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The Happiness Course: How to become Happier through your Writing

teacher avatar Fiona MacKay Young, Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. 1. Welcome & Introduction

    • 2. 2. What to expect from this Course

    • 3. 3. The Happitude Personality Traits

    • 4. 4. #1 Self Esteem - Believe in Yourself

    • 5. 5. #2 Express Yourself

    • 6. 6. #3 Be Enthusiastic

    • 7. 7. #4 Be an Optimist

    • 8. 8. #5 Be Positive

    • 9. 9. #6 Learn to Laugh

    • 10. 10. #7 Be a Giver Generosity

    • 11. 11. Putting your Happitude Together

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About This Class


Do you want to be happier? Your writing can help.

In this course you will learn how to identify and add the 7 Happiness Traits to your writing, and your personality.

Here you will find

  • practical explanations of how each trait shows and how to add it to your writing
  • clear illustrations of each trait and stroke
  • fun graphics throughout
  • an interactive project for each personality trait you learn
  • an optional quizĀ on each of the 7 traits
  • affirmations for each of the 7 traitsĀ 
  • PDF of strokes to identify each of the 7 Traits & the Affirmations

All geared to help you program your subconscious to create an attitude of happiness - your "Happitude."

And, of course, this also gives you the ability to identify the "Happitude" of others from their writing.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Fiona MacKay Young

Handwriting Analysis & Personal Growth


I've been involved for over 20 years in helping people move ahead with their lives through identifying their gifts, strengths and overcoming blocks or limitations. It is my goal to inspire those I meet to develop their potential to the fullest.

There are a wide variety of ways to do these things, and I love to explore, adapt and create new ways.

As a Graphologist and Grapho-Therapist (Handwriting Analysis),

And also as a Career Counselor and Personal Development & Law of Attraction Coach,

I love nothing more than to help people be the very best they can be, to realize their hopes and dreams and love their lives. 

I also love 'techie' things, and have worked as a Graphic Designer, creating websites (WordPress) and creating videos fo... See full profile

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1. 1. Welcome & Introduction: I'm Fiona Makhaya. Ah, Welcome to the happy discourse. How to become happier through your writing and this is part of a series, of course, is the time doing, which is all about changing your handwriting to change your attitude. And if you change your attitude on the long term, you will also change your whole life because your attitude determines your life to a great extent. So change your handwriting, change your attitude, change your life in this course in the happiness course. Ah, half seven traits for you, which will increase happiness. We'll go through all seven trades some you may have it. If you have well, that's great. You'll find them in the course, will become information that you've got them. If you don't have them, you can add them. I'll show you how to identify each one. Give you exercises to add each one to your writing on this little quiz at the end of each lesson for you just to check that you've understood that you've got how to do it. And there's a Pdf download, which has all the writing examples and the exercises in it. So I hope you love this course. It's it's It can make a huge difference, even if you're just feeling down one day. If you do some of this course, it'll make you feel better in the short term. If you do the course on you, change the traits that you're writing until they become natural. You could change your whole life to that extent to extent of those seven traits. So let's go. Please sign up and please enjoy the course. It's meant to make you happy. So here's the happy discourse. 2. 2. What to expect from this Course: happiness is an inside job. Other people, things or events can't make you happy. You have to make you happy. It all starts in sight of you. It's all in your attitude or in this case, you're happy. Toot and your handwriting can help you create a terrific happy chewed your eternal feelings . Sure, externally in your actions and in the same way your external actions affect how you feel. It works in both directions. So if you act in this case right as if you're a happy thing, you will become happier, and this course will show you how. Here you will learn how to add seven happy personality traits to your writing to create your happy church. That's your attitude off happiness. So just follow through on practice each one as you learn it. If you practice each one as we go, I keep using it until it becomes natural. By the time you have all of the's seven traits naturally in your writing, you will have unbeatable happy tude. It's the most inexpensive therapy in the world. All you need is some unlined paper and a pen. At the beginning of each lesson, you'll get the chance to guess which writing shows the treat for that lesson. Give it a go, even if you know absolutely nothing about handwriting analysis. Handwriting is body language, and we all read body language instinctively to some extent, so have a guess. It doesn't matter if you get it right or wrong, Andi. You'll find a lesson project at the end of each lesson designed to help you practice and get used to writing in what may be a new wave for you. If you already have the strokes for this trait and your writing, you could skip the project for that lesson and go on to the next one next on to the Happy Toot personality traits. 3. 3. The Happitude Personality Traits: There are, of course, multiple traits that can and will affect your happiness. This course will show you how to identify seven very important ones and show you how to add them to your writing and your personality. If you find you have won our some already, then celebrate and at the other ones you don't have to your writing as well. To add any of thes traits to your writing, just practice writing with the strokes you learn here and keep practicing until it becomes your natural way off writing. Then you will have the personality trait established as yours here, the seven trees that will help you create your happy, too. Self esteem means I can do it. I believe I can do it, and you have confidence in your own abilities. Expression off feelings. Let's other see how you feel, because via Larry, others to see your positive feelings, you email emote, warmth and friendliness and are much more likely to get a similar response from them. So if you feel happy, show you're happy. Enthusiasm is always a positive treat. Its engages others. It brings energy to your happiness. It attracts other people to come along in his tied. So always show enthusiast optimism means looking on the bright side, no matter what the situation, expecting a positive outcome is always better. So always look up, not down on being positive. Ah, positive outlook on life is one that looks for the good. It's like optimism in a slightly different way in its shores, in a different stroke and writing look for the positive and even the Bleeker's situations. And then there's humor. Senior funny side laughing makes you happier and healthier, so it's always good to be able to see humor is life. And then there's generosity. It's a well known fact that most people feel better about giving than receiving. The other side of that, of course, is that once you give, you are more likely to receive, so be generous. That doesn't necessarily mean with money with gifts. As we have the picture there, it can be with your time, with your affection. With anything, just be generous. These are the seven traits you're going to learn in this course, so let's get started on creating your happy tude 4. 4. #1 Self Esteem - Believe in Yourself: number one self esteem. I can do it. Have confidence in your own abilities. Believe in yourself. Self esteem shows in handwriting, where the personal pronoun I is slightly larger than the other capitals. You'll see the lines there show that I is slightly larger than they are in re and again there. There's no other capitals, but you can tell that the eye is pretty large. And here's Mori samples off self esteem with the personal pronoun I. The one on the left is a good size. I so that shows good self esteem. The one on the right is pretty small. The eye is not even a stall is the second L. And it's smaller than the H, which is a very last lecture that's being cuts off the word. So the left one? Yes, right one. No. And down here we have three different examples of I, and that's just to show you it doesn't matter how you write it, whether you print it with a single stroke, whether you write it with looks or whether you write it printed with a bar top and bottom. However, the 1st 2 on the top line that I single Stroke I and the bomb with looks are both a good size, so they both show quit self esteem. The one on the bottom is really very small. It's about the same size as the lower case M, so that does not show good self esteem. So I good size I is what you're looking for. Also, when the signature is slightly larger than the rest of the writing. So they all the best. Joe and Joe is considerably bigger than all the best. So that's really good self Aseem on Maeve This biggest well, but it's not quite as much a difference as between Joe and his writing, but still it shows excellent self. It seems so. Both of these after itself is Stephen the signature. And here's the self esteem mini quiz. Choose for yourself, which writing shows good self esteem. So there's three there, which are just writing, not signatures. So choose which ones do you think have good self esteem on. Then there are two closing remarks. The signatures choose which of thes you think has good self esteem. Young. You pause the video if you like to have a longer look, and the answers are going to come out on the very next slight. So answers to the self esteem mini quiz the I in the top right is large, so this excellent self esteem there. The I in Mary and I is a good size. It's not huge, but it's a good size, so that's also showing good self esteem. But I in wonder, I wonder, is very short. It's not as tall as the D and wonder. It's just slightly higher than the W in wonder, so that one does not have good self esteem. Then, down to the bottom of the ones with the signatures, the one on the right Jane Anderson is noticeably bigger than thanks so much so that is good self esteem and better occur. Silva is actually smaller than the writing above, so that one lacks self esteem. How did you do on that? So the product last project for this lesson is to practice writing with the self, it seems, strokes. You'll find affirmations on the next slide that you can copy there also in the pdf and include the self esteem, large personal pronoun as you, right, and once you're finished, sign it in the end with a good size signature. You're doing it just now just for the exercise. But if you keep doing that, when when you're writing normally, every time you write, you'll find the self esteem grows within your personality in general. So here the self esteem affirmations I'm not going to read about to you. You can pause the video and have a look if you want, or you can copy them from the pdf. So here are the examples again, again, you can see them in the pdf, or you can pause the video. If you want to watch them as you right next, it's on to expressing yourself. 5. 5. #2 Express Yourself: expression of feelings. Let me see how you feel by allowing others to see your positive feelings. You emote. Warmth and friendliness on are a lot more likely to get a similar response from them. Of course, expression of feelings can also be negative. But once you have all the other happy to treats, it's almost guaranteed that your expressions of feelings will be positive as well. In almost any situation, expressing your feelings moderately is good Holding your feelings back. It's not healthy for you on others know you're hiding something but don't know what so it can make for uncomfortable social situations. On the other hand, expressing strong feelings for the total lack of constraint is not usually a good idea either, and it can inflame situations and make others back away from you. So moderate expression off positive feelings makes you feel happier and makes those around you respond more positively to you, which in turn usually makes you even happier. It's a win win situation. Expression of feelings is identified in handwriting by the slant. Upright writing, which doesn't slant either to the right or the left, is someone who is neither expressing feelings nor noticeably holding them in. They come across as cool, calm and collected the left hand slant or backhand slant. It's someone who's holding in their feelings, and if you don't let your feelings out, that come backfire on you because feelings build up on up, and at first you feel over burdened by your feelings, and eventually you just have to let it all out is usually comes in some kind of emotional explosion, and that's not good for happiness. The right slanted writer does express his or her feelings, however. The question is, how much is too much? A strong right hand slant. As you see above, it's someone who is governed by their feelings on will tend to go over the top quite easily , and that won't make anyone very happy, which leaves a mild right hand slant. This is a slab that is most conducive to happiness. Both the writers happiness, Onda, happiness off those around them. This writer can be dependent upon to show how here she feels, but in a mild, undemanding way. However, by providing a constant, I'm it let in this way for their feelings. This writer is unlikely to have a buildup of emotions, which will allow them to be happier more off the time. It is, of course, possible that someone with a mild right hand sent could also have a really awful temper. But that's beyond the scope of this course. Right now, we're just looking at how to add happiness traits. The strong negative traits to provide are a topic for another course. Here is some more examples off a mildly expressive right hand slam, and you'll see they're not all exactly the same. The bottom one is slightly more slanted than the other ones, but none of them are straight up and down, and none of them are far right hand. So they're all mild, expressive right transplants. Please note. If you decide to change yourself, it's one of the traits that feels the most uncomfortable when you first start adding it to your writing, so persevere and be patient with yourself. It will happen if you keep doing it, but it won't happen overnight. And here's the express yourself mini quiz. So choose which ones below show the best amount of emotional expression for their happy, too. Um, pause the video if you like. The answers are coming up on the very next slight. So here's the answers. The 1st 1 has a far right slant, so that's going to be a bit too expressive. Far the happy toot. There's nothing wrong with it. It's a very warm and friendly way to be, but it gets one bar their emotional and not always happy, therefore, so that one will not qualify. The one on the right has a slight right slant, and that is the perfect one for emotional expression. For a happy toot, you show some expression, but you don't go overboard. So that's the best one. And then this one has a back can slant. And that means you're holding things in. And not only do people not relate to that, but you are not very happy with it because you're all getting tied up in knots when you get too many things held up inside that aren't feeling good. So that one doesn't qualify for happy to diver. So it's the top right one with a slight right slant. How did you do on that? The project for this lesson is to practice writing with a moderate right hand slant right out some of the affirmations on the next flight, keeping this land consistent slightly towards the right. You can write either in script or print. Either way is fine, and the examples will be coming up on the site after the affirmation side. See here the affirmations, which, as always, I'm not going to read. You can pass a video if you want to look at them on the screen, or it can read them in the pdf download. And here are the examples off the moderate right transplant for you and once more, pause the video. If you want our see them in the pdf next up, be enthusiastic. 6. 6. #3 Be Enthusiastic: and Fouzi Assam engages others. It Prem's energy to your happiness, and that attracts others to come along. And it's tight. Enthusiasm is a trait you certainly want tohave with enthusiasm. You sparkle. You energize both yourself. On others, you come alive. You feel upbeat and happy. What's not to want about that enthusiasm is an easy trade, both to identify and to add to your writing. But first, who do you think is the most enthusiastic? They're all tease enthusiasm shows in a letter. T. The bottom left can be used as I am present the word ondas well, but it's some people use it as a T on the bottom, right? There's a whole words Styx just to show how the tea comes in from the S. But you're looking at all the teas. Who do you think is the most enthusiastic? You decide for yourself, he decided. Well, if if c Asif shows in a long, sweeping crossbar, always on a lower case T. So there's one. There's one. The hour was point toe, all the crossbars, and the longer the crossbar, the stronger the enthusiasm. So does that help you? Which one has the most enthusiasm there it is there, the longest rust bar, but any of thes. He's all have enthusiasm, so they're all great. More examples of enthusiasm. Every T and that's that whole section shows lots of enthusiasm. Three. To tease there again enthusiasm, very long T bars and once more, all the teas and there, except if you notice in the word the in the second life. The T Bar is quite long, but it's not really long enough to classify for enthusiasm. But all the rest really are so lots of enthusiasm and all these examples on the page you compulsive video If you want to have a better look and their mocha one and here's the Enthusiasm Mini quiz. So have a look at those. Pause the video if you want, and decide which one you think has the most enthusiasm here. The answers. The 1st 1 There are teas on the top, which all have the long sweeping T bar, so there are enthusiastic, but interestingly enough, the ones on the bottom do not. So this one does qualify for enthusiasm because of the top line, but for some reason, on the bottom line, they don't. So that's about 50% enthusiasm here. We have no really long T bars at all, so that one doesn't qualify, and this would rather messy. But the tea bars are long as sweeping, so that one does qualify for enthusiasm. Did you get these right? The project for this lesson is to write out some of the affirmations that you'll see on the next flight, while including the long, sweeping, enthusiastic T cross bar all the way through as before. Whether you write it script or print, that's okay. The examples will appear again on the Last Street here. The enthusiasm affirmations. I'm not going to read them all out. You can if you want, pause the video and copy them out. But the pdf that's downloadable far the entire course will have the affirmations for each lesson written in it. So you could copy it from that if you prefer. And here again, are all the examples off the enthusiastic T bars. You compose the video if you like to have a better look at them, but again, they're all in the pdf far the entire course. So I hope you're feeling very enthusiastic about being enthusiastic, and you'll have lots of fun adding these sweeping T bars to your writing. Next up, be an optimist, 7. 7. #4 Be an Optimist: optimism. Look on the bright side, no matter what the situation, expecting a positive outcome is always better. Keep looking up. We attract what we focus on, so it's always better to focus on what you want. And here's how to do it through handwriting. First, let's see how well the body language of handwriting speaks to you. Which writing sample below do you think shows the most optimism? You can pause the video. If you want to have a better look on the answers, they're coming right up. Now. Optimism shows in light of writing, going upwards to the right. On the bottom. Right sample there has there writing, going upwards to the right so that one qualifies for optimism. The top right one is level. It's horizontal, so that doesn't qualify on the one on the left goes slightly downhill so that one doesn't qualify, so their lines of fighting going out. Crystal Wright is only in the bottom right example. But optimism also shows in T bars going outwards to the right and in the top right sample. You'll see there are two T bars that do just that. Soon the top right went qualifies for optimism because the tea bars Cooper's to the right. On the bottom row town, one qualifies because the lines of writing go upwards to the right. You'll often find Bull T bars on lines of writing going up to the right. In the same example of writing. The one on the left does not qualify. It has no T bars, and they wouldn't go uphill if they, if they were there on the writing, actually goes downhill. So how did you two? Here's some other examples of optimism. So lines of writing going upwards to the right. And even if they go slightly up to the right, there's still optimism. The more they're more angled up to the right, it is the stronger the optimism and T bars slanting upwards to the right is also optimism, and this will show whether you're writing or printing. Here's the optimism. Mini quiz. Have a look. Decide which ones you think have optimism in pause the video to have a better look. The answers air coming up on the next slide. So here are the answers. The 1st 1 The line of writing is going up Hill, and so are the tea bars. So that one gets an A plus for optimism. This one. The lines of writing are going straight along. It doesn't go uphill, so that doesn't show optimism. On there are two teas. There were two in middle, and that's a the the last word. And neither of the's have optimism. So this one does not have optimism. The bottom one. The line of writing goes slightly uphill so that one will qualify for optimism. It doesn't come up to the city bars, but nevertheless, it qualifies for optimism because it goes up Hill. Did you get those right? The project for this lesson is to choose some of the affirmations from the next light on right thumb out, remembering to include both. They ought to miss city bars, going up to the right on the optimistic lines of writing, going up to the right, and this is why it's important, have unlined paper. So it's easier to make the lines of writing slant upwards both half for missions on the writing. Samples are coming right up on the next couple of sites, so there is the affirmations. I'm not going to read them out to you. You can either pause the video here, if you like, and copy them as you practice your writing or they're in the pdf for this course. And there is the examples off lines of writing and T bars going up with so the right. If you want to keep that on the screen while you're writing, just pause the video coming up next, be positive. 8. 8. #5 Be Positive: positive. Being positive means looking for the silver lining. Even in the gloomiest of carts. Having a positive outlook doesn't mean pretending that things were good when they're really bad. It means looking for whatever good you can see in any given situation, even the smallest hope. When things seem hopeless, have a look at the writing below and see if you can get a feel for who showing riel positivity. You can pause the video if you like to have a better look and the answer suitor coming right up on the next site. Positivity shows where a stroke in writing goes downwards to the baseline or continues on below the baseline in a straight firm stroke. It can either end bluntly or it can change directions sharply, but it must not curve. So let's see what we have in these examples. The T and they are both do that. It goes straight down on the end abruptly, they are retraces that an angler comes back up, but they go down. That line stops, etcetera. The first word it the TV aerial notices curved at the bottom so it doesn't apply the two G's and why go down Absolutely straight. The UAE has little tick on the end with. That's an abrupt change of direction. So that one's OK, so that has positivity the 2nd 1 in the middle. The tea on the 1st $2 jokes off the M R absolutely straight and then changed direction on the T there goes straight down and end, so that would also has positivity. The 3rd 11 on the right on Lee has curves. If you look at all the teas, particularly, they go down very straight. But that lee curve at the bottom, so that removes the positivity. The H in Va is slightly curved. There is actually positivity in the P off. The last word is report this electric cut off of the beginning that P does have positivity , but other than that, the writing really doesn't have enough to consider it positive. How did you do? So let's look at what's positive in these writing samples that we're going to show the 1st 1 the T on the are. We both have a straight down stroke ending abruptly. The I, in drawing have a look at that when it does go down, but it curves a little at the bottom. And if you look at the the very first word, the T and the H both go dark and they have a little curve of the bottom so they don't qualify. Has to be absolutely straight. The team both teas in this line clear, positive, and the R and the T here are positive in this example that are masses of positive strokes. The $2 jokes in the end, the doctor's job in the both tease on the first joke in the UAE, the seconds joking. Why doesn't quite colorful qualify? Because the longer I was joking, the white curves slightly Thea first joke in the end, the T both strokes in the H and again the T and the H in the next word. So lots and lots of positivity in that writing. Here we have lots again, both the eyes. The dog was choking to be the l that I and the first joke of the M are all absolutely straight, and they abruptly likewise the p the I the tea, the next high on the down stroke. In the end, the down stroke in the Pian person doesn't have an hour, but it is positive as well. And here again, lots that I, the two both eyes the capital and the lower case that two l's the Doubters joke in the K and the Duns joke in the tea. So if you want to have a better look at those ones, you can pass a video if you like. The examples will be in the pdf that you could download as well. Here's the positive mini quiz. So have a look at these. Pause the video if you like, and the answers air coming up on the very next site. So here are the answers to the positive mini quits. The rosy on the top has lots of positive strokes. There's all the arrows, the ones on the top on There are the arrows to the ones on the bottom. All of the's are straight down, not turning and the abruptly or changing direction sharply, so that one definitely qualifies the words. Something has absolutely no positive strokes. There is nothing that goes down really straight and ends abruptly so that one just doesn't qualify. Get better on the bottom right again has several positive strokes, and there are the arrows to them So that's another postive one. How did you do on that? So the project for this lesson is to write out some of the affirmations from the next site taking care to include this straight firm downs jokes that indicate positivity. The right examples will show again on the site after the affirmations. So here are the affirmations. As usual, I'm not going to read them out, too. You can post the video if you want. Have a better look, but they're in the pdf. So here again are all the examples with the arrow showing where the positivity ISS composite. If you want to look at it while you're right up next, learn to laugh. 9. 9. #6 Learn to Laugh: learn to laugh. Laughter makes you feel better. It eases stress. Onda releases endorphins, which have been called the brains Feel good chemicals. People laugh, of course, for many reasons, but one of them is because of humor. Humor can light in the darkest day, and it shows in handwriting, where the initial stroke going into an M or N capital are lower. Case is curvy, so those two in the laugh both half curvy lines going into them. That's Qatar, soft curve on the top, and that was got a sharp point on the top after curve the two on the right do not show humor because you'll notice it's not a curve is a hook that's a small hook at. That's a big cook by their both hooks, not curves, so they do not qualify for humor. Where the curvy initials Choke joins the AM around with a sharp point, it indicates a dry sense of humor. You see that one comes into the curve, and then it farms. A sharp point of the top as it goes into the M on the one on Mawr is a little bit less clear is a sharp point, but it nevertheless, is the sharp point, so that qualifies the dry sense of humor. But the one on M the M in making has a curved, and then it goes in with a rounded entry into the M so that one does not qualify for a dry sense of humor. Where the curvy initial stroke joints Amarin with a soft curve, it indicates a relaxed, happy ruling sense of humor. And this is where the M in making comes in. It's gotta curve for the curvy initial line on the nice soft curve going into the M. So in this case, they more with the sharp point on top, does not qualify. That was a dry sense of humor, not the happy, relaxed sense of humor. And there are two more with a happy, relaxed, ruling sense of humor. So either way, a curvy initial stroke going into an Amarin is the indication of a sense of humor. And you don't always need to know if it's a dry sense of humor or a rolling sense of humor . So there's all the EMS and ends with the sense of humor showing. However, if you don't have this stroke, it doesn't mean you don't have a sense of humor as humor comes in many forms, including wit and gentle sarcasm. But for the purposes off Your happy Toot, which just looking at the strokes for humor itself. And here's the humor. Learned to laugh. Mini quiz. Pass a video if you want, have a longer look and the answers are coming up on the very next site. So here the answer is to learn to laugh. Mini quiz. The 1st 1 in the top, right? There's the Arrows, which go in, and that's the dry sense of humor, cause it's got the curvy outside on the sharp point going into the M and it be the same if it was an end so that one qualifies. The one in the middle does not have any wavy line. It's got a curve going in, but there's no wavy line at the beginning of a stroke, so that one doesn't qualify it all. And then no nonsense at the bottom. The ends have the nice, wavy line and the curvy line going in, so that's a nice ruling. Sense of humor. Did you get all these right? The project for this lesson is to write out some of the affirmations from the next slight. The humor affirmations make sure to include the humor strokes every time there's an appropriate letter, and the writing samples will appear again on the slide after the affirmations. So there's the affirmations. I'm not going to read through them all again. You can pause the video if you want to copy them down, but they are in the pdf that comes with the course, and likewise, there are all the examples of humor, and you can pause this street if you like to have a better look. But they are also in the pdf as usual. Next up, B, I give her generosity. 10. 10. #7 Be a Giver Generosity: be a giver generosity. Are you a gift for a giver of gifts off your time of love? It can be of many things. Giving is said to bring more happiness than receiving, and it certainly does bring a comfortable, happy glow and will increase your happy toot. The trade of giving or generosity shows in handwriting. Where there's wife spacing between the words, you see the hours, they're just point between every word because every word there has really white spacing compared with what you would normally see. And long, sweeping tales at the end of words also mean generosity. So there's two. They're on to more there, so these are the ones that do show generosity. But here's another couple to look out for where the long tail of the end drags right along the baseline. That is caution. So that's not generosity on the one that goes right above and waves. It's like a hand waving in the air, saying, Pay attention to me. Pay attention to me. That's what that means. It means someone who wants attention. So that's also not generosity. So look for generosity. The long, sweeping tail bar at the end here are both the indications of generosity. Here's a be a giver generosity, Mini quiz. Pass a video if you want to have a longer look, and the answers are coming up on the very next site. So here are the answers to the generosity. Mini Chris, the 1st 1 There's all the spaces. It's very stretched out, spacing between the words. So that's generosity, So that's a good one for generosity. The 2nd 1 doesn't qualify. It doesn't have long gaps between the letters, and there's no tails on The Left is showing generosity either, so that one doesn't make it in the generosity category. The Boston one doesn't have a big spacing, but really, between the words, because there is a dash taking out part of that space moving health impatience. But the words have long endings, long strokes as the end, especially on health. In patients. English has obits, but the other two are longer, so that one qualifies for generosity because of the long tails on the letters. How did you do on that one? Your project for the lesson is to write out some of the generosity affirmations, including the white spacing between words on the long tails on the ends of words. The right see examples will appear again after the affirmation slide. So here are the affirmations. If you want pause the video. Do so now They're in the pdf, of course. And here again, are the examples of generosity up next, Putting your happy to together. 11. 11. Putting your Happitude Together: pushing it all together to create your permanent happy toot. Whether you found seven new personality traits to add to your writing and personality or find you had them all already, in which case what great confirmation you got you now know how to recognize a great happy toot in yourself or in others. Having your great happy toot doesn't mean you'll be happy all the time. In all situations. That wouldn't be realistic, but it does mean that you will have an attitude off happiness. You'll take last time to recover from setbacks and upsets, and you return quickly to your no natural way off, looking optimistically on your world. Where to go from here? Well, every time you write and see all our any of the happy two traits there, you're really giving yourself an affirmation. You're giving yourself an affirmation that this personality treat is yours on. This is who you are, and that in itself is encouragement on motivation. Jack writing periodically just to check that the happy to treats are still there. If every year slipping are getting less, just practice for a few days to get them back. Congratulations on creating your wonderful happy too