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The GMail Masterclass: A Complete Guide To Using Gmail

teacher avatar Uday Gehani, Dedicated to make complex topics easy!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

20 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. The Gmail Master Class: An Introduction

    • 2. Welcome Video & How To Use This Course

    • 3. Creating a New Gmail Account

    • 4. The Search Box

    • 5. The Inbox: Primary, Social and Promotional Tabs

    • 6. The Main Menu

    • 7. The Star System of Categorization

    • 8. Hover Actions

    • 9. Labels: An Introduction

    • 10. Creating, Applying & Customizing Labels

    • 11. Importance Markers in Gmail

    • 12. Filters

    • 13. Outgoing Email: Composing & Formatting Mails

    • 14. Email Signatures

    • 15. Using the Gmail Confidential Mode

    • 16. Setting Up Vacation Auto Responders

    • 17. Using Advanced Search

    • 18. Using Keyboard shortcuts with Gmail

    • 19. The Canned Response Feature

    • 20. The Last Stand: Deleting Your Gmail Account

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About This Class


Email still remains an important channel of communication and it's likely you check your email every day.

But, if you're like most people, despite so much time being spent checking email you've never put enough time aside to learn the features, tips and tricks that your email provider has to offer.


Because your busy and...

Honestly, email providers like Gmail work well enough out of the box not to bother.

But, here's the catch and the question you should ask yourself.

What's the cost? 

When you stop and think about it, it’s actually pretty obvious: having a giant list of pending messages in your face all the time isn’t an effective method of organization.

How often do you lose track of emails or realize you never got around to taking care of something you meant to handle several days ago?

Being visually overwhelmed tends to lead to those sorts of issues rather than efficiency.

That doesn’t mean you have to answer every email immediately, of course. For most of us, that’d be impractical. It just means you have to make it your goal to deal with your email.

And, that's what this course does. 

It teaches you the ins and outs of Gmail 2020. 

It teaches you organization.

It teaches you the features where you save a bit of time every day which snowballs into weeks and even months saved over the course of your lifetime. 

Your time and attention are finite and this course teaches you ways to sort, categorize and automate your emails so you can spend more time on the most important issues in your life or doing what you love rather then having to constantly worry about your cluttered inbox.   

So, sure, you can choose to NOT watch this course and move on. 

But before you do, ask yourself...

What's the cost?    

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Uday Gehani

Dedicated to make complex topics easy!



The most essential learnings in life come from Failure. 

The classes below are a result of some of my epic failures and the lessons I have learned from them. 

I used to fail in Business and Investing and so I mastered ACCOUNTING & FINANCE to change that. 

I learned that 'Revenue' is the most important metric in Business so I learned MARKETING to change that. 

I learned Time is as important as money and so I learned PRODUCTIVITY hacks to maximize it. 

Having my fundamentals of Accounting, Marketing and Productivity clear has had a BIG IMPACT on my life and I am passionate about teaching what I have learned to others.    

I hope you enjoy the classes.

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1. The Gmail Master Class: An Introduction : have you ever tried to assemble? I care for nature without reading the instruction manual. If you have, you may come to a point during the assembly process where you realize hoops. You put the wrong screws in the wrong place, and now that you're half it done, you're wishing that you would have been just a bit more patient and followed the instructions Well, in a natural, that's how I believe most of the world operates. Genius. Most people open an account and start using Gmail. And because they haven't spent the time learning the basics, they spend their remaining years with a giant list of pending messages all the time and often lose track off important emails if you really think about it. This approach is not learning. The basics is pretty counterproductive, since spending just in our toe on getting your foundation right can save you thousands of hours in the longer. While this truly isn't an effective method off organization. If you made it so far into this video, I know you are not like most people. You understand that this power in doing things correctly and leveraging the knowledge off others to improve your own life. Amadeu Honey, their designer and architect of this Gmail, masterclass and Gmail Power User For over 10 years. In this course I teach you everything Gmail. I walk you through the process of setting your foundation right and guide you through all the basics to the point where you become a Gmail power user. This course is divided into six sections and eat section built on the past, teaching you all aspects of Gmail along the way from setting up a new Gmail account and section one all the way through, deleting a Gmail account in section six, which is the F A Q section. If you're a beginner, I recommend going through these section sequentially as eat section builds on the last one . But if you do have some experience using Gmail, I recommend you go to the lectures list and pick up your topics off interest. I guarantee that you will find a few hidden gems, which is the features you never knew existed or that you would just not using properly topics in this course into star systems. Labels can responses how actions at one search and so much more. Lastly, if you do decide to take this course. Not only will I be truly grateful, but also as a measure of my appreciation and gratitude you I will keep adding to it because Gmail keeps introducing new updates and features which will make this course not only a guide toe, navigate all aspects of Gmail, but also your personal Gmail reference system, which you can keep coming back toe at a later point in time whenever you have any Gmail related questions. So thanks for checking our my Gmail masterclass, and I hope to see you on the inside. 2. Welcome Video & How To Use This Course : hi there. And a big bomb. Welcome to the Gmail productive ity course. I'm so happy and grateful that you allowed me to be a part of your journey. But together we will gain mastery or your Gmail inbox before we begin. Though there are few things that I would like to share with you take number one. You can end this course in one sitting or finish it. Invite I species. If you do decide to finish in bite size pieces over the next few days, I recommend blocking out time in your calendar right now so that this doesn't become one of those courses you, Bart, but haven't finished. I know that I've been guilty of that more than once in a filing. Of course, For a significant painter of time, it usually takes me a long time to get back to it. I assume checking a Gmail inboxes something you would do daily. So completing this course and learning some of the productive ity hacks in the course will save you a significant amount of time in the longer So make the small investment of time. Right now. Go ahead and pause this video on block out the time in your calendar, you will take to complete and implement what? Starting the scores thing Number two over the next series reflectors. You may notice that the screen you're working with is a bit different to the screen you have in the course. That's because, like most cloud software, Gmail keeps changing its look and feel over time and keeps adding new bells and whistles into it as its technology improves. But the basic fundamentals remain the same. So sometimes you may have to use a bit of your intuition navigating your screen if you do notice something like that, so just know that you have lifetime access to the scores, and I promise to keep updating the reduced the latest ones every time there's a significant update. Okay, now that we're done discussing these two things, let's step into the world of Google by creating a new Gmail account 3. Creating a New Gmail Account: Hello there, and welcome to the lecture on creating a Gmail account. Now, if you already have a Gmail account set up, that's great. You can skip this lecture and warn for the next one. If you don't keep watching and follow along, I know there. Two types of users will be watching this video, those that are creating an account from scratch and doors that already have an account and simply want to create a new one. Let's start with the first type of user, the one who wants to create the first ever genial account. If you want to create a Gmail account for the first time, simply type W w lovely lord gmail dot com or its GDP s colon ford slash ford slash account . Start google dot com in your address bar and you will be taken to the screen in front of you. Go ahead and click. Create an account and the screen changes important by pure force. Name your last name. Pick a user name. I've been a strong password. Click. Next the screen changes. Go ahead and type in your phone number. This is an optional requirement, but it's good for security purposes. and go ahead. If you have a recovery email address, you can type it right here. Otherwise, go ahead and select your body and your tender on. Go ahead and click next. And to make sure this numbers yours, Google's will send your text message. Okay, Go ahead, send. You're going to get a verification called on your phone. Go ahead and type in that verification court. Gratify you move onto the next green, which asks you whether you want toe sink your number across your various Google services. You can go ahead and do that, or you can click Skip more click. Yes, I'm in. You have the next green, which has the terms and conditions. Go ahead and having if you would like, I'm just gonna go ahead and click. I agree. You read for a few seconds and you go the welcome screen with the nice person waving their hands and clapping. Go ahead and click. Next click. You can pick the default. You comfortable? You come back. You were just gonna go ahead written before it right now. And there you go. Congratulations. We have opened up a world of productive ITI and possibility with your new Gmail account. I'm going quickly. Shut off my to do list so that I can show you the full screen. Once you're on the screen, you're gonna be seeing are set up progress meter at the bottom. You already created your count. You can learn how to use email, but then that's what discourses for. So I'm gonna just check this off. You can get Gmail for mobile. What you do is you can just click this spartan and you can type in your phone number, and they're going to send you a link by SMS and walk you through how to get the Gmail move by lap and have it sink with your Gmail account. You're not gonna be going to that now because we will be talking about that later in this course is, Well, you can pick a team if you don't like this white color background. At this moment in time, you can just simply click this and you will. I see so many teams in front of you. You can pick one of these ones. I am not going to do that right now because we have an other lecture in the future, which teaches you how to do that. You can also import contacts and mail. So one of the things that you can do is, let's say, if you have another email account, part mail or Yahoo or any other email account, you can pretty much type in your email address here into continue, and it's going to import the cornerbacks from 90 mil account. So in the future, if you just want to use Gmail, this helps you and are going through this right now because we have a lot of comprehensive information coming up in this course, which is gonna walk you through a lot of the stuff. So and the last thing is your profile image now by default, because my name is Oda. It starts with you. My profile image looks like this. You want top part. You can always change. Your profile omits to have a picture off you or whatever else you would like. So I'm just corner quickly. X this out because we have a very comprehensive course coming up and we'll walk through all of this at a later point in time during the course. So thanks so much, you officially suck up your Gmail account and Veer garnered a writing 4. The Search Box : So here we are. The sweet smell off a fresh new Gmail inbox. Congratulations on setting up your free Jimmy Lacombe in this part of the course, they're going to get a general overview off the interface. Once you familiarize yourself with the interface, we will take a deep dive into the specific features where you will see what makes Gmail so special compared to other email providers. So that's Davin. When you first log in to your Gmail account, you are greeted with screen right in front of you. This screen is broadly divided into three sections. This is the 1st 1 This is the 2nd 1 and this is the total. Let's start with the nor view off the 1st 1 The first section is a section on top where your search feature is right next to a magnifying glass. I could search Feature is a feature which helps you search within your G Milica. So remember this search feature allows you to search between your Gmail account only, and it's not the searching and functionality, which you commonly find on google dot com. On the right of that, you have ah, Rubik's Cube type of box, which is an easy navigation Barton for all of your other Google maps. By clicking on the Rubik's Cube, it connects you to a host of other Google products, such as Google Maps, you to your Google play store, your Google contacts, Google Drive and so on. In fact, there are 26 of them at the time of recording this video with ubiquitous ones like YouTube and some which you may never have heard off. For example, like Jam Board, which is like a digital whiteboard for collaborating amongst teens. For the uninitiated, a quick dip you given Google a boat owned by the same company called Alphabet Inc. So, for example, if you want to learn more about Alphabet Inc. You can quickly scroll up and click the Google Search Parton, and you can go ahead and type half a Big Inc. And they go all the information about Alphabet Inc available right here. See how easy and useful hours also, I want you to remember when you click on any of these APS, the specific app opens up is a separate tab on your browser so you don't have to worry about being navigated away from your Gmail account at any time. Let's take a look at another example. Let's own watch my favorite YouTube video. I simply go ahead to Google Maps. Click on the YouTube icon and there you go. As expected, YouTube opens up so that I can now binge watch my favorite cat videos. If you have a Gmail account open on your computer, you can test this out for yourself. Just make sure to come back and finish the rest of this course when you're done going on right next to your X. Q. We have a SoCal with the Bell icon. The Bell icon is for any notifications or Google Mahaffey. The notifications that you see in the Bell icon will remain mostly silent unless you have a Google plus account for those unfamiliar Google. Plus, it's also a social networks like Facebook, but it's owned and operated by Google, Google smartly integrated Google, plus a counter to most of its where property such as Gmail and even YouTube. How this helps you as a user is if you have a YouTube channel and if someone leaves your comment on you, do you get a notification right here? This is 100 times more useful than you having to navigate a YouTube to find out what's going on. Speaking of Feikens, Googled really likes using them in sprinkling them across all its properties. The second icon that you will notice within this area is your gear icon. The gear I couldn't represent your setting stool. The setting stool allows you to change the look and feel of your inbox. Isabella's Integrate your Gmail with other popular platforms such as Dropbox, Jello and so much more We're gonna be diving into the nitty gritty off all the features in your settings to later in this course. For now, let's warn the center of the screen, which is your display area. Thank you so much for joining me this lecture. I will see you in the next one. 5. The Inbox: Primary, Social and Promotional Tabs: the second section off your screen is your display area. This area is where the collection off all your mail happens display area can be changed by clicking any of the Barton's on the left hand side and decides called the Mean many. We're gonna be discussing the mean menu in much more detail in the lectures that follow. For now, let's talk about our display area. Right now we're in our inbox and you get a new email by default. It lands in our inbox. Jimmy automatically classifies our inbox into primary social on promotional. Let me show your diagram to help explain this a bit better. Let's say you have an email coming. Gmail automatically sort this email out into primary social or promotional based on the type of email you have received in your Gmail account. The primary social and promotional messages are automatically displayed under separate taps . Separate tabs make finding and sorting messages easier. You may, as primary data includes all emails from people you know and any other messages that don't appear in the other two times. The social tab is where emails from YouTube, Facebook or Twitter might show up. It also has sites such a scorer and meet up for those that don't know eyes, a question and answer site. You can ask whatever question that comes to your mind, such as Why is the sky blue and the community off helpful people worldwide? We're trying to answer your question. Meet up is a site which connects people in an area with other people that have something in common within that area. For example, people who are into astrology or people who like reading can find other like minded people on me. Okay, I'm done with my gold nuggets of additional info. Now let's move on. Gee Meals Algorithm uses the promotional tab to automatically classify and sort emails from your favorite stores online shops in any other businesses whose mailing list you may have joined. Now the emails coming into each of these stabs is not set in stone, and you have the ability to change how the evening's assorted. For example, if you get an email into your primary time, you can drag and drop it into social or promotional as you were like. You can do the same thing with social and promotional emails. You can move them from those boxes and simply just drag and drop them to whatever box you were like. Now Zemel has introduced this automatic classification help improve delivery ability and open rates. But there so many people who don't like this feature and disable it an order to favor a more traditional inbox and have all their emails livered at one place. If you ever want to change this Defour feature, simply go over to the inbox, stab right here and click this button and you'll be able to change it from the default inbox type toe. Either important 1st 100 for start first or priority inbox. For example. If I want to change and make it too important for us, I simply just click on this button and you will see my deformed and box exchanged. I am gonna go back now, there D Fort inbox, cause that's the one I like in the beginning, with just a few emails. What type of inbox you have may not matter so much. But as the number of emails you have grows, make sure to keep this feature and mine and play around with it to see what type of inbox suits you best going on another thing. I would like you notice? Sure. Is that any unready emails? Always in bold and slightly highlighted. If you ever want open an unready meal like this, you simply click on the email and viola the contents of the message display right in front of once you leave the message and go back to your inbox by clicking this addle right here. The messages no longer Boulder or highlight. Since new emails are always in board will always be able to glance at your inbox and see Ritchie Mills are new and which have been ready. Okay, now there are so many more cool features and how you can categorize emails coming in. And that's coming up later in the scores. For now. Let's move on to the main menu in the next lecture. Thanks so much for joining me. I will see you in the next one 6. The Main Menu: hi guys. In this lecture, let's talk about the column on the left hand side, which is G meals mean menu. The main menu is like an index listing the inbox and all the other features that Gmail has to choose from. You can increase or decrease the column size of the main menu by clicking on the burger icon or the triple line on top. You can make the menu smaller are you can make the menu bigger. We're gonna leave the main menu expanded for now, while we still get used to our interface. When you initially log into your Gmail account, Gmail uses inbox as your primary starting point by default. You know that your inbox is the one, which is the starting point because the word inboxes highlighted in bold on the main menu. If you have any 100 messages in your inbox, there will be a number right next to it, showing how many 100 messages you have. So, for example, right now you can see that I have 100 message right underneath your inbox. You have the start and the Sununu's Barton's. Now let me explain to you a bit about these Barton's by explaining how the concept works. If you remember in the last few lectures we discussed, the Gmail categorizes e mails coming in as primary, social or promotional. Once these emails have been categorized into their respective buckets, you have the capability to further categorize how you want to cheat each individual email. You can start it. You can snooze it, or you can label it based on your personal preference. Let's take a look at our Gmail inbox again. I'll give you a quick example to illustrate this point. If I start an email by clicking the star, Barton right here means that I have thought that this email is good information for me and I want a viewer later. Now, at a later time, instead of searching around my entire inbox for the meal, I simply click on the start button in the main menu, and I can preview my start email right here just to hone in on this example a bit more. Let me show you my personal email account. Now this is my personal email account, and it shows you what more mature email inbox looks like when you go to my personal email inbox. you see that I have a lot of emails with a lot of start, keep in mind that have been using Gmail for over 10 years, So there's a significant amount of emails which I have start over time. Now you'll notice insert of the Yellow stars. I have some bread stars, and I also have some other icons, such as the eyes. And then I have the green check marks. I have my own key for each of warty symbols. Means to me, for example, are for me the letter I is to let me know that the email pertains to something important and it's important information which I need, but which may not require some action. I also have, for example, the Red Star, which means a high priority star, and I need to get these tacular first before I move on to my yellow stars. Ah, green check box to me means that I have this task which is completed, but I still want to save this email. Now we have a whole lecture on setting up stars, it subsets and the other icons later in the course. But for Nano, the take away is once you taken action on email, such as you started. You can always go back to your main menu, and you can click the start Barton and you will be able to see all of your start emails. Another feature, which you can use in Gmail, is the snooze button. Now let's go back to our original inbox. No, next you would see that there's a snooze Barton. This is another feature which you can use in Gmail. The Snow's Barton when you power over an email is the one which looks like a clock at the end. Hitting the snooze. Barton gives you the option to resurface the email later today, Tomorrow, next week, next weekend. Or you can even pick. There were dating time. If you're a fan of a clean inbox, it's a good way to keep your inbox empty and still know that an important email that you've wanted to take care off will pop back later in your cube. The next item in our mean menu is the same box, while our in boxes, where you see all your emails which come in the ST box shows you all of the emails that have been sent out because this is a brand new in box. We don't have anything in our sent box, but let me take you toe my personal email account, and I will show you what are more mature ST Box looks like. So let's say you wanna check an email that you send a few days ago, you can simply go to the ST Option and you'll be able to see all of the email you sent to your family, your friends, maybe some business emails. Now let's move on to our next option, which is the drops. Martin. Before we move on to drafts, I wanna quickly talk about this Barton, which I skipped over earlier, which is the giant comports Burton, as the name denotes the composed Barton, is to compose an email. So let's say if I start writing an email saying, Hi, joy, what's, uh what's up? Okay, now I certainly get interrupted by a phone call or someone walking into my room or anything off the sort, and I have to relieve my desk temporarily. For this moment. I quickly click this close. Barton and I walk over it when I come back to my Gmail at any point in time. Later, that email is automatically saved under drops, so I would be able to go back into drops, and I'll be able to open my email and continue where I left off. I simply love this feature of cloud based applications. No more worrying about having the savior work constantly. In the next section of this course. We will cover composing emails in detail. But the take away, for now is all the emails which you have not sent and are partially composed are saved in your draft inbox. And finally we have the more Barton. Nothing appears when you click the more Barton right now, but that's because this is a fairly new in box. If you want to see what a more mature, more Barton looks like, I will put up another one of my email accounts to show you how have set up by more Barton for this one. So let me click here and let me show you work my more Barton. Here you go, and under my more Barton, you'll see all of the different categories that I would like to see so fantastic we're done with this lecture as well. You're making good progress. Before I leave, I'm gonna leave you with a bit of email humor. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one. 7. The Star System of Categorization : Hi there. And welcome to the next section off this course. I'm so glad you made it in this video. We're gonna be talking about the star system. No, I don't mean the stars in the sky. I mean, the star system, ins email and how you can use the star system to double your productive. Okay, I realized I was in the West of jokes, but let's get right to it. So what are stars in Gmail, and how do we use them properly? Well, first of all, let's start with this. I'm using the word star system very loosely here. The star system and Gmail is a series of Aikens which work like bookmarks in your inbox like a bookmark allows you to find a certain page in a book. A star in the star system off Gmail allows you to find a specifications, agree off emails. You can use a star by clicking on the star icon right next to an email, which highlights it with the Yellow Star. You can also start an email while reading or composing an email. So, for example, let me click on this email. Open it. And once I have this open. You can see the star Barton right here, which is already highlighted because we did so earlier. Now, if you open normal email, this is where we looked like and you can started using like this. Now, this may not seem like much of this moment. Part in a crowded inbox. The star can be used to distinguish an email from the other ones. So let me show you this by populating my inbox a bit. Be back in two seconds. Okay? So welcome back. Now that we have a populated in box, you can see how stars are going to make a difference. Stars will allow us to highlight whatever e mails we warned, so we can easily find them later while the yellow stars are default star. Like I mentioned at the start of this lecture that many types of stars and other icons which you'll be able to use to highlight your emails. Okay, let me show you an example. Once I highlight this email, do you use GTM, which is Google tag manager? And let's say I'll highlight this wine a weekly round up and if I wanted, like later see these three emails, I just go to the start option on my main menu, and my three emails will appear right here. So when you get to, like maybe hundreds of females, starting these emails makes a big difference to be able to find them easily. Now what you can see on your screen of the Yellow Stars, but let me show you some other alternatives you can use to flag an email and how you'll be able to get access to them. So when you're in your inbox, you go ahead and you click your settings Barton and you click settings. You will see a number of tabs on top. Now you have to scroll around halfway down the general tab and you'll see your stars option . Now you can see that the Yellow Stars the only started we have highlighted on new in box. But if you want to use any other icons, you can simply take the icon and drag it from Northern used to in use. So now I'll be able to use the yellow star of the green check box, and I like the blue eye, which is in Fort. That's what I use it for, which is in for And if I want for best this out let me go back to my inbox Oh, I got to save my changes and let me go down and save my changes And let me go back to my inbox So let's see now have these emails and I want to add the free Google Analytics Dashboard email is an info email for me later. I just go ahead and I click and I got I Barton here, so I come back later and I want to see Hey, where's my free Google analytics email? I can always click the start and their filter my emails for me, and I'll be able to easily find my free Google Analytics dashboard from right here. Now, one of the things that you may have noticed here is that you have several icons to pick from. So let me just run through them really quickly. You have your yellow star, you have your orange star, you have your red star green check box I for blue eye for in four we have a pope, a star of Blue star, Green Star. We have a red bang. We have orange Guimet. I hope I'm pronouncing that correctly are we have Ah, exclamation mark Yellow one. And we have our poeple question Mark. Each of these icons can mean different things for different people. Actually, probably the only downside I see amongst the Gmail stars is that you'll have to remember what your own productive the scheme is. There's no direct way to personalize eat star color with its own name of purpose. So it's a good idea for you to think about how you're gonna use these Aikens right now and probably idea own personalized key and excel, or your nor taking up. You can always come and refer back to it later. For example, if you forget what you're green check Mark was for you. Forget what you're I was for. Like I have a friend who uses poeple stars to mark important messages from her family. Red exclamation points for messages that need immediate attention. And she uses green check marks from messages that she's already taken care off, but she still wants to keep the message in her highlighted section. Now organizing your messages using these stars can really make a big difference for you later. And yep, that's where the productive redeem, not stock about when we meet for coffee. It's stars there were using in our Gmail. Yeah, I said I know, but that's how we are. You might be one too. Okay, let's move on. Now, Let me take you back to my personal Gmail account. Okay? Now, that van, my personal Gmail account, let me show you another feature of stars and how to use them. So we're in the start option off our mean menu. And I have a lot of females, a lot of different types of stars. So I just want to see, for example, the ones which I have it. A green check mark. So I click on the search button on top, and I click has green, and Gmail is automatically populated this for me. So I'm just gonna click, has green check. And I can see all of my emails with a green check mark if I want to. For example, see things. See emails with has blue in four and you will automatically filter out your e mails with the blue info, Burton. Okay, great. Let's go back to our original inbox. And now that you're familiar with your star system you can keep track off different sorts of emails. Emails. You want to follow up with any funny messages? You might have any important emails that you don't want to forget. And you know that the star system can be used to distinguish between those categories. So thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one. 8. Hover Actions : Hello there, folks. So Gmail has this really cool feature called, however, actions, which allows you to access options for handling and email before you even open it. Let me show you how this works when you have any emails in your inbox. You can simply just, however, over these emails, and you'll see these icons appear on the right side of the email. You don't even have to open the email, and you can choose to archive it, delete it, mark the email as read our Susan. Now let's talk about each of these options for a few minutes. When you archive a message and email, the message goes away from your inbox now. Not that the message is not deleted. It simply archived. You can still find it later, using the search box on top or using the all meals Barton, which you can add to the main menu. Let me quickly show you how toe act the all male Barton to the main menu. I simply click on settings. I click on settings again. All right, click the label, stab on top, and I have the all male functionality right here and I click show and you'll see that all mail Barton appears in the main menu. Let me go back to my inbox. No, let's see if I wanna archive one of these men's Let's say I want to archive the social media examiner meal. I simply click on the archive pardon and the male disappears from my inbox. But if I ever realized that, hey, I wondered the social media examiner email again, I can always either type social Media examine right here in the search malfunction, or I can click on all male there. I'll be able to see it right here. It's like moving something into a filing cabinet for safekeeping rather than putting in a trash can. Now 30. No hard archive and email. Let's talk about our next feature, which is deleting the emails Now. Even if you do delete an email by mistake, you won't have to worry because you can retrieve it immediately. Like, for example, if I click the leak on this email, I have this undo function, which shows up and I want under this email. I made a mistake and I click. Undo on the mail comes right back into my in box. Now let's he had a much later point in time. You decide that you want to retrieve that email that you deleted, and it's been 10 days or so. You still have 30 days to access the mail back from your trash folder. In orderto access the mail back from trash shoulder again, you go back to the gear icon and click on settings. You click on labels and you have the spam and you have your trash. Let's say I click sure, and my trash button appears right here. So if I do go back and let's say I trash this email from Ryan Deiss and I click trash, it's gone into my trash. Let's say this undo button goes away and it's 10 days from now. You first for 10 days realize, Hey, I want to take a look at the email again that I deleted by mistake. I can just go back to my trash. I can right here, and you'll see it right here. So Jimmy does state on talk messages that have been in trash. More than 30 days will automatically be deleted, so you do have 30 days to re access any emails that have been deleted by mistake. Now, if you want even have a clean trash box, you can click empty trash now and then these message will be permanently the leader. Okay, let's move on to our next function. Let's go back to our inbox the next. However, action is often open envelope. This is an awesome feature. If you want to save yourself some time now, for example, let's if your body and you have received paint off being both the E cards from friends and family. You may be tight on time, and you don't have the time to really each one of them, so you can simply mark them. All is red. Thesis feature can be really useful if you are the type who likes a fully read inbox. Obviously, it has many use cases, but you can see how this best fits into your life. Let's move on to our final like on which is the snooze button. You can use the Snow Spartan to postpone emails and temporarily remove them from the in box until you need them. Your email will come back into your inbox when you want it toe either. That's later today, tomorrow, next week, next weekend or you can choose toe, pick your data in time. So, for example, if I want to snows this email by guard Isman, who's just uploaded a video, and I don't have time to here today, I may come back tomorrow and take a look at it. So I can simply just, however, over this email click the Snows. Barton and I can pick it up tomorrow at 8 a.m. And you'll see that the email disappears from inbox and appear back in my inbox tomorrow at 8 a.m. But for some reason, if I have some extra time to the evening and I wanna take a look at this email again, I can always go back to my main menu, Clicks knows, and I'll see my email right here, and I can take a look at my video. Great, we're done with all the how our actions. But let me leave you with a few other productive, edgy tips. If you want to take any of these actions in book you, what you can do is you can click on the check box right next to these emails, and rather than appearing right here, thes actions can be applied toe all of these emails in bulk by using the's, however, Aikens on top. So we have our Chi Burton retail, which we've ordered discussed we've already discussed are great function. We have a report spam In case you're getting a lot of junk email and you want a reporter, we have the delete function again. The delete function works in bulk when you use this icon on top, and we've already discussed that you ordered discussed the market sort, function and snooze function. And now here's a new one. This is the move to function if, for example, you have these emails appearing in your primary inbox. But let's say you these two emails these are by a market I following a Miles Bechler. Now I don't want these to appear in my inbox. I simply click on Move Toe and let's say I want this to be in my promotional email section . I click promotions, and the males now have been moved from here. The promotion that going back to the primary inbox now I can select another couple of females. Now you'll see the next Barton that we have is the labels functionality. The labels function is something which is also very useful, and we'll be discussing that shortly. You can also use the move tool button to create a new label and to manage existing labels. So whether it's the move, Barton or the labels, Burton, that's all coming up shortly in the lectures that follow. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 9. Labels: An Introduction: Hello, everyone, and welcome to our next lecture on labels Jimmy uses labeled instead of $4 toe, organize your email and give you even greater flexibility in this lecture. We're gonna find out how to use these labels and take your organizational skills to the next level. Jimmy and downplays the use of $4 for organizing messages and prefers that its users use the function called labels and being the biggest proponents of search in the world. Well, V, to argue with them in front of you, you're going to see my personal Gmail inbox. You notice that next to many of my emails, you have these colored rectangular Aiken's. It's sort of like stickers on an email, which are called labels. These rectangular boxes are applied to different types of females. Think off. This is a new way of looking at message management. Instead, off using Fuller's, we can start using labels. While this may be a bit disconcerting to many people at first were used to using four low management systems. Trust me, you'll prefer using labels once you get used to them and see what a powerful tool they can be. Let me explain how these can be used for you. Think of our traditional search is done. Locate any messages we need. We simply type in certain keyboards, usually in the search box. And once we type in, those keywords are relevant. Such populates in the box below. For example, if I was to look up the domes Facebook business manager, you will see all of the results related to Facebook business manager right below. But how left? Find the email that I want specifically when I have so many results come under the Facebook business manager search. Let's say I'm looking for a Facebook business manager, webinar, that I had seen a long time ago. So now if I am using labels and I remember that here they webinar that had taken was given my company called I'd espresso and because I was smart enough to apply automatic labels emails coming from an espresso I can easily sport the giant blue art espresso labels applied right here, and I can see the one which I want, which has the recording subject lying right next to it. See how the labels make the email spot one of personal North because I love marketing. I have used Labour's toe highlight labels from my favorite marketers and marketing companies, Let me show you my labels are located in the main menu in the main menu. I go ahead, my click marketing and I have sub categorised marketing into category scored digital marketers and deserter marketing platforms. So if I want to see, for example, the emails that have received from ad espresso, I know that they're located under the digital marketing category. I click this and I have my espresso label, and I can click this and all the emails which have the label on espresso applied hope you're right here. Super right. As an added functionality, I have also starred the art espresso labels that are important to me. So, for example, I have this Red Star apply to this label, which means that this email from an espresso especially useful to me think of how useful this can be in your business. In your life, For example, you could apply a label called Pictures Toe all the pictures you receive, and you can even stop categorize them further in tow. Let's see your husband's for door, your wife's four doors or let's say your Children's four doors, your family, four doors or anything that you can think off. Or as another example, Let's say you're a photographer and you keep clicking pictures, which you send your Gmail inbox. You could use labors to categorize these pictures as neater pictures or people or weddings . If you have nature, you can. For this up, categorize those in bullets, a landscape, pictures, clouds and mountains. You can pretty much have a label for almost anything and lets it once you have. I'm applying a label. You can further use the starting Let's say you could use a yellow star who highlight what photos need. Touch up. And let's say you could use a green check mark to show what foregoes have already been. Photoshopped The use of labels is almost limitless. I know that this mean not come so intuitively at first, but just give it a bit of time. For starters, I recommend you grab your book right now or open up a nor pad on your screen and take a few moments to write down what sort of labels you would like to apply. They're gonna learn to apply labels in the next lecture and I would like you to actually apply them with me. So go ahead and finish this exercise before you move on. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one. 10. Creating, Applying & Customizing Labels: Okay, if you're watching this lecture, I'm assuming that you did the exercise in the last lecture and have a few ideas of the labels you would like to apply. If you don't, you know what to do. Post this video right now and go get your ideas await. Okay, Now that you have your own ideas, they're ready to move on. Here's how to apply a label. Click the gear icon on the right click settings. Go ahead and click the label. Stab on top, scroll down and click the create new label, Barton. Now we're gonna be creating a label called Pictures. So I type pictures and I hit create, But before I had created I want to talk about this nest label under Barton. I'm gonna be showing you how to use this in a minute. But for right now, which is going to go ahead with our label core pictures and we had create and we go back to our inbox and in the main menu you can scroll down and you'll see a label that was applied core pictures. If I want to apply this particular label, let's say any of my email. So let's safe. For example, if this email do you use GTM was a picture, I could simply click on this and I click labels and I select pictures and then click apply . And now you'll see that we have the label pictures. If I had, let's see a couple of other emails 12 and three with pictures and I click apply. And now, for some reason I go away and come back. Let's scroll order the screen and let's say I come back after a few hours and I want to take a look at all of the pictures I received. I have some free time. I'm gonna go go ahead and in the mean menu. I see the pictures, label, click pictures and all of the emails that I applied the pictures label toe appear right here. So let me show you one more thing. If I, for example, one a nest, something under this one, I simply go back. Two settings. I click settings again. I go labels and I go back to my create new label. Now let's I want to create a separate sub label are no pictures. That's I want to create something called family bigs. I can mess this label under my pictures label, and I click create. And so in the main menu you'll see that we have family pics created under pictures. So if I go back to my inbox, I can show you. For example. Let's say if I want to make this your Intel influence January in review and I want to move this under pictures tonight into select pictures and family pics, and I click apply. And if I want to go back and see this email, I go to my mean menu. I scroll down and you'll see this drop down at all. Right here. So are the pictures. You have family pics and I when I click my family pick Spartan. There we go, so you can create a host off whatever sort of sub labels you would like. For example, like I mentioned a lecturer to before. You can create family picture, Children, pictures, friend pictures. Or you can use this for many other things. I used it from marketing in my own personal inbox. Another thing that I would like to show you is I don't like this great d four color. So much so Let's say if I want to click pictures, I can click the three buttons right here, and I can change the label color. So let's say if I put Dark Green right here and I can set the color for only this label or all the label and its sub levels. So I set the color for only pictures and I've picked dark green. And since this falls under pictures, I want to set another color, which is light green. And when I go back to my inbox. So there you go. Now I have might dark green form. I mean label and for my sub labels lightning. So you can organize your inbox however you would like Okay, so fantastic. You now know how to create a category as well as a subcategory off labels manually, sometimes making these labels manually, maybe a bit time consuming. So in one of the upcoming lectures, make sure you pay attention to how you can automatically use something called filters to apply labels. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. And I will see you in the next one 11. Importance Markers in Gmail : by now you are familiar with labels and stars. Labour's help you categorize your emails, and the star system helps you highlight your meals and further subdivide them based on your preferences. But the giant at Gmail is it isn't gonna leave things at that right. Let me introduce you to G meals, artificial intelligence feature. By showing you the important bag you condone these tags on by simply clicking on them while at the surface, you can use this stag to mark. An email is important. The additional functionality here is their Gmail uses the data from thes tags to understand your personal preferences. Let's see what's written on top of this tag when you have our word, it says. Important According to Google Magic, Click to teach email that this conversation is not important. What this means is that you, as a user, can trains email and recognizing important and unimportant messages by manually marking these messages. This works both ways for both important and unimportant messages. You can deeds email that a male is not important by clicking the important market changes similar to how the Facebook A. I learns from your liking Facebook post and sharing content the Gmail AI starts learning from the messages that you mark is important. Along with this. It also takes into account a number of other signals to determine if a message is important or not. Messages from people who are emailed to reply to a lot and messages of the type that always open automatically start getting marked is important. Also, any other messages, such as the ones air, ascend directly and not throw mailing list and messages that contain certain keyboards. Possible changes, Transaction details. Shipment deliveries. Ticket confirmations are marked is important now. Messages of the type that get the leader too often or are really open are less likely to be marked is important for many. The star system is usually enough to highlight important emails. But for many others, using the important bags and having G mail's E I helping categorizing meal adds an other level of productive ity into their lives. For example, if you live in extremely busy life, this feature can help you save some extra time in your busy day. Once Google loans what's important to you, it will automatically highlight your many meals, and you can confidently just read what's important and go on with your day knowing that your inbox has been handled and knowing that no important emails have been missed. Now there two ways to enhance your efficiency. If you want to use the important bags in your D four books, you can simply type. It is label important, and your most important emails pop up right here. Or another way is to change your Defour box from its current settings to what's called a priority inbox. The way you can change your default box into your priority inbox is simply going over your main menu and hovering over inbox. You'll see a drop down Adam. Simply click on the arrow and click on Priority Inbox. So what happens is it changes your email box format from the primary social and promotional Defour box into the important emails right on top to go back to your default inbox, you go back, click the down arrow and click Default and you're back to your original inbox. If you're not interested in using the important tag, you also have the option grouped on off this feature. You simply go to your gear icon and click settings, and then you just click the in box step, you go down and you'll see the importance markers right here. You can choose to instead of show markers, click no markers and also you have these other options where you can mark don't use my past actions to predict that messages are important. I'm gonna leave this own for right now, whatever you to sort of just hit safe changes at the end, and you can go back to your inbox and move on. So that's it for this lecture, folks, where we have learned how Google's AI helps in mastering our inbox and increasing our daily productive ity. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture and I will see you in the next one. 12. Filters: If you wanna reduce inbox chaos, you're gonna love what you learn in this lecture. Why? Labels, Stars and important markers are great. Marking them manually can be a bit tedious. If you want to skyrocket your productive ity, you must also learn toe. Automate these with something called filters. Now, the basic concept off a filter is that when something goes into a filter, the filter does its magic, and something different comes out in Gmail you can. Useful doesn't apply this concept to messages which meet certain criteria. For example, a message from your aren't Lucy can always be marked is important because she sends you awesome Christmas gifts and you want to reply to her really quickly. Or you want your credit card statements always getting archive for you to review later, and it doesn't stop there. You can use filters to do a host of other things, such as automatically mark messages read Mark them is important automatically delete them or even automatically forward the message to another email address. So let me show you how to create a fair. There are two ways to do this. Letty. I want to start by creating a filter on Ryan Dices emails. Ryan Nice is Air Digital marketer and sense of newly started this inbox. I've already received quite a few emails from him. Now, if I want to apply the marketing label on Ryan dices emails, and I've already created a marketing label, as you can see right here. But I want every time they're trying dices, email comes to my inbox. I wanted to automatically apply the marketing label rather than me have to manually go into it. So what I can do is I can simply click one off. Ryan dices emails, and I scroll over toe the triple Burton icon on top, and I click that and I click filter messages like these, and a new dialog opens up, which is auto populated by Ryan Dices. Email. I d Support a deserter marketer dot com, for now, is just going to skip these next items, but we will get back to them later. So this email I D is going to be used to recognize Ryan dices email. We click Create filter and I have a number of options off what I can do with any emails coming from support. Our digital marketer dot com. I can del Gmail skipped a inbox and archive the email for me to review later. I can check. Mark is raid. I can automatically start the email or I can choose to apply a label. And this is what we want to do with his emails right now. So I simply click this Barton and I choose the label marketing. I can also choose to forward any emails coming from Ryan Deiss to another forwarding address. So I have another friend of mine was really interested in digital marketing, so I could choose to let you add his email address right here and automatically forward Ryan dices emails to him, and if I really don't want someone's emails, I can delete it. I also have the option to never send her to Spam. And to mark the emails is always important. Organ never mocked him is important. I can also change the category off this email. What this means is currently Ryan dices. All emails are showing up in the promotional tab, since he's sending me a lot of marketing email. If I don't want any male chewing up in the promotional tab, I can choose the primary social updates off forum stab, but I'm just going to leave it in promotions for right now. Now, the final option right here is I have received six emails so far from Ryan Deiss and emails asking me if I want to apply the label toe. All of these previous six emails from Ryan I'm gonna check this box because I want to do that and I'm gonna click, create filter and you go all of Ryan Deiss emails with an automatic label Applied corn marketing. Now, if I get a lot of emails and I want to take a look at them together, I can simply click my marketing label in my main menu. And there you go. All of Ryan dices emails together. Now, this isn't the only way that we apply fiddlers. There's another way to do this If I go back to my inbox and let's say this is a normal day and I'm reading my email. Let's say I'm reading this email by social media examiner and while going through this email, I decide. Hey, I wanna start all of these emails. I want to apply some sort of filter to this email What I can do is there's also a triple Barton icon within the email. I can simply click on this Martin and within the email, that is, when I'm reading it. I can click on Filter Mrs like these, and the same process applies so I can go ahead and I could gently create a filter, and I'll be able to create the filter from here. Now the filter doesn't apply only to when a message comes to me from someone. I can also do it another way that is Insert off me and getting a message from someone. I can also apply a filter when I send messages to someone. So let's say, if Ryan Deiss was a good buddy of mine and I wanted to apply off marketing filter every time I replied to him as well, I could simply add his email idea right here. Another way to apply filters is using the subject line. So let's say I received my credit card statements every month and every month in the statement, the subject line says created guard so I can create a fielder which has credit card in the subject line. And every time I received my credit card in the email, I can again apply a filter and choose to archive it, forward it or any of the other options that we've discussed. Fitters have other options as well. For example, you can choose, has the word or doesn't have certain words. You can also filter certain emails, which are greater than a certain size limit, or less than a certain size limit. For example, if I don't want certain huge videophiles coming to me, I can automatically start them so that the the first things that I look at so that I can delete them and save them at some other place or whatever I want to do with them. So those are pretty much both of a Tzar V apply filters as a quick recap. Let me show you again. I will go back to my inbox, and if I want to apply a filter, I can just click an email and I can click this partner right here, and I can filter messages like these. Or if I'm reading an email, I can go to my triple Barton right here, and I can filter messages through this way as well. All right, a leader point in time. If you decide that, Hey, I don't want this filter anymore or I've made a certain full time. I want to make some changes to it. All you have to do is you can go to the gear icon right here. Click the setting, stab and on top you see something called Filters and blocked addresses. You click that, and this is my only filter this moment in time, which is the one from Supporter digital marketer dot com, which is Ryan Deiss. If I won't eject the filter, I can simply click on the edit button right here, and I can edit whatever I want by clicking. Continue and I can make a change to my current filters. Or if I don't want to do that, I can also go back and let's see if I don't want the filter altogether. I simply can select the folder and click delete, and it'll ask for a confirmation off this deletion, and I click OK and I have deleted the filter. So in a nutshell, that's how to create filters. And it's a very useful feature for you to keep your inbox neat and keep your life more organized any views. That's all for now. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 13. Outgoing Email: Composing & Formatting Mails : Hello there, folks. Now that we've gone through the Gmail interface and understood many of the features that Gmail has to offer, it's time to compose our first email. To compose an email, you simply click on the composed Barton on the left hand side of your screen, which has the giant plus sign. When you click on this, Barton of Window pops up in the lower right hand corner off your screen. This is called the compose Window, where you actually write the email that you're gonna send. Having Gmail function this way is awesome because you can still look at your Gmail screen if you need to reference any other email now, when creating an email there, three main parts of the email that you will always need to have the 1st 1 is the recipient , which is the person you're going to send the email to. The 2nd 1 is a subject which tells you recipient what the email is all about, and finally we have the body, which is the message itself. Let's start by adding some recipients in the two sections. You can start by adding one more email addresses in the section here if the person is already in your context. We can just start by typing their name and it's going to appear. For example, I've sent an email toe Lester test dot com. So if I just type the letter T, the remaining email address appears and I can simply click on it. If you have more than one email address, you can hit the Enter Key Order tab Key. If you want to add any other people, you can add a lot of email addresses this way or an other way in which you add recipients is by clicking on the world to. Once you click on the word to and other window opens up that you can select the contacts that you want, all of your Google contacts will come here. That is, all of the people that have previously sent an email to will be added as contacts in your Google contacts. Once you've selected the contacts that you warned by clicking the check box right here, simply click insert, and they appear in the to section off your composed window. If you want a CC or BCC your contacts as well, you can click the CC or BCC options on the right, C. C stands for Carbon copy and B C C stands for blind carbon copy. The carbon copy option is used a lot in the business world and sends the email to the recipient in the to field, as well as a copy of the email to the recipient in the CC field. The CC field tells the recipient of the email that they're not the mean contact of the meal , but it's been copied to them to keep them in the loop. Now BCC performs a similar function, except it hides the recipient's email address from everyone else. For this email. We don't really need to use either of these. Now we just go ahead and move on to a subject line in the subject line. You can just type something brief about what the email is about. Like, for example, or 10 my But they party. On September 18 the subject line will give some idea toe the recipient what your email is all about. As soon as they receive it. After you're done with the subject line in the body, few you can begin to type your message so I only have a message, which I'm just going to copy and paste right here to save you some time. So it says Hired Lucy. I have an awesome birthday party coming up. You're in whiter regards. Shortened Sweet. Now, if you don't want this to be just a plain email and you want to add some fancy formatting or highlight, store it at the bottom off your compose window. There's a button labelled with the letter A, which lets you access formatting options so you can just click this button to get the phone formatting options right here, and you can hide them by clicking it again. Let me just run over these formatting options with you really quickly. So at first we have the forints and you can pick border formed You were like So let me, for example, select this email and click this Barton and I can change it to Georgia. Okay, moving on. If I don't like the size of the stakes, the next Barton can help us, and I can make this a bit larger. I can also board certain parts. For example, I can click this and this and board the main part. I can italicize it as well, and I can underline it as well. And on the final North, I can actually change the text color. So, for example, if insert off, um black, I wanna put dark blue. There we go, my emails looking a bit better. You can also ally in your email text as well as out of numbers list, and you can click this button on the right for several other formatting options. Once you're done formatting the email based on your preferences, you can simply click this A and the mini vendor disappears. The next Barton that we're going to talk about is the Attach Files Barton. So instead of sending an email, let's say if I've created a nice PdF as in white for my aren't Lucy, What I can do is I can click the attached Barton, and the separate window opens up from this window. I can select what ever attachment I want, which is either in my PC or whether and my Google Dr One drive on my dropbox. I'm gonna close this for right now and move onto the next one. So the next one that we have is an insert link burden. If instead off the attachment or the email, maybe have created off webpage from my body or a Facebook event, and I want people to be the director to the U. R L off the webpage. Then I can simply highlight this. Click this and he can type my You are all right here. Like W W W Dart. Put a day in white dark Rome and I can click. OK, and now if anybody clicks on this, let's If you're reading this email and you click on this, you're you are ill will open up, and when you click that a separate time opens with that, you are. We're gonna close this for right now. After you're done typing your email formatting, it may be adding an attachment order. You are ill. The next step is to click Send. It is a dialogue box on the left, which shows that your message has been saying. Now, if you consider yourself a multitasker and like doing multiple things at the same time, Another cool feature that I want to show you is that you can type more than one emailer time. You can simply click the composer Barton and one screen opens up and you can start typing an email. And if you want another bookstore, open up, you can click the composed Barton again and a second email window opens up for you. Type a second email. Now, I'm not capable of such multitasking, but I wanted to show this to you just in case you ever want to use it. Before we finish up this lecture, I just want to give you one final tip. If you like to compose an email on a bigger screen, let me close this. You can simply click on the strip. Will Barton icon at the bottom and you can click default to full screen. The next time you go to compose an email and you click the composed Barton, you'll see a bigger full screen open up right here. Now, if you want to go back to the way the original screen looked simply excess out, you can go back to compose, and you can click on this and you can check this, and the next time you open it will come back to its original size. This is good enough to get you started off on your initial emails. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one 14. Email Signatures: hi guys. There's one more thing regarding composing and sending emails that I would like to mention . Many people like to create an email signature that will appear at the end off every email that they sent to do this. We click the gear icon and click settings. Once up page loads under the general tab, we scroll down. Will we see the signature section under the signature section? You have to radio Barton's idea signature. Simply click this radio button and you can add your signature in the box right here. I've already created a signature for myself. So let me added Right here, let me open my north bad and I vel Copy this and I will base my signature right here. So today, Jahani Emperor off our tiny suit in my imagination with my phone number and my website. Now this looks a big plane, doesn't so to make a few changes to this, I can simply select this And let's if I want to board my name Aiken board it, I can make it larger. And let's see, I have my website right here. So I want to make this into a link, so I select this right here. And obviously I have so many formatting options to choose from. But I click the link partner right here and now this becomes a U. L. A person can click and go to my website after I'm done with whatever formatting changes that I require. I just go down and I hit safe changes. And to see our email signature, you can click the composed Barton and our window opens up, and every time you send an email now you will have this signature at the bottom off the email. Simple enough, right? Well, creating an email signature, which is pretty straightforward, like this is pretty easy. Where things get a little bit complex is when you have to add an image to the signature. So let me show you what I mean. I accept. From here I clicked the gear. I can again go to settings, score down back to my signature section, and this Barton called Insert a Major Barton is usedto. Add an image right here. But let's see what happens when I click it. When I click insert image, you see a section which opens up says based on image. You are all here and there is no way toe upload this directly from my PC. This is great for people who already have a website and simple enough. But what are the rest of the people do? So let's first talk about the people who already have a website. Now. Since I don't have a personal upside at this moment, I'm gonna show you this example with another digital market I follow named Pat Flynn. Let me go back. Friends Website, open up in your damn. And I take back friend dot com and the website lords. Now imagine this is your website. Just find your image in your Web site and scroll down. Dear image, once your actual image. Right, Click on that. And once you presented with all of these options, make sure you click copy image address. There's an other important here called copy link address. Don't use the copy link address Spartan because it's gonna actually copy the U R L off the website. Make sure you select copy image address. Okay, you copy, image address. You go back to your Gmail account and you based it right there. And the reviews lording. And now this is the image if I select it and wow, this is too big. So if it's so big, what we do is we can simply click on the image and we can make it smaller, medium size or large. This is the orders, no size. I don't want that. I want to make it smaller. And this is what let's your typical image taken from a website would look like. And once you're done, click save changes and neatly composed. And there you go. You have created your email signature of it, an image. Okay, now there's a problem which I mentioned, which was that the only way that I could upload an image was through a website. You are all and what happens to people who don't have a website latest. Well, the reason this is happening is because I am logged into multiples email accounts at the same time. That's right, folks. I have multiple email accounts. I've been using Gmail for over 10 years, and I use it to manage multiple identities and multiple work related stuff. So if you do have multiple accounts logged, then you're gonna be facing this issue the V that you can all right, this is by logging in through your incognito window. Now your income need over. No can be accessed by using the triple Barton icon right here, you simply click on it and you click New incognito window. An incognito window opens up an incognito window, allows you to browse Google privately. It prevents any cookies from being stored into your system and also prevents watch history from your system. So if you have this issue where you have multiple email accounts, just go ahead and remember what I did. I just went ahead and I click the Triple Barton icon and I click new incognito window to open up incognito over. No. Once you're here, you go ahead and type www dot gmail dot com and signing from here. I'm going to skip the sign in process to save us some time and log in to my Gmail account using the incognito window else you inside the count. Okay, so I've logged into my account using the incognito window. Now, let me show you the difference in the signature section when I'm here and go go back, do settings and scroll down to the signature section. And now that I'm here I clicked. Insert a major Barton and you'll see that. Not only is the Web address Barton showing up, but I also have an upload Martin to be able to drag and drop files from my computer. I can also upload stuff from my Gmail drive you can see have already tested this and uploaded a few images earlier. Now let's see if I wantedto ad something from my computer. I click on upload button and I select the file from my computer. And let's say I go ahead and click images and I want to select this cute Backman button. So there you go, Backman icon and I can remove backs image and I have an other image growing up. I go down and I click, save changes. I go back to compose, and that's my email signature right here. Well, now you know everything that you would like to about email signatures. Thanks for staying with me so far. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I really appreciate it. I will see you in the next one. 15. Using the Gmail Confidential Mode: If you've seen the movie mission impossible, you may be familiar with the term this'll message Will self destruct in five seconds. Well, taking a page are off. Mission Impossible's playbook. Gmail has come up with self destructing emails. The feature is called G e Mails Confidential. More the confidential. More feature. Let's you add an expiration date. Two emails. Once the expiration date arrives, the email is no longer viewable by the recipient. With confidential more, it's possible to add a layer of protection too sensitive content that you send in your emails. Also, messages marked as confidential can't be copy, forwarded, printed or download. Sounds great right before we proceed, though a few words of caution Think of confidential moored is an easy way to maintain a bit more privacy in your Gmail inbox. But don't think for it is highly secure. For example, Google can still see the contents of film messages and has the technical capability to store them indefinitely, regardless off any expiration date that you may set. In other words, confidential. More provide zero confidentiality with regards to Google. Also, in terms of expiring messages, the first work around is a simple screen chart off fort off your email, which can then be forwarded, printed or downloaded so you can choose confidential. More would be over there that it does have its potential downsides, so use it with caution. Now leads David The confidential. More feature can be farmed in the compose window. Whenever you're typing an email at the bottom of the window, you'll see the lock with the timer on top. This is where you can activate or deactivate your confidential more. Let's test it out by sending an email from this email account to my personal Gmail account . I've already created a draft email for me to send, So let me open my drafts. Fuller. Once in my draft section, I simply scroll over here and take a look at my super secret email, which I'm gonna be sending. I open up my super secret email, and there it is. I have already filled up the subject line as well as fill out the email with some Laura um , Ipsum text. For those not familiar with a lot of ipsum text, it's simply dumb indexed, which is usually used in laying our print graphic or Web designs when her designer is creating a draft and wants to show where words will be placed. OK, moving on from my golden nugget of information. If this was a typical email, usually you were just hit the same Barton. But not in this case, because this email is highly confidential. We simply go and click the confidential more icon and you'll see some text with says Options for recipients to forward, copy, print or download. This email content will be disabled. Okay, that's great. After that, we have a divided into two sections, which is set exploration or require passport. We can choose to set the expiration of this email from one week, one day, one month, three months or five years. Whatever you wish, I'm gonna pick. One week after that, we move on toe the require passport section. Now here's where things can get a little bit tricky. Let me show you what I mean. If I click SMS pass cord and I click save and I go ahead and click, send the first thing that I'll have to know is my recipients phone number. Now, if you have a recipe and was very sensitive it privacy, they may not be too happy that you shared their number, even if it is just with Google, Since a safe assumption were be there. Google retains this number indefinitely thereafter. Secondly, the catch is that the SMS passport doesn't work in all countries at this moment in time. So, for example, I'm in Dubai right now, and it isn't working for me. Okay, moving on. Let's hit the cancel button here. Okay, so now that you can see there's a small window which is right here of it says are content expires on March 25th 2019. I'm not gonna be using the SMS passport feature right now, but I show you how to use it if you were in one of the countries where it is available, and now I'm simply gonna hit send. And there you go. My message has been sent Now over to my personal email inbox where I'm gonna show you what this message looks like when it arrives into a recipient's inbox. Okay, Now we're in my personal inbox where this email has arrived and I can see the subject. Super secret email. Now, just remember this This email appears pretty normal. That's because it's it's gone from Gmail academia. But when the recipe and doesn't use Gmail instead off this, it might just show a link, and you can click the link and email will open up in whatever browser that you're using. So here we go. Here's my confidential email with, Ah, the lock icon and the name. Or which says content experts march 25th 2019 18 which is the a week thrown today. Okay, fantastic. Now let me show you one more thing. When I go back to my original email where I sent the confidential email from, I'm gonna show you a really cool feature so I can go back to the ST Items and I conflict super secret email. And I can actually remove access whenever I want because this is a confidential email. So if I click remove access and it says action completed now the recipient actually will lose access to this email. If I click that button, I can also choose to the new access. So So this is also another awesome feature in the confidential moored I n guys you to check these features out. I thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next 16. Setting Up Vacation Auto Responders: Let's be honest. The last thing on your mind before a vacation is putting up in auto responders. Email. Even though in your mind you might already be thinking about soaking up the sun or tearing down the slopes on your holiday, your coworkers, customers and other business associates who are still working me not know that you're unavailable, failing to tell people that they're out of the office would come back to bite you, especially if they expect of prompt response. So before heading out for that much needed time off, it's imperative that you set an out of office reply to let senders know that you're going. If you're feeling stumped on how to do that, well, then this is the right lecture for you. Let's begin setting up the auto responders pretty quick and easy in your Gmail account. Click the gear icon on the top, right, and then click settings. Once a page opens school down until you see the vacation, or to respond a Barton. If the vacation respond or set off, click the radio button with says vacation respond on. You can set it up, starting at a certainly, and you can even end it at a certain date, so I'm just gonna leave it at March 18 or 2019. You can put the subject off the order, respond right here, And you can put the message receiver sometime. I've already set up in order. Responded for us. I'm simply gorgeous. Carnal. Copy it and based it. And I am gonna write my vacation as the subject. Now, my auto responders a bit on the funnier side, yours can be a bit more serious if you were like, you can also check this Spartan, which says Only send a response to people in my contacts. I'm gonna send it to everyone. After you've set up your email right here and put your subject and your first and last day simply click. Save changes and it's to saving. And there you go. It's your order s partner that has been set up. Now, if anybody send you an email, they will get an automatic response with whatever message that if put in the order responder. Now, remember, when you do have a date set up, it automatically switches off. But in case you want to go and manually switch it off, you simply go back to the settings. Parton. Go to settings. Stroll down and go back to your vacation or correspond. Click vacation. Respond her off and click safe teens is and that's it. You will have your vacation respond. Artur. Enough. So diet was simple and easy. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one. 17. Using Advanced Search : the name Google has become synonymous with search. It's the reason the company is a household name, and it's what Google does best. But my experience is that while most people you search well with Google, they often don't use Gmail search very well. Yes, what I mean by that. This is what happens toward typical Gmail user. Our typical Gmail users, good collecting emails, and some are even good, organizing their inbox by archiving meal and keeping the inbox empty. Unfortunately, most of these archive emails are never to be seen or searched again. But just once in a while, just sometimes when they really need to look up an email on a tight deadline, they use a normal search, which gives back so many results that the search results are pretty useless. They still have to spend an hour going through the search results. Let me give you an example. Let's see. Your boss needs a Power Point presentation he sent to you 3 to 4 months ago, updated and sent to him within the hour. Our typical Z mail user will do this deal. Just type the email of their boss in the search box and get hundreds of emails back as a searches. Um, now that doesn't help very much under the immense pressure off a looming deadline. Then they'll have to sift through the mountain Off. Email and spending are going through the search results to find the specific email that they want. That's why spending five minutes on this video could save you hours of time going forward. So let me tell you what to do to master search and email. The first thing that you should remember is the drop down arrow in the search box is an ed one search tool, and it's very useful here. You can combine a number of functions to simplify your search results. So let's say that you're looking for that Power point presentation sent by our boss and you remember that the presentation has an attachment. So you simply type his email idea in the search box and you click the has attachment Barton and go ahead and click the search Martin and you will have all off his emails that have an attachment right in front of you, making your sorts process so much more simple. You can also use this Adwan sorts Barton in combination with a number of functions. For example, if you remember that the subject line used by the boss had the word power point, you can use his email I d combined with the subject and hit the search button and bingo. You will have a narrow down sorts results with this as well. So well, that's the first thing that you have to remember. Let me talk about the next thing. I want to introduce you to the concept called search operators. So what are such operators? Well, search operators are advanced email search, which helps you find emails precisely and fast. At the time of recording this video, all Google search operators can be found on the You are Oh https Colon four slash four slash support dot google dot com forward slash meal forward slash answer forward slash 71 90. That's a multiple now. Google Dash change. It's you RL's once in a while. So if you can't find this particular webpage when you are watching this video, you can always find the latest version off search operators by using Google and typing the word search operators. Once you've opened this webpage, I would highly suggest that you pause this video for a minute and go over a few of these search operators. Most of them are pretty self explanatory and improve your understanding for the remaining lecture. So go ahead and please pause this video for a few minutes and please look over the speech. Okay, Welcome back, I hope pause this video and checked out the search operators. Now, let me show you some of my favorite search operators in action. Let's go back to our inbox and let's talk about our boss and his power point presentation once again. So once I'm here, let's see if I remember that my bosses PowerPoint presentation was sent in the year are 2016. I can simply type a number of combinations using search operators such as From, and my boss's email, i D. So that's one such operator. And then I can add another. So search operator, which is by Id'ing, has attachment. And then before calling 2016 slash zero one slash turkey. And there you go. Instead of hundreds of results, I've narrowed my search down to a few saving diamond energy. One can then focus on work rather than sorting or through a myriad of searches arts, I hope you can see they're just by learning or being able to reference the search operator speech. It makes Gmail so much more helpful and useful. It truly makes you a Gmail power user. So I recommend that you go ahead and book Mark the search operators page. You never know when you may need it, and then you might have that tight deadline looming. In the meantime, thank you so much for joining millions, Lecter and I will see you in the next one. 18. Using Keyboard shortcuts with Gmail : Hi there, and welcome to the lecture on using Gmail shortcuts. Gmail shortcuts help you in saving time and increasing efficiency. In fact, many of the articles you'll find on the Internet about using sharp cuts claim the shark cuts can save you weeks and even these off your time. If you spend a lot of time on your computer, how because every two seconds you saved by using a shark cart adds up, and at the end of the year, it's snowballs into big multitudes of time. So let's David. If you want to start using keyboard shortcuts and email, you have to do just one thing, which is enabling them in orderto enable your keyboard shortcuts. You simply click on the gear icon on the right. Click the settings. Martin, Once a setting screen opens up, score down all the way. Did you see keyboard shortcuts? Click keyboard shortcuts on. And don't forget to hit safe changes. Once you're back in your in box, you can take a look at all the shortcuts which you have available to you by hitting the shift and question Mark Burton. A window pops up, which shows you their different sharp cuts that you can use. And these sharp cuts are categorized into the type of action that you want to perform, such as navigation. Or if you want to use formatting or composing checked, I'll give you two pieces of advice when learning to use any shortcuts. The 1st 1 is. Don't try to learn all the shortcuts that one's It's too overwhelming. Try learning shortcuts in small sets off groups pick up for fire you think you might use most often and master them first before you move onto the next set. Secondly, I usually use a poor straight North, which I stick in a visible area close to my computer, and I'm learning a new set of shortcuts so that if I ever forget a shortcut in the learning face, I can immediately reference my poster north and apply. I don't move the poster north ones. I'm confident that I've gained fluency with sharp cuts that I'm learning now. I'm not gonna walk you through all the shortcuts on the screen, because if I do, this would be a three our course covering shortcuts only, but I will walk you through some of my favorite and commonly used ones Let's go back to our inbox by clicking the skip. Now. Typically your in your in box, either to send an email or the check and name it. If you wanna send an email, you can simply click see and it opens. After composer, you can type your email, and once you're finished, if you don't want to send it, you can click the escape key again. If, on the other hand, you're in your email account to read emails and you want to go through the emails that you've received during the day, you can use the X key to select an email you can click. Enter open the selected emails. Once the email is open, you have two options. You can use the R Key to reply to an email, but if there are a number of users, you can use the A key to reply back to the number of people. If, on the other hand, you are in your inbox and you open an email and insured off replying to the email, you want a forward it you can hit the F key once you've I did your sender Click tab to go into the composer no, and you type your email. If you wanna send the email, you can press control and enter, and it will send the email instead off you having toe use your mouse and hit the send button. If you want to go back to your in box, you can use the shift plus ikey. Now let's say I've read this email and I want to snows it. I click the B Barton and it brings out all my snows options. If I don't want to snooze it, let's say another thing that I want to do is I want archive it. Then I can use the E key and it archives it. Now these are just a few of the things that I can do. Let's say, for example, you see my Google contacts is open on top of the screen. I'm gonna close it right now. If I want to open my Google contacts using my keyboard, I simply press G and C together and it opens up my Google contacts. Now remember, the geeky added with any other letter is often used in jumping around in your inbox. For example, let me go into my sent box if I'm in my sent box and I want to go back to my inbox. I can use the G plus ikey So hitting the G M night he together has taken me back to my inbox. So this is just a quick snip it off. How do you sharp cuts and save you lots and lots of time in the long run? Make sure you hit the shift and question marquee in order to study the sharp cuts a little bit. And like I mentioned, use a poster north to write down three or four ones, which you might use in a very regular basis. Stick it somewhere around you. Practice still you become good. It threw away the poster north, rinse and repeat for happiness. Do the process again and again till you get really, really good at using keyboard shortcuts. Once again. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one 19. The Canned Response Feature: Hello there, folks. One of the best ways to boost your productivity is to cut back on the amount of time you actually spend writing emails. And this is where a feature in the mail cord can. Responses can really help. So what are canned responses? Anybody's can. Responses in Gmail allow you to create and save emails as templates in your inbox. One save these can then be sent with either just a click of a button or even sent automatically. As you can imagine, this is a huge time saver. No more copying and pasting from previously sent emails or wasting time typing out the same response over and one set up. You no longer have to answer the same question for the 10th time in the rope. Let me talk about a few areas in your life they can. Responses can really come in handy If you are accepting job applications. You can set up a canned response to let applicants know that you've received the application and thank them for applying. If scheduling meetings takes up a lot of your time, you can create your template with a link to your calendar, scheduling software and let contacts choose their time. That works. If someone sends an email for help with your service or product, haven't email ready to go, it lets them know that you've received their message and are on it. If you get the same questions about specific resource is or tips, create a can response. Instead of writing a new email each time off course, these are just a few examples. The Yusof Gan responses are limitless, so let's go ahead and set up our own first can response in your email inbox. Go ahead and click the settings button on top and then click the settings again. Once the new page lords Gordon clicked, advanced that Bondoc in the middle of your screen. You're gonna click enable next to the Can Responses section and go down and click Save changes. You just enable the can response Feature off your Gmail. Once your inbox lords for hurt and click the composed Barton and you'll see the composer and open up have already typed in a kind response for us. So let's just copy and paste this now. This is a template that have set up. Let's see if I was to do a weekly Webinar on how to be more productive now if I do a weekly webinar and I mentioned a few resource is in it. There's a possibility that some off the participants of the webinar emailed me again and again asking me for my resource is so in that case, I would warn us have this template set up so that I don't have to spend time typing the email again again whenever I get the request for thes resource is, I can simply use this template. Okay, to sort to set this up. What we do is we click the Triple Burton icon right here You go ahead and click gang response, New can response and another window opens up asking for a name for the scan response. So I'm just gonna do weekly webinar infinite and I'm gonna click. Ok, now let's say I accept from here and let's say four or five days later, I conduct my webinar and the next day I end up getting three or four emails from people asking me for the resource is that I had shown during the Webinar. So instead of having to type the email all over again, I can simply go back to my composed Martin and I clicked the triple Barton I can right here Corner canyon response and I click insert. So now you see this three more. This an insert. There's a safe, and there's a delete related to my canned responses I want to use insert for right now, and there you I can simply now click send, and I have not specified recipient toe emails asking you specify disappear. But obviously you know the name off the person who's asked you for the resource is you add , then email. I d. Right here in the recipient section and you click send and you see how easy that was and how much time it can save you. Now let me just show you. Once again, the can respond section. The first thing that you need to do is you need to save your template after you see of your template. The next thing that you need to do is when you come back into your composer. No, you click insert toe, insert email into the composer window, and finally, if you don't want and you've set up, let's say too many can responses and some of them off. No use. They've become bit obsolete. You can use their delete Barton to delete the canned response. So, in a nutshell, that's harder set up. You can responses. Let me show you one more thing before I leave. Ah, that is that you can even set up off filter. So let's say I receive an email from one of my colleagues. Wouldn't over which has the subject line. Resource is so now. What I want to do is I want to set up a canned response for my particular colleague. So I click create filter, and on the next screen you see that I can. Same can response and I can choose the gang response. Just as an example, we Lou Weekly webinar template and I can create my fitter. And what happens then? Next time that I get an email from that colleague. With that subject line, the filter will be used to send that can response automatically to them. So that's like a power up function on your normal can response function. And now imagine how much time Diskin save you. So can response is an excellent productivity hack, and I highly recommend that you add some of them to your own personal life. So that's it for now. Thank you so much for joining me in this lecture, and I will see you in the next one. 20. The Last Stand: Deleting Your Gmail Account: hi, guys, and welcome to the lecture on the leading your Gmail account. Now I know goodbyes are hard, especially when it's with people or things that you like. But if you have decided to say goodbye to your Gmail account, well, then this is the right lecture for you. If you want to delete your Gmail account, you can simply click on the gear icon on the right. And, like we've done dozens of times, click the settings Barton. Once on the screen, simply click the Accountant Import tab. You'll see the change account setting section where you click other Google account settings and a new window opens up. Once this new windows open on the left hand side of the screen, you'll see data and personalization, another data and personalization section. Scroll down and you will see, download, delete or make a plan for your data. You can certainly download your data before you choose to delete your account. And after you're done with that, simply click the delete a service or your account. Burton right here. And either you can choose to delete a Google service like YouTube or Gmail, or you can choose to delete your Google account in its entirety. For the purpose of this lecture, let's click the leader Saurus, and it will prompt you toe idea password once again. So I'm just gonna do that and click the next button. And there you go. You'll be ableto click this trash can and delete your account. Now, I would like to use my account in the future, so I'm not gonna be clicking this button for right now, but you get the idea. So thank you so much for joining me in this lecture. I will see you in the next one.