The Great Christmas Hunt | Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D. | Skillshare
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22 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Christmas Hunt Intro

    • 2. Item #1 Scrooge

    • 3. Item #2 Ugly Xmas Sweater

    • 4. Item #3 Snowman

    • 5. Item #4 Wrapping Paper

    • 6. Item #5 Mistletoe Selfie

    • 7. Item #6 The Grinch

    • 8. Item #7 Palm Tree

    • 9. Item #8 Fruit Cake

    • 10. Item #9 Giant Candy Cane

    • 11. Item #10 Egg Nog

    • 12. Item #11 Fireplace

    • 13. Item #12 Gingerbread Person

    • 14. Item #13 Christmas Hug

    • 15. Item #14 Gaudy Light Display

    • 16. Item #15 Nutcracker

    • 17. Item #16 Reindeer

    • 18. Item #17 Dancing Peanuts

    • 19. Item #18 Poinsettia

    • 20. Item #19 Angel

    • 21. Item #20 Santa

    • 22. Christmas Hunt Ending


About This Class

Welcome to the Christmas Hunt Game, here on Skillshare.  

This is a little different than what you are use to on Skillshare, I wanted to make a Christmas Class that was interactive and fun so I came up with this concept.  It is great for team building exercises, family gathering, or just something fun to do with your kids.

The Christmas Hunt Game works much better if you have the Skillshare mobile app on your phone so you can carry it around with you.  

You can play the game alone posting your pictures in the project section to be counted by our staff.  However, it can be even more fun to divide your family or friends into teams and complete against each other, keeping score for yourselves.  Either way make sure to post your pictures in the project section so we can be part of your fun also.  

Each section of the game will give you a specific item based around Christmas to be looking for.  Finding the item nets you one point.  However, to make the game more fun each section will have a bonus where you can at least earn one extra point.  All sections will allow you to accumulate more bonuses so make sure to listen to each section in full before venturing out to find the basic item.  

Each item you find on the list needs to have a photo taken of it to record your progress and keep score.  So make sure to clear out your phones before you head out on this adventure.  Remember the object of the Christmas Hunt Game is to have fun, so if your uber competitive put that on the back shelf as you are playing the Christmas Hunt Game.  

Everyone that posts a picture in the project section will be entered into a chance to become one of the  beta testers for my next adventure game here on Skillshare.  

Okay are you ready to get started?  IF so lets head on over to the first section and let the Christmas Hunt Game Begin!!!

Peace and Love,