The Gift of IFTTT Productivity Hack #2: Automatically Post New Wordpress Posts to Pinterest! | The "How To Gal" ✌ | Skillshare

The Gift of IFTTT Productivity Hack #2: Automatically Post New Wordpress Posts to Pinterest!

The "How To Gal" ✌, ⋆ Marketing ⋆ Cooking ⋆ Success ✌

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4 Videos (14m)
    • Wordpress to Pinterest Intro

    • WP to Pinterest Setup

    • Checking the Applet

    • Thank You!


About This Class

Time is precious. As the old adage goes - work smarter, not harder. That is what every class in this series is about. You will learn amazing ways that you can save time in your business, marketing efforts, and life in general with the wonderful world of IFTTT applets.

In this course, you will learn how you can automatically have new Wordpress posts automatically be posted to a board on Pinterest! This is NOT something you can do from within Wordpress using Jetback - this hack is seriously a marketing lifesaver. For me, anyway, Pinterest is my biggest source of traffic, and I about fell out of my chair when I found this. I hope you find as much use for it as I do!

Oh, and did I mention IFTTT is FREE?!?!?! Yes folks, instead of paying $19.99 - $199.99 (or even MORE!) to have your social marketing automated, you can do it for FREE with IFTTT. How cool is that?!?!?!

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The "How To Gal" ✌

⋆ Marketing ⋆ Cooking ⋆ Success ✌

Hi there Skillshare - nice to meet you! I'm Mel "How To Gal" Possehl, and I am so excited to announce I am now a Teacher Assistant here on Skillshare! I absolutely LOVE this platform and the people on it, and I look forward to my new role helping new and struggling teachers alike find their groove here. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to ask. My discussion board is open for questions, so feel free to post any issues you may be having on any of my posts. You will also f...

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