The How To on How Tos: Creating Compelling Tutorials for Your Blog

Brittni Mehlhoff, Editor, Paper & Stitch

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13 Lessons (2h 8m)
    • 1. The Key Components of a Share-Worthy Tutorial

    • 2. Coming up with an original tutorial idea

    • 3. All about styling

    • 4. Styling a tutorial (demo)

    • 5. The kinds of photos that work best for tutorials

    • 6. Creating an image for the step by step photos in Photoshop

    • 7. Editing photos + How many photos it really takes to put together a great tutorial

    • 8. Taking photos with your camera phone

    • 9. Writing copy for your tutorial (part 1)

    • 10. Writing copy for your tutorial (part 2)

    • 11. Getting your work promoted / Pitching to blogs, sites, and magazines

    • 12. Setting yourself up for press to come to you

    • 13. Finding editors (via social media) to reach out to

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23 of 23 students recommend this class
Debbie Day

Entrepreneur and Sewing Instructor

Some helpful tips for creatives wanting to implement tutorials into their content but there was a lot of reference made to the teachers own niche and her own projects which always makes me abit weary of 'self promotion' as a secondary agenda. It also contributes to the class being 'niche specific' versus applicable to a more general audience. Purely my own 'somewhat overly paranoid' opinion here. Nothing personal. I did get a lot of value myself as I'm a creative content marketer too but couldn't help but notice the afore mentioned points. Cheers !!
Patty Hevly


Lots of good info that I hope to put to use.
Really great tips for creating original ideas and taking them all the way through to a comprehensive and well shot tutorial. Perfect for your own blog or for a freelance project.
Really helpful and to the point explanations about creating good tutorial posts. I've learnt a ton of new things and have my head spinning round thinking about all the things I want to make!