The Fundamental of Magic Tricks - Beginner to Intermediate

Hilar Poon

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14 Videos (56m)
    • Course Introduction

    • Preparation

    • Card Sleight - Mechanics Grip

    • Card Sleight - Biddle Grip & Swing Cut

    • Card Sleight - Pinky Break

    • Card Sleight - Thumb Break

    • Card Sleight - Double Lift #1

    • Card Sleight - Double Lift #2

    • Card Trick - Power of 3 (Effect)

    • Card Trick - Power of 3 (Explanation)

    • Card Sleight - Double Lift #3

    • Card Sleight - False Cut #1

    • Card Trick - Sloppy Triumph (Effect)

    • Card Trick - Sloppy Triumph (Explanation)


About This Class

Have you ever imagine yourself as an magician? Perform stunning tricks like making coins disappeared, levitate objects, or mentalism, know what your audience is thinking without telling you. Now here is your chance to AMAZE PEOPLE!

Hi, my name is Hilar. I am an magician. I have been doing magic for over 12 years. During my journey I have performed street magic, performed numerous stage shows and kid shows. I have hosted several magic workshop. I have also taken apprentices and coach them magic as well.

The purpose of this course is simple; To teach you as much knowledge as needed, so you will be well on your way to become a professional magician.

This course will include:

  • Some of the most common sleight of hands that are used in many many tricks
  • Beginner to intermediate magic tricks
    • Card magic
    • Coin magic
    • Money Magic
    • Mentalism
    • Levitation
    • Sponge magic
    • Close-up magic
  • Tips on being a magician
  • Tools and gadget suggestions
  • Product review

The course will be updated regularly, constantly provide you new useful knowledge to expand your arsenal. I hope you will sign-up my course, you will not regret it.