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The German Alphabet - seasonal Christmas spelling practice

teacher avatar Angelika Davey, Here to help people "learning German with a smile"

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

2 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Seasonal words

    • 2. Extra listening activity seasonal words

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About This Class

Welcome to my very seasonal Skillshare class!
You may have done my free Alphabet course or you have learned and practised the German alphabet with a tutor, a book or somewhere else online.

If you would like to practise some more, then this class is perfect for you. You will learn lots of seasonal, christmassy words and phrases, but first you need to listen to me spelling them ☺ 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Angelika Davey

Here to help people "learning German with a smile"


Welcome to my Skillshare page!

I am Angelika of Angelika's German Tuition & Translation and I'm here to help you learn German, especially if you are teaching yourself. 

How can I help you?

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1. Seasonal words: Hello. Do you know the German? Also? Bitch, Have you been practicing it? Do you know how to spell your name in German or your email address or the town you live in ? Would you like to practice a bit more? But I've run out of ideas. Then I've got the right class for you. It's very seasonal. So you may only want to do it now. Really? In December, just before Christmas. Because all the German words you will hear possibly even learn. Ah, December or Christmassy Words. So enjoy a little bit off. December Christmas fund practice some German spelling. And if you ever come across this video in June, July, August or whatever well, you can still enrol. You can still practice it. But you may just want to wait until December again. But if you want to have a go police in role and have a go 2. Extra listening activity seasonal words: welcome to an extra session. Uh, I thought I'll give you an extra practice. Listen, Onda, um assess December the's are going to be seasonal words. All the words I'm going to spell out to you in a minute will be words that you were here a lot in Germany during December. So my apologies. If you come to this lecture in July, you may want to then delete it or avoided. Really? But at the moment, it's very topical in the first word I'm going to spell to you is only three letters, and it starts with, I think, back in the alphabet, B C D in S G etcetera. So the first letter, um, on the 2nd 1 is Oh, so the 1st 1 was e. The 2nd 1 is the on the last one s and I repeat them again. And yes, second word starts with Yes, just nice and easy, IHS. See, um um on the tricky letter again. Mm. And another one? Um, yes. See, uh, and, um um next word is quite a long one, and it starts with Ah. Now, remember, quite often people get the A in the all mixed up, but a is And, uh, the next letter D e again, Watch out e and to Yes, And be careful with this one. I'll say it again. So, uh, and I must say, the whole would again, Uh, Dean, so Mm. And to Yes, uh, yeah. And and sit And the last word from the first lot. And, um, watch out again, e. It's that one. Uh oh. And, um Mm. Watch out for that money as well. Yes. When I repeat that one and Mm Uh mm. And, um Mm. Yes, if he's still struggling, who's the video for a minute? Because I'm about to show you what the words were, if you're ready for it and carry on. So the first word was ice, which is ice. Mm. Uh, s So we've got the tricky letters off the E in the eye in there. The next word was schnee. Just snow. Only tricky ones are Things would have been the e. But I will spend it again while you see it in front of you. Yes. See, huh. And the next one is after Vince comes, which is the reefs that people put on their tables with four candles on it for the four Sundays before Christmas on our spell it out again. Um, de so I mean and teen. Yes, co And Ah, and sit really tricky ones, I think with the air. Ah, and the last one, his Nickolaus. You will hear lots of German Children talk about Nicholas at the beginning off December because Nicholas day is on the six, and they usually get some sweets. Um um uh Mm. Um uh, that was the tricky one. We hadn't. Uh oh. You had an e in there as well. Do you like to hear some more? No. Listen to the next look. Free words slightly longer. The first word the Mm mm huh. And, um see, uh huh. To this Be Ah, no. And very long word. And I will spell it out again. The Mm um, um and, um, see huh to yes, be And who? And don't worry if you need to re vine re What? Rewind If my can't say not properly in English. The video. If you do need to hear me spell the word out again, listen to it as many times as you like. The next word de e m Yes. See, Uh huh. Mm. And come. Mm. I say that one again. Do being see, huh? And and, uh Mm. And the last one for this? Not Yes. Oh, I'll be careful with that one. It's and not. Oh, say it again. Yes, it's it. Now, the last two letters and ests it were off those extra special letters the state and give you it carries on e de uh Mm mm. T And I say the whole word again in one go. Well, I won't say it yet. I'll spend it out. This Mm. Yes, that's it. And G uh, mm. To, um and And these were the words I just spelled you line ox bone. It's just a Christmas tree. And I read it out to you as the Mm uh huh. And, uh, see, uh, to it's I mean ah, who and the next would have spelled out was asheninka, which means presence Gu. Yes. See, uh Mm. And, uh mm. On the last word was Zeus seek Iten just sweets. Onda had s and then it had Do you love a sich with money s letter? Mm. Game. Uh mm. In to mm. And Andi I'll do two more phrases that you will hear a lot in December in Germany. You ready to listen? The first phrase consists off two words. 1st 1 starts with Morse's F because I actually forgotten to mention we need to start these words with a capital letter. So if yeah, watch out for that one again. Yeah, uh, that's another one of those special letters, huh? And Mm. See? Uh mm. And I say that word again. This and Mm. She, uh, um Mm. See, huh? Mm. No, it's what? Because we start a new word. Courses V Then we're starting with a capital letter v in. Mm huh. And, um, see huh? To e. And? And I repeat that word again. The mm huh. And, um, see, Huh? Team. Mm. And? And the son of race consists of three words. The first word. This. Yeah. Watch out again. Yeah. Oh. Huh? Meaning yes. I say that one again. And that should start with a capital letter as well. So courses F and mm huh? Mm, yes. Nice. What? We're starting a new word and Mm mm mm. Yes. A nice few vowels in there En said against or in. Mm mm. And me? Yes. Noise watch. It's not our final words. Horses yacht. So again, we start with a capital letter Yacht. Um what, child? For that one again? Uh huh. Yeah. The last word again. Yacht. Uh uh. Air. And these were the phrases I just said to you fully give Einar his merry Christmas, and I'll spell it out again so you can actually watch the letters. Yes. Yeah. Um huh. And Mm. See? Uh Mm. Nice. What the in you, huh? And ah, seeing ah, to and and the last phrase waas horse noise? Yeah, which is Happy New Year. And I spell it out again. This? Yeah. Um uh huh. And, yes, noise work and Mm, No. Mm. This noise Lord, you don't uh, uh, yeah, as I said is beginning off the lecture. These are very seasonal words and phrases you would hear lots of times in Germany during December, which is two months. I'm just making this video. It may sound very strange to listen to this and March, July, October. If you're watching the videos, then ignore them. Issue like, come back to it next Christmas. I hope you enjoy this while you listen to it in December