The Interactive Wedding DJ & MC Course | Dominick Pirone | Skillshare

The Interactive Wedding DJ & MC Course

Dominick Pirone

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14 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Welcome to Our Interactive DJ & MC Course

    • 2. Pouring Excitement Into Everything

    • 3. Be a Professional From the Get Go

    • 4. Start During the Cocktail Hour

    • 5. A Very Welcoming Cocktail Hour Announcement

    • 6. Make A Connection With the Bridal Party

    • 7. A Lively & Fun Bridal Party Announcement

    • 8. Icebreakers to Get the Party Started

    • 9. Interaction is the Key

    • 10. Get on the Dance Floor

    • 11. Start With a Slow One

    • 12. Video 7 How We Seperate Ourselves from Other DJs

    • 13. Minute to Win It and Holiday Games without Sales

    • 14. For CRS: The Interactive DJ Mannequin Challenge 1


About This Class

In our course, you'll learn how to interact with any crowd, get the party started no-fail, explode your word-of-mouth business and have a ton of fun as a Wedding DJ. All without being tacky, corny and all-around lame.

Students will learn how to:
• Deliver an amazing performance as a Wedding DJ, without stealing the spotlight from the bride and groom.
• Get into the role and mindset of a magnetic & fun Wedding DJ & MC.
• Interact with wedding audiences of many shapes and sizes, from "dry" weddings to big city ragers.
• Speak on the microphone confidently, while flowing great energy and enthusiasm like a pro.

Students will also learn:
• The top icebreakers and games to get brides, grooms and their guests in the mood!
• The top group dances and how to use them to get people dancing and having a blast - we're even going to show you how to do them!

• Students will get our timelines, scripts and hear live examples of our tips and tricks in action for weddings!
• Students will get our top marketing tips for their business and website, including the basics of Facebook's powerful advertising features.