The GMail Masterclass: A Complete Guide To Using Gmail | Uday Gehani | Skillshare

The GMail Masterclass: A Complete Guide To Using Gmail

Uday Gehani, Dedicated to make complex topics easy!

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20 Lessons (1h 59m)
    • 1. The Gmail Master Class: An Introduction

    • 2. Welcome Video & How To Use This Course

    • 3. Creating a New Gmail Account

    • 4. The Search Box

    • 5. The Inbox: Primary, Social and Promotional Tabs

    • 6. The Main Menu

    • 7. The Star System of Categorization

    • 8. Hover Actions

    • 9. Labels: An Introduction

    • 10. Creating, Applying & Customizing Labels

    • 11. Importance Markers in Gmail

    • 12. Filters

    • 13. Outgoing Email: Composing & Formatting Mails

    • 14. Email Signatures

    • 15. Using the Gmail Confidential Mode

    • 16. Setting Up Vacation Auto Responders

    • 17. Using Advanced Search

    • 18. Using Keyboard shortcuts with Gmail

    • 19. The Canned Response Feature

    • 20. The Last Stand: Deleting Your Gmail Account

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About This Class


Email still remains an important channel of communication and it's likely you check your email every day.

But, if you're like most people, despite so much time being spent checking email you've never put enough time aside to learn the features, tips and tricks that your email provider has to offer.


Because your busy and...

Honestly, email providers like Gmail work well enough out of the box not to bother.

But, here's the catch and the question you should ask yourself.

What's the cost? 

When you stop and think about it, it’s actually pretty obvious: having a giant list of pending messages in your face all the time isn’t an effective method of organization.

How often do you lose track of emails or realize you never got around to taking care of something you meant to handle several days ago?

Being visually overwhelmed tends to lead to those sorts of issues rather than efficiency.

That doesn’t mean you have to answer every email immediately, of course. For most of us, that’d be impractical. It just means you have to make it your goal to deal with your email.

And, that's what this course does. 

It teaches you the ins and outs of Gmail 2020. 

It teaches you organization.

It teaches you the features where you save a bit of time every day which snowballs into weeks and even months saved over the course of your lifetime. 

Your time and attention are finite and this course teaches you ways to sort, categorize and automate your emails so you can spend more time on the most important issues in your life or doing what you love rather then having to constantly worry about your cluttered inbox.   

So, sure, you can choose to NOT watch this course and move on. 

But before you do, ask yourself...

What's the cost?