The Iconic Mexican Skull Character "La Catrina" Makeover

Sylvia Muller, Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

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11 Videos (49m)
    • Intro Catrina Makeup

    • History of the Catrina

    • Types of Catrinas

    • Designing Your Catrina

    • Materials Needed

    • Applying The White Base

    • Tracing the Eyes and Designs

    • Making the Cheekbones

    • Tracing the Nose

    • Teeth and Lips

    • Final Words


About This Class

In this class you wil first learn where does the character comes from and who was involved.  You will also learn some cultural facts about Mexico.

You will see the differences of the 2 styles of Catrinas makeup and how to design them.  With this information you will design the whole Catrina and will do the makeup.

You will learn the types of makeup to use and how to trace and fill the designs.

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This is really unique and interesting. Love it.
Rosa Suen ♫

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Sylvia Muller

Skillshare Cooking and Makup Artist

Graphic Design. Studied Graphic Design in Mexico City where I live.  I work in our Architectural Firm with a specialty in space Planning, Planeación de Espacios,  Responsable for the Concept Image of their New Office Space.  Also supervise web page, client's presentations, office furniture selection, color schemes, ambience and branding options for the new working space.

Cooking.  Taken serveral course over the years, even at Cordon Blue of Paris, France.  My cooking skills go from simple dishes to sophisticated ones, even sugar sculpting.  I've been cooking for my husband, family members and friends for the last 30 plus years.  We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner every day at home and I host a lot.

I sold pastry for some time to a restaurant group and catered for more than a year.

 Sewing.  Since I was 12-13 I learned to dew.  I love it too.  specially embroidery.  I have a buisness of stuffed animals and pillows called Stoffi.  i am currently selling at Etsy, as StoffiMX.

Jewellery.  I also make jewellery.  I had a business making no sleeve blouses with jewellery on the strips and neck.

Makeup Artist.  As my 50th's birthday gift to me, I took a year and a half in an intensive make artist course.  It is so much fun for me.  i do makeup but for friends and special people in my life.  I have responsabilities that need my attention and have little time to do this.  But I do it every time I have the chance to.