The History of Microbiology in a Nutshell | Sunita Seemanapalli | Skillshare

The History of Microbiology in a Nutshell

Sunita Seemanapalli, Biomedical Researcher and Instructor

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8 Videos (1h 22m)
    • Introduction to the beginnings of Microbiology

    • The Debate Over Spontaneous Generation

    • Disease Prevention Transmission and Treatment

    • The Classical Golden Age - Louis Pasteur

    • The Classical Golden Age - Robert Koch

    • The Second Golden Age

    • The Third Golden Age of Microbiology

    • Conclusion of the Class


About This Class

Here is a brief overview of the course which is divided into 7 sections. We will begin with the history of Microbiology, both in a nutshell, and then at length, starting with the invention of the light microscope. The debate over Spontaneous Generation (1) will be discussed in a nutshell (briefly). At length, how concepts related to Disease Prevention, Transmission, and Treatment were developed will be described (2). Next, the Classical golden age influenced mainly by Louis Pasteur (3) and Robert Koch (4) among other pioneers; the Second (5) and the Third golden ages (6) will be discussed. The course ends with a conclusion (7) that is in essence is a review with closing remarks.





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Sunita Seemanapalli

Biomedical Researcher and Instructor

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