The Fundamentals of Content Marketing

Matt Cooper, CEO of Skillshare

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Introduction

    • Chapter 1: Defining Content Marketing

    • Chapter 2: Building a Framework

    • Chapter 3: Building a Content Calendar & Plan

    • Chapter 4: Derivative Content

    • Chapter 5: Recap and Next Steps

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About This Class

Matt Cooper is the former CEO of Visually, one of the early innovators in visual content. After years of working with some of the most innovative and successful content marketing companies, he has pulled together a course that covers both the basics of content marketing and some tips and tricks that will be useful to the most experienced practitioner.

The course will cover:

  • The definition of content marketing - what it is, and isn't
  • Defining your target customer - making sure your content is properly aimed
  • A general framework for your content marketing strategy
  • Developing a content calendar and execution plan
  • Using derivative content as a force multiplier

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This class was helpful in providing an engaging overview of content was simple, to the point, included insightful tips. I am a marketing manager and have my hands in all sorts of projects from packaging content to blogging to ecommerce etc. This course allowed me to look at the work I've done and lay out a framework as I continue in my content marketing career. Thanks to Matt!
Very informative and simple to follow. It goes beyond the what and gets to the how.
Brilliant way to engage on the subject, thanks a lot. Very helpful.





Matt Cooper

CEO of Skillshare

I am the CEO of Skillshare and a firm believer that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity and education are not. Skillshare's mission is to provide universal access to high quality learning, and use our platform to close the professional skills gaps of the new, creative economy.

Before joining Skillshare, I was the CEO of Visually, an online marketplace for creative work that was acquired by ScribbleLive in January 2016. Prior to that, I was the VP of Marketplace Operations, E...

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