The Hitchcock Method: How to Add Suspense to Anything You Write

Morgan Lindsay Nelson, Visual Artist + Writer

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7 Videos (20m)
    • Trailer

    • Introduction & What You'll Learn

    • The Great Alfred Hitchcock

    • The Interview of Gold

    • Surprise Vs. Suspense In Literature: Why It Matters

    • How to Stop Surprising and Start Suspense-ing

    • Your Project & Review


About This Class

You know those movies and books that are so suspenseful they make you sit on the edge of your seat, completely fraught with anticipation? Those are all created with the same principles that we'll cover in The Hitchcock Method: How to Add Suspense to Anything You Write.

In this 20-minute class you'll learn how to be your own master of suspense. You'll also learn the one pitfall to avoid--the common method that's often so easily confused with suspense--and know how to infuse it all with emotion so it'll be relatable and connect with your readers even more.

(And discover how suspense isn't just limited to thrillers or mysteries!)

Join me, Morgan Lindsay Nelson, and get the clarity and confidence to master this essential writing skill.

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Good explanation, very clear and useful.
So simple! and yet... something so easily missed. Great class. Morgan really gives writers something to work with. No fluff! Thank you. Great Class!
Nanci Arvizu

Writer, Artist, Dreamer.

This class definitely helped me improve my writing and look at my stories from another, more interesting perspective.





Morgan Lindsay Nelson

Visual Artist + Writer

Morgan Lindsay Nelson is a visual artist and writer.

She presently creates comics and teaches other to do the same.

Morgan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her most treasured family and friends…not to mention an out-of-control accumulation of Criterion Collection films and more high-waisted jeans, tees, and loafers than she can keep track of ;)

Learn more about Morgan & her work here: