The Incredible INDEX Function - Is it Excels Most Useful Function?

Alan Murray, IT Trainer, Coffee Lover and Lifelong learner

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7 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Example 1 - Using INDEX and MATCH for an Advanced Lookup

    • 3. Example 2 - Create a Picture Lookup

    • 4. Example 3 - Return the Value from the Last Row

    • 5. Example 4 - Create a Dynamic Named Range

    • 6. Example 5 - Sum the Last 6 Values Only

    • 7. Example 6 - Retrieve a Range from a List of Ranges


About This Class


In this class we show six examples of the incredible INDEX function of Excel. This is one of, and viewed by many, as the best function of Excel. This class will show you why that is.

We start by demonstrating the INDEX function with MATCH. This is the classic use of the function and how most Excel users hear of it. It creates a very flexible lookup formula.

We continue to see examples of it being used for a picture lookup, and also to create dynamic formulas to retrieve the last cells value or calculate the size of a range.

Using INDEX to create dynamic references is fantastic. It can be used with other formulas and also charts for dynamic charting.

So if you want to know why INDEX is so awesome.

Enrol and you will find out.

All exercise files are provided.