The Gravity Quiz - Physics - Gravity Course (Class 6) | Edouard RENY | Skillshare

The Gravity Quiz - Physics - Gravity Course (Class 6)

Edouard RENY, Music Producer & Tutor in Physics

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14 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Gravity, The Basics - Wrapping up!

    • 2. Instructions on how to take the Gravity Quizz

    • 3. Question 1 - Gravity Quiz

    • 4. Question 2 - Gravity Quiz

    • 5. Question 3 - Gravity Quiz

    • 6. Question 4 - Gravity Quiz

    • 7. Question 5 - Gravity Quiz

    • 8. Question 6 - Gravity Quiz

    • 9. Question 7 - Gravity Quiz

    • 10. Question 8 - Gravity Quiz

    • 11. Question 9 - Gravity Quiz

    • 12. Question 10 - Gravity Quiz

    • 13. Question 11 - Gravity Quiz

    • 14. Question 12 - Gravity Quiz


About This Class

In the previous classes, you have learned about the basics of Newtonian gravity: Gravitational Forces, Gravitational Fields, Circular Motion, Orbital Motion etc…

Now it is time to check your new knowledge with a Quiz!

The selection of questions I wrote for this quiz mimics real exam questions you could encounter during a high-school final exam, such as IB or A-Levels exam. So, this class is also a great tool for high school students to test their knowledge! It is also a fun way to train the brain of anybody interested in this subject.

Before the quiz, I produced a ‘Wrap-up’ video that summarizes in just a few minutes the fundamentals we have discussed during the full course. Take the time to review it and if you do not understand or have forgotten something, go back to the relevant class.

The second video contains instructions on how to take this quiz so that the results remain meaningful to you in evaluating where you are at concerning the basics of Newtonian gravity. You can take the quiz in two different ways:

1st way: each video presents the question with a timer, and a detailed correction that follows when time runs up. You can take the test question by question and get the answer immediately after each question.

2nd way (recommended): Download and print the pdf file that contains all 12 questions, and take the test far from any distraction and with a time limit: if you wish to feel the time pressure of a real exam, the time limit should be set at 18 minutes. If you wish to transform this quiz into a more enjoyable experience, or use it as a revision tool, set it to 25 minutes, or even 30 minutes.

All solutions are presented in detail in the videos, with sometimes a discussion that explores alternate solutions or ways to approach the problem. You can also find all solutions for a quick answer check by downloading the answer sheet (pdf file).  

Have Fun and Good Luck!

************* Content of the class *************

Video 6.1: Wrapping Up!

Video 6.2: Instructions on how to take the Gravity Quiz

Video 6.3: Question 1

Video 6.4: Question 2

Video 6.14: Question 12

*** This class is part of a larger course named “Gravity, The Basics”.***

“Gravity, The Basics” explores the elementary notions of Newtonian gravity. All classes of this course are available here on Skillshare.

Class 1: “Linear Motion” (because being comfortable with this notion will allow you to make the most of the full course). This class presents a step-by-step technique to solve all motion problems when the acceleration is constant. This class can be taken by itself.

Class 2: “Newton’s Universal Law of Gravitation”, which you can be seen as a doorway to the deeper dive we carry out in the next classes.

Class 3: “Gravitational Fields”, the core of this course: This class teaches first what is a field, and then dives into a deep description of gravitational fields, gravitational field strength and gravitational field lines. It is packed with many exercises aimed at making the student comfortable with these notions.

Class 4: “Circular Motion”, prepares you for the section on orbital motion. You are presented with a detailed explanation of fundamental quantities that occur in circular motion (angles, angular velocity, centripetal acceleration and forces). This class can be taken by itself.

Class 5: “Orbital Motion”, for you to master the motion of bodies in circular orbits around a massive object: This class blends notions taught in class 3 (gravitational fields) with notions presented in class 4 (circular motion), in order to get a good grasp of what is an orbit, and how to manipulate easily orbital motion concepts.

Class 6: “Wrapping-up and Gravity Quiz”. Once you have viewed all 5 classes, it’s time for the exam! After a 5-minute summary of all notions presented in “Gravity, The Basics”, 12 exam-like questions are presented and corrected in detail.