does it teach you? The refusal of the call mainly peaches. You wanting that fear should not limit you, And those who his date to respond to the call are usually lost and it also beaches One important thing back. You're denying your own interests over petty fears. So the lesson is never refused to call. You never know what you might achieve if you refuse the call. Just remember, in the cave you fear to enter lies the treasure you seek. 6. Mentor: let us discuss the fourth stage of hero's journey meeting Demento. This is the stage where hero actually enters into the special world which is full of confusions, doubts and treasures. Toe he meets Dementor often an old man to guide him further in his journey. Those who have not refused the call The first encounter of the hero in the special world is with Amanda. Mental usually provides the hero with amulets against the dragon forces. He is about to pass device and experienced mental helps hero in his journey to face the answer to Nitties to demonstrate this face meeting with the mental for simple understanding Check this picture Mount age from Con Fu Panda Master Oogway comes into his way and helps him not to quit. You've been what went him by telling him a grand saying yesterday is history tomorrow his mystery But today is a gift. So that is why I discard present so poor decides to stay in spite off difficulties. So what does it teach you? The important lesson meeting with the mental stage is trying to teach us is just trust in the destiny and the guardians will appear if you respond your own call and follow courageously as the consequences unfolded. All the forces off your unconscious will be at your side, helping you to achieve the journey us by. Do not worry to pursue the journey. If you're brave enough to embark the journey, the guardians will help you and guide you through unknown lab rinse because the journeys hard but worthy of partially 7. Crossing the Threshold: welcome to the next stage off Hero's journey. Crossing the threshold in this state, Heroes starts taken the journey seriously, whether his trade or not, he's committed to tackle the goal, problem or opportunity, which they have Bean represented with the personification off his destiny to help him and ate him. Hero goes forward in his adventure. Crossing the shore is the first step into the sacred zone off universal resources to demonstrate crossing the threshold for simple understanding. Check this picture Mount age from Con Fu Panda Master Shifu and his great fantastic file under Bull still wants to be chosen one and practices himself in the morning. But most of chief decides to give him the ultimatum and wants to see whether he could endure the pain or not. So what does it teach you? As I have said earlier, the journeys heart. But what? The adventure is always and everywhere a passage beyond the veil off known into the unknown . The powers that watch the boundary are always dangerous. To deal them with is risky, but anyone with competence and courage the danger obviously fades. So what you have to do now this take a deep breath and start doing something impossible. The dangers will always received before the psychological readiness, the paid off, opposites being and not being life in that ugliness and beauty, good and evil and all the other polarities that bind the faculties of hope and fear threaten the hero always, but between which the hero will always pass. 8. Tests, Allies and Enemies: Now let us discuss the next stage of Hero's journey. Best allies and enemies. In this stage, hero enters into the world off answer committees, which is not familiar to him. When he embarks on to his new journey, the world is literally turned upside down. Now our hero is bound to face some uncertainties After crossing the first a short in this stage hero, My face, different debts, meet friends and fight enemies. Whatever he does, he has to fight with disoriented special world. To put it simple, our hero is literally swallowed into the unknown, full of uncertainties to demonstrate that its allies and enemies for simple understanding. Check this picture Mount age from confirm Panda Paul comes to learn about the most loud student of master Chief time a Poland's The Thailand desperately wants to be a trying various But Master Oogway didn't want to choose him because of his victor heart. Soon Thailand breaks out of prison. Master Oogway enlightens Master Chief You to train Po to be chosen one before he dies. Master Chief left out no choice And how to find a way to fulfill his masters last wish which is to train pull as a dragon barrier. So what does it teach you? This stage is a beautiful metaphor. The one important lesson it is trying to teach us is the hero goes inward to be born again . It's a metamorphosis stage of a hero. It clearly signifies that if you change yourself fast, then the fortune will obviously change along with you. So just remember unless you face the dark off unknown, you are not worthy enough to see the glory Just transcend yourself beyond your only go. The world will be us. 9. Approach: let us start discussing the next stage of Hero's Journey. The approach. As the hero approaches to a special world, he will be faced by surprising barriers. Again and again, there will always be a multitude off preliminary victories under attainable ecstasies and momentary glimpses in that special vote. As the hero approaches through the special world, obstacles will come over in the water game, preparing him for the final showdown. But one thing you remember is Hero has not faced his worst fear at to avoid this worst fear . He's always nothing, taking his approach, his fears, our egos stop him to face his worst ordeal. To demonstrate the approach. Check this picture Mount age from confirm Panda. Master Shifu is in a confused state now and poor to doesn't believe in himself to be the chosen one for Dragon barrier. So what does it teach you? We all have our own worst fears, like dating a girl, facing an examination, being vulnerable Exeter. But as long as we are innocent taking our approach, we're never going to achieve anything in our life. We just get stuck at that point off life. The world is beyond physical only feel prepared enough to face your worst fear and grow beyond. You're not going to achieve anything in your life. The lesson is simple. Face fears Be a 10 tickin deck. Nothing is going to stop you. 10. Ordeal: let us discuss the next stage of Hero's journey. The ordeal. This is the stage where hero conference with his worst were I mean ordeal. The true identity off the hero that has Bean to presenting with his electronic approach will crack and crumble away, revealing his true essence For the first time, all the heroes, training and toil comes into the play. Now the journey has already hardened them. It is time to show their progress. One stops, tickle is overcome. The tension will be relieved. Still, he faces final ordeal. Hero will always offer little dick approach under compelling circumstances. Final ordeal forces him to be attentive. The choice the hero is going to take in the final ordeal defines his character to demonstrate the ordeal. For simple understanding. Check this picture Mount age from confirm Panda Must've seafood soon finds a way how to teach comfortable post appetite for food becomes monster chief whose greatest advantage and teaches him forget strain and lost his enough years. So what does it teach you in our lives? We all face or deals, too. What we opt at the final ordeal defines our character, too. The lesson is simple. Life tests you with many audience to reveal your true essence. What you have to Louise. Just simply fight back by being authentic and never withdraw from your ordeal. Facing ordeals in your life is never an easy part, but neverthless, you have to face the ordeal Ordell's you'll regret later. 11. Reward: let us discuss the next stage of Hero's journey reborn or the reward. What happens when the hero faces his worst ordeal? The new hero is born. That's what happened at this stage, having confrontation with their floor. The old florid hero will have died and the new reborn hero will emerge in this sequence. At this stage, if they have been cowardly del demonstrate courage. If they're being selfish, they display compassion. But more importantly, their transformation will be revealed through the fresh perceptions around them. This is a point of realization in which greater understanding is achieved after facing his worst ordeal to demonstrate reborn for simple understanding. Check this picture. Matej from Con Fu Panda not forgets his stretcher dragon various group, and when he opens it, he finds it empty and again left in confusion. Of what? Johnson from the scrub way. So what does it teach you? Face your voice fears to be reborn. The essence off life is the core of the individual within himself. He'll find it if he can bear the covering. Seven. When the development off conscious has been removed, then he becomes free from all desires and fears, which is beyond the reach of change. Reborn is a beautiful metaphor to indicate that one has to change in life. The lesson is very simple. In new you will Ari from the dark if you trust the journey. 12. The Road Back: coming to the next stage of Hero's journey, the road back just because the majority of the journey has passed. That doesn't mean that the remaining journey will be a smooth sailing. There are still many obstacles to order. One important thing to remember at this particular state is the hero has conquered his worst fear but not reach this goal. Yet Hero is faced with dilemma at this stage and he's you'd with every option off going back to the ordinary world. But the hero opts for the hardest choice and remains in that special world that signifies a particular change in him to demonstrate the road back for simple understanding. Check this picture Mount age from Con Fu Panda. But soon pull comes to learn from his father that there is no secret ingredient for his noodles to be special. From this, he decodes the trying various world to make something special. You just believe it is special. Thailand comes from Dragon Barrier finds its master chief and pull comes to stop. So what does it teach you? Destiny is very tricky. Neverthless it is the result off our own choices. So whenever you're you're back by the fate or destiny toe Go back into the ordinary world. Just ask yourself, Why did you start their journey at the first place? Then obviously, you'll strike off going back to the ordinary world and continue with that special world as hero does in the hero's journey. The lesson is simple. Whenever life tests you with continuous dilemmas, forget everything and go forward in that journey to claim your treasure. Never, ever succumb to the temptation of going back. That doesn't make any sense. 13. The Resurrection: coming to the next stage of Hero's journey. The resurrection. This is the short time. This is where the hero proves us. That has been plans phone by the journey. The heroes have also grown in spirit and strength. The mastery off the outward world describes that he conquered himself in the first place. But just because the hell is this it the journey has to be a happy ending. It just has to be satisfied because hero may lose external battle. But he might have already won himself. That is his innermost fears and complexes to demonstrate the resurrection for simple understanding. Check this picture Mount age from Con Fu Panda. No, Po poses is the scroll of Dragon Barrier and Thailand wants to get it from home. Guess what the ultimate This report to secure the screw and read his greatest and we die like so what does it teach you? Basically, it teaches you to conquer yourself first. Then the entire world will fall at your feet. Human beings are complex. We are basically self terrorized human beings who live in the constant fear of our own nightmares. We feel too little, be very too much and we live in the constant struggle. This stage in the hero's journey provokes you to come out of that constant struggle with the final eradication of delusion, desire and hostility. The mind knows that it is not what it taught. I thought always course the mind resting true state that is the state of resurrection one has to aspire for. 14. Return with the Elixir: coming to the last stage of Hero's Journey Return with the Alexi At this stage, hero returns home with treasure. Having completed the journey out and back in, the hero is not the master off both the alien world and the ordinary world. Now he can pass between these two worlds without having any difficulties. Or he can be a mentor to the heroes who started the journey now to demonstrate it on video exit For simple understanding, Check this picture Mont Age from Con Fu Panda for different styling undertones to his father as a dragon barrier at last. So what does it teach you? The journey is not about achieving calls, but to find oneself in that process. Ask Ulgen stays. There is a darkness outside. It means that is darkness inside. So let us all treat a darkness first. Then the world will be at our feet. Let me in this lecture with the court off Mr Joseph Campbell, where he encapsulated the meaning off hero's journey and its relevance. The agony off Breaking through personal limitation is the agony of spiritually girl art, literature, mate and cult philosophy and ascetic disciplines are instruments to help the indeed well past his limiting horizons into Spears off ever expanding realization as he crosses threshold after threshold conquering Dragon after Dragon, the stage of the divinity that he summons to his highest increases until it subsumes to the cosmos to a realization transcending all experiences off form, all symbol is ations ar divinities, a realization off in electable vote. 15. Conclusion : hope you enjoyed the course. We tried our best to simplify all the concepts off Hero's journey for you. Now it is time to apply the stages and principles in your life because the hero's journey is all about us having a mere knowledge off Hero's journey can liberate you from lots off years and struggles because the hero's journey is ageless and universal exists anywhere and everywhere. Let me under course with the words of Mr Joseph Campbell. Follow them carefully. The modern hero, the modern individual who dares to hate the call and seek the mansion of that presence with whom it is a whole destiny to be atoned cannot, indeed, must not great for this community to cast off its slow off pride fear fresh Lester bodies and sanctified misunderstanding live, Misha says, as though they were here. It is not society that is, to guide and save the creative hero, but precisely the reverse. And so everyone off US shares The supreme ordeal carries the cross of the redeemer, not in the bright moments off its stripes, greatest with trees back in the silence off his personal despair