The French Knot: Make a Gorgeous Ombré Pendant | Kira Lantz | Skillshare

The French Knot: Make a Gorgeous Ombré Pendant

Kira Lantz,

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10 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Welcome + Class Overview

    • 2. Materials + Tools

    • 3. Selecting Your Color Palette

    • 4. Preparing Your Embroidery Floss

    • 5. Threading the Needle + Tying the Knot

    • 6. Tracing the Pendant Frame

    • 7. Hoop It Up!

    • 8. Start the Project + Learn the French Knot

    • 9. Finishing + Assembling the Pendant

    • 10. Parting Thoughts


About This Class

Master the French knot while making a gorgeous ombré pendant! Some people find the French knot to be a bit tricky, but this class will demonstrate tips and tricks to reliably get more consistent results. And by the end of this project, you will have gotten a LOT of practice. Using only French knots, we will create a unique ombré pendant. Choose a monochromatic gradient for a stylish, subtle look to complement with any outfit, or show your team spirit by selecting your favorite team's colors. No previous embroidery- or jewelry-making-experience required. Join kira to tackle your hesitations and discover new techniques for making great French knots.





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Kira Lantz

kira makes things.

kira is an artist and graphic designer based in Richmond, VA.

As a life-long learner, kira loves to read and take online courses. If she is not knitting, she is probably daydreaming about knitting. She carries around far too many pens.

knitting | crochet | cross-stitch | embroidery | needle-felting | jewelry-making | sewing | general DIY
calligraphy | web/graphic design | digital + fine art | illustration | photography

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