The Future of Work: 5 Mindsets to Power Your Career skillshare originals badge

Jacob Morgan, Best-Selling Author & Futurist

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9 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Five Mindsets

    • 3. Mindset 1: Perpetual Learning

    • 4. Mindset 2: Accountability

    • 5. Mindset 3: Empathy

    • 6. Mindset 4: Self-Awareness

    • 7. Mindset 5: Thinking Like an Entrepreneur

    • 8. Conclusion

    • 9. What's Next?

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Project Description

Take one action step to start developing one mindset!

The best way to develop the skills presented in this class is to start putting them into practice today. Choose one to focus on and decide what action step makes the most sense for you, then share which skill and action step you’ve chosen in the project gallery! Consider:

  • Which skill feels the most applicable to your current situation? Are you in a people focused job that could benefit from increased empathy, or are you a new freelancer who might be better served by taking a look at your accountability?
  • Which action steps feel the most immediately doable? Stick with small steps that you can achieve within the next two weeks to keep up your momentum.


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