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The Great Pretender Acoustic Guitar Lesson

teacher avatar Rey More, Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. The Great Pretender Guitar lesson Presentation

    • 2. The Great Pretender Guitar Lesson

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About This Class

Learn the chords and rhythm playing of the Great Pretender by Buck Ram 1955 (harmonic Structure used by Freddie Mercury). My personal version of the Great Pretender can be viewed on my YouTube Channel click this link Rey More Performs the Great Pretender  . Once you've viewed the video on YouTube follow the lesson here . 

Meet Your Teacher

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Rey More

Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons


Hello, I'm Rey More (aka Remo Moretto). I'm a professional musician ( song writer, guitarist and singer)

I have been teaching guitar for more than 35 years and am an RGT registered guitar Tutor ( RGT is the registry of guitar tutors at the London Collage of Music UK).

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1. The Great Pretender Guitar lesson Presentation: Hi, everybody. This is rape more on, Uh, this is the video introduction to this class learning how to play the Great Pretender, The original version introduced by flatters But this version I'm pitching on the acoustic guitar will be the version used. The cords that's appreciate the version of Framework. It's my own personal version, but I'm using a chord progressions that Freddie America created on his his appear Live on this album. OK, so if you want to see me perform a song there's a link down below to go see it on you to my YouTube channel With him you will be playing the song here that the video will be on Lee dedicated to learn how to play the chords and rhythm part of the song Eso you won't see them You won't see you here to play the song physically on this channel But if you do, there's a link. If you do want to hear me play it, just go on the link below in this in this section and just go take a look on you to just listen before you get a night. How I perform minutes how you develop your year if you want just the same way I do it, how to perform some and, uh, okay, 2. The Great Pretender Guitar Lesson: and welcome to the great pretender Guitar lesson. Learning How to play the represented on the acoustic guitar chords and rhythm accompaniment . Read more, as I said before in introduction for Go, do go home yet. Um, this version can be seen so on my YouTube channel, where I'm playing and singing it so there's a lake down below that you can click on there. I prefer you do that because that you can see the way I am playing and come back here on the lesson that we take a look at assists. Two minute version. You just go there used to be seeing it and you can come back here and just fall lesson right after. Okay, we're gonna This version here is not platters version, but the version of Freddie Mercury. So the courts that we use is the one that frame was using. The video that I have recorded on the YouTube is half toe under, So I've lowered the guitar half don't to sing, it is high, so I'm going a little bit. So I lowered all the strings I would not have toe told him Sorry, because I went from Eastern lowered it d be a strict order to G acceptance. All the street lord one toner. So basically, I'm playing a tall under the original version to sing that for you. Okay, but here it doesn't matter to learn the song that you want. You can do that also, if you want to raise it. If you could get up there has great name with with your voice That's flash up the cords for you. You can download these cords also produces an attachment below on this such on this page here. This lesson here. So you contempt down over the course directly or just take a screenshot of what you see now . Okay, lets start off introduction the rhythm part Very important. We'll start off with a deep chord. Diminished my right way. This'll sharp diminished. So the seven that that that's triplets against play for you Way, way seven. Okay, so this is your 1st 1st just to get your way Way with g again. But this time instead of the seven right after 70 together. So yes, - so that's the second verse. So that a minor D's yes way from there. That's the only thing that changed. You don't have to do that. Just leaving these there if you want to. Our next part is the bridge. Okay, so we've got the G seven. Finished second Worst. We go to the bridge, which is C realism feeling that way G is the verse again. Now the a minor seventh. You see what I did there? I added my fourth except the seven. Given Mawr strength may put it up often high making here, making here. So what it says to Rio, Then it starts again. Oh, yes. Wait. 77 70 Major. Doesn't matter the 70 major, or you just put we're gonna go next. Try again. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Wait here another faster way. Short way three have a c chord. I did hear I just repeated the precious with the compliment that I did the finale, which is basically the same thing you would now set that I slowed it down. When we got to the way in my heart like a ground, I slowed it down a little vocal parts, Like I said, go see what I did. You will understand what I'm doing there. I'll redo this last part for us. We'll just let. So this is the last verse. Before there would be a soul coming in or on instrumental company. And then the finale, which is all based on the same course structure that we've done up until now. So oh, yes, again. Played again. Way, No way suspension. They have that secret back way. Start where you want to do. You can start over singing the second verse again and then go back into this part again. Or just do an acoustic version of the second verse and then come back in to the the finale . That's up to you. How you want to perform. Like I said, if you want to see how I perform, I just use the lake down to go on my YouTube. John, go there and see it. Um, there is not much more annoying. What's important is the rhythm that you're doing way. That's the whole idea. Learning. Play these songs and after creating your own version of plane, using the course that you've given, and then you can even do whatever you want work around it. That's the whole part of playing music is that we don't just do covers of songs, but We like changing things around or even adding things to it. But anyway, that's other. That's another thing that we're not gonna get into that house. This is about it for this lesson. Here was yet another lesson for those of you Want to follow Me? Also have beginning to pro guitar lessons here. Just started posting a few lessons that I will be posting glasses on and on that that page there because it's a beginning to pro guitar course, so have one. So I'll be adding lessons. There have also a major pentatonic scale, 12 major pentatonic scales on mold form. So that's a good thing for those who played guitar to follow. I will be out in other things also have even some harmony. There's court instructions on the major minor, uh, keys Gaisal, And that's another thing that people can follow. Spread the word and we'll see you dig here