The Ganzfeld Effect: Hack Your Brain - Instant Meditation, Hallucinations, & More!

Rob RodenParker, Entrepreneur and Teacher

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Background & History

    • Instructions

    • Procedure

    • Examples

    • Overview


About This Class

So you're curious about altered states of mind? Are you interested in:

  • Instant Meditation?
  • Safe Hallucinations?
  • Out of Body Experiences?
  • ESP?

The Ganzfeld Effect is a way to induce an altered state of consciousness, similar to a sensory deprivation tank. But you don't need an expensive piece of equipment, a professional to hook everything up, or anything of the sort!

With just a simple DIY mask and some headphones, you can hack your brain and experience some totally out of this world things right in your bedroom. It's all perfectly safe, and no effects are permanent. It's like going on some weird funky acid trip - without the drugs!

So click on the ENROLL button below and strap yourself in for a wild ride! You'll love it.

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Thanks for making this accessible!
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Literally amazing technique
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Rob RodenParker

Entrepreneur and Teacher

Hey everyone! I'm an experienced internet marketer and author. I specialize in teaching and entertaining others through my books and courses. I've created ebook, audio, and video courses on a variety of internet marketing subjects, and I've published over 30 books, both fiction and non-fiction.

I decided to join Skillshare to broaden my horizons a little. Although I've published both fiction and non-fiction books, and have published several courses on marketing your online business, I wanted to be able to teach some really cool (and maybe weird?) things that didn't fit those areas. 

I hope that you take a look around all of the different courses that I've published (well, I'm new but that I WILL publish) and make sure to FOLLOW ME so that you can get notified when something new gets created. I am always looking for ideas, suggestions, and tips on my own courses as well as something I might create in the future!

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions. Skype: RobRodenParker or send me a PM here on Skillshare. I want to share what I've learned to help you succeed. Let's do this!