The Inspiration: Where Fashion Design Begins

Daniel Vosovic, Fashion Designer, CFDA Member

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7 Videos (41m)
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    • Finding Inspiration Part 1

    • Finding Inspiration Part 2

    • Constructing the Mood Board

    • Defining Your Consumer - Part 1

    • Defining Your Customer - Part 2

    • Translating Ideas into Design


About This Class

In this class you'll learn the very first step of fashion design: finding inspiration.


Often, this can be the most challenging step but I'll take you through the process I use for my brand to source inspiration and synthesize it into something meaningful and beautiful that you can actually translate into a working fashion design.

I'll teach how you to go beyond the literal repurposing of the inspiration itself and how to connect your inspiration to a design that's right for your consumer. Packaging all of this together you'll leave this class with a defined personal point of view for your collection. 


What You'll Learn

  • Finding Inspiration. We'll discuss how to be a sponge, how to compile your imagery and come up with a backstory for your collection. 
  • Constructing the Mood Board. We'll walk through how to define your palette, lay out your board and most challenging of all... edit it. 
  • Defining Your Customer. We'll cover how to create a profile of who you're designing for - what can she afford, what does the competing market look like and how do you maintain your point of view. 
  • Translating Inspiration to Ideas. Finally, we'll learn how to put pencil to paper - how to move beyond literal translations from your inspiration into beautiful designs of your own. 


What You'll Do

Whether you're actually designing a collection or just looking to get a grasp on the process, in this class you'll have the opportunity to create your own fashion design mood board with images, a color palette and a narrative. 

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Very interesting and highly valuable.
Than you great insight into inspiration and ideas. Great class.
Thanks a lot for the course and sharing your experience! Was very useful!





Daniel Vosovic

Fashion Designer, CFDA Member

Michigan native and FIT graduate, I have been on the fashion main stage for nearly a decade. My various endeavors have achieved a level of success that generally takes an entire career to attain.

Today, my main focus is heading my eponymous New York-based label, which launched in February 2010. My experiences  have shaped me into the refined and thoughtful designer for which  I am celebrated. While my sophisticated taste and affable personality continue to be trademarks of my growing brand. Focusing on modern silhouettes and utilizing original photographic digital prints and intriguing fabrications as staples of each collection, I continue to offer up a unique perspective with my deceptively simple designs.

I am currently a member of the CFDA Incubator program, designed to support the next generation of fashion designers in New York City.