The Future of Work: 5 Mindsets to Power Your Career

Jacob Morgan, Best-Selling Author & Futurist

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9 Videos (39m)
    • Introduction

    • The Five Mindsets

    • Mindset 1: Perpetual Learning

    • Mindset 2: Accountability

    • Mindset 3: Empathy

    • Mindset 4: Self-Awareness

    • Mindset 5: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

    • Conclusion

    • What's Next?

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About This Class

How do you succeed at work in a rapidly changing world? How can you progress professionally as career paths become more circuitous and jobs become less routine?

Join bestselling author, keynote speaker and futurist Jacob Morgan for a practical guide to the five essential skills everyone should utilize at work. Whether you’re a business professional or a creative freelancer, every lesson is packed with tips and techniques you can use to further your career. Key lessons include:

  • Why these 5 skills are vital in the modern workplace
  • How real companies are using these skills, from Adobe to AT&T
  • Action steps to develop each skill so you can hit the ground running

After taking this class, you’ll gain an arsenal of tools to return to day-after-day, allowing you increase your potential, climb the professional ladder, and create the career you’ve always imagined.

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Presentation skills
Jacob has an excellent straightforward understandable teaching style that's easy for anybody to relate to. I recommend this course for management and employees. Thank you Jacob, Kent Heinrich
Great speaker, the discussion was easy to follow and very informative and thought-provocing. Visually appealing with a clear flow and structure.





Jacob Morgan

Best-Selling Author & Futurist

Jacob Morgan is one of the world's leading authorities on the future of work, employee experience, and how the workplace is changing. He is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, and futurist who advises business leaders and organizations around the world. Jacob's work has been endorsed by the CEOs of: Cisco, T-Mobile, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Schneider Electric, Best Buy, KPMG, AARP, Pandora, and many others.

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