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The Healthy Diet & Keto for Healthy Living - Ketosis & Healthy Nutrition

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

The Healthy Diet & Keto for Healthy Living - Ketosis & Healthy Nutrition

Jim Bruce, SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer

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10 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. A Healthy Diet For Healthy Living

    • 2. Video 1 Healthy Diet - Introduction To Ketosis

    • 3. Video 2 Healthy Nutrition - Ketosis, What Is It

    • 4. Video 3 Choosing Your Foods

    • 5. Video 4 Reading Food Labels

    • 6. Video 5 Insulin Resistance

    • 7. Video 6 Intermittent Fasting

    • 8. Video 7 Autophagy

    • 9. Video 8 cronometer

    • 10. Video 9 Calculating GKI

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About This Class

Healthy Diet for Healthy Living : Ketogenic Diet : Keto Food Plan : Keto & IF Benefits : Intermittent Fasting Ketosis : Keto Tracking


My latest course is the result of a 6 month research period into Ketosis, not the 'fad' Keto diet, but more the profound health effects of what we eat.

It all began when I was searching for a cure for my tinnitus, which is severe. Again and again, I read about possible nutritional causes, or at least, about nutrition making it worse.

From there, I read for the first time how our metabolism creates energy and how Western processed foods are killing us all slowly.

Ailments we call 'diseases' are very often symptoms of a deeper problem - metabolic syndrome.

Learn how this works in the course, and how to use ketosis to prevent (and cure) disease.

Although often described as a weight loss diet, ketosis is much more than that. When the keto diet is followed correctly, the health benefits are truly enormous.

It's all about ketones , the nutritional bodies that are produced when the cells burn fat instead of sugar. The health benefits of the ketogenic diet are only just being discovered and researchers are publishing very exciting results of their studies into ketosis combined with IF ( Intermittent Fasting ).

#ketosis #'keto #diet #ketogenic #if #intermittent #fasting

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Jim Bruce

SEO Expert, Book Writing Coach, Marketer


I could write a book about the different jobs and roles I've had in my life - maybe I should! We'll see.

Online course creation seemed to be a natural step for me, after years of being involved with SEO and internet marketing.

After making a living out of playing acoustic blues guitar in Europe for many years, I became interested in teaching online about 15 years ago, and began creating online courses. In 2103 I was voted Number 2 top blues guitar teacher by users of

While blues guitar remains dear to my heart, the last year I've been concentrating on novel writing, movie script writing and SEO for internet marketing. It's all about creating and being the best we can possibly be!

After years of promoting my own products online, I realised I had ... See full profile

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1. A Healthy Diet For Healthy Living: almost everybody has heard of the key toe diet, the key throw genic diet. And it's mostly known maybe as a passing fad, a means of losing weight. But that's not all it is. The key toe diet is very successful in removing those unwanted pounds, but during this process there's something quite profound happening to the very cells inside your body. This process is called key toe sis, and it represents a revolution in health. It represents a revolution not only for preventing disease but also for curing disease as well. In this course, you will learn what key toeses is on what happens in your body's cells. When you're on the key toe diet, you learn why the state of ketosis is very beneficial for preventing disease on also healing, even severe conditions. You learn how to adapt your body taquito sis, on which food groups to eat and in what quantities and proportions. You will also learn about intimate and fasting and how this promote or toffah gee, which is how your body heals itself. Naturally, the course doesn't present a key toe diet in detail. There are hundreds of resources on the Internet. We go and download a complete recipe list on the meal plan for 30 to 60 days. On completion of this course, you learn how to completely control your health. Naturally, by measuring your blood glucose levels and your key tone levels, which are produced as a byproduct of ketosis and learn how to maintain optimum health, you take control of your own health, live healthier and live longer. Sorry, Look now and I'll see you inside. 2. Video 1 Healthy Diet - Introduction To Ketosis: let me give you a broad outline of the course before we move on to the detail. Tito is short for key toe genic. Anything that this key telegenic cause are about it to be in a state of qi toe sis. Now we can put the body in the state of Qi Tose is in one of two ways. First of all, we can fast. This means not eating at all for some days on the second method is to choose carefully the kind of foods that we eat. The food that we eat is broken down into simpler molecules in our stomach, which are transported around the body by the blood. The body's cells absorb these molecules on break them down even further, creating energy in the process. Our bodies have around 47 trillion cells and these cells are very flexible. They're very adaptive. Broadly speaking, they can burn two kinds of fuel, sugar or fat. Conventional wisdom tells us that fat is bad for us, but this is not strictly true. It depends also on the kind of fat on the proportions of the fat you eat. Compared to the other food groups, there are three major food groups, carbohydrates, protein and fat carbohydrates metabolized into sugar in a later video will take a look at why it's much more efficient and much healthier for ourselves to burn fat and sugar. Latest research is showing a profound relationship between disease on what we eat. Paradoxically, the so called balanced Western diet is detrimental to health and in many cases actually causes disease. Such diseases include diabetes, Alzheimer's and, of course, cancer. In a later video, we're going to look at this special case called cancer and how it relates to our diet. As many people have observed, Ketosis does promote weight loss, and that in itself helps us to become healthier. But it's still possible to be thin on quite unhealthy at the same time. On top of this, the only way to lose weight while you're still eating conventional Western diet is to severely restrict the calories, in fact, restricting them so much that the dieter is constantly hungry. Currently, there's an epidemic of very serious diseases. The latest desert indicates that these diseases may well be caused by the very food that we eat for thousands of years, giving our bodies into key toast this wasn't an issue. He wasn't a problem over millennia. Before farming was industrialized, people ate whatever was in season in the summer, there's an abundance of fruits, so our cells burn sugar at the other extreme. In the winter, they ate mostly meat and animal fats, so the cells simply flipped over to burning fat. At any time of the year, there would probably be in shortages of all kinds of foods. It's very probable that people didn't eat for two or three days before finding food or finding something they can kill to eat. This kind of enforced fasting causes the body to break down any stored fat and send it to the cells in order for them to make energy. So these are the two ways in which we can put our bodies in taquito sis. We can either deprive it of food all together for a few days, or we can eat the right food groups. In fact, the optimum path is to combine the two in the rest of the course. We'll see how combining these two methods promote optimal health 3. Video 2 Healthy Nutrition - Ketosis, What Is It: in the last video, I said, There are human body cells can either burn sugar or fat for creating energy that we need in this video, we're going to go a little bit deeper in what actually happens inside the cells. Inside each cell, there are 2 to 3000 organelles called mitochondria, who job it is to break down molecules of food to create the energy we need to live. You can think of them as an energy factory, an assembly line. Raw materials go into the sell by being absorbed through the cell's membrane, and energy is produced by the mitochondria. Actually, this process could be called a disassembly line because larger molecules are broken down into smaller ones for nutrients. This slide shows a very simplified representation off the process. When a cell burned, sugar sales can burn either sugar or fat, and they're very good at flipping from one to the other, which served our ancestors very well. When cells burn sugar, certain toxic by products are produced, namely, like Tate, hesitate ethanol and as hotel to hide acid is also produced. Normally, the liver cleans out these toxins on their eliminated from the body. Generations ago, the sugar burning season would pass on. The toxins would be eliminated more thoroughly during the season when the cells burn fat. However, if the body continues to you, sugar and excessive amounts continuously, the waste byproducts accumulate and eventually damaged the miter conjure by starving them of oxygen. The damage might have conjure, make less and less energy until they cannot function at all on trigger inflammation and disease. This is an invisible process that seriously harms our health after decades of eating the wrong things. Now let's look at the cell metabolizing fat for energy. There are no toxic byproducts. It is simply a clean process. It is therefore much more efficient at creating energy. There are no waste products to overload the liver or to clog up the veins, arteries and capillaries. We'll have a choice about what we eat, but it's not so easy to make this choice. If we don't have the correct information to guide us in the next lecture, you will find that all foods are not what they seem. We look at the way that foods are presented in the supermarkets on what the labels tell us 4. Video 3 Choosing Your Foods: In the last video, we learned that our bodies are much happier and we are healthier if our cells burn fat instead of sugar. General recommendations are that we can put our body in ketosis if we eat the food groups in the following proportions. 50% from a fat, 30% from protein and 20% from carbohydrates is these numbers aren't fixed and they will fluctuate for each individual depending on their metabolism. The normal Western diet has the following recommended proportions 50% from carbohydrates, 30% from protein on just 20% or less from fat. There's obviously a big difference here, with the standard western diet given almost exactly the opposite proportions to those required for maximum health. So how did this occur? In the seventies, many Western countries adopted nutritional guidelines in these guidelines. It was proposed to eat certain foods in these proportions the proportions that we see on the slide, which are really exactly opposite to that required for maximum health. On the left, we have the standard food pair of it recommended by the West. This model very quickly became the mainstay of the dogma surrounding nutrition. A dogma is a prevailing accepted truth that is thought to be self evident and has never really questioned. The 1st 2 levels are massively loaded with sugar for carbohydrates in bread, cereals, potatoes or metta belies into sugar. Recent research is showing us that over consumption of sugar is directly responsible for illnesses such as diabetes and cancer. In effect will gradually poisoning ourselves from an early age, promoting addictions to foods that make his obese and create all kinds of illness. It's more correct to call these illnesses symptoms because they're symptoms of something wrong with our body. The way that it's working on the body is compensating the best way that it can by producing disease. The food permit for ketosis is very different. On reflects the recommended portions of the food groups. When following the key toe diet, you may have heard of the key toe diet, which is primarily promoted for profit as a weight loss regime. It does indeed promote weight loss, but its effect on the human body goes far beyond the physically visible. The end effect of the diet is that the body's cells burn predominantly fat, which doesn't produce waste products like sugar burning dust waste products, destroy mitochondria, promote inflammation and cause disease. You need to become a food detective. In fact, I've become more aware of what it say's on the labels on what is inside the foods that we see on the supermarket shelves. Obviously, we need to steer clear of meat with hormones plants with insecticide sprays. But they're also hidden dangers in many of the so called healthy food packages that we buy every single day. The biggest part of the equation is to drastically reduce sugars and carbs. Carbohydrates metabolize into sugar and over consumption of either will ensure that ourselves never burn fat even when it's available. A vast amount of so called healthy food is filled with carbohydrates and sugars. 5. Video 4 Reading Food Labels: over 75% of the foods that we see in our supermarkets are processed foods. But what does that mean? It means that the food industry, the food giants, create the foods out of other raw materials. During this process, additives are introduced toe either preserve them or make them taste better. Over the last 75 years, food has been driven by profit process. Foods are made to be purposefully addictive. The industry uses agents called repeat appeal agents, which means that your addict to the taste, the sugar or other additives like mono sodium glutamate and you come back and you buy more . The food industry is required to identify all the ingredients on the food label, but unless you have a degree in biochemistry, it can be hard to find out exactly what is in the package. You need to understand the ingredients to know if the food is fit for ketosis or for general health. But the industry hives ingredients on the food label with deceptive names and technical terms. Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge, you can decipher the labels on, find out exactly the correct nutrition that you need. Mono sodium glutamate tricks our brain into thinking that reading something savory, something really nice tasting, which is obviously healthy. MSG has been linked to cardiovascular problems, and it's also over excites and neurons in the brain, leaving to some of forms of brain damage. In the eighties, the health impact was considered so severe that monosodium glutamate was removed from process food. Or so we thought the industry simply rename it on. Added in other forms. Monosodium glutamate is produced during some manufacturing processes off certain ingredients that go into our food. Due to this bogus technicality, it doesn't have to be called MSG on the food labels. It's labeled as the original substance that was put into the food before it was processed. This means consumers have no idea that MSG is in the food they are eating Any hydrolyzed protein, anything enzyme modified anything. Protein 45 calcium Cassin. Eight Calcium glue tomate plutonic as it model. Potassium glutamate, soy protein concentrate, soy sauce extract, textured protein, way protein Isolate and yeast extract. These are all of the names. The MSG. Next time you're out shopping, take a look at a few labels and see how many you can spot NSG isn't the only addictive substance added to processed foods. Sugar is another one that keeps people coming back for more. People are secretly addicted to sugar. Naturally, human beings are not greedy. We are simply addicted to the sugar that is put into our food without our knowledge. The food industry claims that its consumer choice we decide what we eat, that this would only be true if it was free choice. If we had all the information at hand, How are we meant to stay informed When food labelling purposefully hide sugar for the success of key toe sis and sticking to that key toe, diet sugar is definitely off the menu. It would be good if every food package had a label saying this product is full of sugar, but its really not like that. Ingredients are listed on the label in order of size, so the biggest ingredient is the first, and then the second is the next biggest. Sugar will often be listed multiple times 345 or even mawr. Different types of sugar could be used in one product, and often are sugars are hidden under this long list of names you see on the screen. Manufacturers claim that sugar is required to make the food last longer and also to change the texture into something more edible. This is not true. Sugar is added to make us addicted to the food so that we buy mawr and we eat more unbiased research. Studies show that over consumption of sugar is related to cancer, both creating cancer on promoting it. When it arrives, let's break down a typical food label that you're fine on a process food package in the supermarket. Keep in mind that over 76% awful the process food you'll find there have added sugars and so are therefore not good for key doses. Look at the serving size indicated on the package. A manufacturer may make this serving size unrealistically small so that it looks healthier . Very often. You'll find that a serving size is not nearly enough with sometimes eat 234 times the amount recommended. Make sure the amount you eat if you buy this product is similar to the serving. They suggest the calorie thick value of food is the energy released when it's burnt in a special oven in a laboratory, your body is not an oven. It can be a useful measure, especially if you want to lose weight. But it's much better to use your own macro calculations as we'll see in a later video. The percentage daily value is how much are eating. Based on recommended daily guides, however, guidelines you find on the Internet or on the label are heavily influenced by the food industry. Also keep in mind some saturated fats, specifically, coconut are great for you. The vitamins they recommend will help keep you alive, for sure, but they may not help you thrive. Trans fats are much less healthy. Avoid these totally. You need cholesterol to make specific hormones. But there are natural sources like eggs on these are much better than process foods. Of course, you need to keep an eye on this. If you already have raised cholesterol levels, sodium or salt count is useful if you're on a low sodium diet. Because high levels of salt can elevate your blood pressure, the sodium is definitely needed for the key toe diet. Total carbohydrates is the most important bit of the label from Akihito perspective, and the total is made up of several elements. Carbohydrates from fiber or good. They feed your intestinal bacteria and not you. They do not count as carbs on key to you definitely want to avoid carbohydrates from sugar . There are a lot of carbs, which are neither fiber or sugar, but they still count. These could be starch or other forms of carbohydrate is very often net Carbohydrates. Doesn't appear on food labels as a figure that it's this that you need to know. Take the total carbohydrates and subtract the carbs from fiber. We also need to keep track of protein when we're entering. He tothis on Taquito Diet indicates that we need to track this protein macro for the key toe diet. You need to be careful and avoid all sugars, so you need to learn to be a label detective or even better. Avoid processed and packaged foods and instead choose fresh food that doesn't need a label . Be especially careful when you're dealing with process foods that are labeled as healthy or diet. Very often, they're anything booked. You need to use your newly found detective skills to find out exactly what's inside the food To end this lecture, take a look at these ingredients for a favorite American snack called a Twinkie. See how much sugar, monosodium glutamate and other additives you confined as a food detective? 6. Video 5 Insulin Resistance: whenever you eat your stomach with digestive juices and enzymes breaks down the food into nutrients that your body can use. When you consume carbohydrates, these are broken down into sugars or glucose. Your body uses glucose to fuel yourselves and in turn your cells the mitochondria, the organelles inside yourselves, create energy for us to live. So when glucose is produced, first of all, it goes into the bloodstream, and they say that the blood sugar off the glucose level of the blood rises, and this is where insulin comes into the picture. When your pancreas sees that the blood glucose levels are high, it creates and sends out insulin to balance them out again. Insulin is a hormone responsible for pushing the glucose out of your blood stream and into your cells, where it can be converted into energy. This is what's known as insulin, signaling as your muscles and fat cells pick up the glucose. Your blood sugar levels return to normal insulin use. It is a pretty good job maintaining healthy blood sugar levels in most people. However, sometimes your cells stopped responding to insulin on become what is known as insulin resistant insulin. Resistance is the root of many metabolic diseases, especially Type two diabetes. If your cells in your muscles and your liver and other organs stop accepting sugar, then the sugar levels will inevitably rise. The pancreas will try to make more and more insulin, but eventually this becomes very difficult. It becomes worn out on top of this because of unhealthy diet. With too many carbs. The pancreas themselves can become damaged, the very cells inside the pancreas, so they're not too efficient. Anyway. We arrive at a situation where we have high blood sugar levels on high insulin levels on the doctor may diagnose you with type two diabetes. Doctors often refer to insulin resistance as pre diabetes because if nothing changes in your lifestyle or your diet, and eventually you will be diagnosed with Type two diabetes. Having type two diabetes high blood sugar on being insulin resistance has been correlated with very serious medical conditions, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, stroke outside of disease gown and fatty liver disease. These are some of the leading cause of death, not only in the US but across the globe. For example, Type two diabetes is responsible for approximately 30% of all cancers that are not smoking related. Most people don't even notice that they are insulin resistance, and some of the figures make interesting reading on. Also, the symptoms are generally not related to the disease. 24% of adults over 20 have it. It's prevalent in over 70% of the obese or overweight women. 33% of obese kids and teams have insulin resistance. These symptoms you see on the screen are heavily associating with insulin resistance and thereby may increase your risk of having type one or type two diabetes. You're always hungry with intense sugar cravings, and you have a feeling you can't eat enough carbs to feel satisfied. You gain weight easily. You can't seem to lose it, especially around your belly if you carry a large amount of body weight in your stomach area. Despite trying weight loss diets, insulin resistance may be the cause. You may have bloated, swollen fingers and ankles due to potassium and sodium imbalance, skin tags or dark, discolored parts of the skin in the folds. Increases of your neck armpits. Fires on growing area are another symptom. Gum disease can also happen since insulin resistance gets worse with more carbs that you eat, then ketosis may will be the answer for the vast majority of people who want to correct the situation. The key toe diet is known for correcting insulin resistance. The average American eats between 235 and 350 grams of carbohydrates every single day. The more carbs read in, the greater the level of blood sugar, the greater the level of blood sugar and the more insulin you have in your body. It's a vicious circle. The key toe Jenning diet is, ah, high fat, low carb diet. Instead of eating, 300 grams of carbohydrates per day will restrict the intake to between 25 50. But how can the body survive on such a low carb limit? The answer lies in metabolic flexibility. Our body's cells are very flexible. They can either burn sugar in the form of glucose, or they can use key tones which are a product of eating fat. The key tone supply feel. Body cells can either come from stored fat within your body, and you lose weight or from fat that you eat when you remove sugar and carbs from your diet , your body will use up all the extra glucose in your blood. You'll be able to reset your blood sugar levels and insulin levels, since all the eggs to sugar floating around in your blood will be gone after a few days on a very low carb diet. As your body starts to run on key tones, it will make less insulin because there is less glucose toe handle. This will make your muscles and fat cells more responsive to insulin. That makes the key toe diet the perfect insulin resistance antidote Clinical research finds at a very low carb, High fat Kato diet lowers fasting insulin levels. It normalizes blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity. On top of this, it effectively AIDS weight loss much more than other low fat diets. Insulin resistance or pre diabetes is a very real problem at the moment is gaining epidemic proportions throughout Western civilization. This condition can easily be helped and reversed by the ketogenic diet. Just two basic changes in your lifestyle, namely adopting a key to genic diet and exercising daily, will free you from the diseases that I just described. Uschi Toe sis to battle insulin resistance and high blood glucose 7. Video 6 Intermittent Fasting: The modern Western high carb diet ensures that our insulin levels are kept continuously high. But there's another factor, which ensures that they stay even higher. Human beings eat almost continuously. Rather eat three meals a day. We stack in between several times. Three solid meals a day should be enough to give us our daily nutritional needs. However, a sugar rich diet keeps you hungry on, often feeling the need to snack between meals. The fact is that most of us grease just like cattle all through the day. In fact, we might have breakfast, elevenses, lunch, mid afternoon snack on the evening meal, a treat while watching TV and maybe a little supper before sleeping every time you eat. There is a spike in insulin production, which means for most people it's constantly high. So not only is insulin high because of our high carb western diet, it keeps higher because of the way that we eat because we graze throughout the day. Intermittent fasting just means that we don't eat between meals. It's a simple is that however, this is a lot harder than it sounds, because acai carb rich diet with lots of sugar makes his want to eat more and more. It keeps his wanting. The key toe diet is based on a high fat consumption and was used to the craving for cops. The cells are quite happy. Burning fat on insulin is created in Justin of quantities to deal with the sugar resulting from the carbs contained in our three meals a day. This is a very healthy situation. Even if we reduce the carbs a little bit and remove sugar from our diet, intermittent fasting would give us a huge benefit in our overall condition of health. Eating the key toe way is a great way to reduce those insulin spikes, particularly if we don't eat between meals. Insulin also has the effect of inhibiting key tone production, so it's directly acting against ketosis. Intermittent fasting isn't just about fasting between regular meals. It can be extended so that a meal can be skipped altogether. The longer the fast, the great the benefits it brings. For example, if your evening meal was at 7 p.m. On just sleep until 7 a.m. then you have already faster for 12 hours. Normally we would eat breakfast and break the fast. The overnight fast. However, if we sleep until seven AM, we've already faster For 12 hours of the 12 hours fasting mark, interesting things begin to happen in your body. If you could wait until 1 p.m. to eat your next meal lunchtime, then your body would experience, or Takaji, which is the subject of our next video. 8. Video 7 Autophagy: When we fest past the 12 hour mark, they're significant changes happening within our metabolism. The balance between key tone production, glucose and other compounds is such that the body starts to promote its own healing. The chart shows that key tone production takes off at the 12 hour bark, so making more fuel available for the cells to create energy. At the same time, Blue Kogen, a tissue repair hormone, also increases insulin drops to a new lower level. As glucose falls over a 24 hour fasting period, key tone production continues to rise. We can see that when we wake in the morning and soon eat breakfast, we break the fast, which means that we stop the process called out often from just starting fasting for 18 hours, say, from the evening meal to lunch time. The next day is a great benefit. A 24 hour fast is even more effective because at the 16 hour mark or two offered, you kicks in. When a cell burn sugar. Certain toxic byproducts either hang around in the cells or are expelled into the bloodstream. In either case, they can cause problems in and around the cell. They reduce the amount of oxygen available, which is essential for cell respiration. They also promote inflammation in soft tissues fed by the blood cells. Even a healthy cell can produce malformed D N A. On other bio compounds that are simply no use. It'll when the miter conjure, become damaged. Because of the high carb diet, they become even less efficient, creating more and more waste products. These waste products must be removed before they can cause damage. Fortunately, there's a natural process called or ta fuji, which does exactly that. What offered you literally means self eating on the mechanism was described by Japanese researcher Joshua Mono Shammy, who won the Nobel Prize in 2016. Autumn Fiji is triggered by fasting, so is very relevant to this lecture when their intent of glucose or key tones to burn ourselves do two things. They burn stored fat and also digest our own biological waste i e. Unfinished proteins and dead cell parts that are no longer needed. It's a great way to clean the body and make us healthier. Without auto Fiji, biological waste products are swept along the blood stream, and sometimes they stick on the arterial walls, they could be absorbed into the tissues, causing inflammation and all the problems. The brain in particular, is a kind of a garbage dump for unwanted waste products. These can cause Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, dementia and other problems with cognitive processes. The body's circulatory system is incredibly complex and contains about 100,000 kilometers of blood vessels. Over 30,000 kilometers. Of these are tiny capillaries so small that a single blood cell was fold in two before passing through. It's very easy to see that unwanted waste products can cause problems in these narrow tubes by blocking them or making them much less efficient. Using fasting to induce or Takaji is a very important part of changing over to a key toe diet. 9. Video 8 cronometer: you know, normal way of eating. We really hardly ever bother to try and track whether eating too many carbs, fats or proteins. We try try and eat a healthy diet, which is a balanced diet. But exactly what is that? When following the key toe diet, we need to make sure that we're eating 50 grams or less of carbohydrates. Now, when we reduce our carbohydrates, we reduce the amount of sugar in the blood that the cells can use to make energy. Because carbohydrates metabolized into sugar at the same time, the cells look around for alternative fuel because there's not enough sugar in the bloodstream. This alternative fuel comes in the form of key tones, which are created when we increase our fat intake. When starting out from the Cato diet. It's a great idea to have some kind of tool to help us to track our fats, proteins and carbs. Chronometer, a free application online, is such a tool. It looks a little complicated, but initially you simply want to track your fats, proteins and carbs, which are known as macronutrients or Mac rose, Click settings and profile and put in your body details your weight your height, whether you're a man or a woman. Now scroll down and click ketogenic under the diet section and under the targets set total carbs and key to genic calculator. The relaxed regime is perfect for a beginner. When you choose relaxed, you'll see that the system automatically sets 50 grams of carbs. Now let's go back to diary, and we can start putting some foods into the system. Click. Add food. No, I'm going to imagine that I'm going to eat breakfast. Putting different foods into the field above, into the pop up window automatically shows the carb content, which is great for checking if foods are acceptable or not. On the Cato diet, let's and the bacon and see what the system Saiz. We can see that bacon, this high fat and low car. It's a perfect Kato food, so we'll add this, a fried egg. Go to bacon, so I'll try that here again. It's high fat, relatively low carb, so I can add this. Normally, I eat toast with bacon and egg, but when I add toast, look at the content. I can see that the cubs are much too high, so that is off the menu, perhaps a sandwich, a bacon and egg sandwich. But here again, the carbohydrate content is much too high. So we can t this either even orange juice as, ah, high carb content. So we have to choose another drink. I'd go for tea, unsweetened tea and add that I do like my tea sweet, but sugar is out of bounds because it's high carb. I'm going to add an alcohol. Sugar goes I little for something a little sweet. After breakfast, I'm going to add raspberries with a little cream, some heavy whipping cream. Add the foods and you could instantly see the carbohydrate content for the meal. We just need to make sure that when we have our main meal on the evening meal that the total carb content for the day is less than 50 grams. There are many other useful functions to explore, but tracking the Mac rose is the basic requirement. After using chronometer for 2 to 3 weeks, you'll find that it's not required anymore. You get to know which foods are key toe, which are not 10. Video 9 Calculating GKI: It's well known that key toeses is a great way to lose weight, but the effects a much more profound in this on our overall well being. And health researchers have found the key toe sis can not only help prevent disease that can even reverse on cure some quite serious diseases as well. Let's recap a little. It seems that medical health professionals have been approaching health problems from the wrong point of view. The afflictions that we commonly call disease such as fatty liver cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer's etcetera are really symptoms of the root problem, which is known as metabolic syndrome. Our metabolism is being destroyed by the modern diet, off process foods, rich in carbohydrates and very low in fat. Not only does ketosis prevented disease from occurring, it's a great preventive measure. It can also kill some diseases. One researcher, Dr Thomas Seefried, devised an index to measure our metabolic health is called the Glucose Key Tone Index, or G K I. And it's a way of determining how well our metabolism is fighting disease. Doctor. See if we realized that the curative effects of ketosis are directly related to the ratio between the key tones on glucose level in the bloodstream. The normal glucose range for an average adult is 4 to 6 n. M. O l pelita, which sends for 1,000,000 moles per liter, and this tends to reduce on the key toe diets. Key toes, on the other hand, rise. So there's a fluctuating relationship between the two. It's the glucose reading measured in N. M. O. L. Pelita is divided by the level of key tones in the blood. The result is called the G k I. For most people, this is very high, as their key tone readings can be lower than 0.1. Blood glucose doesn't really get very high because insulin is produced to keep it within safe limits. Sochi tone level has become very important. Don't to see freeze research shows that a g k I, an index of less than one is very therapeutic for serious disease like cancer. But this extreme level of key tose is is very difficult to achieve and maintain. Fortunately, we don't need to go that far to maintain optimum health. If we draw a line representing G K I. At one hand, we have zero. Of course, this is impossible But Dr C. Freeze research indicates that an index less than one has a very high therapeutic impact on serious disease. On index between two and three is still highly therapeutic on the metabolism is engaged in deep cleansing of cells and rolling back all kinds of disease, such as diabetes and many others resulting from inflammations. A value between three and nine is called nutritional ketosis and is great for maintaining optimum health on preventing illness from occurring. G K I over nine means that the body is no longer in the state of qi toeses, so we can see that are key tone level is only one part of the story. We also need to gauge and actually measure. Are glucose levels on. Make sure that there is low as they can be. In this way. The combination. The ratio between the two is quite a reliable indication of overall health. Fortunately, Elektronik meters to measure glucose and key tones are readily available on their cheap and easy to use. Each test a couple of testing strips, which can be bought separately. You simply push the strip into the slot at the top of the instrument, and it self activates. Next, trick the thumb or finger and apply a spot of blood to the end of the strip. Within a few seconds, your readings will be displayed, and you can calculate your G K I Readings will fluctuate from day to day, enduring the day. The best time to test is perhaps 3 to 4 hours after your meal or just before your next meal . A few days after starting the diet, you'll find that your key tone readings are quite high. But after two weeks or so, these readings reduce simply because your cells prefer to burn fat instead of sugar. For the 1st 2 or three weeks of the diet, the cells are still burning sugar that is stored in your body in general. Over time, If your key to reading is more than 0.5, then you're in ketosis. On some level, the exact level is determined by the G K I your glucose ketone index. So at the same time, you would say your blood glucose reading