The Importance of the Human Factor: Six Steps to Change Management | Dani Rius | Skillshare

The Importance of the Human Factor: Six Steps to Change Management

Dani Rius

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11 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Welcome to 6 Steps to Managing Change Successfully The human factor

    • 2. Learning Objectives The Six Steps

    • 3. Introduction

    • 4. Step 1 Define your vision

    • 5. Leading a Team Discussion for a Team Vision

    • 6. Final Words

    • 7. Step 2 Enlist Your Change Agents

    • 8. Step 3 Dealing With Obstacles

    • 9. Step 4 Project Manage the Change

    • 10. Step 5 Provide Training and Support

    • 11. Step 6 Providing Emotional Support


About This Class

Change projects often fail. According to Harvard Business Review authors, John Kotter and Ron Ashkenas, only roughly 30-40% of change management initiatives are successful. Although there may be good reasons for the CEO and/or Senior Management to want to decide on a shift in direction, disregarding the human factor in any change plan is risky business. 

During this class, you will learn the six (6) steps that will allow you to plan for change and avoid common pitfalls so that your change initiative is more likely to be successful. 





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Hello, I'm Dani.

Empowering people with strategies and tools that are effective towards more quickly achieving their life and career goals is what I am most passionate about.

I strive to always co-create and innovate with my consulting clients so that they can more confidently move past obstacles to learning, make informed decisions and embrace positive change, no matter how scary it seems.

A qualified personal leadership coach (Tony Robbins' SI coachin...

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