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The Instagram Marketing Masterclass 2021®

teacher avatar Noah Merriby, Awards Winning Speaker & Author

Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

84 Lessons (6h)
    • 1. Instagram Marketing Plan

    • 2. What You Will Learn - Section 1

    • 3. What You Will Learn - Section 2

    • 4. What You Will Learn - Section 3

    • 5. What You Will Learn - Section 4

    • 6. Your Objectives

    • 7. Your Niche

    • 8. Competitor Analysis

    • 9. Content Strategy

    • 10. Creating Content

    • 11. Setting Up Your Profile

    • 12. Your Account Settings

    • 13. Instagram Username

    • 14. Instagram Name

    • 15. Instagram BIO

    • 16. Instagram Themes

    • 17. Profile Picture

    • 18. Post Captions

    • 19. Optimizing Your Profile

    • 20. From 0 to 1000 Followers In 21 Hours

    • 21. Automation Tools

    • 22. Brand Ambassador

    • 23. Algorithm

    • 24. Engagement Groups

    • 25. Follow For Follow

    • 26. SMM pannels

    • 27. Building Relationships

    • 28. Hashtags

    • 29. Using Comments Properly

    • 30. Increase Engagement

    • 31. Tagging People

    • 32. Instagram Influencers

    • 33. Instagram Stories

    • 34. IGTV

    • 35. Instagram Highlights

    • 36. Instagram Insights

    • 37. Instagram Posts

    • 38. Instagram Video

    • 39. Location Tag

    • 40. Shoutout Strategies

    • 41. Instagram Ads Intro

    • 42. Dfiferent Types Of Ads

    • 43. Introduction To Ads

    • 44. Ad Placement

    • 45. CTA

    • 46. Optimizing Your Ads

    • 47. Affiliate Marketing

    • 48. Making Money On Instagram

    • 49. Selling Shoutouts

    • 50. Selling Your products

    • 51. Instagram Verification

    • 52. You Have 0 Followers - Where Do You Start?

    • 53. Applications That Can Make Your Life Easier

    • 54. Automating Your Business

    • 55. Your Biography

    • 56. Business Model

    • 57. Business Profile

    • 58. Captions

    • 59. Content Is Key

    • 60. Content Creation

    • 61. Country Specific Followers

    • 62. Engagemnent Groups

    • 63. Follow Unfollow Strategy That Works

    • 64. Going Viral

    • 65. Google Extensions

    • 66. Having Different Accounts

    • 67. Influencers And Promotions

    • 68. Instagram Algorithm

    • 69. Instagram Live

    • 70. Instagram Story

    • 71. Location

    • 72. Name and Username

    • 73. Niche

    • 74. Opinion Leaders

    • 75. Perfect Hashtags

    • 76. Perfect Time To Post

    • 77. Profile Piture

    • 78. Resposting

    • 79. Shoutouts

    • 80. Tagging poeple

    • 81. Theme

    • 82. Turning Leads Into Sales

    • 83. What Not To Do

    • 84. Country Specific Followers

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About This Class

I am very excited to share all my knowledge with each and every one of you. One of the best things in the world is seeing people grow. I uploaded this course for each and every person out there to benefit from it, learn from it, and hopefully, change his life through it. If anybody needs any extra help, please do let me know. 

This course is not for you if you are not willing to commit to using the formulas and systems you will learn.

I noticed that the majority of people who disliked the course had a progress rate of 5%. Those who enjoyed it learned from it and applied what they learned became successful, and you can do the same if you are willing to commit to it.

This training program is not going to be a bunch of random information thrown at you. We built this training program to specifically tackle every problem you can encounter when you are trying to grow your account.

You will learn through video presentations that we provided, as well as articles, e-books, schedules, youtube videos and websites you can use to help you grow faster and better. Every single lecture is positioned to tackle one problem at a time. .

Want to Become An Instagram Business and Marketing Genius? Want to Grow Your Business, Scale It, and Automate it? Want to Increase Sales Through Organic Funnels? Want to Become an Opinion Leader on Instagram and Grow Your Page. This course will go through the ins and outs of Instagram!

Enjoy it!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Noah Merriby

Awards Winning Speaker & Author


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1. Instagram Marketing Plan : you also want to identify your target audience? Who do you want to follow your account? Who are the people you're trying to target? What's their demographic classifications? What are some of their interests? A lot of different elements that we're gonna talk about when we get to the target audience . Lecture your competitors analysis. You need to also pay really close attention to what your competitors are doing. What are they posting? How are they growing on Instagram? Moreover, we're gonna talk about your content strategy. What do you want? A post? How many times a week do you want to post? Which brings us to also your content calendar. And most people don't focus on content strategy nor the content calendar. And more often than not, they find themselves quite lost. When they run out of ideas for content, they don't know what the share with their followers. They don't know what the share so they can grow their count, even war. And that's what we're going to be covering when we're talking about our content strategy. And lastly, the action report. The auction report is a summary of everything we just mentioned. The action report is going to include your objectives, your niche and your sub nish. Wished we're gonna talk about also your target audience, the competitor analysis you did and what you got out of it, your content strategy and your content calendar. So before you move onto the next lecture, make sure to grab a piece of paper or open any document on your computer. And as soon as you finish one lecture, start working on the different elements of your INSTAGRAM marketing plan. 2. What You Will Learn - Section 1: way. 3. What You Will Learn - Section 2: 4. What You Will Learn - Section 3: 5. What You Will Learn - Section 4: 6. Your Objectives : Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your objectives, the objectives you want to set for your INSTAGRAM marketing plan. What happens with most people is that they start on Instagram, but their objectives are not aligned with where they want to be. And what do I mean by that? We are familiar with a lot of people. And I'm pretty sure you can think about a lot of people who told you at one point or another that they want to start working mawr on Instagram. They want to start growing on instagram. They want to get more followers and or sales. But the question is, what are your objectives? What are their objectives And most people who set objectives that are not smart and focus on the word smart because we're going to talk about your smart objectives. Most people who don't focus on their smart objectives, they will end up dropping it. They will end up feeling as if they're lost as if they don't know where they're going, because to be completely honest, they don't really know where they're going. If they don't set objectives, if you don't set objectives of what do you want to get out of instruments. You need to keep in mind that there's a huge difference between saying I want to get a lot of followers on Instagram and saying I want to get 10,000 followers on Instagram, but we're gonna talk more about this very soon. So what are some of the main key points that you wanna put a huge emphasis on when you're sending your objectives? First, your purse. Why is it you want to start an instagram page? Second, the return. What do you want to get out of your instagram page? And third the value. What value are you going to provide on your page or throughout your page to your followers ? And this one of the main points that most people don't even think about? How are you gonna get people to follow you? Well, it's very simple. You need to add value to them so you can put value out of the equation and expect yourself to grow on Instagram people will follow you because they think that your account odds value to their lives. So how do you use those key points to start setting your objectives? So first as we said your purpose. Why is it that you want to start Instagram Page, Ask yourself this question. Why do you want to start an instagram page? Do you wanna get an audience? You want to get sales? Why did you start the instagram page? Do you intend to make money out of it and make a living off of Instagram? This is your purpose and the return is also correlated to the purpose. What do you want to get out of your instagram pitch? You want to get an audience? To do what exactly? To promote what you wanna get sales through Instagram? Well, what do you want to sell on Instagram to begin with? And lastly, as we said, the value The most important piece of this equation is the value. What value are you going to provide to your followers on your page? And how are you going to provide this volume? So, first, take the three points into consideration when you want to start writing down your objectives, Let's talk a bit more in detail about each and every one of them. Starting with your purpose. Your purpose can be awareness. You want to focus on brand awareness if you're starting a business page for your brand or the brand can even be your own name. Yes, your name can be the brand on instagram. You might want to focus on exposure, getting exposure to your brand and your name getting traffic, getting sales. Which brings us also to leverage. You wanna leverage instagram using the audience to leverage other sources? You want to redirect the audience on instagram the words your YouTube channel or towards your blawg towards your website towards your online courses. So these are some of the elements you might want to consider when you're thinking about your purpose, not talking about return what you're gonna get in return. So are you trying to get sales? Are you trying to get traffic? Are you trying to get and growing audience because you got to keep in mind that each and every one of those will lead you to a different INSTAGRAM marketing plan? If you're trying to get sales, your focus is to get potential clients who will buy your product. If your focus is just traffic, you don't care who's following you. You don't care about potential clients. You don't care about their interests. You just want to get as much traffic as possible on your instagram page or is audience itself. The return you're trying to get an audience is different than traffic audience. It's targeted. Traffic is random. Traffic can be a bunch of random people you're sending on to your website where, as your audience is a lot more targeted, it's people interested in marketing. For example, it's people interested in personal development. The audience is specifically targeted traffic. So make sure to know really well to know precisely what you intend to get in return for your instagram page. Now moving on and talking about values, There are four things you want to take into consideration. First, the individual value. What value are you providing to each and every person? What value are you providing to each and every one of your followers? Second is the collective felt. What value are you providing to the community as a whole? Third, what value are you providing in the short run? What is the short term value you are providing? And lastly, what is the long term value that you are providing? So for you to understand those four elements better. I'll give you a quick example. If you are starting an INSTAGRAM page bouts related to fitness, well, the individual value can be you providing to your followers instructions on how to become healthier or how to exercise better at the gym. So the value providing to each and every follower is how to get more out of their time at the gym. Now the collective value you're providing to the community is you're helping the community that's following you to become healthier and become more fit. So the short run value that you're providing is knowledge. You're providing them with information which in the long run can help them get healthier and get more fit. Now, lastly, I want to talk about the model you want to follow when you're setting your objectives. No, I'm gonna briefly talk about it now because, as I said before, there is a document that's kind of a recap about your INSTAGRAM marketing plan that talks a lot more in detail about setting what we're going to talk about right now, which is your smart goals or your smart objectives. It's an acronym, as stands for specific and stands for measurable a stance for attainable R stands for relevant and T stands for time bound, our time specific, meaning that your objective needs to be specific. There's a difference between saying as we said before, there's a difference between saying I want to get more followers on Instagram and saying I want to get 10,000 followers on instagram Measurable. Your goals or objectives also need to be measurable. So when you follow the specific criteria, you're automatically shifting toe words the measurable criteria. Because when you say I want to get a lot of followers, well, you can't really measure that. When you say I want to get 10,000 followers and you get 2000 followers, you can measure your progress and you can measure the progress that you still need to take in the future to get to 10,000 followers A stands for attainable. You don't want to set a goal that's do big. If you fail to attain it, you're gonna feel disappointed. And then you're gonna drop your INSTAGRAM marketing plan. Your goal needs to be attainable. Our it needs to be relevant. You're smart goals and your smart objectives. They need to be aligned and relevant to your vision and last thing. So I'm bound or timely. You also need to set a deadline again. There's a difference between saying I want to get a lot of followers on Instagram and saying, I want to get 10,000 subscribers or followers on Instagram in the next three months or by December 25th or by April 24th. All of those criterias S m A r t are very important when it comes to setting your objectives. So make sure if you're not familiar with the smart goal setting system to check out the document where there's a lot more details about how to set your smart goals or smart objectives. 7. Your Niche : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the niche of your instagram page on the specific nation sub niche you're going to include in your INSTAGRAM marketing plan. And to answer this question really quickly here to get the answer, ask yourself this question. What is your page all about? Let's take some examples for you to understand it better. Some niche ideas Examples can be personal development, marketing, fitness book summaries. It could be travel, photography, food. It's kind of common sense here. You're starting an instagram page. Well, what is the instagram page about? What do you want? A post on the instagram page? If you're gonna be posting stuff related to fitness, you know that it's a fitness page. If you're gonna both some marketing tips, you know that it's a marketing page, some personal development and transformation and self help, tips and tricks. It's versatile development. You want to be posting a lot of stuff related to photography and different exotic places in the world. Then the niche is travel, and it might be also photography. The reason why is important for you to identify your niche is because your niche and your target audience are connected. Yes, your niche and your target audience are connected. You want to target people for interested in the niche, not your page is based upon. If you are doing a instagram page where you are promoting a lot of posts related to travel , your target audience are people interested in travel. And when you want to share stuff on the instagram page to add value to people to get more followers and to get engagement, you need to target. In the interest of this target audience, you need to post stuff related to the niche, which is the interest of your target audience. And this is where the two terms are connected. However, it doesn't just stop at your niche. Most people stop at the niche, but they disregard something which I like to call the sub niche. Well, first off, let's just establish that you need to figure out what your nation is going to be. You need to figure out what your page is going to be about, what industry you're trying to penetrate and what target audience interest is your page based upon now moving on to your seven inch your sub nish answers a really important question. How are you going to provide value to your audience? And this will help you with Brendan. Your branding has to be aligned with your niche where your submission your exposure. You want to focus on exposures in areas related to your niche. You want to share content that reflects the niche you chose, and you want to provide value that is relevant to your chosen each. So a quick example for you to understand it going back to the fitness exempt, you chose the niche, which is fitness. Your instagram pages about fitness. Now your submissions. How are you going to provide value through your fitness page? Are you going to be providing videos where you teach people how to do certain things at the gym? Are you going to be sharing recipes of healthy diet? Stop. People can go on. Are you going to be sharing some products that you want to sell to people on your instagram page? This is your sub niche. How you're going to add value or, in a nutshell, what kind of content you want to share. And it's really important for you to figure out your sub nish because this brings us This establishes the pillars you need to move into your content strategy, which we're gonna talk about later on. So the elements that are yourself niche is formed, of which we talked about branding, exposure, content and value. They all need to be aligned with your original Mitch. So once you figure out your niche and you taylor out your sub nish, you are ready to move to the next step, which is building your content strategy. 8. Competitor Analysis: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the computer analysis, a spark of your marketing plan and strategy. And this is really important for you to analyze your competitors because you're starting an instagram page or you have an instagram page with a set number of followers. There are something bettors with you that have a lot more followers. There are symptom predators with same leash. Same target audience who have half a 1,000,000 followers are a 1,000,000 followers, and they're verified and they have a bunch of instagram posts. So if you're starting your account or you're trying to grow your account and you're a bit lost, this is where they can better analysis, steps it. So what are we gonna be looking up when we're doing the competitor analysis? We're gonna be looking at four different elements. First content, second marketing strategy, third engagement rates and forth the audience talking about the content we wanna look, what kind of content are they posting, and how often are they posting? When you want to build your content strategy, you might want to look at what your competitors are posting. What's working for them, what's getting them a lot of engagement, and we're gonna talk about engagement rates later. But for now, keep in mind that whenever you feel that you kind of lost when it comes to your content marketing strategy, you can rely on the competitors analysis to see what they're posting, and you can create something similar. Be original. But you can use what they did, what they're creating in terms of posts for instagram as a reference for what you want to create in the future for your own instagram page. We also want to talk about their marketing strategy. So what marketing strategy are they following? Are they using hate odds? Are they using giveaways? What kind of marketing strategy are they using? And what's the marketing strategy that's working the best for them? If you see that they have a post where they are promoting a giveaway, so their marketing strategy here is a giveaway, and you see that they got a lot of engagement on that specific post. It means doctor, this specific niche on this page, the marketing strategy of giveaways is working really well, getting them a lot of engagements, getting them a lot of followers, a big audience, so you might want to consider following something similar. Maybe their marketing strategy, something else. Maybe they use cop shins as an organic marketing strategy, saying Dog, a friend who would agree with dot, for example, and you see that there's a bunch of people who thought their friends. While this is a marketing strategy that might also work, it's working for them, and it might work for you, so you might want to take this into consideration. Now moving on, we want to talk also about engagement rates. What are the engagement rates on their Instagram page? What hash dogs, dogs and locations? Are they using first talking about engagement rates? It's important for us to analyze their engagement rates for us to figure out what kind of content we want to choose and if their marketing strategies are effective or not. If on a specific post they tried using a marketing strategy, which is going back to the example, give away and you see that the engagement rates are really low. That means that the engagement rate on this marketing strategy was not that effective, meaning that this is a marketing strategy that you probably don't want to use unless you want to tweak it and find a way around it to get more engagement. Maybe through the engagement rate, you can figure out a mistake that this page did, and you can rectify the mistake and use Dr Advantage. You also want to look at the hash stocks. They're using the tags, what accounts there tagging and the locations there are using. Maybe there are some hashtag so that they use on a repetitive basis if there are some hashtag so that they are always using. This means that they find a lot of value in those hash dogs, and you can also use dot your advantage if they are tagging certain accounts over and over and over again. It's because they found that tagging those accounts actually brings them value and same thing goes for location. And you can use that as we said before to your advantage and lastly, the audience. How big is their audience? And who are they following first? How big is their audience is really important. This can give you a projection of where your page can get to in the future. The fitness page that is one of the top fitness majors on Instagram might have 1.5 or two million followers, where as an artist page like Rihanna or Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, they have more than 100 million followers. You can take that as a reference because their audience is all over the world is different interests, different demographics and different cycle graphics. However, when we're talking about a fitness instagram page, they have a target audience, and this audience on INSTAGRAM is about 123 or four million people, and this is what you want to focus on, and who are they? Following is also really important. You want to follow accounts, you want to follow a lot of accounts and you're going to see and future lectures how this convention, if it But if you see that they are following certain accounts that there is a bunch of top and so grand fitness pages, there are following certain specific accounts. You might want to take into consideration following those accounts so the competitor analysis can help you in different areas content, marketing strategy, engagement rates and audience analysis. So you need to use that to your advantage, and if they're still anything that you did not really understand In this lecture, go to the document that summarises the information and try to extract the information from that document. 9. Content Strategy : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your content strategy as part of your marketing plan as well as your content calendar, which most people never talk about. A lot of people don't even get to the step where they build their content strategy when you're building your INSTAGRAM marketing plan. As I said in a previous lecture, the biggest obstacle people face when they're trying to grow on Instagram is that at one point or another, they run out of ideas. They don't know what they want to share. They don't know what they can do to provide value to their followers, and they don't know what they can share to grow even further on Instagram. This is where your lifeline steps in your content strategy and content calendar in your instagram marketing plan. So some of the key points we want to talk about first the content itself second the value and third the posting so content, what do you want to share? This is not an easy question to answer. It's so simple to say, Oh, I'm gonna share posts on instagram. Well, I know, but you need to be specific. What do you want to share means. Do you want to share photos or do you want to share videos or do you want to share animations or you want to share slide shows? Multiple images, multiple posts? What do you want to share, or do you want to share all of those combined? Different days are different times posting different things. And when you figure out what kind of posts you want to make, you also need to know what the content inside those posts is gonna be. It's one thing to say I'm going to share videos on my page. It's another thing to say. I'm going to share videos where I talk about book summaries and book reviews. You see the difference. Most people say they wanna post stuff on their instagram, but they don't get specific. When you get specific and you say I want to post videos where I share summaries and reviews of books and then you say I also want to share photos, posts where I make some key points or headlines of what each and every book I'm doing. A review of talks about this is you building your contents rod option now in the future when you want a post something on Instagram, You don't have to think a lot about it. You just need to pick a book, read it, make a review video about it, make a summary video about it and then make a summary host photo about it. And before you know it, you have your content strategy set up, which takes us to the second point, which is volume. What value are you providing to your followers? This is important, as I said before, and I repeat, value is one of the most important aspect on Instagram. So what value are you providing through your content when you're doing book summaries and book reviews, the value you're providing is information. The value providing can be different for each and every post that you make. If you are doing a book summary of the book, How to Win Friends and influence people Well, the value you're providing through the information is helping people with their communication skills. Helping people builds relationships and nets work better. But if you are doing a book summary of a book religious philosophy, let's say you're doing a book summary of philosophy one on one. Well, the value you're providing is sharing theories, logical reasoning and rationality, exercises and thoughts people can take into consideration. But overall the value that more providing his knowledge. Now this takes us to the third point, which is posting. How often are you going to be posting? But don't answer this question yet because posting will take us to where it's your content calendar, which is also the century. So talking about your content count, I want to talk about when, what and why. There's a huge difference between saying I wanted Post videos related to book summaries on Instagram, and I also want to post some photos where I do refuse and summers and there's a big difference for you. ST dot is saying, I'm going to post video summaries about this book, thinking rogue rich and about how to win friends and influence people. I'm gonna be boasting one video Monday, the other video on Thursday, and I'm gonna be doing separate posts where I explained the key points from those two books , and I'm gonna post those photos for those posts on Thursday, on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday, you see the difference. There's a huge difference between a person saying he wants to share stuff on Instagram but then keeps procrastinating. And another person who says, Oh, I have a video I need to post on Monday. Then there is a post I need to share on Tuesday. Then I have another video I need to share on Thursday. You see the difference. So when what and why? When? How often are you going to share content? What? What are you going to be sharing? Which brings us to the content strategy, which is the value in the content and why? Which focuses basically on the value. So this formula I got right here when, what and why The three W's reflects upon the key points we talked about in the previous presentation in the previous slide. When reflects on posting, How often are you gonna be posting what reflects on the content you're going to be sharing and why reflects on the value you are providing to your folders? So when you're building your content calendar on Monday, you want to share something on Monday, you need to answer those three questions. When are you sharing it well on Monday? What are you sharing? I'm Linden and you know that you're sharing a video And why are you sharing the video To provide value to provide information, to provide knowledge on communication and networking and building relationships to people through video summary of how to win friends and influence people. And once you do that, you are ready to go and start building your content. 10. Creating Content: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about creating content for your paper, and this is one of the most challenging things that people can go through. Believe it or not, when people stop growing on instagram, it's because they run out of ideas on what they can post and what they should post. The thing is, if you post consistently and you keep using the strategies to grow on Instagram, there is no way around it. You're going to start growing on Instagram, and before you know it, you're gonna have a big account. But you need to keep in mind that one of the most important pieces of wrote on instagram is having content now. We talked about this before, but I want to emphasize it again. When you are creating your content, focus on value. Don't focus on just posting anything. Focus on creating value to people for your posts. And now, without any further ado, let's go to There are different types of instagram posts and content that you can share you can share a photo can be picture of you of a product or a promotional posts for exams. You can share video and it can be re posted by another account or it could be your own video. You can use INSTAGRAM TV also to add content now. INSTAGRAM TV videos are usually longer talking about approximately 10 minutes. This is the max with a different format than normal videos that you can check out, and you can also add multiple posts. You can select multiple post to add on your instagram as one post that would appear on your feet. And those are basically the different types of posts that you can create on instagram and in the section where we talk about content creation. You're gonna get to learn how you can create very nice content for your instagram page easily, and eventually you will have to add the value to it. You will have to add the information. I want to give you the guidelines on how to create boasts, and then you can get creative with it. Now talking about instagram posts If you're using a photo, you want to choose a filter or a color format to be used across the different photos you're uploading toe optimize exposure. This is what we talked about when we're talking about setting up your Instagram theme. And if you didn't get to the lecture yet, you will get to it soon. If you skipped it, please make sure you go and check it out again because the Instagram theme lecture is very important. So when it comes to graphic Instagram posts, the best thing to do is to follow a pre made templates that can be found for free on canvas dot com or Adobe Spark. You start the two platforms I'm gonna be talking about to teach you how to create really nice content for instagram for free. However, talking about video posts, they will get you mawr engagement. It is best for you to edit the videos using software such as I movie or they'll be premier and make sure to add a cover photo for your video that fits in with your theme because Discover photo is gonna be used as the picture which is going to appear on your feet. This is the background of the post you're gonna be posting on Instagram. And videos are a lot more important than regular photos or posts because it's as simple as that. You always hear about videos going viral you always hear about videos going viral, but you don't hear about posts and photos going viral as much videos get more engagement because people like to watch videos. They like to watch what's happening, what's going on, what they can learn from it. But boasts are overused. A lot of people use posts, and you cannot add as much value in the post as much as you can odd through video. So if you can also focus on adding videos valuable videos every now and then, this can help you tremendously when it comes to instagram growth. 11. Setting Up Your Profile : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about setting up your instagram page, setting up your instagram profile and the different elements included. It is essential for us to tailor a very professional and very well made instagram perform. I just think this simple example you are waiting out of doctors office and you see a bunch of magazines. The first thing you're gonna look out when you look at the magazines is the cover of the magazine. And if you like the cover of the magazine, then you're gonna pick it up and start reading. And if what's inside is interesting for you, you're gonna keep reading war or, um or and then you might run into some ads in the magazine and you're like, Oh, this seems really interesting. I might as well buy this product or subscribe for this service. Same thing goes for your instagram profile. It is the cover of your magazine. When somebody goes on your profile, the first thing they're going to see is your user name. Instagram name, bio profile picture and based on dot they're going to decide whether or not they want to keep looking at the rest of your profile or not. So that being said, you need to understand how important it is to set up a professional and well made instagram profile before you start posting and growing their INSTAGRAM profile. So and the next lectures, we're gonna be talking about some of the main elements of your profile. We're gonna look at the user name. We're gonna look out the instagram name, which is different than the user name. We're gonna look at your biography, your profile picture and your account settings whether your account wants to be public private, a business account. And if it's a business account, what category to choose without any further ado? Those are the elements we're gonna be talking about in the next lectures. So let's get to it. 12. Your Account Settings : Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your account settings, and this is one of the important elements you need to pay really close attention to because it's a hit or miss. If you don't set up your account settings properly, you will miss the opportunity to grow on Instagram. When it comes to your account settings, we're gonna be talking about your privacy business and the type of account you want to set , so let's talk more into it in details. First off, we have the privacy. Your profile needs to be public for you to be able to access a bigger audience on Instagram . If you have a private profile, your posts will not appear, nor on the explore pidge nor on the hashtag page, more on the location. Page and instagram will not help you boost your posts because when you set up your profile to private, you are saying to Instagram, I want this to be private. I only want people I know to find me and follow me. I don't want to be exposed to bunch of random people than random audience who want to follow me. I want my instagram profile and my instagram life to be private. That's exactly why you need to switch your profile Privacy to public. When your privacy is public, you are saying to instagram, my Countess public, it's open to everyone and I wanna attract audience to it. And then your posts will appear on the hashtag page on the location page. And if it does well and breaks the instagram algorithm, it will also appear on the explore page. So this is the first thing you want to keep in mind. Make sure that your profile is public. Second thing we want to talk about is your business account. It is very also to have a business account so you can keep track of the results in the inside section. And overall, it looks a lot more profession. There's gonna be a video soon in a lecture that you're going to see. I was gonna show you how you can first take your account from private to public if you don't know how to do this and also how to set up a business account because you need to have a Facebook page dot is linked to it. And what's really fascinating is that once you switch through business account, you won't be able to access your insights. Instagram offers the business profiles this tool where they can monitor everything. Who is following them? The H route, their interest. What time are their followers really active? And we're gonna talk about this more soon in the inside section. But you need to make sure that you have a business profile. And overall, it just looks more professional when you go on an instagram page and you see that it is a business instagram page and you see the little title, the category that they chosen. We're gonna talk about this when we get to the type right now. But keep in mind that not only does your profile need to be public, but it also needs, preferably to be a business page. Lastly, talking about the type, it is also important for you to know what business page settings you want to follow as it reflects on your brand recognition. If you are starting a marketing page, you can choose the category and marketing the advertising. If you want to start a fitness speech, well, there are different options. Maybe you are selling fitness products As we said before, in an example, then the type of business you want to choose can be clothing or hair accessories. If you are starting an instagram page in your personal trainer, then you might want to choose the business category. Ask personal trainer, or you might just be sharing a lot of information and knowledge about fitness, and you want your settings to be set to education. So no matter what you choose, this needs to reflect upon the niche and the seven ish that you chose in order for it to reflect properly on your brand recognition. When people go on your profile, they have no idea what the profile is about. Yet the first thing they might notice is the instagram business type you chose. They see that your personal trainer will now they know what this page is about, and if they are looking for a personal trainer, you caught their attention. If they want to know more about education and they see that this is an instagram page based on education about fitness, then you also grab their attention. And always there is a correlation between the niche sub nish and your account settings, so keep that in mind 13. Instagram Username : Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your user name. A spurt of setting up your instagram profile and your user name is crucial. Most people just say it's not that important. I'll just use any user name. People are not gonna look at the user name that just going to look at what I'm posting. This is not entirely true. You're posting is important. But your user name is also very important because you are growing your instagram page. You're trying to grow your brand and your user name even though you can change in the future. But it reflects on your brands. Now, let me ask you a question. How many times have you saw a post that somebody posted and you looked at the user name briefly and two days later, you want to look at that post again? But you can't remember the user name. It happens. It happens with me a lot, and I'm pretty sure it happened with a lot of you. You see something really interesting and you look at the user name briefly and then two days later you can't remember the user name. You remember? Maybe bits of pieces of it, but you can't remember the user name entirely. That's exactly why it's important for you to have a user name that's catching and a user name that would actually push people to click on it. I gave an example earlier about this guy called Jules Markets when he was setting up his instagram profile. He is working in the marketing field, and then he switched his user name from his name Jules Markets to marketing God. So imagine you are scrolling and you see post by the marketing God. This is first a user name that's gonna stick in your head. As soon as I saw it, it was stuck in my head. But Mark marketing God, it's very simple, very straightforward. And it prevails. Power. It prevails. Competence in the field of marketing. Now I'm not saying you're gonna steal, not user name, even though he's not using it anymore. You want to use something similar. You want to use something catchy, something that people would remember. So let's look a bit more into the details of it. Your user name is important for different reasons. First recognition. Your user name should be easy to recognize and look for when somebody looks at one of your posts, you want them to remember your user name two days later, when they are looking for that post simplicity, your user name should be single and easy to remember. It should be really simple and easy to remember that people will have to go through the struggle off, forgetting it and looking for it again and again and again. And by simple I don't mean short. There are a lot of simple yet long instagram user names laughing My assault, for example. It's a very simple and easy to recognize user name, even though it's long and L M F A O is well is a short and easy to remember and simple user name. It's not about length. It's about the user name itself and how easy it is for people to recognize it and how simple it is for people to be able to remember it. And, lastly uniqueness. You want to try to have an instagram user name that is unique and catchy. As we said before, your user name needs to be unique, that kind of weight that it stands out and at the same time, it needs to be catchy so that people can remember it in the future. One thing you want to take into consideration if you think that the user name you chose can actually sustain that change. Odd. The name of the industry of trying to penetrate. So marketing God is a perfect example because the niche is marketing. And he made a user name around that niche that's easily recognizable, not simple, and that's unique. You want to try to follow something similar? Maybe another example, if you have a fitness page, would be Superman Fitness. This is a easy recognisable, a simple and unique user name that also has the name of the niche not you chose, which is fitness. Now there's gonna be a lecture with a bunch of links to websites that can help you generate user names. So if you're having a hard time picking a nice, catchy, recognizable and simple and unique user name, go to those websites and write down the key words you want to choose. Maybe fitness. Maybe your name. Maybe you know the word that you have in your head, and they will give you a bunch of recommendations, even if you didn't choose something out of the list about the websites provide. You might think about something while reading those lists of user names, so make sure about you Taylor out a really good, recognizable, simpler and unique user name for your instagram page. 14. Instagram Name : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your instagramming, a sport of your profile set up just like your user name is really important. Your instagram name is also important for you to grow properly. Now. Often times your user name should be very similar or the same as your instagramming. There needs to be connection between both of them for you to be able to gain the competitive advantage of the Instagram search algorithm, because when people search for something specific or people search for you and there's a bunch of similar accounts that have similar user names are some similar words when your user name uses the same keywords as your instagram name, this will help you boost your ranking and the search engine of Instagram. So let's talk about some of the key components of your Instagram name, so the name needs to be coherent. It needs to be clear and informative. Your instagram name should be coherent with your user name, and this is what we talked about earlier. This will help you within the search engine, and also it looks better when it comes to your profile. If the user name and the Instagram name are coherent and connected. It also needs to be clear. Your name should also be clear and easy to understand. You want people to be able to read your user name and your instagramming and kind of understand what your pages about when you write your first name or the name of your business. And then you put a dash and you put what the instagram pages about. If you weren't able to do that within your user name, so you write your name and then you're right. Fitness, our marketing or marketing expert or personal trainer. Her personal development expert. You put what needs to be put in terms of information which they existed, the last point, which is informative. Your instagram name should be informative. It conveys the name you're trying to use for the page. So this is where your name steps in. This is where the branding steps in. And based on that, as we said, you might wanna add the element, which is adding a little T word that emphasizes what the niche of the instagram page. It's on my own personal instagram page. The user name is I am No America and the user name is no American. It's very simple on my other instagram page, the education block while the user name is the education block and then the name would be the education blawg slash a personal development page or personal development block. You see my point. Make sure that there is a coherence and correlation between the name and user name. Make sure that it's clear and concise and make sure that it's informative. 15. Instagram BIO : Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your Instagram biography, a spark of your profile set up. You want to look into setting a professional instagram biography. Your biography is like your story that somebody goes on your profile and they want to read the summary of your story real quick. But this is where most people make a mistake. Your story is not all just about you. There is a concept in psychology that you need to keep in mind when you are writing your biography. People are a lot more interested in themselves. Then they can ever be interested in you, especially when they don't even know you. When a stranger goes on your profile and he is a potential instagram follower, he always cares more about himself than he cares about you. That's why people most that sons will follow you based on whether or not they think that you can give them something back based on whether or not you can provide value to them. They don't really care about your story. Your story is important just for credibility, but we're talk more about this very soon when we're talking about your instant ground biography set up. I want to talk about the value, the information, the link and the hot stocks first off the value. Which brings us to what I was talking about earlier. Why should people falling? What value are you going to provide to people? This is what people care about. If you have an instagram page and in your biography, you're just talking about yourself. Even if what you're talking about is really impressive, you need to give people something an incentive for them to follow. When politicians are doing their political party campaigns, people don't vote for them based on who they are and what they accomplished. Most people will vote for them based on the plan they provide. So based on what value they're going to provide to the people, I know it's a bit of a big example. But it's a metaphor that I can kind of explain your instagram biography when people go on your profile and they don't know you. The only thing are the first thing they're gonna care about is why they should even look at your profile, why they should follow. So make sure to include the value in your biography If you have a fitness page, make sure to say I will teach you how could get more results in less storm at the gym. If you have a marketing page se, this page will show you some tips and tricks on how to improve your marketing strategies. If you have a personal development page, say this is an instagram page DOT will provide you with information to transform yourself and become the better version of yourself or become a better person. This is you providing value, and you can even get more specific. You can say this page provides information and tips. Training videos. You can get very specific on how you will provide value to your followers. And if you are having a hard time figuring this out, go back to your instagram marketing plan because as a part of your instagram marketing plan , we talked about the value you want to provide for your target audience and how you're gonna provide that value. This is exactly what we talked about when we were talking about your sub niche. So if you are still a bit confused, go back and look your submission so you can actually know what you want to put in your Instagram biography as the value you're providing your followers, and the second the information. What is the page about and what is the main idea? So this is also really simple. It's kind of connected to the value, but you want to provide the information. This is where your credibility will step in. Sure, people go on your profile, and they read that you'll provide value to them through a lot of fitness videos and posts that will help them get better results. But why should they trust you now when you at your biography that you're a certified personal trainer, that you have won a championship? For example, if you are starting a marketing page and he said, you're gonna provide information for people on how to basically grow through their marketing strategies, Well, why would they want to trust you? Then you can add something in your biography that would entail this credibility that you're providing. Why should people trust you in your biography other than the value you need to provide them with the information, what the main idea is and why they should trust you? You can also add a link to your biography. You can use a link to direct traffic to the website or the lengths landing page, as well as other Instagram pages you might have. So not only can you add a link, which is an https for which redirects them to website, but you can also link other Instagram pages in your biography. So, for example, I have to instagram pages. I have the education walk and I have the private community and on my main instagram profile , the Noah, maybe profile and the biography I added at the education block and add the private community. So this way, if people go on my profile and they see that I have two different pages, all they have to do is just click on the education log in my biography and they will be redirected to the Instagram page. Same thing goes for the others rampage, so if you have more than one instagram page that you're trying to run, if you have your business instagram page and you have your personal instagram page, you want a link both accounts, and you can do that through your biography as well. If you have a website or you have a pager trying to promote your doing affiliate marketing . You can also add that link to your instagram profile and there is a trick for you to be able to add more than one link in your biography. But we're gonna talk about this and another lecture and last thing you might want odd to your why you is hashtag You might want to use hashtags to target people following that specific hashtag. When you have a main hashtag set up in your biography and you use it in your posts, you're more likely to appear on those hashtag X pages and not only on the hashtag stages, because whether you know it or not, a lot of people can follow hash. That's if you go on any hashtag right now, right? Hashtag fitness for hashtag marketing or hashtag self help, you can follow that hashtag and then when you're strolling on your home feed, instagram will show you some posts from this hashtag you're following. So when you use the hashtag in your bio and in your posts, oftentimes when somebody's following this hashtag you will be appearing on their profile as part of the hashtag There will also be a document and discourse to show you an easy way to set up the biography through some basic questions that you can ask. So if you are still not sure how to proceed, make sure that they could look at that document now. We also want to discuss some other elements. You wanted it into consideration. Separation, Modi's and creativity separation basically separate each and every idea on a different line . Now you can't do this directly on INSTAGRAM. You can't skip lines through the instagram up. You can either do it on your computer, or you can use the notes on your phone to write the bio and copy based. So go on the notes on your phone, right? The bile make this faces first off. Let's say you want to write What's the part of your credibility? What is basically the main idea? Why should people trust you? Write that down and then you skip a line and then you write what value are going to provide to people, and then you skip a line and you add your different instagram profiles or the link you want odd to your instagram bio, you can do that on your phones, notes. Or you can just log into instagram on your computer and then you'll be able to manipulate it through the keyboard. Three. Your computer. You'll be able to do the separations you want to do now. Another thing you want to add, which is something you can't out on your computer unless you have the extension for it is Emojis. You can use emojis for the bio toe look more friendly and more welcoming. If you are writing a line about you having a personal trainer certification, you might want to add the dumb bell emoji. It looks a lot more friendly and a lot more welcoming. I want to put how you can add value and you're saying you're gonna be providing a lot of videos. You might want odd. A video camera emoji, for example. Smiley faces flexing biceps. If you're talking about you have an INSTAGRAM marketing page and you're talking about how you're gonna increase people's results. You want to add the emoji with the graph going exponentially up. This is another thing you might want to consider, adding to your Instagram biography and lastly, get creative and used different phones, add lines and special letters. You can go on this website RG Fahnestock Io for a different fonts that you can use, and you can also go to the holy symbol dot com for a different symbols to use and get creative on Instagram. There's a lot of things that you can not through your phone through. Ah, you know, letters and symbols and the emojis. But you can also go on these websites and discover a lot of different things you cannot. You can change the phones you're using in bio biography to stand out. You can use special symbols that are not on your phone also to include them in your biography and stand up. And as I said before, if you're so big confused, there's gonna be a document that walks you through steps you can take and questions you can answer to tailor out a professional and well made instagram biography. 16. Instagram Themes : now, this is probably one of my favorite lectures because we talk about something that most people fail it executing and that if you do executed properly, you will see tremendous results just from doing this one simple thing. And this one simple thing is an instagram theme. Having a killer instagram team that you create and follow can have tremendous results and can help you a lot. A lot of the big, big accounts with a big audience. You look at their profile now, some of them don't follow with you, and that's okay. But a lot of them do follow a theme. And the more creative the theme is, the more they will get results and the more you can also get results. So let's talk about some of the elements we wanna look out for when we are trying to choose a theme color, content design and creation. First off the color fixed specific colors that represent your brands and page and stick bills. Colors for your theme content as well, have a clear idea of what your content is going to be and figure out how you can incorporate dot in an instagram theme when also talk about the design, picking a specific theme design that you want to follow through with on your instagram page , and you will always be using the same theme. Also creation. You need to learn how to create content that fits the theme you chose for your instagram page. Now I kind of went through those ideas pretty quickly, So let me get back to them and explain each and every one of them a bit more in depth color . If you are using a Brent, if you started an instagram page for your company or for your business products or services , or even for your own personal name, you need to pick colors. Your logo has colors. If you have a business and you have a local low glass colors, maybe it's blue and black. Maybe it's purple and white, whatever those colors are. And if you don't currently have colors, you need to pick a color palette. 234 colors and I'd say preferably do or three max four colors that you will use for variation on your profile and the optimum number of colors would be three colors. So once you pick those colors, you will stick with those colors when you are trying to build your instagram theme, so all your posts and all the theme that you're developing on instagram will follow the color palette. Also talking about content when you want to create your content, you need to make sure that the content fits with the theme. So if you're creating a video and you want to add a cover to the video, you can just have the cover, which is the beginning of the video. You need to odd a cover to the video, and we're going to talk about this later. But the cover needs to be coherent with the theme. Now the design is once you pick the color and you figure out the content you get to the designing part. You need to pick a theme. The design of the femur were to talk about some design elements later, but once you pick this design theme for your instagram page, you want to stick to it and always use it, which they access to the last point, which is creation. Not only do you want to make sure that you pick a theme, but you also want to make sure that the theme that you think is something you can actually in corporate and use within your instagram It's something that you can create and you know how to design it. So let's talk about the design elements. This is on the right. An example. This is example Number one, and in this example, the Instagram page theme is pretty clear and easy. One role has two quotes in one picture. The next row has one quote and two pictures, and they're symmetrical. The coats are put in black boxes, and then the writing is in white, and the photos are focused on abstract photos with non bright colors. So this theme right here they don't use bright colors. They don't use flash red or blue or green or yellow. When they did use a green color, it wasn't that break. It was subtle. You can see on all the pictures that there is a filter set on each and every one of those photos, and this is one thing you want to keep in mind. For you to be able to follow a coherent theme, you might want to pick one of the instagram filters provided and always use the same filter so the posts look as if they all have something in common, which is the filter which eventually follows the theme. So this example on the right is one theme example that you can follow. And as you can see, it looks a lot nicer than just a random instagram page where the bunch of posts this looks nice, it looks eye catching. It looks a bit more creative than different Instagram pages. Now here we're looking out of different example. The theme here is designed differently. All the posts include photos. However, the posts are separated with this white space in between the roads, and there's a filter that has been uniquely used on all the photos. You can see that all the photos they have, this kind of shade of white filter, you feel like they are brighter than usual posts. The reason why is because people who made this theme are using a filter the same filter on each and every one of those posts, which is what we talked about earlier, and what they did is instead of having a full post, they separated the post using this white line and in the future lecture. When I'm gonna be showing you how to create themes, you're gonna get to understand how they were able to do that. But for now, I want you to get an idea of what different Instagram themes would look like more over. This is another theme right here on the right. Now this is top notch. This is one of the most creative themes you can see on Instagram because the entire feed is one entire masterpiece all connected together. So if you take the entire feet and you look at it from top to bottom, it is all connected. It's one huge piece of art that's all connected, and that includes the posts in it at the same time. So all the post user are connected. The entire feed is, as I said, one huge piece of art and those kind of themes are harder to create. But they look incredible. Just imagine, you go on an instagram page and you see that they have such a page and you're scrolling down and you see that all the posts are connected together one another. This Wilmore lately push you to follow the account because you can see that they put in a lot of work and specialty. If this account is providing value and is talking about something you're interested in, you are very likely to follow this account. And again, I'm gonna show you how you can create similar themes in the future. Like and lastly, this is a theme that shows you not only filters, but also color. Pollitz. You can see right here that there are several elements first off the color, where there is a huge focus on the colors purple, black and white. And the feed also follows a feed where there are differences in colors between rose and the difference in the nature of the post itself. Now you can see right here that on the posts they are also using a filter. And this is also something we talked about. You want to use a filter on each and every post to make them look connected. And this is the last example we want to talk about. And as I said before, I know that this all looks really good. But right now you feel a bit lost and you're like, How can I create this? This looks so awesome. But how can I make that? Don't worry. There's future electric. You're gonna get to it soon where I'm gonna be showing you how you can create such themes for free. And it's not that simple, but you can do it. And once you do it, you're gonna have an amazing instagram page from thought the ball. 17. Profile Picture : Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your profile picture as part of your INSTAGRAM profile. Set up your profile picture is, in fact, important, and it's different. Business accounts are different than personal accounts When it comes to your profile picture. There are some criterias for set up that you need to keep and take into consideration. So we're gonna talk about this right now. Now the first thing we want to talk about is the difference between your business account and your personal account. If you have a business account, use a picture that reflects your business or product. If you have a personal account, use a picture. Not it's personal and reflects dot personal aspect. And when I say business accounting, personal account, I'm not talking about the account settings. De count setting should be set up to business. As we said before, you need to have a business instagram account where you can choose a category for your instagram page. But the difference we're talking about here is whether you're operating a business account for a business or product or service, or you are creating a instagram account for yourself under your specific Nate so this right here is some pretty common sense. If you have an INSTAGRAM account for a business, you want the profile picture to be related to dot business. And if you have a personal account for yourself, you want to use a picture that reflects yourself that reflects what the account is about. Not talking about business. Account your brand When choosing a picture for your profile, make sure to include your local or brant for people to get familiar with it and start the exposure process. The first thing people are gonna notice in terms of photos is your profile picture. So if you have a business account, you have an instant account for your business. Try to include a profile picture that would convey the message that would increase exposure to words. Your Brent you want people to get familiar with the brand, and one of the best strategies is to use your logo as the profile picture for your business Instagram page, which is a bit different than the personal bitch, because when we talk about the personal account, we are talking about your face for personal accounts. Focus on choosing a profile picture where people can easily see and recognize your face for exposure purposes as well. But there are also situations where you have a personal account and you have a local for your name or for your account. If you want the exposure to be focused on you as a person, you want to put your face as a profile picture. But if you want the focus to be on the logo or the brand you're trying to developing under your name, then you can use that as a profile picture as well. Now there are some key elements that we need to look out for when we aren't setting up our instagram profile picture, cropping it by round colors and theme and using props. First thing is cropping it. Your profile picture is round, for those of you are not familiar with it. Yet the picture is round, so you need to pick a picture when crop into a circle to fit the instagram profile picture cropped. It would still look good. Second, you want to focus on the background if you're using a picture of your face and in the background, there's a bunch of non related stuff. A bunch of people bunch of noise. Then you would want to avoid that. You want to use a clear background, Maybe a white screen behind you are nothing but nature. Nothing at all. Want to choose a background that would not switch? People focus off you into the Bagram. You want the background to be simple, so the focus stays on you. You also want to pay close attention to the colors and theme. If you are following a theme on your instagram, we're gonna talk about this later. You're following a certain color pilot. You want your profile picture to be aligned with color palette and the theme that you are following on your instagram. And lastly, to make your profile picture kind of stand out, you might want to consider using a problem. You might be standing there and holding a light bulb in your hand or a book or whatever. You can use any props you might think of. Get creative with it. When you using a prop, the profile picture would stand out and will look a lot more original than other profile pictures. And that's what we want to focus on 18. Post Captions : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram post conscience. We thought the law throughout the course about captions and how to use captions and what to include Inc options. But this is a lecturer that's going to summarize it and give you all the information you need to master your captions and post captions are really important because you can use them for different reasons, which we're gonna talk about really soon. So make sure to follow through with this lecture and used the things you're gonna learn. So what can you use your captions for and what can you include in your options? We're gonna talk about call to action information, hashtags and engagement. So, first off, call to action. Tell people to go check out link or post use captions as culture actions is an effective marketing strategy. If you want people to go check out in new video, you upload it. You want people to go check out a product on your website. You're more people to go check out a website for a link. You can include that in the caption as a call to action. You're basically calling your followers to take an action. This is what call to auction stands for, and you can use the INSTAGRAM caption as a call to action. Next, we can also use it for information. Share information with your followers to add value to them through the post. We thought the law throughout this course about adding value to your followers. Now you get always I'd value through the post itself. Maybe you want to share post, and the value resides in the cop Xin. Maybe the lesson and the value you're trying to give to your followers is in the cop shin. So this is another thing you might want to take into consideration if you have bits of information or some value you want to share with your followers, but you can't really put it in an instagram post. You can share a random post and odd the value and the information to the cops. Moreover, in your caption, you want to include your hashtags. That's in case you don't want to add the hot stocks to the first comment, which is a strategy we talk about in the hashtag lecture and lastly, engagement used captions to grow your engagement and tagging other counts for exposure. You could talk other accounts on the post itself, and you can also talk them in the caption and use captions that will stimulate engagement such as Tiger Person who or comment with one or three numbers. You might have three different options that people can choose from and say, Which one do you choose? Picking number Those Air Olic options that would boost engagement and will help you when it comes to the instagram algorithm. So let's talk about some focus points to take into consideration. First off, the first sentence is very important. Give people something that grabs their attention and pushes them to keep breathing. When somebody sees your post, they're not gonna be able to see your entire caption unless they click on Seymour. So this first sentence that people are going to use you need to use that sentence to your advantage views a sentence that would grab people's intention and pushed them to read the rest of the caption. Using a sentence such as you will never guess what happened to me this week or one of the most amazing things happen to meet this week. This is one example of the first sentence that you can use that would push people to read the rest because now there are interested and they are curious. They want to know what is this thing that happened to you? Which brings us to the second part? Use storytelling. People tend to enjoy reading stories a lot more than they enjoy reading random information , so try to include a story in your caption. Whether it's a personal story or someone also story include this storytelling factor in your caption. This way it will make it smoother and easier for people to read your caption. And lastly, you want to try to make it personal share stories about yourself or others, as we said. But do that in a storytelling manner. You can say Indyk option. I learned last week that nothing comes easy and that hard work pays off, but at the same time, you cannot. Story could say. Last week I was working on a project and I did not put so much effort into it. And then I realized that I did not do a good job, and when a work harder on it, this listen whaddaya at the elements of the story and you get the message through. This is what people would usually prefer when it comes to captions. Story tell. So make sure to take those elements into consideration and use them because, according to statistics, posts that have long captions always performed better than posts, not have a short caption or no caption at all. 19. Optimizing Your Profile: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about optimizing their instagram profile. Now there are some ideas that we already talked about, but there are some ideas. There are kind of Newt. So if you see that there is repetition, it's because those things are important for you to optimize your profile and do better on Instagram, so you need to take them into consideration. So let's get to it now. This is a strategy that we talked about for the search engine next year. Name on instagram. Odd. The same title you chose as a category for the business page. This will help more people find you when using the instagram search engine. If you have a fitness speech. Odd next year. Instagram name. Fitness. It's a marketing page. Odd marketing already talked about this. I gave a bunch of examples, but again, this is important because it can help you in the search engine. You are saying to instagram, This is a marketing page and you're confirming it through different elements through your name if you can include it in your user name, which already talked about and also if you included as the category for your business page . This will help you tremendously when it comes to the Instagram search engine, not to other things we want to talk about. One is related to your feet and the other is related to monetization on instagram. First off talking about your archive, you don't have to delete old posts. You can just archive them. Most people don't know about that. So they think if they have old posts that they don't like, they should just delete them. However, if you click on boast itself on the top right corner, you can click on options and then choose archive. The post will be stored in your archive, and you can retrieve it at any point. You don't have to permanently delete it off of your instagram. So if you're trying to change the theme, are trying to play around with your instagram profile. You don't have to permanently delete posts. You can just add them to your archive and also talking about products you can tag products that you use so people can buy them. If you go on Victoria Secrets Instagram Page. You see that all the products, all the apparel that their models are wearing if you click on the post. You can actually see what they are wearing, what the product is, and you can click on it to buy it. Now we're gonna have a video where we explain this more after Now, keep in mind that beast arson basic ways. You can optimize your instagram profile to make it stand out and get better results on it. 20. From 0 to 1000 Followers In 21 Hours: Uh huh. - Man . Okay, man. 21. Automation Tools: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about some automation tools that you can use for Instagram. Those tools will basically help you automate the instagram posting process. You will upload a bunch of posts and you'll set the date of went and time. What time do you want this post to go? Life and this tool will post for you automatically on Instagram. So it is basically gonna make your life a lot easier. In later videos, I'm gonna be walking you through the process of how to exactly use those tools. If you're not familiar with them And in this lecture, I just want to introduce you to those tools and explain to you how they can help you. The first tool I want to talk about. It's called who It's sweet, and this is the first up and website that you can use. It is accessible on your phone and form of an application, and it is also accessible for you as a website and a gun. I'm gonna be showing you in the later lecture how you can use Hoot suite for Instagram, the other website. I also want to talk about it's called Buffer and just like crude. Sweet buffer is very similar to it. There is an op you can access on your phone, and there's also a website that you can access on your phone or on your computer through the browser, and they both offer similar features. And then it's up to you to decide which one you want to use. There's three versions, and of course, you can upgrade to get a premium virgin for more features. However, the free version is more than enough, especially if you're still starting on instagram. So what can those two platforms help you? It? Well, there are some interesting features that you can use first off scheduling. As I said before, you will pick an instagram post and you will say, I want disposed to go live on Friday at 6:30 p.m. And you write the title and you write description. You put the high stocks, you add the location you basically posted on the up or on the platform, whether it's food, sweet or buffer. And then Friday at 6 30 the Post will automatically go life Now. The second thing we also want to talk about is the analytics just like Instagram offers you their insights there to insights. Those two platforms and ops also offer you analytics for you to truck the results of the traffic and your posts and your audience. You can also monitor your instagram, as those platforms have features where they can tell you if there's anybody who unfollowed you. It can also tell you how many new followers you're getting on. A lot of information. There are basically part of your analytics to help you monitor your profile and monitor your rope. There's also a review or preview section of these ops offer if you want to see how the post will look on your feet if it's following the theme, if it looks good and it matches the color they're using or not, you can use those platforms to preview how the post is going toe look. And lastly, if you're thinking about promoting on instagram and using instagram odds, Buffer and Hoot Suite will also help you in terms of promoting posts. But we're going to talk more about this when we got to the video where I walk you through how to use those two platforms 22. Brand Ambassador: in this lecture we're gonna be talking about s a grant brand ambassadors for organic growth . This is a strategy that you can easily use a strategy that can help you grow tremendously on instagram and there are different ways to use it. So let's start talking about The first thing you need to know is that you don't have to wait for brand to contact you by picking a brand that isn't too big. You can repost some of their products or posts that they are lately to repost to show their followers that a lot of people are interested in their products. Make sure to write something compelling so that the account would share it. If there's a new Brent that hides a certain amount of followers 10 20 30,000 followers, not a lot of people sharing on instagram and re posting about it. You can share one of their posts or promote one of their products on your instagram account for free, without then reaching up to you and saying Hey, like I love this product. It was really helpful is really good. I find it really nice. I've wanted to be very helpful. Whatever you can write and again rate something compelling and you thought g count. And when they see it, they are likely to repost it on their account to show their followers that a lot of people , as you said, are interested in their products. So just by doing that you are engaging an indirect brand ambassador strategy, then they will share it on the profile and you'll get the exposure from all their followers . We also gonna talk about direct brand ambassador so either by waiting for the brands to contact you or by contacting the brands yourself, you can build a good exposure strategy right there. So often times there are a lot of brands that are going to contact you and ask you if you're interested in becoming a brand ambassador and make sure toe always say yes because this is just gonna add value to your account and gonna give you more exposure, so you might as well jump on the opportunity. A lot of brands they posed instagram shots. You might be scrolling through your story or three or feet, and you'll see a company saying, Hey, we are looking for brand ambassadors and once you see that make sure to apply right away to get the chance to become a brand ambassador, as it can add value to your account. But lastly, you don't have to wait for Brand to contact you. You can identify different startups and brands. There are starting off on instagram, not big accounts, but average accounts 10 20 30,000 followers, depending on how big your account it's. If you have 10,000 followers, then you can target bigger accounts, maybe 50 60 70,000 followers, and you ask them, You tell them that you would love to be a brand ambassador, and if they can tell you more about terms for brand ambassador that they have, and once they do, this is an easy strategy. You can identify a bunch of different brands, and you can become a brand ambassador, and then you promote their products and you re share and repost whatever they're sharing on Instagram, and they are lately to share it back on their instagram and reposted to show their followers dot. Basically, there's a lot of people, as we said, interested in their products or services. They will be winning from the promotion that you are doing, and at the same time you'll also be winning from the exposure you're getting out of those accounts 23. Algorithm : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the famous Instagram algorithm throughout this course. I'm gonna reference the Instagram algorithm a lot, and I might have already referenced it before in previous lectures. That's exactly why you need to precisely understand what the instagram algorithm is and how it works. The algorithm has four different facets to it for different key points after followers, the Speed Deeks four page and the Target Waitress. First off talking about your followers. The first criteria is how many of your followers are engaging with your post. Imagine it as a timeline. First off, there's the first step your followers, if your followers engaged properly and the engage well with your post. This is the first criteria to push your posts on the Instagram Explore page and on the hashtag top age and location Top age. Second, I want to talk about the speed, the rate of engagement after your post his life. How much time did it take for you to get engagement on your post? Because if you upload a photo or video and it takes two days for the engagement to start growing, you will not be able to go on the explore page. Your post will not be featured on the explore page, and it might depending on the engagement rate, but it is less likely and opposed to. If the Post is a husband uploaded two hours ago and it got a lot of engagement. This is the speech factor that we're talking about now. The next step is the explore page. The engagement you get from this explore pidge So you got a lot of engagement from your followers, and your post is now on the explore pitch. Now for the post to rank higher and higher on the explore page, you need to get a lot of engagement from this. A specific explore page that you're on and explore. Pages are specific because people are following a lot of accounts related to fitness and gym related stuff they're explore. Page is different than people following a lot of marketing or books, summaries, accounts. The next step is to target pages engagement you get from the engagement pages. When I'm talking about the engagement pages, I'm talking about the two different pages, which is the hashtag page and the location page. Also getting engagement there will help you boost your post to become one of the top posts on those pages and will also help you rank higher and higher on the instagram. Explore, Pidge. So what can you do to ensure that you hot the instagram algorithm problem or four different steps? We're gonna talk about the first step reposed on your story so that people can see the new post when you upload anything on instagram, wait about half an hour to an hour and then repost it and share it on your story to keep the engagement and the momentum going for people who did not have the chance to see the post on the feed, they will see that you posted it on your story and then they will go check it out. Step number two is to contact your friends and your followers. You wanna go back to your engagement groups And if you didn't get to the lecture that talks about the engagement groups yet you're gonna get to it soon and your own personal pages. So what you want to do is you want to talk to your friends and followers and ask them to like and comment on the post. You want them to like the Post and ask them to comment, and then you will comment back as soon as they comment. Make sure to re talked about speed before, so make sure you reply faster. The comments and you replied to those comments quickly. You also want to go on your engagement groups. And again, if you still don't know what this is, you're gonna find out more about it really soon. You want to go on those engagement groups and share your link to get lakes and get comments . And also, if you have any other personal pages, maybe you have to three different Instagram pages. Go on those pages and go on your main account like the Post and comment on it, and then go back on your main account and reply to those comments to get the engagement going. Step number three is to engage on the post as fast as you can. That's what I was talking about right now. So when somebody comments on the post, try to reply as soon as you can and try to answer with open ended comments, and we're gonna talk more about how to use comments properly in a further lecture, but step for two ended up and to sum it up, use that compelling cover to grab people's attention. If you're posting a video, use a nice cover. Are using nice entry. Make sure that you grab people's attention and as soon as the video starts, you need something not wraps people attention to push them to watch the video and see if it's adds value to them. And if it does for them to like it and comment on it. If you are making an instagram post, make sure dot the instant reimposed is good enough because at the end of the day, the posts that are going to go on the explore page are not every single instagram post you're gonna make. Not all your instagram posts are gonna be featured on the explore page, but the best ones the best instagram posts that people really like and really appreciate are gonna go on the explore page. So make sure to use compelling content when you're trying to get the votes to go on the explore Pidge. And that being said, these are all the information you need for you to be able to hack the instagram algorithm. If you use those methods and you've all been properly, you will ensure that at least some of your posts will be featured on the sports page and on the top hashtag pages and location pages. 24. Engagement Groups: Now, in this lecture, we're going to be talking about using engagement groups for organic growth on Instagram. This is one fascinating feature you can use to your advantage. Engagement groups are basically communities that has several people sometimes and some engagement groups, thousands of people where you will like and comment on 5 to 10 posts, and then you share your link. And then people on the engagement group will like your post, and they will comment on it as well. So this is a really good way for you to grow on instagram organically without spending any money. So what can those engagement groups help you with? Well, first off lakes, you will increase the amount of lakes you're getting. Once you share your post, you're gonna be getting a lot of lakes from these people. Second, followers, there are a lot of engagement groups there are aimed to word followers, and you will follow some accounts, and then other accounts will follow you as well. And maybe those same accounts will follow you back. Third comments. There are also a lot of engagement groups to get more comments on your posts. And as we said before a lot of accounts now they don't have access to the amount of likes. Instagram had an update where you can't see how many likes a post is getting on instagram and what gives the credibility now as thematic comments because you can still see the number of comments and lastly abuse you will get. Mawr boasts views, and you'll get more profile views and visits now. As I said, there are separate engagement groups. There are engagement groups for likes, engagement groups, followers, some for comments, views, volcanic come from all of them combined. And there are also groups that combine more than one of these together. There are a lot of engagement groups that combines both likes and comments where you will like and comment on people's posts, and then they will like and comment on your post. So how do you access those amazing engagement groups? Well, I'm gonna be telling you about how to do it in theory right now, but then in the future video, I'm gonna be showing you and walking you through the process of how you can actually access and join those engagement groups. But you want to go to this website, Wolf global dot organization and basically follow the steps on the homepage to create an account. You will be redirected, and you will be asked to create a profile on telegram through which you can access the different wolf global engagement. But again, I'm gonna be showing you how to do that in a video. However, if you feel like you know how to do it, if you go on the homepage and you feel like it is pretty easy and standard procedure, which it is, you don't have to watch the video where I'm walking you through the process. You can just go ahead and do it yourself. But if you feel that it's a bit complicated, make sure to watch the video where I will walk you through the process of joining those engagement groups. So now how do they work? And this is a snippet from Wolf Global website. What they are so instagram Pollitz is what they call them, and by Instagram pots, they mean those instagram engagement groups or communities, and they are a bunch of people not come together in a group to help each other out where the engagement imagine 20 people and shot group, not give each other likes and comments. Every time someone makes posts, how do they work? The concept of an instagram pot or engagement group is simple gift and think. Each instagram engagement pod had a set of rules that revolves around the same policy of like for like common for comment and follow for follow. There are no Le Guin required and no bots allowed. Either Onley, real people and real engagement. And why do you need one? Instagram pots are a great way not on Lee to boost your instagram engagement rape, but increase your chances to hit the explore page and get instagram fates, but also a great place to make friends with follow instagrammers. So, guys, this is a three feature. You don't have to pay anything, and you will be getting a lot of organic growth. You'll be getting a lot of likes a lot of followers, a lot of comments, and it's all free, so make sure you use it to your advantage because it is a plus that can help you again if you know how to do it and you feel like the process simple. Go do it right now and join those engagement groups, and if you feel that it's a bit complicated, wait till you get to the video where I show you how to access and drawing those engagement groups for organic instagram. 25. Follow For Follow: in this lecture, I'm going to be showing you an INSTAGRAM marketing strategy. That's very simple and very easy to use if you're still starting to grow on instagram. So if you're setting up in you profile or your new on instagram or you don't have such a big following, this is a strategy that I would highly recommend for you and in the case study in this force, you're going to be seeing me using the strategy alive and in action, and you're going to see how many followers I'm gonna be getting out of it so you can try it right now. Go on your instagram account right now and go ahead and follow 20 to 30 big accounts on instagram. And in a matter of minutes, you will start getting you followers from it. Now, a couple things to keep in mind when you're using this strategy, if you're trying to get a specific targeted audience, those 20 to 30 big accounts that you're gonna follow, make sure that they are related to your niche. So if you have a fitness account, make sure that the big accounts are related to fitness. If you have a marketing account, make sure that those big accounts are related to marketing and so on and so forth. Now not all of them need to be targeted. You can also follow 10 people that are random. Some big accounts like Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Tai Lopez, Gary V. And when I say big accounts, I'm talking about accounts with more than 500,000 followers. And what's gonna happen is you're gonna follow these accounts for about 10 to 12 hours, and then you're gonna go unfollowed those accounts and then follow them again. And you can do a variation between different accounts. You can follow more than 20 to 30 big accounts. You can follow 100 and then after a while, make sure you unfollowed them and then follow them again. Because what's gonna happen is when somebody clicks on the list of their followers. So why use this strategy to begin with? Well, as I said, it helps with your initial growth when you're first starting on instagram and you want to grow your account to gain credibility. You might want to consider this strategy as it can help you with your initial growth in the case study. I started an account from scratch. So zero followers and I wanted to show you how I'm going to get 1000 followers in 21 hours and I used this strategy and as I said, I got about 2 to 300 followers from it, so make sure to give it a try because it's very easy to do. It's very simple and the reward you get from it and the amount of followers you get from it is pretty significant. 26. SMM pannels: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram social media marketing panels. Now, those social media marketing panels for SM panels are not only for instagram, but I'm gonna be talking about them when it comes to instagram. Specifically, these are used for non organic growth, most of the future included on those ass mm panels are bots they're paid and their bots. They're not real followers. So let's talk a bit more. About what can those as a man panels help you? Well, first off licks, you can get a lot of lakes for as low as 50 cents. You can pay $0.5 to get 1000 likes on your instagram post. It is very cheap. Well, is it valuable? We're going to see more about that. You can also get comments. You get a bunch of comments. Also, it's not that expensive. It's really cheap. You can get views and views on your videos are so cheap as well. But again, they're not organic and they're not real people. You can get shares, you get re posts. You can also get followers. This is you buying followers. You can get comments lakes. So basically getting lakes on the comments. And there are a lot of other futures as well that I'm gonna be showing you in the video where I show you how to use and access those sm and panels. So what panels can use? There are four main instagram marketing or social media marketing panels that I was able to identify that I think are good. If you want to use them, there is keep us in the panel. Easy to promo. There's followers s mm. And there is follow snake. You can pick one out of those four or you can pick all of them in the video where I'm gonna be walking you through the process. I'm gonna be showing you one or two of them that I find to be helpful and to get started on those platforms. The process is pretty simple. You need to create an account, so sign up on one of the platforms and the funding part you need to add funds your account through the different funding ways that they have. You can use PayPal, or you can use your visa, debit card, credit card or perfect money. You can't have a lot of different ways which you're going to see. And lastly, you place an order, place an order by selecting order and adding a respective instagram link to it. But again, I'm gonna be showing you the process. What should we use them? Here is my point. I wouldn't encourage them. Yes, they are very cheap. And yes, they can help you grow your account. However, this growth will go against the instagram growth algorithm. Instagram does detect bots. It does detect this non organic fake both because those followers that you're getting those lights that you're getting, those comments that you're getting are all coming from instagram accounts. There are not really active. They are bought accounts. I only follow accounts and, like accounts and comment on accounts. But they never post, and they never actually engage. So this is, in my opinion, I would not recommend for you to use them because as much as they seem helpful, they will not be helpful in the long run. I'll give you a quick example. If you bought 9000 followers and you have 1000 followers from friends and people followed you through the explore page and now you have a total of 10,000 followers. Well, when you post something and Onley 1000 people for real followers will actually engage. Talking about the instagram algorithm, they will see that out of those 1000 maybe 500 people engaged. So 500 people viewed the post 200 liked it and 20 people commented on it. But this is you getting the engagement from the 1000 real followers. But you have 10,000 followers and Instagram will look at the post in the following way. They will say this post has 10,000 accounts, has sent out followers and he thought jointed lakes, 500 views and 20 comments. He did not get really good engagement from his or her followers. And therefore we don't think that this is a post that should go on the explore Pidge, or are any off the top pages, whether it's hashtag or location. But if you have 1000 followers who are real and genuine and you get 500 posts, use 200 lakes and 20 comments than instagram is gonna be like, Oh, okay, the instagram algorithm is gonna work differently. They're going to see that you have 1000 followers and you thought that engagement rate this will put you higher center, and we'll give you better chances for you to be featured on the explore page or on the top pages, whether it's hashtag or location pages. But at this point, it's up to you to decide what you want to do. I'm just giving you the option because a lot of people use it and you can use it. It has its advantages, but it also has some disadvantages. 27. Building Relationships : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about building relationships on Instagram. We're gonna be talking about the power of networking and how it can actually help you grow exponentially and tremendously on Instagram. And when we talk about building relationships, we talk about a lot of different things which we're going to see in this lecture. So first you need to keep something in mind. You are not alone. There are a lot of people who also want a roll on instagram, and you can use this networking trick to grow faster and get more exposure. You're not the only one who is trying to grow his instagram. There's a lot of people trying to grow their instagram and just like you can appreciate help from someone, they can also appreciate help from you. So why not join hands building this network or this relationship to help each other grow? If you want to play in the soccer World Cup, you need a team, you need 12 people. So if you want to grow on instagram, you also need to have a network. You need to have a network of people who would you are helping and who are also helping you back to grow on Instagram by sharing, getting more engagement and also motivating view and keeping you accountable. So how do you build relationships on Instagram? We're gonna talk about re posting networking engagements and community first off, re posting share and repost posts from other instagram account. When somebody has something they want to share on Instagram, they share a post and then you repost it and you praised them on how good this post is or how it's well done. How it's well said, and you talked them. People are going to see that you re posted it and they're gonna appreciate it if you posted something on Instagram and two days later you see about somebody reposted dot and wrote some really nice words in their caption, You're going appreciate it, and you're probably gonna follow that person and next son receipt. Impose something. You're gonna like the Post, and you might even comment. So Re posting is the first strategy for networking as well as getting more content on your instagram page. Also Engagement Lake and comment on other people's posts To start building a relationship between both accounts, you need to set a time each and every day, 10 to 15 minutes, where you just go on instagram and do nothing but like and comment on different instagram accounts. And the example is simple. If every time you post on instagram, you see that there is this one person who always likes the post and puts a lot of comments on your instagram posts. Eventually you're more likely gonna follow them. And when you see that they posted something, you might as well just like the Post and comment on it. It's because this person has been very supportive and always helping you every time you post they like and they comment, you might do the same, and same thing goes in reverse. So when you're liking and commenting on somebody's posts over and over and over, then showing that your loyal when you post something they're probably gonna like and also comment on the post moving on. We also want to talk about nets working, so talk to people and ask them to join hands and help each other. For one instagram try to identify different instagram profiles following the same niche who have maybe around the same number of followers or a bit more, a bit less and just send a message to be like, Hey, like, I'd love to join hands. And whenever you post something, I chair on my story whenever I post something. You sure on your story when I post something, you know, make sure you like it and comment on it. And whenever you post something, I like it and comment on it, and you do that. Send the 100 messages to 100 different people If you just get 10 people, just get 10 people to do that. What's gonna happen is every time you post something, you know that you have 10 people who are going to share the post immediately on their story and get exposure from all their followers. You know that there are 10 people who are going Toe Lake and look at the post. And you know there are 10 people who are going to comment on it, and then you apply on the calming. This is 20 comments that you can get very easily, and this will help you with the instagram algorithm. It will help you get more engagement in more traffic and hopefully push your post to the explore pitch and lastly based on DOT is on the networking aspect. Build or join a community or an engagement group for growth and a lecturer in the future. I'm gonna be talking about engagement groups, which is a very simple and similar idea to the networking idea I was talking about. It's big groups of people where you like and comment on posts, and then you post your own link and people will go like and comment your own post. So if you want to skip the hostile of building your own community while you can just join a community or an engagement group to ensure that you wrote. But all of those steps that we talked about they all fall under the same category, which is relationships. Building relationships on Instagram is crucial, helping each other out, helping people grow. And those people will also help you, bro. On the other hand, and eventually it's a win win strategy. Everybody's a winner, you're growing and they're growing. You're getting closer to your goals, and this is exactly what you need. So make sure to focus on building relationships, make time every day to focus on building relationships and networking on Instagram 28. Hashtags : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram hashtag X using hashtags property. Gotta learn how to use them because hashtag can be a tool now you can use to grow. It's a tool that can help you grow tremendously, and I'm the same song. If you don't use it properly, you will be using hashtags on all your posts and you will not be finding the results you're trying to find. Hot dogs are specifically helpful because they help you target specific people a specific audience when you put hashtag learning you Arthur getting people who are basically interested in learning. When you put hashtag book reviews, you're targeting people who are interested in book reviews and so on and so forth. So you understand the concept here. Now let's talk more about how to use high stocks property. Now the first thing you want to keep in mind is variety. Don't keep using the same hashtag over and over again. Instagram will detect a span cute and they will would use the exposure you get through those hot stocks. That's why it's important to use a variety in your hashtags. So what happens with most people is that they pick a list of hashtags that they want to use . And the limit for the hash dogs, if you're ever wondering, is 30 hashtags proposed on each and every post you can put 30 hot stocks and what people do is they gather list of 30 hot stocks that they want to use each and every time and the first time they used them. They find that they got really good exposure and really get results. Second time, same thing. Not 3rd 4th and fifth time. It will start to slow down a bit. 6789 10. They will see that the exposure is very minimal now compared to when they were first using the hot stocks. And this is because instagram has an algorithm. When you use the same hash dogs over and over and over and over again, it will detect a spam instead, tremble thing that you are spamming, the hashtag that you are abusing it and therefore they will reduce the exposure. You're getting through this hashtag. So you need to keep in mind that you need to use a variety of hash stocks. You need to use different hot stocks for every post. Now you can use the same hashtag, but not on a continuous basis. Might use them once, twice, three times, but then make sure to switch up the hash dogs and use every thing you can use when it comes to the keywords you are trying to target. It's a very simple thing to do, but it can help you a lot. Just by switching the hot dogs, you will be getting more exposure and more results. But focus on keeping the hashtag within the target audience you are trying to attract if you're trying to target a specific audience, otherwise you can use broad hot stocks, but we'll talk more about that in a second. The second thing we wanna talk about is following trends following trending hashtag that are relevant or irrelevant to your posts. Even if the hashtag itself is not related to the post, there might be people browsing on this hashtag who are interested in what you're posting, and I'll give you an example. At one point there's this video that started trending where people would kick the cap of the bottle off so the hash tag Bottle Cop challenge started trending a lot of people started using it, and when somebody wanted to see something related to it, they will put this specific hashtag. So there was a lot of traffic on the hashtag bottle cop challenge. Now this is where it gets interesting. On this hashtag page, there are different people with different temperaments and different interests. They like different things. So while scrolling down even though their intention is to find videos related to the bottle cop challenge, what you can do is you can be smart about it and make a bottle cop challenge video and tweak it in a way where you also send these people message where you also add value within the challenge. So then when people go on those trending hashtags, they will be able to see your posts and then you will get more exposure out of it. And even if you don't want to do the bottle cop challenge or whatever hashtag is trending, you want to do something related to it. If you don't want to do something related to it, just by adding this hashtag, you will ensure that you will get a lot of a lot of exposure. So when somebody goes on this specific hashtag page and they are interested in fitness. And while strolling down they see a post about fitness that seems really interesting for them. Well, they are very high likely to click on the post because this is something that they are interested. So keep in mind that on those hashtag pages there's a bunch of different audience with different interests, including people who might be interested in your page and in what you're posting. Now moving on. Let's talk about placing the hot stocks properly on your posts. There is inter placing about separation, intra placing and common separation. So inter placing is used the hash stocks in the word you are writing. So if you were writing something about fitness, your writing that this hashtag exercise can hashtag help you tremendously when it comes to increasing your biceps. Hashtag biceps size. So this is you, including hashtags within the cop shin you are writing. This is a very creative way to use the hashtags. You are writing your caption and at the same time you are writing your hot stocks. We can also talk about Dodd separation, right Dick option on your notes separating the hashtags with dots Instagram caption writing feature does not include does not allow you to do this, thought separation. So there's a lot of instagram posts that you might see where, when you click on Seymour, you see if there's a bunch of thoughts on each and every line, and at the end of that, there's the hot stocks. The purpose of DOT is people don't want the hot stocks to appear in the caption because it does not look a statically nice. So what happens is they use this dot separation method. And as I said, you can't do it. The Wreck Loan Instagram. You have to go on your notes or write it on your computer and then copy and paste it. We also want to talk about intra placing place the hajj dogs straight after writing your cop shin, and this is also something you can do. If you don't wanna waste time basically separating the hashtag or including them in your text, you can simply write the text and then just add the hot stocks afterwards, which is what most people do. Last thing you can do is the comments separation, placing the hot dogs in a separate comment. So you write your caption. You have your post and your about your captions, and then you go to the first comment and you copy paste the hashtag you want to use. Then the harsh stocks won't appear in your caption, and they will only appear in your comments if people click on the comments so to quickly go through the using thought separation method. As I said, you can not do it directly on Instagram. You can see in the picture on the left how it would look, so you have to either write it on your computer or write it in your notes on the phone and then copy based it and the Instagram Post caption. This is the best way, in my opinion, to use Hashtags because they're still Nick option. But people will not be able to see the hashtag. They will not bother them when they're trying to read your caption. Now, Lastly, where can you find hash stocks? You probably don't want to spend a lot of time writing lists over lists of hashtag because , as we said before, you need to keep in a variation so you don't want to write different hot stocks and figure out different hot stocks for each and every post. And the limit for hashtag says you said before, is 30 hot stocks used the 30 hashtag. Don't say it's okay. I'm just gonna use five because instagram allows you to use 30. So when you skip 20 well, you're basically skipping on a chance of appearing on 20 different hashtag pages, which can get you an audience which can get you a lot of impressions. And that could get you followers and lakes. So don't do that. Try to write all the hash stocks and the tools I'm going to share with you right now are gonna make this process a lot easier. So hashtags generator. You can go on all hashtag stock. Home slash hashtag generator. This will basically generate hash lacks for you. Based on keywords you choose. Trending hot stocks were also talking about trending hashtags earlier. Go on the same website all hashtag dot com and going thought hashtag you can just go on the website and explore their men union. You'll be able to find the trending hashtags and then you can use and see those hashtag there are trending and include them in your post or make posts according to what hashtag are trending. Now you want to look into adding hash stocks within the words, which is something we talked about earlier as well. This is also available on the website all hashtag dot com Now for ops. If you want to use an app on your phone to make your life easier, you can go on hashtag experts. There is a subscription at one point, but you will be able to explore the opt for free and if you like it, you can subscribe for it eventually. Or you can also explore other free ops. But this is the one that I personally use and I highly recommend it. It is very effective and very good, but you be the judge your user. Use the website, which is very helpful, and it's completely free or you can use some maps. But now, to summarize some key ideas to keep in mind, use the dot separation method. Always try to include 30 hashtag in your instagram post and make sure to out of variation and don't use the same hot stocks over and over again. If you do that, you will be killing your hashtag game and you will perform really well. You get a lot of people, a lot of impressions and a big target audience. 29. Using Comments Properly : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about using comments properly to help you grow as part of your instagram marketing strategy. Comments are really important, especially because now a lot of people don't have access to likes. Instagram had an update, and a lot of people can't see the amount of lakes you're getting, so to see if a profile is authentic and getting a lot of engagement, it's all up to the number of comments you're getting. And that's why it's important. So talking a bit about the algorithm, the Instagram algorithm for your posts to be promoted by instagram engagement is crucial When you have a lot of comments. The algorithm will detect the post that has the criteria to be promoted on the explore page and also supposed to be one of the top posts on the hashtag pages used and the location page that you shows. So, of course, it's important to get lights on your post, but it's also important to get comments and the instagram algorithm, which we're gonna talk about later in a separate lecture, is not that complicated. And once you understand it and you know how to use it and how to overcome it. You can make sure that most of your posts are gonna be on the explore page or on the top pages. So what steps do you need to take first? Get comments? The first step is for you to get comments. Use a caption that would push people to comment when you use a cop shin saying dog people who would agree with this or DOC people who would want this. Our dog. A person who would agree with this again. These arc options that you can use to push people to comment on your post. Another thing is replying, so reply to comments as soon as you can and use open and the comments first. Replying as soon as you can't is because the INSTAGRAM algorithm is limited with time. So if you get a lot of comments two days after you post, it's not really gonna be relevant in terms of the instagram algorithm. But if within an hour you get a lot of comments and your comments are included, there are counted as a comment on the post. So when you reply to people, reply as soon as you can and also reply We're using an open and the comment, so don't reply, but something that would stop the conversation. Ask something back. For example, if somebody says I really loved this Thanks for sharing, you can ask them. Awesome. What did you like about it? The most asked. Open ended comment questions so you can actually get more engagement. Keep it going. Maybe asked more than one question. Keep it going until you have a good enough amount of comments on your post. And another thing to do is talking so used tags in your comments whether you're asking people to talk other accounts or you are talking accounts yourself. So you either use the caption where you're asking people to talk. Others, which will get first. The comments from the people who are talking, the other counts. And also you might get comments from the people who got attacked. But you can also talk accounts yourself when you're applying to comments. If somebody's asking you, for example, a question about time management on a video that you made, you can share your opinion and then you can say and I know somebody who can also add more on that and tell you more about it and then tag another account that is related to, for example, personal development or this niche example about Riccio's. So then you got a comment from person asking you a question, and you can reply to it with an open ended comment and then add to it saying This is another person that would also share his insight. And you talked that other person. And then you will have the first person who already sort of the comment who might comment again, and the other person who you dog, who might also comment on your post. And this is you getting a lot of comments over and over again. So if you want to get more comments, there are also other things you can do first. OSK Second Rick Option, which we talked about third share and forth is created, so ask is ask your friends to comment on the Post. You probably know people who you're close with, who you can just send a message and be like, Hey, man, hey, just comment on my photo. Can you please go and comment anything on my post? And it takes 10 seconds. So most people special leave their close friends, they will go and do it. Second thing is music option that Bush's comments on the posts and I'm not going to talk more about this. Are you talked about it? And I think by now it's pretty clear how you can do that third share on your story and asked people to comment. So a lot of people will not be able to see your post if you posted it two hours ago. And there is. There are people are following 500 accounts. By the time they open instagram and all the new posts are up on INSTAGRAM, they'll have to scroll down a lot for a long time until you until they find your post. So what you can do is you can share on your story, and people are more likely to see it on your story so you can put the new post on your story and be like, Go check it out and, doc, somebody who would agree. So the same strategy that you're using for your caption also share it on your story and use the same strategy, the same text used or something similar. Do not just tell people to go check out your post, but go check out your posts and comments and lastly, create so create accounts to help you promote your content. The goal is for us to be able to hawk the instagram algorithm to get more followers and for you to be able to do that, you need to get a good amount of lights and good engagement. So eventually the post will go on the explore page, and then you'll be able to get a lot of traffic on a lot of potential followers. So if you create two or three separate instagram accounts and every time you post something , you go on those accounts and you comment on your post, and you also drag it with open ended questions and comments where these accounts would basically you'd ask them something and then you'd be replying to yourself. But at the same time, what you're doing is you're growing the engagement, and you're getting more comments for you to eventually have the chance to go on the explore page. And this can be very helpful. If you can't get the comments and you're struggling with it, just create them. We'll make sure to use some of those strategies to get Mawr comments on your posts because comments are a key element of the instagram algorithm that you need to take care of. 30. Increase Engagement : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about some instagram strategies to increase the engagement's on your posts and with your profile. So basically want to get Morrell engagement between you and your followers and also mawr engagement between you and potential followers, potential people on Instagram Who would want to follow you? Now the idea is we're going to talk about we already talked about them before and for some ideas that you haven't seen yet. You're going to see them also in future videos. But I want to recap all those ideas that I talked about that I'm going to talk about in the future and future lectures for you to understand how to combine all of them and Ardmore value and more engagement on your instagram posts and instagram profile. So, first off reposed on your story. A lot of people miss your posts on their home feet, so make sure to put it on your story for them to see it because people following 500 or 600 accounts and you upload something Two hours later, a lot of other people uploaded stuff as well. And when one of those people go on instagram and they scroll through their feet. Well, they're gonna have to scroll for quite a bit to find your post. And when you repost it on your story and they see it on your story than there are more likely to go on your profile and check out your post and hopefully like it and comment on it, you also want to consider using engagement groups on engagement groups is a free tool that can help you increase the engagement rate you're getting, so why not use it? And if you haven't seen the lecture that talks about engagement groups yet, you're going to see it really soon. And if you missed it, make sure to go and check it out again. You also need to focus on building relationships. You need to spend some time every day building relationships on instagram when you like and comment on someone's posts there will likely return the favor. So try to take 10 to 15 minutes every day where you just go on instagram and, like every single post and try to comment on as many posts as possible to show people that you're engaging with them and then they are more likely to engage back with you. And lastly timing timing is essential. If you make a post at a time where most people are asleep, you're not gonna get a lot of engagement. So you want to go on your insights and check what times and what days people are most active on instagram specifically when your followers are the most active on instagram and make the post around those days and those times and if you still don't know how to use your instagram insights and you have no idea what I'm talking about, I'm also explaining mawr about your instagram insights in a future lecture. So make sure you check that out and if you missed it again, make sure to go back and check it out because you need to understand Tommy properly, as it is an important factor. Now, some more ideas that I also previously talked about on your posts. You want to add specific hashtags, you want to tag other accounts and you want to lose your location. All of those different steps were talking about the main purpose behind them is to get more exposure and get mawr engagement on your instagram posts and with your instagram profile. And again, I don't want to waste your time and talk about them again because there are separate lectures, not talk about each and every one of those steps, so make sure to check them out if you haven't seen them yet. And lastly, some other key points gonna talk about uric option, so use adoption that will boost engagement. Pick option. Saying, Doc, Someone who needs this, for example, can help you boost engagement and get more comments and more exposure. You want to create a pre bus, keep your followers on their totes, create a story saying that you are sharing something very important today and make sure that you guys go and check out this post. This is you creating a pre bus. This is you making people curious about what you're going to share today. That's very important. And lastly, to get more engagement, you want to get attention, and you can force attention, make the post eye catching. Whether it's a photo or video, try to use elements to make it stand out and grab people's attention. And by using all those steps that we talked about in this lecture, I can guarantee you you will be getting more engagements. And again, if there's any one of those steps that is not clear. There is a lecture that talks about each and every one of those separately, so make sure to go and check out the lecture. 31. Tagging People : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the power of tagging other people and other accounts on your instagram post. This is a future that is accessible. It's easy, easy to set up. You just need to search for the person and drag them in your post. And it has a lot of benefits, and we're gonna talk about this right now. So the first key point I want to talk about is abuse it, Yes. Abused the tagging feature bag as many accounts as you cant It will help you with exposure . And a lot of different things we're going to talk about is gonna get you more lakes. It's gonna get you more comments when you talk people when somebody makes an instagram pose and you get a notification that X Y Z account doc doing their post out of curiosity, you're gonna go check it out. You're going to see what this person died doing, so make sure to tag as many people and they're criterias for talking. However, you can dog whoever you want as long as you make sure that whoever you're talking is related to your instagram page. If you have a fitness page doc. People related to the fitness industry marketing page for personal development page dog people who are related to what you're posting. What is it gonna help you with? Well, it's gonna help you with exposure, getting exposure from the accounts. You talked us, he said. Dive posts as well. So when you go on somebody's profile on the far left, on top of their posts, you can see there's a little icon that you can click on to see what posts this person has been tagged on and a lot of people They go on the tac photos and the dog posts, and they look at them. So when you talk a person, eventually you're not just getting exposure from that person. But you're also getting exposure from his or her followers were going to go on the TAC boasts and check them out. And when they see your post, they might see something interesting click on it and then they might follow you. They might interact with your profile or your post and also sharing some of these accounts who like your content, might share. If you post something related to specific person. Let's say you're talking about a book review about an author. That's not too big, and you make a post where you're talking about how amazing that book was in, how it helped you in different areas, and you thought the person saying Thank you for that book. He might want to share it on his story because it is to his benefit to show other people that there are other accounts who read the book and other people who read the book and are sharing really good positive feedback about it. So if that happens and you will get the person himself to check out the post and maybe like it and comment on it, and then you will appear in the dock posts for his followers who go on their talk posts, and you might also appear on their story, they might share the post on their story. And this is direct exposure. You're gonna be getting immediate and also even if it's not related to the person we talked before about how a lot of people struggle to find content. So if you have a really nice piece of content and you dog several accounts, if one of those accounts liked what you posted. They might share it on their story, or they might also repost it. They might. They got post and put it on their instagram feed as an instagram post and tagged you. So whatever the scenario is, when you talk someone, you will be getting exposure out of it. So that's why I said abuse this feature because it can help you grow, and there's a lot of different facets to it, so you might as well use it to your advantage. But who should you tag on your posts? Well, it could be nice related, and you want to talk big accounts and smaller accounts. Nice related. Make sure that the people you talk are relevant to the post you're making. That's one of the first things to take into consideration. As I said before, if you have a fitness account dog people related to the fitness industry. If you have a personal development account, doc people related to dot industry. If you have a business account promoting a product, doc, people who have or might have interest in the product and you want to talk big accounts target, but accounts as they have a big following. But you also want to target smaller accounts for better chances to get your post shared or reposted, because if you're talking account with one or two million followers, they are most likely not going to notice the post. Maybe, and they are less likely to share it, comment like it or follow you back, but smaller accounts who are still growing and they want to expand their network. When you target those accounts, there's a lot bigger chances that they might share it. They might repost it. They might engage with it, and they might even following. So keep those things into consideration. First, make sure it's niece related and make sure that you talked big accounts as well as smaller accounts on post. 32. Instagram Influencers : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram influencer marketing as a strategy for growth. Now, here we're not talking about organic growth. This is you using a paid marketing service. There's a lot of instagram influencers, instagram accounts who have a big following and a big audience who would do shout outs for a certain amount of money. This is you using the instagram influencer marketing strategy. So basically there are some steps which we're gonna talk about. But for now, you need to understand that this is one of the most effective strategies because it is one thing to use instagram ads and they can be really effective. But you can also use the instagram influencer marketing which is you targeting a specific audience of a specific account which can also have a really good return on investment for you. So talking about the growth factor So what is influencer marketing in a nutshell? Well, you're basically leveraging other accounts so other accounts will give you shout out, which creates really good exposure with their audience and ideally, de count, your target needs to have a similar amount of followers, but this is not a definite criteria This is on Lee a definite criteria if you want to use influence or marketing as an organic method, meaning you don't want to pay any money for the influences. If you identify influencers with similar account and similar amount of followers that you have, then you could be using this criteria, which is not paying them any money but giving them, such as a shout out for a shout out kind of strategy. If you got to a point where you have 10,000 followers and you identify another account with same leash that has 12,000 followers, you can follow a shout out to shout out strategy. But if you have 1000 followers and you want an account with 12,000 followers to give you shout out, you might be able to contact them and a lot of people they put in their instagram bio. They put their email and they say, the end for business enquiries. Direct message me for business enquiries, and you can message them depending on how big D count is. You can buy shout up from them, and it's not just necessarily a shout out. They will be promoting maybe a product of yours. Maybe a video of yours, a shoutout ISMM or looked at as an account giving you shout out as And they are asking their followers to go follow you. But you can use the instagram influencer marketing not just to get a shout out, but to also promote your products and your services. So the three steps for you to be able to get into the instagram influencer marketing its first to make a list of all the potential influencers. Second, make the best influencers that you want to target and third reach out and talk to them about influencer marketing. It is not simple. You just need to identify the accounts, pick the ones that suits you the best and then talk to them about influence or marketing. In a further lecture, I'm gonna be talking about some websites where you can buy and even sell shout outs as part of monetization on instagram. So for now, keep in mind you can use influence your marketing either for free. If somebody has a similar amount, followers as you or you can use spate influence or marketing by identifying, targeting and network 33. Instagram Stories : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram stories and instagram stories one of the most amazing features that you can use to your advantage to help you exponentially an organically grow on Instagram. People use instagram story features and there are a lot of different features offered through the instagram story that you will be exploring and a future video. I will be uploading a lecture where I will show you everything you can do and all the futures you can access through the instagram story. But why are Instagram stories important? We're gonna talk about three things called to auction sharing your posts and interactions. First off call to auction, you can create compelling call to action posts and campaigns for people to go on your website or check out something else. It could be your post. It could be a blawg. It can be a YouTube video and you can even odd at one point a link on your story where people will just swipe up and they will be redirected to the page you're trying to direct them to which is the landing page you're trying to target through your call to action. Another thing is sharing your posts. Every time you upload something, you on instagram and people don't see it on the home feed. You can share it on your story so people can see it later. And, of course, the interaction. You can use stories to interact network build relationships with other instagram pages. You can also use it to create shots to create pulls and questions. But again, we're gonna look at all these features in the video where I walk you through how to use instagram stories proper. Now you can use instagram stories to share a video post as long as it's not longer than 15 seconds if you want to share it as one story. So when you share a video that's longer, for example, you share video on Instagram Story video. That's 25 seconds. This will be divided into different story posts, and you can also share still or animated posts on your instagram story. You can make still or animated instagram story post to share, and those would be considered as one story per post. So basically anything you can share as an instagram post, you can also share it as an instagram story. But keep in mind that the ratio of the Instagram story post is different. It is a full screen length kind of post. Now there are some helpful tools that you can use to create instagram stories. There are compelling and professional there is credible now. It is not free, but it can help you create powerful and awesome story videos, especially when it comes to the call to action. There's also cannibal that can help you create animated and still instagram story posts. I could be made through Campbell, and it is free and easy to use and finally impress. Oh, is an op that you can access on your phone to customize an upgrade and create really compelling instagram stories. And there's gonna be another video where I'm gonna be showing you how you can create instagram stories on Cuello and also how to create Instagram stories on Con va and impressive 34. IGTV: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about INSTAGRAM TV, and this is a new feature. It got released by Insta Ground about a year ago, and there is even a separate up for Instagram TV. There's a lot of news articles and blog's that are talking about INSTAGRAM TV saying that this is going to be the next YouTube up, so it's important for you to be active on INSTAGRAM TV. So why do you want to use Instagram TV? First off, as we said, it has its own up. So not only will you be featured on the instagram up, but you're also gonna appear on the instagram TV up. So a lot of people who are browsing on Instagram are going to see your video, but also a lot of people browsing on INSTAGRAM TV on the INSTAGRAM TV up. It will also be able to notice your videos, and the other thing is longer. Videos are allowed. Instagram TV has a future where you can share videos. There are up to 10 minutes long and opposed to regular instagram post videos where the video can only be one minute or less. Otherwise, you'll have to crop it and use multiple posts. Moreover, Instagram TV has an automatic suggestion tool. When somebody's watching a video on Instagram TV, there's an automatic suggestion based on what this profile is interested in. Instagram will get them recommendations, and your video can be one of those recommendations. And keep in mind that there's a lot less people sharing videos on INSTAGRAM TV, so it's a lot less competitive. But at the same time you are getting the exposure of the entire Instagram community. There is one thing to keep in mind all when it comes to the format of the videos. Instagram TV video format is different than normal videos. If you want to share a normal video on INSTAGRAM TV, make sure that the format is suitable. Otherwise, you need to change the video or added the four month. Make sure to include a precise title and short description, including specific hot stocks. When you share an Instagram TV video, the ratio of the video is different. It's more of a full screen lengthwise video, and I'm gonna be showing you in the later lecture how you can take a normal video that you would share as an instagram post and put it in a format that would be suitable for Instagram TV and the last thing to keep in mind, which is what we talked about, including precise title and a description including harsh dogs. Because instagram TV when you're going to share your first video, you're gonna notice that even the format for sharing is not the same. You're gonna have a title for your video, and you're gonna have a short description, and people are going to be able to read the title. And they will also read the description, either entirely or partially, depending on how long the description is. But you need to make sure to also include hash dogs, at least some hot stocks in the description of your INSTAGRAM TV video post. 35. Instagram Highlights: So in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about using instagram highlights. So making your story accessible for people. And I'll tell you a lot of reasons why this is a really good strategy to use for those of you who don't know what instagram highlights are. If you go on different instagram profiles right under their bio or their link, you'll see different circles where they can share old posts from their stories as part of their instagram. Highly, and you're going to see what I'm talking about in a second first off for business accounts , you got to keep in mind that people don't have the patience to scroll through all of your posts. If you have more than 500 posts, people don't have the patience or the time to scroll through all of them to find what they are looking for. Using Instagram highlights will make it easier to people to access your content, specifically access content that is relevant to them and content that that might be looking for. So let me give you an example. You have an instagram page where you share your knowledge and expertise in personal developments, and somebody notices your page and they go on it and they want to see what you talked. When it comes to procrastination, what's your insight on procrastination? And how do you think we can overcome procrastination? Well, they're going to scroll with boasts, but there's a lot of posts and they're going to run out of patience on. Then they're just going to say, I'm going to google it. So Instagram highlights. This is where it steps in. If you have an instagram highlight that says for plastination, people can simply click on that highlight and then see what you shared on procrastination. So even if you share different boasts, you can always add it to your story and then add it to the highlights. Then people will not have to waste time. Somebody goes on your profile. Wanna learn your inside on procrastination? Simply, he can scroll through 20 or 30 highlights that you have and then click on it and get the information that they need. And once they see that you provided value to them, then they are more likely to follow you because they were able to go on your page and easily find what they were looking for. same thing goes, if you're offering services. For example, if you have a social media and they're still marketing agency and you are providing a lot of the for services, right and people are specifically interested in Facebook advertising, and then you have in your highlights Facebook odds, and people can click on it and see what you offer. When it comes to Facebook shots, this is you making people's life's easier and offering them accessible value in a split second. Same thing applies Teoh Euro personal account Share highlights on your instagram page to make it easy for people to access your content and access content that they might be looking for. So whether you're operating a business, business account or personal account, using this strategy can help you tremendously by helping your followers and your potential audience. So to add a highlight, the process is really simple. This is my personal instagram, so the highlights are, for example, the cover is not that well made because I worked more on that on the other instagram page and you're going to see example of the education blawg and you're going to see how that's highlights are set up and to cover and the name how everything is set up properly when you get to that lecture and, of course, intent to fix those highlights that I have on my count. But now, just for the sake of the example, let's talk about how to add highlights. So the first step is to click on this little circle that says new. And once you click on it, you're gonna be redirected to different page, and you're going to see how to do that later. But once you go on, Doc Page, you want to pick all the different stories that you want to include in DA specific highlight. And afterwards you're gonna pick a name for the highlight, and you're also gonna choose a cover photo from your story. So when you're choosing the cover photo, Instagram gives you an option to choose a cover photo from all the different stories that you have. And one smart thing to do is to upload separate stories just for the intention of setting those as cover posts. And again, you're going to see that later and show you video of how you can create some really nice pictures to use them as cover photos. But for now, keep in line dot using highlights cannot a lot of value to your account and cannot a lot of value to your followers. 36. Instagram Insights: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about your instagram insights for you to understand your insights properly. Now, you only get access to your instagram insights once you have an INSTAGRAM business account , meaning that you linked her instagram account to Facebook page. And now it is a business account that is linked to a specific category. And I talk more about this and I will show you in other videos how you can switch your instagram account from a normal account to an INSTAGRAM business account. Now talking about the insights to help you understand the better. The first part of your insights can help you understand your audience Help locations is important for you to know where your audience is and adjust your growth accordingly. Because once you're able to locate where their biggest audience is, you can use that if you wanted to ever use paid marketing services. When you want to use an instagram odd, for example, you want to pick a specific location, and once you have access to your insights and you know that your top location is London, then when you're posting instagram odds, you can focus the criteria of the location to be adjusted around London and your Followers Activity section is also really important for you to know when is the best time to be posting on instagram and when you'll be able to get the most engagement out of it. If your biggest audience is in London and you live in a different part of the world, I'll tell you why this is important. Let's say you want to post something on Instagram, and now it's 10 p.m. where you are in the world. However, in London it is three in the morning and you make an INSTAGRAM post at 10 p.m. Thinking that it will get a lot of engagement. And your biggest audience is in London three. In the morning, most of these people will be asleep and you share your post and you notice that you didn't get a lot of engagement. And you ask yourself, Why is the Post not good enough that are not putting a detail enough effort into it? Well, no. Maybe you just did not post at the right time because your biggest audience is asleep. So once you're able to identify, where are the top locations? Try to post according to the optimal times in those locations, and we're going to talk more about posting time through the instagram insights High. We can identify that really soon, so bear with me. This is what we're gonna talk about in your activity section. Now, when this section of your insights, the focus is your profile and your posts interaction, profile visits, what's I clicks? Email discovery, etcetera. So let's look at each and every detail of this section. First off, you have your interactions. You can see the auctions taking from your account, and you can see the date that it's From June 17 to June 23. You got 297 interactions. As for the example in the photo 285 profile visits, this section will help you see how many people are visiting your profile. You can also see that there are 11 website clicks. So here you can also track how many people flicked on the website e mails, one also tracking how many people clicked on the email. Which brings us to the Discovery section and in the Discovery section, we're talking mawr about people and accounts that are reached. So when you upload something and those posts reached the count, this is what we're going to talk about in the Discovery section. And you can see that there's 12,480 accounts reached from June 17 to June 23 and you can see in specific numbers the reach and the impressions that you got. And once you explore your insights section MAWR, you'll be able to look at a lot more details. And I'm gonna be sharing a video where I walk you through your instagram insights and dissect each and every section of it. But for now, if you don't have an INSTAGRAM business profile, make sure to do thought as soon as you can. And if you don't know how to make sure to wash the video where I walk you through the process of how you switch their instagram account from a normal account to an INSTAGRAM business account, 37. Instagram Posts: Now, in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Instagram posts how to get the best out of them. There are some steps you can take for whenever you upload a post on instagram. And right here we're talking about a post. So not a video. We're talking about a photo, and there are some steps you can follow to get the best out of the instagram posts to make sure that you get the most engagement and that you have all the loopholes covered. So let's get to it. Those key points we're going to talk about we also talked about them in other lectures on This is a lecture that combines all those factors to explain to you how to optimize your instagram posts and the first thing we want to talk about his options. You want to use pick option to encourage engagements and re posts. There's gonna be a list in the course that you can access where I wrote down a bunch of examples of what can be a good caption that you can use to encourage engagements on your post and encourage people re posting and sharing. And we discussed and previous lectures some example on how to use culture auctions, for example, saying Go check out the link in my biography to see the You tube video or to see or read the Blawg, and you can also use it in a way to encourage comments by saying dog, a friend who would agree with this. But I don't want to waste your time any more than that on captions. If you still want to know more bark options, I encourage you to go check out the lecture about captions. If you haven't seen it yet, and if you've seen it and you wanna refresh your memory, don't check it out again. Otherwise, you can also wait until you get to the list. That shows you how you can use captions properly, and the second point is hash dogs. There's also a lecture where we talked about hot stocks, and this is something you want to include in your post. Use proper hot stocks to target your audience and get your post to appear on the hot stocks pages and moving on. Make sure to repost it. Share this instagram posts on your story for people who missed it on the home feet now moving on some other things you want to keep in mind. First, make sure the posts are relevant to the theme and to the niche. You have a specific audience following you. They're interested in a specific niche, and they followed you because you follow that niche and the theme that you chose. So make sure that the posts are always relevant. The theme and to the niche. Second off. Consider using multiple photos. If you want to grab people's attention and show them a specific post, you can always odd on Instagram, there's a future where you can odd multiple posts and one single post or, in other words, odd multiple pictures in one single post. And if you are sharing a photo that is well designed and there's a bunch of texts written on it that gives people value, but you find that it's a bit hard to follow through with the theme. If you are following a specific theme and you feel that this will not grab people's attention, what you can do is you can choose multiple posts. You can make sure that the first post that's gonna appear won't wrap people's attention. It can be a photo where there's big text saying attention. If you're interested in X y Z, whatever you're talking about, make sure to swipe right and see the next photo. Now this will make sure that people will notice the Post. You would grab people's attention because the main photo will grab people's attention, use something compelling and something I grabbing. And then they will swipe to see the post, where you actually share the value and, lastly, dog people on the post and make sure the trees location as well. Also something we talked about earlier nature to talk different accounts on the post accounts that will see the Post like it, maybe comment on it and accounts that might also follow you accounts that might share and repost whatever you uploaded on Instagram as well as using a location. So in case the engagement on the post were good, you can get the chance to appear as a top post on the location pitch 38. Instagram Video : and this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram video posts, and it is important for you to share videos for many different reasons, which we're going to talk about. It is not that hard to create videos. Yes, they take more time. Yes, they take a bit more effort, but the engagement rates you get out of them is a lot better. Which brings us to the first idea, which is engagement rates. Engagement rates on videos are way better. Videos get a lot more engagement and exposure than regular photo based posts on Instagram. I gave this example before, and I'm gonna give it a gun. Do you usually hear about photos going viral orm or of videos going viral? Most people can agree that most of the sun's be here about videos going viral and not photos going viral. The reason. Wise, because videos get more engagement, they are a lot more interesting and entertaining for people. People prefer to watch videos than just look out of blank photo. Hence why they would increase the engagement rates. And there are different ways to share videos on Instagram. You can create repost, reuse or use YouTube. First off create, which is the most obvious one. You can create a video by yourself, recorded video at a video and share it. You can repost. You can use other people's videos and dark them on it. You are basically going on account where you see that the person shared a really interesting video and you basically repost this video on your instagram and you get them credit. Also reusing. You can use old videos you made before to see how they perform. When your account grows more so when you're first starting and you have 500 followers and you uploaded a video, you see that the video did not perform really well back then. And now that you have 2000 followers, you can reuse the video and see how it performs now. And lastly, this one is a bit tricky, which is YouTube. You want a dog, the person and give credit. However, Instagram might remove the video if the copy rights are violated. That's why I usually recommend people to avoid using any YouTube videos on their instagram . Even when you give credit. Some people might ask Instagram to remove this video because it is their own operate property, and you can not be basically using it even if you give them credit, which is different than when you're re posting on instagram, which is allowed as long as you give credit. So a few ideas to keep in mind when you want to share video out of text video cover washed the length and watched the beginning. So adding a text, basically adding a text on your video can boost your engagement rates tremendously. When I was posting videos on my Instagram channel, I was posting videos with no text with no captions, and they got good engagement rates. They got 2030 40 50,000 views sometimes. And then I uploaded one video where I added captions, and I added some texts to the video, and I got an astonishing 120,000 views, and I got more than 40 people who shared it and reposted it on their instagram just because I attic options and I used captions again and again and again, and I noticed every time I use captions, the engagement rates are getting better every time I use a text on my video. The engagement rates are getting better when I'm talking about captions. I'm not talking about the caption you are writing below your video. I'm talking about captions in the video I'm talking about subtitles to be precise. Moreover, your video cover it a compelling cover to use on your video. It is the first thing people are going to notice when they go on your profile and as well. If you are following a team, you want to use a cover photo that follows the theme you need to calculate the length of the video. Try to keep it under a minute. Otherwise it's better to use Instagram TV. When people have videos that are longer than a minute, they usually cut it down and upload multiple posts to share the entire video. However, I wouldn't recommend that what I would say is, if you want to share a video post, make sure that it's under a minute. Otherwise, use instagram TV. INSTAGRAM TV is there for you to use it when you have a video that is longer than a minute ? And lastly, lost thing to keep in mind is the beginning of your video. There's a lot of posts on instagram. A lot of things going on, and if you want to grab people's attention, you need to make sure about the 1st 2 or three seconds. You share something or you do something or you do some editing that would grab people's attention. Otherwise, if they're not interested, they will keep scrolling down. But if they get interested and you grab their attention with the beginning of your video, then there are more likely to wash the entire thing. I remember watching this advertising and every time on instagram, I see an odd I see something guys sponsored. I usually just keep scrolling because I know that it's an odd. But this guy in the beginning was holding a Rolex watch, which is a 20 to $30,000 watch, and he said, This is a $20,000 watch. And he said that while showing the Rolex next to him and he used thick options, you can see the captions on the video saying this is a $20,000 watch and what he did is he put it on a table. He got a hammer and then he broke $20,000 watch. Now, when I saw that, even though I know It's an odd, and I know that this guy is trying to sell me something. I was really interested, and I was intrigued to see what's gonna happen. What he's gonna say now. I'm not saying you should break a $20,000 watch. What I'm saying is, when you want to make a video and you want to add value to people, try to get creative with the 1st 2 to 5 seconds to make sure that you grab people's attention so you can actually share the value with them. 39. Location Tag: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about using location dogs properly on your instagram posts. This is a strategy that can help you a lot whether you know it or not, because Instagram has this feature where you can search for locations. So when you have an INSTAGRAM post and you share a location on this post eventually, if the Post does well and gets good engagement rates, it could be one of the top posts in the location pages and something to keep in mind as soon as you upload something on a location page, it's one of two options. It will appear on the page whether it gets good engagement or not. But on those pages, just like the hashtag page, there are recent posts, and there are top posts, Thought boasts are usually the first ones to appear on the page one somebody clicks on. So whether, as I said before, you get good and gaping or not, adding a location dog and help you get exposure from people, so let's talk more about it. Why is it important to use the talk? Well, as I said, people search for popular locations and they look at the posts in the feet of the specific location. It is easier to get ranked as stop post in locations that aren't very competitive. But there is something to keep in mind here, which we're gonna talk about the next line. But for not once You understand that Instagram does offer this feature, so you might as well just got it. It's gonna give you extra exposure. You're gonna get exposed to more people and it takes two seconds. Deceptive location. So why not do it? Locations just like Hashtags are competitive pages hashtags such as hashtag love or hashtag life. They have a lot of posts on people. Use them a lot. Bought hashtag summary of a book, for example, are hot stocks. There are a bit longer hashtags that earned that specific, just like locations have less competition. Less traffic, of course, but it's easier for you to rank as a top post on those pages. Now there's something we want to keep in mind. However, it is one thing to pick a location that isn't very competitive, where you can rank as it's all post, but at the same time, you will not be getting a lot of exposure. So if you have a post and your share that you can get good engagements, what you want to do is you want to go on the page of the location you intend to use and look at the top posts. See how many lights they have. See how many comments. Look at all the different features. And if you think that your post can get similar engagement rates, then by all means use a competitive location page, because then you have a chance of being a top posts and getting exposed to a way bigger audience. But if you're just still starting up and you don't have a lot of engagement, you might want to consider using a location that is a bit less competitive. So last thing to give him mind, you need to be specific with your location choice, but not too specific. No one's going to search for 1 34 Peter Street, for example. People will search for the CN Tower a lot more. So pick a location that is specific yet accessible and popular. If you add the exact address of where you were, not a lot of people are gonna look for that exact same address there is on Peter Street. There's a lot of different numbers you can use, and then you'll have different locations and you will not appear on that location page. But if you use something more popular like CN Tower, like Nature Museum downtown Toronto, you are using location dogs and you're going on location pages. There are a lot more popular keeping in mind what we talked about before, when it comes to you being able or not being able to rank as one of the top posts on those pages, so make sure whenever you're uploading a post on instagram to put a location so you can appear on the location talked page. 40. Shoutout Strategies : in this lecture we're gonna be talking about shout out strategies for instagram working now , shout outs are one of the most fascinating tools you can use to grow your account and help other accounts wrote whether you're giving a shout out to someone or someone is giving a shout out for you, those are strategies that can help you with growth. So how can use shout out strategies properly? So we're gonna talk about nuts working, dogging, re posting and follower base strategies. First off, nuts working, talk to people and ask them for a shoutout for show. You can message any account and be like, Hey, if I give you shallow, would you give me one block? This is part of nuts working. You're talking to someone, and they have a similar amount of followers. They have the same niche, and they'd be interested if you will give them a follower and you'll give them exposure, you're helping them row, and in return they will also return the favor and help you wrote. So this is one of the first strategies you can use for a shout out. Just go on instagram and talk to the person asked the people ask different instagram accounts if you ask 100 instagram accounts and you get 20 of them to say yes, this is you getting exposure in front of the followers of 20 different accounts Second all talking dog accounts that would repost and give you shout out on their own. And this works best when you follow a specific strategy. Follow a strategy where you praise somebody's work when somebody did a good job or they posted something interesting on Instagram or they released the book they released bought gas or whatever they did share an instagram posts where you praised them. You tell them that they're doing a really good job and that they should keep it up and thank you for the inspiration. Thank you for the motivation and people will really appreciate that. And they will repost it not just for you, but they will repost it to show their followers that they are important about this. Instagram account is being shared all over different accounts and they adding value to a lot of people. This will give him trust back from this followers, and it would also give you the exposure in front of all their followers and re posting is another strategy. Repost posts from other accounts that might share it again on their profile. This is similar to tagging, but instead of sharing and ITAR post where you pray someone you will simply share a post on your story, for example, and a lot of people would share the fact that you shared their posts on your story. And again, this will give you exposure in front their followers and lastly, the followers based Raj. Ask your followers or your friends to repost or give you shadow. It's very simple. This is part of networking as well. You network and you build a community. You build relationships. You have a lot of friends on instagram, a lot of new accounts and people you will talkto on Instagram and you will meet just by sending them a message and being like, Hey, I looked at your page. I think you're doing a really good job. Keep it up and then you built this relationship and eventually the guys are supporting each other, liking each other's posts, commenting on each other spokes, and eventually you will ask the person Hey, like I'm uploading something today. Would you mind giving me a shout out? And I will give you one buck. This is also another strategy based on your followers and with different between that and the networking is that when it comes to networking, you can reach out to anybody. He doesn't have to be. One of your followers were reaching out to people regarding the specific instagram page. The niche that you're following, you're targeting these people and asking them for I showed up to showed up. And if you use one of these strategies and you just get people to start giving you shout outs and you giving people shout outs, this will give you exposure in front of a lot of followers who are not following you but following other accounts. But who can potentially follow you, especially if the count giving you shout out is an account which follows the same niche you're following and has an audience who is interested in the same things. You are interested 41. Instagram Ads Intro : in this lecture, I'm gonna be introducing you to the Instagram advertising system. We're gonna be talking about instagram odds, the different talks of odds. And I'm gonna be explaining to you how each and every one of those dots operate. And then in future lectures, I'm gonna explaining to you Mawr how to use instagram odds effectively how to optimize them , how to set up odds to get the best results out of them. So talking about the initial system there is 600 million plus daily users on Instagram and Facebook bought Instagram a wild back. So, through the facebook dot system, you can now be targeting through instagram to create a huge exposure. You can be targeting those 600 plus 1,000,000 users on instagram. And you can do that either by operating and adding odds through your Facebook at panel or even directly through Instagram. But we're gonna be talking more about this later as I'm gonna be shown your videos on how to create odds on Instagram through Facebook and also how to create ads on Instagram through the instant rent up directly. So why use out? Well, it is an incredible tool if you have the budget for it. Of course, when we talk about odds were talking about you getting paid promotions, you paying for advertising on instagram, and it can help you with a lot of different things. It can help you with audience growth, which means reaching new people quickly. Instagram odds are going to be showing on a lot of different accounts, and a lot of new people that didn't know you before are going to be seeing your odds, which can ensure audience both. It is also a very helpful tool. When it comes to targeting. It is very good tool when it comes to specific targeting. If you want to target specific people, we're gonna talk about the criterias of how this specific targeting works. But instagram odds allow you to choose locations. It allows you to choose demographics, meaning age and gender. And also it helps you specify your target audience, even Mawr, by choosing their interests. And they will filter out the best and optimal people where you would want your odds to appear and the people you basically want a target through your outs. And it's also helpful tool because you can keep track of the results and adjust accordingly . You can keep track of the results of your Instagram advertising campaigns and see how much engagement, how much impressions you're getting, How many people are looking at the advertising, how many people are clicking on it and the engagement rates were getting overall. And you feel like the engagement rates are the impressions or the traffic is not good enough. You contract that through the results and through the insights of the INSTAGRAM advertising system, and you can adjust your odds accordingly. And the INSTAGRAM advertising system offers you features for you to identify. Where do you want to send people? It offers very good control over this, and you can select options to direct people to your profile or to your website or even direct messaging. So what's happening is Instagram will ask you, where do you want this trophic to go? Do you want this traffic to just check out the post? Do you want this traffic to go on your profile? Do you want this traffic to go on your website and this will help you get more specific with your advertising goals and advertising campaign, So to break down the odd targeting system. The essential elements are age, location, gender interest and potential rich. You're going to choose the age if you're promoting something and you want to target a specific age category, you can choose that if you're trying to target people in specific location. If you have the business dots located, for example, in California and you want to target people in California, you can also choose dot if you are selling apparel for males or two females and you want to identify the gender and make those INSTAGRAM ads on Lee visible on female profiles are on male profiles. You can also select that you can look more into the interest. If you're trying to sell fitness apparel, you can target people who are interested in fitness. If you're trying to sell a book on personal development, you can target people interested in personal development, and eventually instagram will give you the number of potential people you can reach through those instagram odds. And then you'll be able to assess your marketing campaign. According So what can you get out of instagram odds? Well, you can get brand awareness through exposure and reach basically, people seeing your odds and checking out your posts, checking out your profile or your website. You can get more engagement. You will increase the engagement on your profile and on your post, you'll be able to get traffic, whether it's your profile or to your website. And it also helps with the generation. You'll be generating leads which, through conversion, can create sales. And what leads means is that Leeds are potential customers are potential clients. If you're trying to redirect people to your website to buy a certain product or certain services, Instagram advertising can help you create. Those leads can help you identify and target those potential customers, and then you'll be redirected than to your website and then on your website, you can have a sale, funnel or sale page where you can convert those potential customers into actual sales. So as you can see instagram, odds can be very helpful, and it can be a tool that can help your business and your profile a lot if you want to have a budget for it, and we're gonna be talking more about instagram odds in the upcoming lectures, so make sure to check them out 42. Dfiferent Types Of Ads: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the different types of odds you can put on Instagram to promote your post your story or anything else you're trying to promote through instagram advertising. And there's actually quite a few different types of odds that you can use, and it's up to you to see which one you think is the most suitable for the kind of promotion you're trying to make. The 1st 1 is carousel odds. Now Carousel ads our ads with two or more scroll herbal images or videos. So on your instagram feed, if you ever scroll down and you see a sponsored odd where there are multiple posts on the same hot, so it's the same as you uploading an instagram post and adding multiple pictures, photos or videos to it. This is you having one post with multiple posts in it, and you can swipe to see the different post. This the first type of odd we want to talk about, which is the carousel and for you to set up your carousel odds. You need content headline description, and you are l. You need to pick the content. It could be a photo or video or slide show. Whatever it is, you need to figure out what content you want to post on your carousel out. You also want to pick the headline, Make a headline, which is the main title that appears under the odds. So when people see the odd and they want to read more, the first thing they're going to read is the headline. So make sure the headline would grab people's attention and make sure that it would push them to keep reading or click on the post. You also have the description, and you want to pick a description, which is the caption you want to use on your post, and this is where you can include your call to action. This is where you can convince people why they should click on the ad. Which brings us to the last thing, which is the u. R l Vicky. You're a link, which is the link. You want to redirect people, too. Now we also have a single image and single video arts, so single image odds and single video ads, as the name entails, is an odd that appears as a single image or single video and for you to set up those single odds. You need the content. Pick the content. It can be photo if you're putting a single image odd or video if you're putting a single video. Odd the headline. Also pick a headline, which is the main title, just as we talked about when we were discussing the carousel odds description, which is thick option you want to use on your post and the U. R L. You want to redirect people, too? Now we also have the slicer lots. You will have a bunch of pictures running one after the other as a slight. Just imagine somebody making a presentation where you have a few slides running one after the other. This is what it's like. Show add, it's. And when setting up your slideshow odds, you want to take three things into consideration. First, the aspect ratio Second, the image duration and third transition and fate. I will be discussing those concepts more when you get to the lecture where I will be explaining to you and showing you how you can set up those slight sha lots. But just as a quick summary, you also need the content the headline, the description and the u. R L. These are the same concepts we talked about when we talked about single image odds and single video ads as well as the carousel ads. You need your content. You need to know what you're trying to promote and how you're gonna grab people's attention . You need the headline or the title, the description and, of course, the U R L link. You want to redirect people, too, and the last talk of odds we want to talk about, which is the canvas Instagram odds, and you'll be creating combination of photos and videos. Now I won't be going more into details when it comes to canvass instagram ads, because it is also based on the same concepts where you need to choose the content, the headline, the description and the u. R l. And again, you're gonna be seeing a lot more and learning a lot more about how you can create those odds in future lectures. For now, make sure you understand the theory of the Instagram Mozz 43. Introduction To Ads: No. In this lecture we're gonna be going through creating odds on Instagram. We're gonna talk about the guide to ads set up as part of your INSTAGRAM marketing and promotional strategy. Now, I want you to keep in mind that those lectures, this lecture and a few lectures after that are all theoretical. I'm gonna be talking about the theory of how you can set up odds, the different types of odds and how you can use them. However, they're gonna be more lectures. That includes practical videos where I'm gonna be showing you step by step, how you can create the odds and how you can effectively use them. But for now, it's important for you to understand the theory before we get into the practical concept of the instagram odds. Now, when creating odds on instagram, there's one of two things you can do. You can either create instagram ads through your Facebook page, or you can simply use the instagram op to create nuts. Now, when you switch your account from a personal account to business account and you choose category, whether it's entrepreneur, are productor marketing, fitness, whatever it is, you will be asked by Instagram to link your instagram page to a Facebook page. This is how you can switch from a personal to business broke while. So, once you do, you have an INSTAGRAM page and a Facebook page that are linked together and for you to create ads on Instagram. You can go on your Facebook page and use that Use the Facebook platform to post odds on instagram. And again I'm going to be showing you video on how you can do this practically and step by step. But you can also use the instagram app directly to create ads. And also, I'm gonna be walking you through the process of how you can do that. Now forget to create odds using Facebook. There are four simple steps. First up is for you to go on your Facebook page. And if you don't know what Facebook page is linked to, your INSTAGRAM account will be showing you video where I'll basically show you how you can know what Facebook page is linked to your instagram account. And the second step is, once you figure out what the pages and you go on, it is to go to your settings and in settings you want to go to manage odds once you go on manage odds. This brings us to the third step, which is creating an odd you click on the button that says Create odd. And if you don't want to wait for the practical video, you can literally follow the steps I'm talking about right now to see how you can create the odd. So, as I said, You go on your page, you go to settings and you want to go on, manage odds, and then you want to create a not. And when you get to the fourth step, which is set up the odd you want to use your Facebook ads dashboard to set up an at on instagram and through the Facebook dashboard, you will be able to select an option. You want those odds to appear on instagram, but again, if you feel that it's complicated, I'm gonna be showing you how to do it properly in the future video. For now, make sure you understand the theory now. You can also be setting up odds through the instagram up itself, and also there are four steps Want to talk about you can shoot supposed to promote. So you go on any of your posts on instagram and you will see in the right bottom corner of the post. There's gonna be a blue button that says promote, and if you click on it, you'll be able to post an adult instagram to promote this post. You can also promote stories. You go on any of your instagram stories, and then you click on more options and choose the option to promote it. But again, you can promote instagram posts through the Facebook dashboard, and you can also promote instagram stories through the Facebook ATS dashboard, now diving a bit deeper into the odds and proper odds set up. There's gonna be different options that you can choose and different criterias you can take into consideration when setting your arts. Where to post the odds. What is your budget language, connections and the gold. So first off, where to post the odd Do you want the odd to appear on the feed or in the stories? You'll have the option to choose whether you want your instagram at to appear on people's feet home feet or you wanted to appear as a story out now your budget is well, it's really important. Make sure your marketing campaigns reaches a good amount of people. And when you said the budget and you put all the different criterias, you will be able to get an estimate of how many people you're going to reach through your out. And this is all related to the budget. The bigger the budget, the more people you'll be able to reach. And when it comes to the budget, I want you to keep one thing in mind. Make sure to pick a budget that helps you keep up the consistency. What you want to do is, let's say you have a marketing budget that is $300 a month now. You don't wanna put the marketing budget as, let's say, 150 for an odd that's gonna run for two days. It's better for you to divide this and make sure it's continuous. For example, you can choose to spend $30 a day for 30 days on an instagram at campaign. Therefore, you're spending the $300 which is your budget, and at the same time you're ensuring the continuous process of it. But we're gonna talk more about this and the lecture. When we talk about optimizing your instagram Mozz, we'll also talk about languages and set up. You can choose languages while setting up your odds, because if you are trying to target people in a specific country, let's say you're trying to target people in India and you want a target. People who speak the language well, you can choose that as a set up for you to optimize the strategy and the return on investment you're getting out of your odds. Connections is also a big one, refined the odds by adding connections for your target audience. This includes what they like their interests and how you can target those properly. And the last step for you to ensure that the marketing campaign is set up properly is to set a personal goal. Set a goal for your campaign to keep track of the results. If you are selling a product, keep track of the results and set a goal. If you want to spend $300 in advertising a month and you want to generate $2000 in revenue out of the odds, set that as a goal and work towards it. The best way to use Instagram marketing advertising is to know what you want to get out of the advertising strategy and campaign you are starting. 44. Ad Placement: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about instagram obs placement, the different options you have on where you can place those odds on INSTAGRAM. As we said before, you can have a post dot appears on the home feed. You can also have an ad that appears as a story. You can have a lot of different instagram at placement strategies, so let's talk about more now when it comes to the odd placement the Instagram feed formats . There are several options we can choose from, and we'll go more into details when it comes to each and every one of them. But now let's have an overview of the different feed as former behalf. We talked about those before, and this is you kind of seeing an image, a simple demonstration of how they would look the carousel odd, which you will be. You created odd with two or more Strobel images or videos, a single image training and add up to six odds with one image each at no extra charge, you can have a single video, which is creating an odd with one video slight a lot creating a looping video and will has up to 10 images and the canvas odds, which is gonna tell you more of an immersive story by combining images and videos on those are the different types of art placements you can have when it comes toothy instagram feed . Those are ads. There are going to appear on the Instagram feed and not on the story. When it comes to instagram story odds, there are different formats you can also use. When it comes to the instagram story adds, there are only two options available, either a single image or single video. Of course, advertising on Instagram story is a lot more restricted, but it also has a lot of benefits as people than toe look at adds a lot more than they look at feeds nowadays. A lot of research showed that advertising on instagram stories is found to be a lot more effective when it comes to certain types of advertising campaigns. But right now, if you're just eager to know more about the odds set up and you don't wanna wait till the practical videos to see how you can actually create odds, you can simply go in any post and click on the promote button and you'll be redirected to different pages. That shows you what options and what features Instagram will offer you when it comes to ad placement on their platform. 45. CTA: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about Call to auctions, setting up your call to auctions for instagram, and when you want to set up a call to auction, you are basically calling people to take a certain auction. It can be looking at your YouTube video or your blawg. It can be going on your website. It can be buying a product or subscribing for a service. Whatever the purpose of the call to action is, it doesn't really matter. There are some steps that you can follow. There are ways that you can promote your call to action on Instagram, and that's what we're gonna talk about in this lecture. First off, let's talk about your call to action placement on INSTAGRAM. You can place it in your bio in a post in your story and your options. First off in your body, you can add a call to action in your bio. For people who visit your profile at the end of your biography, you can have a little text that says, Go check out my YouTube channel or go check out my website or go check out my block. This is you adding the call to action on your profile, and therefore, whenever somebody visits your profile and reads your bio, they will be able to read the call to action. And if they find it appealing, they might click on the link you're trying to redirect them toward. You can also place your call to actions on a post. The city eight can be included in your post itself, whether it's a photo or video. So if you shared something on instagram and you want to add a call to action to it, make sure that the post or video is related to the call to action. If you're doing a call to action to promote a product, make sure the post or video is related to the product. If you're promoting a service, also make sure the post her video is related to the service. Same thing goes to if your product promote a YouTube video or blawg. Whatever it is. Try to make sure that the post talks about the object to trying to promote through the culture auction, and then you add the call to action on the post itself. If it's a video in the video, you can say go check out the link in my bio. And if it's a photo, you can also have a text on the photo that says, Go check out the link in my bio or go check out you tube general or my website for you can also use call to auctions through your instagram story. You can use your INSTAGRAM story to promote the call to auctions, and this has been found to get a lot more engagement. So if you use call to actions on your story, you're gonna get a lot of engagements, especially if you get to the point where Instagram allows you to add a link on your instagram story profile. Then when you add a link, you can simply ask people to swipe up, and then they will have access and they will be redirected to the page. You're trying to redirect them towards The Instagram story called to action can be very simple. You could be recording yourself talking in a video, saying, Hey, guys, I just wrote, and you blawg swipe up to go check it out or go click the link in my bio to check it out or , if you're released, a new video, you can say I've just released a new video. Go to the link in my body or swipe up and check it out. Or you can even include a snippet of your video on your instagram story and then add a text saying new video released, Go check it out, link in my bio or swipe up. And lastly, you can also include the call to action in the cop shins under your posts. So before we talked about including the culture action in your post. So if it's a photo to add a text on the photo to include the culture action and if it's a video to say they call to auction in your video, saying Go check out my YouTube channel or go check out my website or go check out this product or those services. But you can also add it. Annick option. So under your post, you can odd the call to auction, saying Go check out the link in my bio to know more about this or that, depending on what you're trying to promote, not for you to get the best out of your call to action. You got to keep in mind that Instagram allows only one link on your profile. However, there is a way around it for you to get more out of the culture auction, because when you got a call to auction and you re direct people to click on the link and your instagram by you, you are going to redirect them to one page. And the culture auction is singular. However, you can use Link Tree, which will basically give you one link that you at your instagram bio, and when people click on that link, they will be redirected to page that has a bunch of other links. So it's basically one link that combines a bunch of other links. And when you do the call to action and you say to people, go click the link in my bio and check out the YouTube channel. When they click on the link, they see the option to go on your duty channel. But they might also see the option for a podcast or block so they might check out the YouTube channel. But then they also know that you have a blawg and you have a podcast. And if they enjoyed watching one of your YouTube videos. They might also go back on the link and check out a podcast or check out the block. And I will be sharing a lecture where I'm gonna be showing you how you can use link treat to build your own custom link and odd all the different links you want to add to it A sport of your call to auction. 46. Optimizing Your Ads : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about optimizing your instagram odds for you to get better results. We're gonna be talking about some strategies and some steps you can follow to make sure that the return on investment you get when it comes to the INSTAGRAM promotional campaign that you made is always better. And for you to ensure that you get better results, better traffic, more sales. Whatever the goal is, we want to focus on optimizing the INSTAGRAM ads for you to be able to optimize the results you get on your goal. Now, One thing to keep in mind, the best marketing doesn't feel like marketing. So don't make your odds look like dots. You want to seem genuine in your approach and you want to seem honest and trustworthy and you want to seem natural about it. If it's really obvious that you are posting an ad on Instagram, most people are going to look at it in the following way. They're gonna be strolling down and they're going to see an odd and all they're gonna think about is that there is this person who made this odd, who's trying to get my money or my email or trying to get something out of me without giving me anything back, and they will most likely keeps rolling down. People are used to God's. People are really used to Facebook odds and Instagram ads, and unless you do something organic and natural, you will have a hard time attracting people's attention on your out. So make sure that your marketing strategy and your marketing campaign doesn't feel like marketing when it comes to the audience you're trying to target. So some quick insight tip someone to talk about is the call to action button storytelling and making it personal. The call to Action Button is a feature by Instagram. While setting up your odd, you can add a call to Action Button to make the culture action easily accessible. And I'm gonna be showing you in the future video how you can add the call to action. But you also want to focus on storytelling, focus on storytelling as part of the marketing strategy. People like stories. People enjoy stories, whether it's versatile, whether you're talking about somebody else and we're gonna get to making a personal in a second. But make sure that your odds kind of tell a story. Ask people enjoy stories, and this will get you better return on investment and better results through your marketing campaign. Which brings us to the last idea, which is making it personal. Talk about personal stuff and things people can relate to, and I'll give you a quick example. Right now. Let's say you're trying to promote fitness programs. You have a program to help people lose weight, for example, and you post a single image that says, trying to loose weight, go check out like program Now. Now this is good, you said an odd that explains what you're trying to sell people and who you're trying to target. Who would be interested in clicking on the call to action? But who would be interested in checking out your products? Well, now, let's take another example. You see an odd where it's a single video odd, and that video ad starts with two separate images before and after before, when a person was £300 after when the person is £160 looking in really good shape and then you have a person that explains to you saying that he was overweight and he was £300 plus. And he struggled for a long time to lose weight and get in a better physique and a better form until he did a lot of research. And he found all the things that can help you lose weight, all the things that he did and all the things that you conduce well to help you lose weight . Now this is different. His advertising campaign followed a personal story telling strategy where he first showed you how he looked before and how he looks right now. And then he tells you about the journey he went through and how he learned a lot of things that helped him lose weight and how you can do that as well, how he did it and how you can do it as well. He made it personal, and he told a story about his success and about how you can also meet this success as well . And I can assure you between those two different add examples that I gave you. The 2nd 1 that includes personal storytelling will get a lot better results than the first example where there's a blank image that says, Hey, if you're trying to lose weight, go check out my program. I want to focus on two main things which are building trust and the way the odd looks when you tell people a story and you get personal or share someone else's story, people enjoy stories a lot more than plain information, and this is a way for you to build trust and the example we talked about before. Now you can have a post that says, Hey, you're trying to lose weight. Go check out my program but people don't trust you because they haven't seen anything and they were not interested enough to click on the post itself to actually see what you have to offer. But when you made a video where you showed people how you look before when you're £300 how you look now, this is you building trust. This is you saying to people that I am offering this program on weight loss and now you can trust that I can help you because I did it myself. And here is the proof. This is your building trust and the way the odd looks you want your ad to blend in. As we said, the best marketing doesn't really look like marketing. Make it as if it's just another post they are seeing on their story or on their feet. And if you have been looking at INSTAGRAM ads in the past while especially on stories, for example, you can see that the ads are not that professional anymore. It is as simple as somebody holding his phone and recording a video with his phone and talking about what he's offering or what the odd is about. Because when he's doing that, he's making the odd look a lot friendlier. He's making the odd look natural, and the instagram at is blending in, which always gets you better results Now. One last tip that I want to give you when it comes to the Instagram ads is to follow trends . One of the easiest ways to grab people's attention is to focus on trends and what's trending. There's a topic dust friending that you can include as part of your advertising strategy. You can use that to your advantage. It is not hard to keep track of trends. One way to do it is to look fortunes. If you see a lot of your followers boasting about the exact same topic, and you see a lot of people in general boasting about it, this can be a hot topic you can use for advertising. Or you can simply skip the line and use Google trends to know what's trending and what topics are hot at the moment. Simply go on Google trends dot com, and they will be showing you all the topics that are trending. And if there's a topic in mind, you can search for it and see how many people are following this post or this topic that you're trying to look for and see how popular it is to see if you want to include it in your marketing strategy. Let me give you a quick example. You're trying to promote a fundraising project to help fight climate change. Now, at one point there is this activist environmental activist. Her name is Greater Thunderbird, and she went viral when she made a speech at the U. N. Talking about climate change and how it's affecting us and how it will affect us in the future and people starting sharing her speech over and over again. It became a trending topic for about two weeks. Now, if you're trying to start an advertising campaign for fundraising project related to climate change, you can use snippets of her speech at the U. N as part of your advertising strategy to show people how important it is, what you're working on and also to grab their attention using one of the trends. There are basically hot at that moment, So if you can include trends as part of your advertising strategy, by all means try to do that because it will also ensure you get better results. 47. Affiliate Marketing : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about another strategy that you can use to make money on Instagram or even make money in general, which is using affiliate marketing to your advantage. An affiliate marketing is you promoting other people, services or product? And it's one of the main strategies. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular things that people use to make money through their INSTAGRAM account. So let's talk about it. There are different ways you can benefit from affiliate marketing. You could be promoting external products. Maybe somebody has a product on Amazon and you can beat their affiliate. You can do affiliate marketing for their Amazon product to promote it on your instagram page and you'll get a percentage out of the cells. You can also be promoting external services. Maybe there is a company that the social media and the distal market that they offer a lot of social media management and marketing services, and you can also promote their services on your instagram page and you'll get a percentage off the prophet of every contract of every social, media and marketing management contract they signed with clients through your INSTAGRAM marketing promotions so there are different ways to monetize either external products are external services or even a brand ambassador for external products. As we said before, you can get a product linked from Amazon, for example, or any other website and promote it to get a sales percentage. And I'm gonna be including some files and this course I can show you where you can find affiliate links and people who need affiliate marketing that you can contact them and used their links to promote it on your instagram and make money out of it. Also external services, which is the example we talked about when we were talking about the social media and marketing agency. You promote services on your page through an affiliate program and get a percentage of the value as well. I have a social media and there's the marketing agency myself, and at one point I wanted to promote it using affiliate marketing. So what I did is I made a video saying that if you promote products and services on your instagram page and I get any client that signs a contract with me through you, you will get the first month worth of the contract. So the video basically said if you refer anybody to the company and they need social media or digital marketing services, and I signed a contract with them and let's say the contract is based on $1000 a month, you will get the first month worth of the contract. So the first month I will not be getting the $1000 myself. But I will be giving it to the person who referred the client to meet. And this is a strategy that is widely used among different businesses, and you can use it to your advantage. You can promote the services on your INSTAGRAM account to make money out of it. Or you can also be a brand ambassador, promote the brand and either make a fixed income or percentage on sales. And if you want to know more about how to become a brand ambassador and how to make money as a brand ambassador, there is a lecture, an entire lecture that talks about this specific idea, the idea of Brandon Bastar, how to become a brand ambassador and how to identify companies that can use you as a brand ambassador. So if you're interested in that. And you didn't check out the brand ambassador of lecture yet? Make sure to go and check it out. And if you did by now, you know how you can become a brand ambassador And how you can identify companies that can use you as a brand ambassador. 48. Making Money On Instagram : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about how you can make money through instagram. We're gonna be looking at the different strategies that you can use for making money through instagram. And there are actually quite a few strategies that you can use to monetize instagram. So let's talk about different ways. You can make money off of Instagram. We have shoutouts. We have product promotion, service promotion. You could be working with friends. You could be using affiliate marketing. You can also be selling your own product or your own services. And lastly, you can sell your own INSTAGRAM account. Each and every one of these strategies are systems that you can use to your advantage to make money through instagram, and we're gonna talk about them separately and the next lectures. So if you are interested in making money on instagram, make sure you check out the next few lectures 49. Selling Shoutouts: Now you can make money off of Instagram by selling shoutouts, and there are some criterias that you need to have in order for you to be able to promote your shout outs and actually ask people to pay you money when you give them a shot out. And the main element is for you to have an account that is big enough that has a big enough audience for people to be willing to pay you money to promote them, promote the profile or promote their post and give them a shout out. So as we said, you gotta look at your followers base. You need a well established account that's in terms of forwards. Engagement rates and posts has a good potential to grow and be used as a platform to promote other accounts and other posts and other products. You need to also keep in mind that most of the times it's better if your profile it's targeted within a certain audience. If you have a personal account under your name and you have 20,000 followers, this is great, but your audience might not be specific. But if you have another instagram page based on travel for example, and there is a company that wants to promote different products that they have. For people who travel often well, this is a way better opportunity for you because if you have a travel instagram page and you have 20,000 followers when there is a company that wants to promote their traveling equipment, they were more likely trust an account that is targeting people interested in traveling and opposed to an account that started getting a lot of people in general. So this is what I'm talking about when I say in terms of followers engagement rates and posts, you have followers. They're interested in travel. You have engagement rate that revolves around the idea of traveling, traveling, and you have a lot of posts also that are related to traveling to different countries and no having road trips and traveling around the world. Now there's a very simple process that you can use to sell your shout outs. No matter how big your count is. If you have 3000 followers or you have 30,000 or you have 300,000 followers, you can use those websites that I'm going to talk about for you to promote and make money out of your shoutouts. The first website is shout card dot com, and it is one of the websites you can use to sell your shadows. The website promotes your account for you to get paid for shout outs throughout them. The second website is also very similar. It's called influencer dash cart dot com, and this is another website you can also use to sell your shoutouts. Nonetheless, you can also use your own profile once your account is full established and a lot of people might start reaching out for you asking you for paid shoutout services. But if you don't want to wait and you don't trust that people will actually go in your account and message you to ask you for AIDS promotional shoutouts, you can simply go on one of those websites or on both of them and start promoting your account for you to get paid on different shout outs and different posts you create on your account for other people. No, if you, however, want to use your own profile to promote, there are three steps you're going to take research, contact and the showing process. First you want to research, do some research to find accounts dot can use a shoutout from you. So in the example that we gave before talking about travel, you have an INSTAGRAM account that talks about traveling. You want to do your research and find people who would be interested in you giving them a shout out people interested in promoting a page or promoting products for services related to traveling road trips. Traveling around the world. Luggage Bock box There are a lot of different criterias, and you got to do your research based on that and identify all the different people in different accounts that might be interested in the services you're providing. And the second thing is you want to contact these people and tell them why it can be beneficial for them to get a shout out from you. You can tell them that you have 10 or 20,000 followers, most of them interested in travel, and you have really good engagement rates and that giving the shout out can give them a lot of opportunity for growth can get them a lot of people to go check out their website or their instagram page follow them maybe buy their products or by their services. You're basically going through a sales strategy to convince them why your services are essential or why your services are or can be helpful for them. But a lot of people might be hesitant, and a lot of people might not trust you right away. So this brings us the third thing, which is showing them the results. If you know that you have a big enough account and you know that you can use it to grow and scale other people's businesses, you can skip the hassle of rejection and go ahead and give a shout out to someone. Lead the results from the first shout out, real them in for another shout out. You can maybe do a story post where you'd give a shout out to someone or you promote a service or product, and you keep track of the insights of your story. And after 24 hours, you want to contact them and tell them that you made this post about them and you send them the insights showing them how many people saw the story. How many people collect on it, how many people engaged and based on that, you can say that you can see from this story that I posted. But a lot of my followers are interested in what you have to offer. A lot of my followers are interested in your products and your services and that you would like to discuss further business and creating mawr. Shout out promotions for them. And now you already reeled them in because you showed them the results and you showed them how many people were interested in how many people clicked on the website, for example, and this will make it easier for people to trust you and give you money for you to promote . 50. Selling Your products: in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about selling your own products and services for you to be able to make money on Instagram. And one of the most known ways that people make money on Instagram is that they promote their old products and their own services. You have a big audience that is interested in fitness. You can make products. You can make an e book of course related to fitness, and you can start promoting it on your instagram page and make money out of it. You could be looking at products you could be looking at services, drop, shipping and also donations and funds. When it comes to products, you can promote a product that you're selling on your own or on your website by promoting it to your followers on your instagram page. This product can be anything that you think the target audience of the followers that you have would be interested in. As I said before, if you have the fitness account, you can create an E book that basically walks you through a fitness program, and you can sell that on your instagram. If your followers are interested in personal development, you can create a course on personal development or a book on personal development and also sell it to people on INSTAGRAM. You can also be promoting services, say mass product. Use your followers to get sales when it comes to certain services you might be providing. If you have an INSTAGRAM page dots focused on marketing, digital marketing and social media marketing, you can use that to promote your own services. If you are trying to offer people services where you help them with their social media marketing and their digital marketing, you can use your platform to promote your services and got clients who would be interested in your services. You can also use it for drop shipping. Promote drop shipping based products on your instagram to make cells. And if you don't know what drop shipping is and you don't know how to use it, there's gonna be some documents in this course that you can use as a reference to understand how you can use drop shipping and make money on instagram, and the last thing you can also use is donations and funds. Now, of course, this is not you personally making any money yourself this is you raising money as donations and funds for projects, and you can also use your page to promote donation campaigns or funding based projects that you are working on. And the last thing I also want to talk about is you can make money by selling your INSTAGRAM account. If you take all the knowledge and everything you learned in this course, and you apply it and you learn how you can grow, Instagram accounts pretty quickly. You can start by creating a few Instagram accounts, and then once your account reaches a certain number of followers, you can start selling those instagram accounts. Once your profile is good enough, you can sell it, and even better, you can use it as a leverage to create and grow other profiles and sell those other profiles instead. And to make your life easier, I'll be including a document that has a few links to websites where you can buy and sell Instagram accounts. There are a lot of websites where you can actually go and post your account for sale, and people who are interested in it will contact you to hopefully buy it from you 51. Instagram Verification : in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about the instagram verification process, which is getting this little check mark besides your name. And this helps built credibility a lot. The same account with a check mark would look a lot more credible and a lot more genuine unauthentic than a same account without the check mark. Now, there are criterias based from Instagram that you need to have to be able to get there. We're gonna talk about being unique. Replicas, talk about credibility and verification. First off, unique. You need to have a unique profile that has a unique audience. Second replicas. There might be other profile replicas damaging your brands. There are other people trying to take your name or your business account name and doing an INSTAGRAM account to kind of steer your audience towards them and then use thought to their advantage. Third ist credibility. There are news or blog's article that mentioned the instagram profile, not talked about you or that talked about your business. And lastly, you need to present proper verification. So present proper documents to instagram when you want to do the verification process, and I'm gonna show you how you can do it. They are going to be asking you to present proper documents to make sure that you are the owner of this account. And there are other criterias that Instagram talks about in their policies. First, authentic your account must represent a riel person, a registered business or entity. Second unique, which is what we talked about. Your account must be the unique presence of the person or business. It represents an Onley one account per person or business. Maybe they're fine with exceptions for language specific accounts. We don't verify general interest accounts, for example, but he meets again. This is me reading the instagram policies. This is what Instagram wrote self about the verification process. Moving on. Complete your account must be public and have a bio, a profile photo and at least one post your profile can't contain. Add me links to other social media services and fourth notable, your account must represent a well known, highly searched for person brand or empty. And they said about we review accounts that are featured in multiple news sources, and we don't consider paid or promotional content as sources for review, which is also what we talked about early. So now what can you do to get verified on INSTAGRAM? First off builds credibility. Make sure to have logs and articles talking about your instagram profile. But keep in mind that, Instagram said those blog's and new sources are not taken into consideration if it's a paid promotion. So you want to talk to blog's and articles that might want to talk about your instagram profile or business, but not under any promotion, but just for the sake of sharing information and talking about the value U might be providing on your INSTAGRAM account. Another thing to take into consideration is to have replica accounts, and you can do that yourself. You can go on instagram and create a bunch of accounts. There are similar to your original accounts as replicas. And then when Instagram is going through the verification process, they will see there is an only one page under your name. There are several pages hence why you need to get verified. You can make, for example, a fan page for you or for your business for product as a replica account, and lastly, you need to build engagement. Make sure you follow through with proper engagement on your profile that you respond to comments that you're engaging with your followers because instagram they want to verify someone who is always active on the platform, who is sharing a lot with their followers. Of course, again, this is not a criteria. They only need one post and a complete profile. So bio and profile, picture and name. However, this will increase the chances of you getting verified because you are showing Instagram that there are a lot of people who are engaging with you engaging with your profile. And a lot of people appreciate the value you're providing to the community on Instagram. So how do you get verified on Instagram? And what is the verification process? Well, it's pretty simple. You go on your profile and you click on your settings. Once you're in the same space age, you click on account and you scroll down and you'll see that there's this little icon, which has request verification. Once you click on it, Instagram will ask you toe upload an I D. And I'm gonna be showing you a walk through video on how to submit your verification process on Instagram and follow through with it. And usually instant Ram will respond to you within 1 to 2 weeks, Max. And to tell you basically, if you got verified or not, and if you didn't get it verified, which is amazing, you'll get the check mark next year. Name. And if not, they will also tell you thought you were not verified and that you can try submitting another request after 30 days. 52. You Have 0 Followers - Where Do You Start?: 53. Applications That Can Make Your Life Easier: now the section I want to talk about in this lecture. I want to talk about some APS that can make your life easier in terms of managing instagram . On the previous lecture, I talked about scheduling applications for scheduling posts, which is one of them, which is one of the most effective APS that can help you through your instagram business journey. Another one is called Preview when I thought before about the themes. Basically, you want to make sure that you're following a theme on this op. You can both all the pictures and you can see you can post all the pictures that you want, and you can just switch and switch them around without them appearing on your instagram. Switch them around to make sure that they look good in terms of in terms of the basic profile, how it looks. You can see how they look and switch them around to see which one to post and went to post it. And this not 100% sure. But I think, um, this up preview includes a scheduling posts as well. You might want to check it out by the time you watch the course Maybe they updated it. Maybe not. You might want to check it out. Um, another. You can use some of these APS related hashtags to find the right hashtags. If you don't want to use the method that I used before in the video related to in the video what I talked about hashtag You can always use a maps. They confined hashtag for you related to different subjects. You'll copy them, say them to your notes and use them every single time you wanna upload a post. So these Tuapse help me help me a lot one last opposite Instagram analytics. Of course, you already have the Instagram analytics on once you switch to a business profile. But these APS are a bit more advanced where they show you people who unfollowed you. How much followers did you gain with grass and stuff that insights that are not present on instagram? That can help you a lot in terms of knowing what's going on on your instagram and eventually, as I said, these are all APS that you can use. But there are not necessary. You can grow your business and grow your instagram without relying on any of these APS. 54. Automating Your Business : Now, of course, all the things that I previously talked about that's a lot of work, and you don't want Oh, you don't want to keep doing this for the rest of your life. You want to get to a point where you automate your business and this is where it gets interesting because there's a lot of scheduling software is that you can use to schedule your instagram posts on all the different accounts now. But to get the best quality service, most of them are not free. But you can do posts for one month, for example, on each and every count. And if you pay for the services, there are some platforms where you don't have to pay, but it's kind of limited, even though it might take some time. Um, you you can automate your promotions for the rest of the month, for example, you can sit for one day, create all your posts just the way I I showed you before and have to create the posts on these Softwares that I'm going to show you a few of them. In a few you put the post, but the caption You put the hashtag ship the location. You put all the information that you need on you. Put the time in the date, and they and they basically either senior reminder, you're just click and click on it and they upload the post or some of them just upload the post, slide away without even notifying you. Um, you'll be getting organic sales while while you sleep. You can do it once a month, and then you could just lay back and let the scheduling do its magic. Some of these Softwares, for example, with sweets one of the best scheduling APS of have a lot of things. Um, previews. Not one must look more in six Grams control later plan. Probably you guys can look through them a Zay said. I personally used this one a lot schedule for Instagram and who'd sweet as well. You guys couldn't just see which one suits you best. As soon as you log into the op, you'll be able to see you'll be able to see all the different things that you can use the app for. You can know how to schedule post through the up. They will give you all the information that will walk you through how to use it. They will explain it way better than I would explain 55. Your Biography : So now for your bio. Um so you guys can see my bio Ottawa based because eventually, if you want to target people in Ottawa to scale up your business in a certain city, this would be really good, because when people in Ottawa go to our page, they will see that your auto a base and they will follow you just because you're Ottawa based people like stuff that are happening in their city. You can see daily fitness motivation as this one of the things that I'll be posting daily fit fitness exercises and tips as I'll be adding thes as well and eventually premium fitness products coming soon, uh, to basically tell people that hey, follow me because I'm gonna have some very interesting products that can interest you. So your bio needs to explain the details of your page. What do you do? What do you want to do? Your goals, pages, schools. Why should people follow the page? Your website are linked to something you want to promote. You can always add these to your body. Oh, you can see you can add a website right here and it will be right under your bio um, you know, um, quick thing for your body. You can notice that I have them separated into different bullet points. Right? Um, I'm separating them. Each one is on a separate line, and there are different emojis next to each and everyone. Now, if you want, like most probably. If you try to do it on your phone, you will see that there is no way to skip the line without losing characters, which is not good. You already have 34 characters left. You can't afford to lose all of these characters because eventually you won't be able to read anything. Your bio. The best way to do it is to access your account on your computer. As on your computer, you'll be able to separate each and every bullet point that you have, and eventually you can add the emojis next to each and everyone just on your phone quickly , like a soon as you have it. You can just, uh, assumes you have it. You can just select Theo end of the phrase or at the beginning of the phrase and yad emoji , and you're good to go. Um, don't write a big paragraph because people won't read it, right? Bullet points. They're easier to read. People like them better. They get straight to the point and they'll be able to explain your profile and your business really, really quickly. 56. Business Model: And now we got to the interesting part. You built your account. You have several accounts with 1000 plus followers and get engagement on each and every one . How do you start making money first? Of course. I can't explain. I can't explain how to open up your own store. I'm gonna do a course about it soon. And I can I can refer you guys to it if you want to learn more about it. Or you can just get another course and learn how to build your old store. But right now, where I'm gonna teach you is how to make money out of these profiles. First thing I want to talk about is the business model. Basically how it works, how you can make money on this. You will have your As I said before you choose your niche in this case, we have fitness. Niece, you make a website and you put a lot of different products. You can do the drop shipping. You can use the drop shipping. But all these products you can go on Shopify and make a website at a lot of different products and go from there. You grow your account with Aneesh related to your business. Um, you target influencers when you reach a point where you have a lot of followers, as we thought before about the role of influencers, he used his influencers to get sales and grow your account. Um, you make promotions on all your different pages. You make promotions through the influencers. You can put organic advertising advertisements on all your accounts with story or just posting a regular post. Uh, and you keep working on growing the accounts as you'll get more followers, more potential clients, more exposure basically, at first from your Oprah files from the influencers from the opinion leaders from the different sources from a drink groups. If you're using them from all the different sources that you're working on to get traffic from, try to see other accounts that made it big and copy their strategies, their promotional strategies, the way they are posting stuff to to attract people to buy their product, see what they're doing. A copy it. There's no need to create a system from scratch when people already how systems set up that I can take your business to a whole new level. You don't have to go through empire hostile off, creating your own business system, finding loopholes, finding all the mistakes and trying to fix them. When people already went through that, they created systems. Um, one very quick example is Jin Shark. They grew their entire business. Now they're worth millions of dollars. Basically, through Instagram, you can go see the way they're posting stuff. Of course, as a brand, that is, that is this. They don't need to boast close itself to grow their accounts. They have 2.2 million followers. But eventually, when you start having certain products, most of the products they have pictures with models who tried the products or a similar products. You might want to post these and say, Hey, go check it out. Go to my storage account. This new product basically, just copy what other people are doing what other businesses are doing to grow your profile . But this is how the business system works. You have a niche, you grow your profiles to target influencers and your followers on the different accounts, make promotions. And I'm gonna explain more about promotions in the next section and advertisements, and you go from there you're gonna you're gonna be getting sales. I can guarantee you are going to be getting sales of follow these strategies. 57. Business Profile: now. I don't know if you guys know about it. Probably some of you. No. Probably some of you do know about business profiles. It's already switched my account to business profile, but I'm going to switch it to a regular account and switch it back to, Ah, business profile. Just show you guys how it's done. So you go to settings. Switch back to personal account. Switch back. Oh, okay. Now it's switched to a personal account. All the in Alex Anel ticks disappeared. The email and phone number. They disappeared. Now, if you want to create a business account, you want to switch to business profile, you're going to see that they learned about for your followers. Reach your customers and you contact options. And now you have to choose a page that is on Facebook. Otherwise, you cannot switch your instagram profile to business profile, but it's really simple. It's really easy to create the Facebook profile Facebook page basically. And I'll show you guys how to do it. Yeah, so basically, go on Facebook, you go through the different pages. Um, and you want to create a page? Started it, but the page name it can be the same page. Name is the one you have on Instagram. Um, you choose a category. Let's say sports, um, and you to choose a subcategory doesn't matter what you put your not going to use this page . Just wanted to switch to a business profile. Eso yeah, let's put a mathlete next on your website to skip. Um, Skip, Skip, you don't need any of these and them you have your fitness before I go to instagram. Which the business profile continue. Continue. Continue. She was a page you choose on our fitness girl. Next email and phone number. No, I'm a steak. There we go. Full number. Phone number Dr for on Boom, You're good to go. You just switched to, um business poor farm as easy as that and see the insides interaction. Discovery. You have also the content. Both stories, promotions, um, audience. Um, you know, there's a lot of different pages promotion and you have to call the email So people like, you know, having a business profile is basically going to make your life easier in terms of managing your business 58. Captions: so, guys, as we discussed before, your hashtags need to go In the first comment, I did not follow that on my on the instagram account that I was growing all over fitness guru because I was I worked for 21 hours and I was doing the work quickly. And eventually these air, the boast that I put are just posts to grow the followings, the followers. Eventually you can delete all of those and start fresh. You lied all the boats, and then you can start putting posts with the hashtag and the first comments. So the post looks sharp as we talked about before. Um, no. In the caption, what do you need to put in the caption for your post to grow engagement? At many instances, you guys have seen big pages saying dagger friend, right? This is a type of caption that you wanna use Tiger friend who would love to wear that dagga friend to motivate them dagger friends so he can move his ass and go to the gym. A dog? A friend who would love this cup of tea, right? Another caption would be like, if you feel like went to the gym today. Like if you enjoy a cup of tea If you drank tea this morning, like if you love supercars right now, at other instances, you might include some information in your caption. Maybe a Z guys can see on the Ottawa Fitness Guru page. I followed a theme, right? So you guys have the two posts on the right and the left that has a motivational quote in them and in the middle there just toe black and white picture in these black and white pictures, you might want to add some exercises. For example, biceps exercise in the caption. You might want to add triceps exercises in the caption. Or you might just want to add some information about nutrition, right if your if your nature's different, obviously you change the caption accordingly, something that explains them that explains something related to the niche or something that gives a bit more information that's useful for people. And that's that's it when it comes to captions, you know you want to focus on putting an engaging, engaging caption that has the ability to grow the engagement through tags through likes through followings. In the same time, you might want to post some captions that would give people information for free captions that would basically give you more trusting credibility because you're adding value to people. 59. Content Is Key: now, guys, one of the most essential things to grow your profile is to have relevant content. The biggest pitfall for people starting off on Instagram is that they come to a certain point where they don't know what a post. They don't have ideas for content anymore, and it happens. It happens a lot of times. Some of the accounts I was managing, it got to a point where I did not know what to post and eventually you don't just want to put you don't just want to post anything. Otherwise, your audience will not like it. If it's not relevant. If it's and for quality some poor quality posts, people will not like it. It would hurt you more than it would benefit you. Eso That being said, you need to be able to find relevant content that would grow the engagement. Um, you want to make sure that your content is fresh. It's good looking and of course, following the theme as you guys saw in on in the video, where I showed you how to create content, Um, you guys will know basically that it's so easy to create content. It's as easy as getting quote from Google, adding a picture royalty free picture and a good nice design and you're good to go. You have. You have your content, and eventually, of course, you want to put some like the apparel. Whatever you're selling on your website, you want to put them on your page. You can always do that. You can add some filters to it. You can add maybe some animations. You can make a video where you're showing different products or you can simply out of picture, so content. If you ever get confused and you don't know what to post, easiest way out. Go to similar pages, see their content and try to make something similar or just repost intact. Them can be as easy as that. You had a busy day. You're ran out of content. Go to any fitness page or whatever. Knee should choose repost doctor person, and you'll be good to go 60. Content Creation : So, guys, before we talk about growing your account, the first thing that we need is to know how toe create content. If you don't have content, you won't be able to grow your instagram pages. So what I use is an up called spark post. It's very easy, straightforward, and it will make your life easy. Um, e I will show you very soon how you can create 30 posts and 15 minutes using spark posts. You can do 120 posts in one hour, and you can use thes for a month. So, without any further ado spark posts, you have the templates. You have my posts and you have the plus sign. You can choose between all the different templates. I don't know. What you're doing is, let's say, the lifestyle you choose one of the templates. It doesn't matter. You need to make sure that it doesn't have the dhobi spark stamp underweight corner of the page, right bottom corner. If it's not there, then you get to go and it's easy. Um, basically, you have add design palette, resize layout effects. You're resize according to what platform are you posting on? So in that case, we're posting an Instagram portrait portrait. There's even Instagram story, for example. But right now we're going to go for Instagram portrait or actually instagram social. Close this exactly what we need. I'm done. Now you can add next photo icon. Our logo local would cost money. But if you have, if you have a PNG a vector local, you can just add it as a photo on and you'll be good to go. You won't have to pay anything. That's usually what I do. Um, now you can remove everything for now all the texts and just keep the picture. So in our example, we have a fitness page, and I'm just gonna teach you the basics on how to create a basic post on Adobe on Adobe Spark. You'll be able to explore it a bit more because it's not hard to use. I'm so basically you want to click on the picture, go to search free photos. All these photos are royalty free. I want something related to fitness. You're right, fitness, and you have little that you have hundreds of different pictures like there's a lot of them . There is a lot of, um you won't run out of posts, let's see, which is this? Then you add a text. Let's say you will have, Let's say quote in front of you. I'm training same or remain the same. No, but this doesn't look really Look, it looks basic rate. Now here's the interesting part. You go to design and you choose something. Let's show you choose this. That's not really good example. You need to go through different ones. This is way nicer, right? You can go for this, for example. It's nicer. This, uh, not as much. This also, you can see all the different designs right here, and you can just choose one. You choose this share in short, the instagram right away. Or you can save the image and then as easy as it issue. Just change the picture. So you choose this. Changed the text, work hard, play hard, and you change the design. Let's say and right now you're gonna notice there are consider some you different designs. As I said, every time you change your gonna notice that there are some new designs that are that are appearing, um which is really good. There are some designs that are ripped better, but but some of them change every now and then, and that's simply it. You can change the palette that change the colors of change, the colors of the design. Basically, you can even mess around with the pellets with the palate changed, the different colors that you have in front of you, uh, layout if you want out of added as it better if you want something to it. But you know, these things are for for you will learn these things eventually, when you start messing around with Dobie Spark and you can even add an effect an animation for the text. If you want at it in in terms of, for example, video, you can use this I Sometimes I use this as intros our out tro, zar starts and information to my videos. And there you go. This is how you can create a high quality, simple posts on adobe spark that is related to your niche and that can grow your instagram account. Um, very, very fast. And very soon you will see how, as I said, you can clear 30 posts in about 15 minutes using Adobe Spark as soon as you. As soon as you get how it works, it becomes so easy and so automatic. So, yeah, that's it for content creation. 61. Country Specific Followers: 62. Engagemnent Groups: Now I want to talk about engagement groups. Basically, they grow the engagement, organic growth, actually on your instagram page now. I did not use them during this course, and I don't intend on using them because I just used the other strategies. I don't use engagement groups. I don't have anything against them. You can always use them. I excused other strategies that I'm used to, and I just go with that. But engagement groups there's a lot of people participating in these groups who are grayling toe like and comment on other members posts in exchange for their old boats getting light and or commented on. They might even follow certain people. If you know they like a lot of your posts, they might eventually recognize you and follow you. You might do the same. Finding these groups. You can find them on Google easily can talk to them, send them a message, asked them to add you on their engagement group, and you'll be good to go. You got a lot of likes. You get a lot of comments on you Should I mean at first I actually would encourage you to do that because eventually the stuff that I taught you guys, our stuff that I've been used to stuff that I know how to do very easily and in a short amount of time. But also using endangerment groups can also help you grow your account faster, getting more engagement in more like so you can eventually grow your page even more. 63. Follow Unfollow Strategy That Works: no Concerning the follow unfollow strategy. A lot of people say that it's not good. I say that you can use it in a certain way. That makes it really effective. Follow Unfollowed. You guys will see a video shortly. Where I did this strategy, I used a strategy follow unfollowed and how he got me a lot of followers. You guys can see that right now I have 42 followers. About 25 of these came from Hashtags. But the rest came from the follow on follow strategy and I just did it. Once I falls 56 profiles, I'm gonna on follow all of them and follow them again. Um, you guys will see in the video how? How way? How I did it basically. And you can just keep repeating this this process You unfollowed the people and then you fall them again because there are certain users certain people on instagram that go through these big, big accounts. When you do the follow unfollowed, you're targeting opinion leaders, big accounts, millions of followers, thousands of followers. If there are some people that go through their followers and just follow each and every one of them and when they're following and unfollowed people, you're going back to the top of the followers of the followers Page and people will follow you according to that, Um, without any further ado, let's get to the video and you guys will be able to see how it works and you'll be able to implement it. As I said, this is a strategy that you can use over and over and over again just to drove your basic followings. Eventually. Of course, you don't want to do that. Once you reach a certain point where your account is good, you don't want to keep doing that because, I mean, it's a waste of time. You're not getting quality followers at first. You just need a boost for your profile toe look good to actually for people to actually start following, so let's get to the video 64. Going Viral: So in this lecture, we're gonna be talking about one of the most interesting topics how to make a post go viral . We wanna help you use the power of the Instagram algorithm to grow your audience. But first off, you guys need to understand what is the instagram algorithm. So when you go on the explore section, you see a lot of posts, right, and you might scroll through all of them. But rarely do you stop it. One go to the profile and follow the page. So the first question is, how did they appear on the explore section? To begin with? Well, they beat the algorithm. The Instagram algorithm is made up of all these different out elements hashtags timing, likes and comments, impressions and followers. All of these elements play an essential role with the instagram algorithm. They make this this combination that you'll be able to beat by the end of the scores. And once you do, you'll be able to appear on the explore section. You'll be able to appear on the top boasts on certain hashtags you'll be able to appear a stop boasts in certain locations, right? So how do you beat this instagram algorithm. Well, first timing Do think that you need to know when we talk about timing. We talk about two things. The time you posted and the ratio between all the elements that I mentioned in the previous light and the time your post went live. So basically, the ratio between time and Hashtags timing likes comments, impressions and followers. First, the time you posted what it means is there are certain times, and we talked about this before. There are certain times when you post something and you get a lot more engagement than other times. It's because this is one of the peak times that you confined in your analytics because eventually, let's say your biggest audience 80% of your audience is in Canada. While you know that, for example, at certain times at three in the morning, the engagement rates in Canada are gonna be way lower. Then, for example, at 11 p.m. On a Sunday rate. Eventually, if you post at 3 a.m. By the time people wake up there, there are gonna be plenty of posts. They're just going to cover your post, and they won't be able to see oppose, Therefore they won't be able to engage. That's first. And second it will be If you posted at 3 a.m. It will be a long time gap between you posting it and then your followers seeing it. And that makes a big issue. When it comes to the instagram algorithm, we're gonna talk about it more in a second. So and the ratio between all the elements that I mentioned in the previous slide and the time your post went life. So when did your post go live? And how long did it take for the post for the likes and comments to start, How often and how fast did you like? Did you get likes and comments? How fast did you get impressions and how many of your followers, not just people that, for example, if you paid on the explore section and people saw you and liked it, This is not what we're talking about right here. In order for you to go on the explore section, your followers are the essential thing that you need. If, for example, you have 800 followers and on Lee, 20 of these people saw it, or like that or whatever. The instant RAM algorithm is not gonna work because the ratio of your followers is not good . That's why people buy fake followers. I know a lot of people in their courses. They say, Okay, boost your booster profile at first. And by 2000 followers. This is death for your instagram accounts because you're gonna have 1000 bahts who are not going to engage. And then when you get 100 organic and followers who are really interested in what you're doing, well, when you have 1.1 K followers and only 100 of these actually engaged with your post and liked it or commented on it, the ratio is not good and you will not. You will not be the instagram algorithm. It's as easy as that. So you need to see the time ratio. How long did it take people to comment and like and see the post? Basically, how many of your followers specifically and before all, how many of your followers did all of these things, and how fast did they do it? So that takes us to the next section, which is Hashtags. Before appearing on the explore section, most people when their post is good and it's growing and it's on the right track, It appears on the top hashtags list before appearing on the explore section. Apparently, explore section is good, but appearing on the top results for Hashtags will even help war. So not only can you be on the top of the explore page, you can be on the top of the HASHTAG speech on top of the location search page as well as we talked about before, and this will help the post go viral. So what happens is you're not just on the explore section. If there are thousands of people seeing the post on the explore sections, there are also hundreds seeing it on the hashtag space age. And remember, if you put 30 hashtags and your post becomes one of the top posts on 10 of these hashtags, and you have a lot of traffic going on each and every hashtag, that's a lot of exposure. That's a lot of people seeing their posts. That's a lot of people liking your post, and this will help your post go viral because the more likes and comments and impressions you get, the more it will rank up in the explore section and the more it will stay in the explore section for a longer time. And this will help your post go viral. I have a friend who uploaded the video of the weekend, A concert of the weekend. Hey has a very basic to 300 to 300 followers, not more. And he got 300,000 fuse on this on this video. Why? Because he posted it at a very good time. He got a lot of likes and comments from his friends who were who were talking about all my God, I'm very far. I wish I went to the weekend concerts and all of that, right? And then he went, He puts in Hashtags. So he was on the top of the Hashtags list. And then he went on the explore section and it boomed up. The video went viral. 300,000 views is huge, right? So at first, appearing on the top of the Hashtags section is also something essential. That's why I said before, you need to find 30 hashtags and use all of them because it's a It's a crucial asset for you. The more exposure you get, the more likes and comments you will get on. That's the most essential part for you to be on the explore section. The better right, the more you get of peace, the more impressions the more likes, the more comments, the more likely you are to go viral. So when you're on all these different pages, hashtag explore section locations and and you put it on your instagram story on and you put on you ask your friends to give you shout out and put this post on their instagram story and link it your own profile. This will help you boom up. The more likes and comments you can get, the better. And, of course, the explore section has the biggest amount of traffic. There's even an algorithm behind explore sections themselves. That's why you see, for example, that there are posts on the on the top of the explore sections and posts at the bottom of the explore section that you need to scroll for two minutes to see. And there are also boasts videos that are also bigger than the rest of the videos because even on the explore section, there's an algorithm the Mawr likes and comments and impressions you get also through the explore section. That means that people not just your followers but people on instagram liker post. This post is engaging not just for your followers but for everybody on instagram. And then the Instagram algorithm will start to rank you up and the explore section, which will eventually help you, which will help your post content of your picture to go viral. So if you have a lot of followers, but don't get a lot of impressions engagement from your own followers it can take. You can take the first step on on going viral. Eventually your account will grow and you'll have a lot of people to engage. But keep in mind, more number of followers increased, the more impressions you need. So if you have 1000 followers and you get 500 likes comments and impressions in total that might. That might push you to go on the explore section. But if you have 3 4000 followers and you get 500 impressions, it will not have the same effect. So where three or 4000 you'll need. For example, 1000 or 1500 impression likes and comments, right? This. It's a combination of your followers, the impressions and time that's gonna first push you to get on the explore section to begin with. But, of course, the Instagram algorithm is not that easy. There's a lot of competition on Instagram. That's why you need to be consistent, and eventually one post would go viral and it'll expand from there. Some keep boys. That you need to keep in mind is, as I said, giving shoutouts on your instagram story posting. We talked about how to use the instagram story effectively and used that to get more likes . Ask your friends for shoutouts, Ask influences for shout us people to share the video and all that to repost it. And whenever somebody comments, that's and that's essential. More comments you get, the better when somebody comments on your on your on your instagram post. A lot of people who just ignore it like they don't reply to the comment. That's not good Azaz. Much as you can reply to comments, Instagram doesn't get a difference between you commenting and other people commenting when there's a post with 50 like with 50 comments even If you made 25 of these comments, it will consider as if this post has 50 comments and this will help you because comments play an essential and huge role when it comes to going on the explore section in the top hashtag and location posts. So, as I said, it's not easy to be the Instagram algorithm. It can be really tricky, but with consistency and following these steps, it's really, really possible. 65. Google Extensions : So I showed you guys before how you can find the perfect hashtags in three minutes. And once you add these harsh stocks, people are going to start to engage with your posts, and you guys will be able to see it later in the video where I went from 0 2000 followers in the 21 hours How hashtags air so effective. But it's not enough to just add the hashtags, sometimes going on specific hashtags and liking other people's posts. This way they will see that you like their posts and they might look at your profile. And when they see that your profile is interesting, you have a theme. You have a good bio. Everything is very well structured that will push them to maybe follow you or engage with your boasts. But of course, this can be really can be time consuming if you're going to spend time going through every hashtags and liking a bunch of posts. Sure you can do it, but it's gonna take time. However, Google Chrome offers this Ah, a lot of different extensions. As you guys can see, they have plenty that you can use for for various reasons analytics themes using Instagram death stuff for Instagram. There's a lot of stuff that you can do with the Google extensions and feel free to go and explore them. But I want I want to talk about one particular extension that I personally, that I personally use, and I think it's really helpful. It's it's called ever like you guys can see it right here. So what it does is, um, it's not butts. That's the beauty of it. Um, you choose a hashtag rate, and what they do is with your account, they go on this hashtag and they like almost 1000 posts a day with this particular hashtag . So what this does is it will push people once you're like all these posts, if 1% If 10 people decided to go on your profile and follow you, that's 10 followers a day. That's 100 followers in 10 days, right? So talking long run. If you use this up and its automated that can get you like anywhere between 3 to 4000 followers by the end of the year, right, so at the end of the day, you're not doing any of the work. The app is doing it for you, and there's a lot of different extension that do similar stuff. I think this is the best. Uh, this is the best extension so far, But feel free to go on Google Chrome store and see all the APS that you might need. I personally only need this because I like working on the different stuff that I have on my instagram but also feel free to go on instagram and on the Google on the Google Web store and explore all the different extensions that are there for instagram it for different app . Suffusing any social media platform that you need some some tools for it. You can always find some on the Google on Webster for for extensions. 66. Having Different Accounts: no guys. Now that I talked about how the Instagram algorithm works, I want to emphasize the importance of having several different accounts that you're managing at the same time that are related to the exact same niche. First off on each and every account, you'll be able to use different hashtags targeting different audiences and different people related to the same niche. Because there's a lot of hashtag, for example, related to fitness. You can use a 30 hashtag 30 different hashtags related to fitness on each and every page you have plus every single time you post something. For example, on one page you can feature it on the story of each and every base that you have. When you repost something from a specific page. Let's say you find a specific fitness meets that has 50 K You don't just repost on one page your repose different different posts that they have on all the different pages that you have. You will increase your chances of getting reposted, and eventually you can have your your website and you can have your products on each and every account that you have now in this In this course, I'm showing you how to grow on account from 0 2000 in a day, right eventually in a week. In re careless, say, 10 days, you'll be able to grow 56 accounts from 0 2000 and then leverage each and every account to grow the other account and vice versa. 67. Influencers And Promotions : So, guys, now we're going to talk about converting leads into sales. Um, no, as we talked before, assumes your reach a certain point where you have a solid account. You want to start building and scaling your business so you have leads. You have potential clients on your profiles and through the influencers and through the different streams where you're getting audience audiences from, you have leads. Now you want to convert them into sales. What do you do? You post stuff we thought before about this she post up on your story. You both stuff through the influences you post stuff on your on your own personal counsel. Not all the different accounts promote this product really well. But there is a twist that I use, um, to make sure I get more sales. You promote the products and you put a price. Um, you put a certain price, you increase the price because you're going to do promotion, keep the original price and you do all the promotions and you wait and you see the interaction. You see the clicks on the website and the ratio between the traffic and the sales. You're going to see that There's a lot of people who went on the website, but they didn't buy anything. One of the reasons is price. Some people saw the product, they liked it, but they're like, I think it's a bit too expensive now. After a couple of days after people saw your products, some of them might be interested in and decide not to buy it as a set just because the price but eventually they were interested in the product. And what you do is you post the same product in a couple days with a promo code that lasts one day. You say this product is on sale Promo code promo Code of Fitness 234 Go buy it right now 24 hour left, get 20% off the original price and you promote it on all the accounts and all the same influencers with the promo code. That way, all the people that saw it and had the price as an issue will look at this as an opportunity to buy the product for cheaper. When you want to use the strategy, I would suggest you raise the price of the product first so you can make the profit desire and don't get too greedy with the profit, as it's a competitive market out there, you will get sales as long as you have good quality products, good service and get prices compared to the other online stores. Um, this is the best way to convert leaves in this into sales. Just you, the using promotions and advertisements and these promotions and advertisements, they shouldn't cost you any money. You're just supposing story posting instagram and posting with people. You're doing collaborations with influencers. They might get a commission, but you will. So you will still be making the most money out of all of them. On the plus, repetition repetition. When people see stuff over and over and over again, eventually they see it. They say, Oh my God, this is a nice product. They don't engage with it. Next time they see it, they might go on the website, check it out their time they see it. You start thinking about buying, get fourth time. They buy so repetition, repetition. Keep promoting products every now and then, because you're basically increasing the chances of people buying this products, and you can use this on several products you'll have to. True squint product you might. You might want to divide your principal. Say you have six profiles. You might want to divide every two profiles to target a certain product for a couple of days, and you switch up the products every couple days to make sure that people are buying a lot of different products, not just one or two products that you want to put one of two products on men on your website. It is it can work very easily, and it will make promotions and advertisements and sales basically easier because you don't have a lot of products to promote. So that's it in terms of converting leads into sales with promotions. 68. Instagram Algorithm: Now I want to talk about the instagram algorithm, how to get featured in the top posts on the explore section or the top boats in certain hashtag. And that's how it works. Basically, the more lakes you get, according to the time you posted whatever post you put, the more likes you get in a shorter amount of time, the more likely you are to be free church on the explore section. This is my explore section, for example, on auto, a fitness guru and you guys can see that all of them, most of them, are related to fitness because eventually the people who are going to see you on their explosion section are the people who are interested in fitness. Thean Instagram algorithm works towards growing your account. It works towards showing people who are interested in fitness, other posts and accounts related to fitness. So you guys can see here. For example, let's take a few examples related to the niche, uh, 10 hours ago. 8 54 lakes can see other ones. Three days ago, 18,000 lakes, when they go 5000 lakes. This is why they are going on on the explore section and same thing works for hashtag feel in the gym. Canada. You know, if there are talk boasts, there we go. The top boats are post that God Ah, decent amount of likes according to the hashtag. Of course, if you're going into a really competitive, this is not compatible. 5 81 post That's nothing May 650 lakes. And the reason why these people are still featured on the top of the list is because this is not a very competitive hashtag. The more competitive the hash tag is, the less likely you are to be featured on it. If you do not get a lot of lights and short amount of time. Basically, once your account grows 2000 more than that a bit less than that and you every time you post something, you put it in your story and different accounts. If you have different accounts, you put it in each and every count story you will get likes fast. Most probably, you will go on the explore section. You will get more lakes, you will get more followers and more engagement, and most probably will go on the top list of certain Hashtags. You're sorry? You most probably You will go on the top list of some hashtags you're using or some location specific location that you put does eventually. Even if you go to places, Um, near current location, let's say downtown Ottawa, you're also going to see that there are top posts, not Onley. Most recent, you're going to see that there's a lot of top boasts that have a decent amount of lakes, if not a huge amount of lakes. And that's basically how Instagram algorithm works. Uh, you need 69. Instagram Live: Mm. Now I want to talk about two things that you guys need to use to grow the engagement and grow your accounts. First thing is instagram life for those of you who don't know it, there's the camera sign on the on the top left of the screen. Um, of the top left corner, you click it normal boomerang, focus. Whatever you need to go on, live life on Instagram will notify some of your followers so they don't miss it. So people would actually get a notification. And I'm pretty sure you guys are familiar with it. You guys got these notifications? Whatever person is going live, don't miss it. Instagram will actually send these notifications to a lot of your followers so they would go and check your life video. And on your life video, you'll be able to engage with people um, Dr them on, basically, just grow the engagement. When people see that you're actually engaging with them, they will love it. And they will basically engage more on your instagram page on your different instagram pages. They might be sitting with friends and their friends might see the page and end up following it so Instagram Live is very, very important. There's a lot of reports that indicates how Instagram and Facebook live group basically the size of the businesses of different businesses that people were operating. 70. Instagram Story: Now I want to talk about your instagram stored. You're in somebody surround story is basically you can see all the different stories that you have here, and you want to choose your own story. Um, now you can take a picture or you can choose a picture. And I'm gonna show you guys the best way to use instagram stories When you upload a post and new posts, you wanna use a lot of people with this? It's right here. You have your account, you you blur, or you put some marks on top of the newest post. In your rate, Go check out. Go check out my newest in you list posts, right? What? You can add some stuff to it. Whatever emojis or explanation marks stuff that would make it stand out. That what's put some emoji? Yeah, there you go. Now, when you send it, everybody will be able to see your story, and a lot of them will be intrigued. A lot of them who basically follow your page and all that they will want to go see your post, and most likely they will like it. And this would help you a lot because when you get a lot of organic lakes in the first while when you upload the post instagram, there's a big chance that instagram but this post on the explore section and from there it might go viral. It will get a lot of a lot of likes and people will basically they have a lot of exposure. People will see your page. People might follow it. They might let this post or other posts they might comment, or they might contact you. So basically using the story even afterwards when you have several counts, when you post something on one account, you can post stories and all the different accounts to promote this one post so people would actually go to the different page. They might like the Post and then might actually also follow the page. Um, so that's the power of Instagram story. Eventually, you might want to add some random stuff. For example, let's take an example of one of the pictures we have here. The pictures that I made You can put this just to basically keep engaging with people keep showing people that Hey, um, we're posting stuff. We're engaging. You're bringing some motivation stuff. People might see your story and actually get motivated. And they will. They will love you for that. When you motivate people, they would actually think that is something that is huge when somebody motivates you. When somebody talks you and motivates you, you feel you feel this kind of connection to this person. Are you gonna pits a page? They will feel the same thing. They will become more engaged with your page. When you post stuff on your story, people will notice people remember the name. Um, you need to use your story to grow your account. It's very, very important to use Instagram live on and instagram stories for other reasons that I said before, They will help you. They will take your your instagram page to whole new level, and they will help you grow your business a lot, especially because eventually when you have products, you'll be able to promote these products on your instagram story and on your regular instagram posts. A lot of people who did not see the post might see the story and they might see the product and eventually you can add a link. I'll show you guys in later videos. It doesn't appear that I have the link yet the links section Lincoln But in yet. But as soon as I have it, I'm gonna show you guys right next to the emojis and the A independent. You're gonna have a small link icon. You click on it. You put the link for your product, for example, when people would just swipe up and go straight to the page. We will talk about this more assumes that assumes that appears. But you have basically to wrap up, use your instagram live and use your instagram story because they can't take your account in your business to a whole new level. 71. Location: Now there's another powerful thing that Instagram offers that can help you target people in specific areas and that can help you grow in specific areas, which is the location. Adding location on your posts can help you grow your accounts in certain areas. Basically, the way it works is at a location. Wherever you are, you just add location eventually people when you're searching, for example, when you're searching for specific boasts if you go on, if you go on the search, you can notice that there are people top people, tags in places you near current location, for example. You get all the different locations you choose one for example, and you see all the posts that are. You see the top posts its first, and then you see all the recent post that were uploaded are uploaded on instagram with this specific location. Eventually, people go on these locations and they follow people and you'd be also able to be exposed to people in the area you're trying to target 72. Name and Username: So now we're going to t