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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

22 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Christmas Hunt Intro

    • 2. Item #1 Scrooge

    • 3. Item #2 Ugly Xmas Sweater

    • 4. Item #3 Snowman

    • 5. Item #4 Wrapping Paper

    • 6. Item #5 Mistletoe Selfie

    • 7. Item #6 The Grinch

    • 8. Item #7 Palm Tree

    • 9. Item #8 Fruit Cake

    • 10. Item #9 Giant Candy Cane

    • 11. Item #10 Egg Nog

    • 12. Item #11 Fireplace

    • 13. Item #12 Gingerbread Person

    • 14. Item #13 Christmas Hug

    • 15. Item #14 Gaudy Light Display

    • 16. Item #15 Nutcracker

    • 17. Item #16 Reindeer

    • 18. Item #17 Dancing Peanuts

    • 19. Item #18 Poinsettia

    • 20. Item #19 Angel

    • 21. Item #20 Santa

    • 22. Christmas Hunt Ending

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About This Class

Welcome to the Christmas Hunt Game, here on Skillshare.  

This is a little different than what you are use to on Skillshare, I wanted to make a Christmas Class that was interactive and fun so I came up with this concept.  It is great for team building exercises, family gathering, or just something fun to do with your kids.

The Christmas Hunt Game works much better if you have the Skillshare mobile app on your phone so you can carry it around with you.  

You can play the game alone posting your pictures in the project section to be counted by our staff.  However, it can be even more fun to divide your family or friends into teams and complete against each other, keeping score for yourselves.  Either way make sure to post your pictures in the project section so we can be part of your fun also.  

Each section of the game will give you a specific item based around Christmas to be looking for.  Finding the item nets you one point.  However, to make the game more fun each section will have a bonus where you can at least earn one extra point.  All sections will allow you to accumulate more bonuses so make sure to listen to each section in full before venturing out to find the basic item.  

Each item you find on the list needs to have a photo taken of it to record your progress and keep score.  So make sure to clear out your phones before you head out on this adventure.  Remember the object of the Christmas Hunt Game is to have fun, so if your uber competitive put that on the back shelf as you are playing the Christmas Hunt Game.  

Everyone that posts a picture in the project section will be entered into a chance to become one of the  beta testers for my next adventure game here on Skillshare.  

Okay are you ready to get started?  IF so lets head on over to the first section and let the Christmas Hunt Game Begin!!!

Peace and Love,


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Dr Rob Alex Alex, Ph.D.

Powerful Fun Teaching


Dr. Rob Alex, Ph.D. is brilliant at coming up with outside-the-box ideas. He is currently creating fantastic courses available on around creative marketing and relationships. It's fascinating how the relationship skills he teaches to couples crosses over to authors and entrepreneurs with their relationships to clients and fans/readers. He had a spiritual awakening in 2010, which happened due to transcendent lovemaking experiences. This encouraged him to bring more spiritual perspectives into his work - metaphysical concepts alongside practical ideas. He teaches how to use ancient wisdom to expand your thinking while creating more personal life energy and how to direct that energy to develop amazing relationships (personally and professionally) and live the l... See full profile

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1. Christmas Hunt Intro: Hey, everybody, and welcome to the Christmas Hunt game here on skill share. Now this is a little different from what you're used to on skill share. I wanted to make something for the holiday season that was fun and interactive for everybody to get out and enjoy the time with their family and friends. So I came up with this concept. Now the Christmas Hut game works much better if you have the mobile version of skill share . So if you haven't downloaded the mobile version, go over and do that now and they unload this class right onto their, it's gonna be so much Mawr Interactive. If you do that now, you can play this game alone or just you and your family, and it's fun. Um, all will ask is that if you're doing that that you post your pictures onto the project section here on skill share so we can see the fund that you're having now, But it's more fun to divide your family and your friends up into teams. You can have two teams or more teams, depending on the size of your family and friends, and compete each against each other. Now there's a scoring system involved that will help you determine the winning team in that manner or that will be keeping score. If you post all your pictures online to, then we'll talk in a little bit more about that. Why you should enter your photos in the project section here on skill share. But just make sure you enter those pictures. It's very important. Plus, I want to just see how much fun that you guys were having. Now, each section of this game will give you a specific item to be looking for. Have a Christmas theme to it, um, finding the item that your point, however, the game. Each section has an opportunity for you to score two more bonus points by adjusting. The pictures are finding a different version of that height, Um, out there in the world as you're searching around. But again, you know, this will help you keep score, um, and accumulate those points with those bonus points. Each item you find needs to be photographed using your phone, so make sure that your pictures air cleared out before you go out to do this, you know, clear out as many of your pictures you can. I would even advise, you know, having multiple phones, which is usually the case. And when you're with a group of people have moment, multiple phones to take these pictures. Now that remember, the object of this game is to have fun, a Z you're going out and about with your group. It's toe. Have fun. It's so if you're uber competitive, you know, Please put that on the back burner. You know, there's no sense in getting upset if you don't win this game because it's all about the fun , and the pictures you're gonna have are gonna be memories all in themselves. Now, even if you're competing against your family and friends, I still love to see those pictures. I still want you to post them in the project section here on skill share for the this class so that I can see the fun and so that I can keep score because I'm gonna be for because for everybody that post a picture in the project section, I'm gonna enter you in a chance to become a beta tester for the next version of these interactive games that in putting hair on skin ship skill share, and I love for you to be able to be part of that process. Okay. Are you ready to get started? You know, we've talked, hear a lot about the rules and how it's gonna work. So let's head on over to the first section and get you guys rolling. Now if if you're playing his teams, now is the time to divide up your teams before we get into the the items being shown so that all the teams will be ready to go and start earning their points. 2. Item #1 Scrooge: All right, everybody, I hope you have your teams divided up and you're ready to go. I also hope that if you're playing as an individual unit or an individual person, that you've got the skill shared uploaded on your phone and you're ready to head out and find these amazing things. So let's start. Item number one is a picture of Scrooge. Get something Scrooge worthy now, This could be an actual person or an item that looks like Scrooge or maybe a poster. But for your bonuses, you need if you get another bonus point. If you're person is a real life Scrooge now, this could just be a grumpy looking person. They don't have to be dressed in the attire, but make sure you ask permission. If you're going to take that picture. You also get a bonus point. If that person is wearing glasses, I'd love to see him, you know, tip their glasses down and look over top, much like the guys doing in the picture right here. So there's your first item. You better get going 3. Item #2 Ugly Xmas Sweater: All right, We're ready for item number two. And that is that ugly Christmas sweater. Yes, I want you to get a picture of somebody wearing that ugly pick Christmas sweater. And your bonuses for this section are, um, one point if there is a reindeer on that sweater anywhere on that sweater, if there's a reindeer, you're going to score an extra point. And another point if the person wearing that sweater has a Santa hat on. So if they're wearing a Santa hat and there's a reindeer on the sweater, you're gonna net two extra points. 4. Item #3 Snowman: All right. Item number three on our list is a snowman. Snap a picture of frosty. And how do you score bonuses in this section? Well, you get an extra point if the snowman is made out of real snow, no fake imitations, A real snow. So you living in the colder climates might have a better chance of this. And you also get a bonus point if you could hold the snowman in the palm of your hand. So if it's a tiny small man made out of snow, you're gonna net two extra bonus points. 5. Item #4 Wrapping Paper: Okay, we're ready for item number four, and that is wrapping paper. And not just any wrapping paper, but some crappy looking wrapping paper. And how are you gonna score bonus points here one point if the if the Christmas wrapping paper has fluorescent colors in, You know those bright colors that are almost blinding your eyes get a point for that and you get another bonus point. If the paper on the inside has those lines to help you cut it so you might have Teoh take this picture down into tube. You might have to take a couple of pictures here. Now. I love this bacon wrapping paper that we found here, So if you find that that's pretty, that's pretty rare. Fine. But there's your next item. Go out and get looking for. 6. Item #5 Mistletoe Selfie: Okay, we're ready for item number five. And it is mistletoe. Selfie. Get a picture of you kissing someone under a piece of mistletoe. And what are your bonus is one point bonus for the self. If the selfie has a Santa in the background, a Santa can be live or fake. That just depends on what area in. And one point if anyone in the selfie is holding a Christmas picture our Christmas present . Excuse me. If one point if somebody is holding a Christmas present. So there's your way to score your bonuses, get out and find that mistletoe and start kissing. 7. Item #6 The Grinch: Okay, we're ready for item number six. And that's the Gran Church. Get a picture of this nasty fellow now the Grinch. Obviously, there's not too many people that dress up like the Grinch on a normal occurrence. But so you go, you can look for posters. You can look for movie covers, whatever you need to get your picture of your Grinch. But here are some bonuses for this, um, item. You get an extra bonus points. If you can find anybody that has green colored hair, it could be their beard. It could be their hair. We will count that person as an actual grant if you confined that person and you'll get a bonus point. Also a bonus points if you get fudge in your picture with the Grinch. Now, if you watch the more modern movie of the Grinch, you'll know that he one of the things he had to eat a judge was the fudge in the contest. So if you get the fudge with the Grinch, you're gonna get another bonus point 8. Item #7 Palm Tree: Okay, we're ready for item number seven, and that is a palm tree decorated for the holidays. This might be easier for those of you that are in warmer climates. The bonuses for this. If you get that picture of that palm tree and the words melancholic aim aka are in it, you score another point now, Mellie Clicky Maka means Merry Christmas in Hawaii. Hawaiian language. So that's why that we want you to get that. But you also get a bonus point. If there's Copan, it's in the picture, too. So this might be a little challenging for some of you, especially view those up in those really cold climates. 9. Item #8 Fruit Cake: All right, we're ready for item number eight Fruitcake, The gift that nobody eats. There are some people that like fruit Kate and I apologize. I don't know too many of those people. But fruitcake is the next item on our list, and the bonuses for fruitcake are one point. If the fruitcake is wrapped in a colored plastic wrap, this is usually how they come. A lot of times you can buy those decorative wraps, and if it's in that colored plastic wrap, you'll score one point and you'll get another point. If someone in the picture is throwing, the football are throwing the fruitcake like a football. They're rare back, like Peyton Manning, ready to deliver a deep strike to a receiver. 10. Item #9 Giant Candy Cane: item number nine, a gigantic candy cane. The bonuses for this is if the giant candy cane is bigger than the person standing decided in the picture, you'll get one bonus point, and if the candy that gigantic candy cane has lights on it, you'll get another bonus point. 11. Item #10 Egg Nog: item number 10 Eggnog. That tasty treat that only comes out around the holidays. How are you going to score bonus points with eggnog? Okay, the 1st 1 is a little bit difficult, but if you remember the movie Christmas vacation, if you get eggnog in the Moose Cup like the one pictured here, you're going to score an extra bonus point. And if the photo of the eggnog if the eggnog shows someone pouring alcohol into you're going to get another bonus point now, obviously, if there's kids around, we don't want them drinking eggnog with alcohol in it. So let's be considerate. Uh, there don't put alcohol in your kids eggnog. 12. Item #11 Fireplace : item number 11 Ah, fireplace with stockings hanging from the mantle. And how are you going to score bonus points here? You'll get one bonus point if there's an actual fire burning in the fireplace. Pretty simple, and you'll get another bonus point. If one of the stockings has a superhero on it, it could be any superhero. I'm not here to judge which superheroes you like, but if the stocking has a superhero picture on it, you're going to get another bonus point. 13. Item #12 Gingerbread Person: item number 12 The gingerbread Man or woman. And how are we gonna score bonus points here? You're gonna get one bonus point if the gingerbread person looks like a ninja Now, believe it or not, I've seen this myself. And it's pretty awesome. And you're going to get one bonus point if the gingerbread person is next to his or her gingerbread house. So if they are standing outside their house, you're going to get another bonus point. 14. Item #13 Christmas Hug: item number 13 you're somebody needs, Ah, we need to get a picture of a Christmas hug in action. Bonus points for this are If there's an animal in the picture and you're hugging that animal, you're going to get a bonus point. So get those puppies and doggies and kitties out and give them a hug in your picture. Also, if there are more than five people in the picture involved in, like a group hug, you're going to score another bonus point. So this is a great item Dove will go find because they encourages people that, you know show their warmth and affection for each other. 15. Item #14 Gaudy Light Display: item number 14 The Gadi Light display. Yes. We want you to go out and find the most gaudy light display you can in your neighborhood. Um, you will get a bonus point if there's a Batman image somewhere in the display. Yes, The Batman image. It could be the logo. It could be an actual Batman. Anything to do with that man is in the in this gaudy light display. You're going to get a bonus point, and you're going to get a bonus point if there are more than eight reindeers in this display eight reindeer in the display. So if somebody is messed up and put either Rudolph for extra reindeer in the display, you're going to get credit for that. 16. Item #15 Nutcracker: item number 15 then that cracker. And how are we going to score bonus points with The Nutcracker? We're gonna get one point if The Nutcracker has an actual beard. Yes, Like the one in the picture. If he has a beard, you're gonna get one bonus point. And you're gonna get one bonus point if you have a picture of five Nutcrackers together, Yes, five Nutcrackers equals one bonus point. 17. Item #16 Reindeer: item number 16 a reindeer. And how are you going to score bonus points here? Well, if the reindeer is an actual living, breathing reindeer, you're gonna get a bonus point. Yes, you can take the picture of the reindeer. That's fake. Ah, that's plast made out of plastic. Those blow points in front of people's houses. But you're gonna get a bonus point if you can find a live reindeer and you'll get a bonus points if you get a picture of eight reindeer together. So if it's live, there's over a you're gonna get three total points so pretty impressive scoring there. 18. Item #17 Dancing Peanuts: item number 17. You need to get a picture of someone doing the same dance movements as one of the kids here in the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. Now this is a standard for holiday. That I always love is when the kids start dancing. Then I know it's Christmas time in that classic cartoon a Charlie Brown Christmas bonus points four books and we're it A little action going there. You get one point bonus point if you can get enough people to create this entire scene. So if you have enough people in their Teoh act out the scene, you could do that mannequin challenge kind of with it. If you want a toe where it looks just like this, you're gonna get one bonus point. You're gonna also get one bonus point if you have a replica of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree in the photo. You know that Charlie Brown Christmas tree? The one that looks like it's just a twig with one bowl bonnet? Yes, If you get that in the picture, you're gonna get a bonus point. Also, 19. Item #18 Poinsettia: number 18 points that I points idea. You're going to get a picture of this wonderful holiday plant, and you're going to score bonuses if you get a color other than red. Red is usually the standard color, but you're gonna get a bonus point if you get a color other than red. And I know they're out there and you're going to get a bonus point. If somebody has this plant sitting on their head, put the pot on their head and let their stand there, you're going to get another bonus point. 20. Item #19 Angel: number 19 on Angel. Yes, an angel. You're gonna get a photo of an angel. Obviously, it's hard to get a photo of Ah, a really life angel. But, hey, I'm open to all the images that we get, but you're going to score bonuses. If if that angel is on top of a Christmas tree, you're going to get one bonus point. Um, And if someone in the photo has their very own halo, you're gonna get another bonus point. So there we go. Get Tau looking for those angels. 21. Item #20 Santa: item number 20. And our last item on our challenge here is Santa. Yes, the jolly Man himself. We need to get a picture of Santa now. You'll get one point if the picture if Santa is with an elf and you get captured both of those fellows in this picture and you're going to get one point if someone in the picture is giving Santa a piggyback ride, So obviously prepare for safety. If Santa's if you don't have a larger person, you might not want to try this. But, you know, if you can hand if you have some money in your group that can handle the weight of Santa, by all means go this I'm sure he would appreciate the help. 22. Christmas Hunt Ending: All right, everybody, Now is the time to tabulate your points. To see which team One or two. Start downloading all those pictures into the project section again. Don't forget to download those pictures into the project section so you'll be entered in the chance to be the Beta beta tester for the new versions of these games that I'm going to come and have coming out throughout the year. Here on skill share. I'm so excited to be doing this with you guys. I hope you have the amazing holiday times. I hope this added a little excitement to your holiday. If you have any suggestions on how we could make this better or bonuses that might be fun toe include next year. Please put those in the project Section two. I'd love to hear from everybody. And again, I wish everybody a very happy holiday, and I'm glad I got to spend some time with you and hopefully major holiday season a little brighter