The G Blues Scale Across the Fret-Board

Rey More, Beginner to Pro Guitar Lessons

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4 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Intro to the G Blues Scale Across the Fret Board

    • 2. The G Blues Scale Across the Fret Board 1A

    • 3. The G Blues Scale Modes United 1B

    • 4. The G Blues Scale 3 Octaves Plus 1C


About This Class

This class follows all other Blues scale classes I have already published. The scale will be broken down in mode form (starting out on a different note each time). The second part will be uniting each mode form passing from 1 to the other and back to the 1st. Finally we will construct a 3 octave plus scale still respecting the modes positions. Download the Pdf file for all musical notation and tabs under class project section so you can follow will reading.