The Freelancer Formula: My Top 3 Things Learned Over 30 Years as a Self Employed Entrepreneur

James Burchill, Bestselling Author & Instructor

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3 Videos (17m)
    • Here's my take on pricing ... most people are doing it wrong. Here'e how you can do it right.

    • Here's my take on sales ... most people are selling the wrong thing, this one will blow your mind!

    • Here's are the 3B's I manage my business by - you should consider adopting them too.


About This Class


Most people over complicate things - I used to. Now I'm a "Lazy Entrepreneur" and these 3 videos outline the top 3 things I learned over 3 decades of trial and error as a self-employed consultant and entrepreneur. 

In video #1 you'll learn the simple change you can make right now that's almost certain to double or even triple your revenue - and it requires no extra effort on your part!

In video #2 you'll learn the surprising truth behind what people are really buying from you when they say "yes."

Finally, in video #3 you'll get a step by step explanation of my "3B's for Business" and why being too helpful is seriously bad for your business!

Enjoy, and remember you can reach out to me and ask me questions too - here or on social media (FB & TW)

Take care,

James Burchill





James Burchill

Bestselling Author & Instructor

Rapid Results in 1-2hrs Guaranteed!

Hi, my name is James and I’m a fan of productivity and streamlining. I’ve been working in the technology and business world for more than a quarter of a century and during that time I’ve learned something very important about technology (hardware or software) and that’s this …

About 80-90% of what your “tech” can do isn’t necessary for what you need to get done!

Put another way, most technology has a steep learning curve to get the results you want. Meaning you have to invest considerable time and energy to discover the few things you need to know to get the results you want.

10-20% of your tech’s features give you 80-90% of what you need!

Bottom line is this. Stuff is way more complex than it needs to be. Sure, some folks (occasionally) use these advanced features, but most days we barely scratch the surface because we don’t need that level of detail.

Which brings me to what I do.

I’m a self-confessed geek and nerd. I enjoy technology solutions: hardware, gadgets, software, online services and more. Anything that makes our lives easier. The irony is many of these solutions make our lives harder – which is where I come in.

I show you WHAT TO FOCUS ON (and WHAT TO IGNORE) so you get RAPID RESULTS in about 1-2 hours – guaranteed!

I help people like you save time, make money and generally communicate more effectively with others. My training usually focuses on a technology (or software solution,) productivity (time management), and profitability related skills (like marketing and starting a side hustle business...)

I'm a Certified Evernote Consultant and Infusionsoft Marketing Automation Coach.

As a bestselling author, I've written extensively on these topics and trained thousands (currently over 15,000 in 150 countries - and that's on one platform in the last 3 years!)

I'm a curious kind of fellow and enjoy solving puzzles (I'm a fan of crosswords) and I like cooking, social events and drone photography. I was born in England and traveled extensively before settling down in Burlington Ontario Canada. 

Hello, I'm James ... nice to meet you!

PS. Connect with me on social media (links above) as I'm often online and enjoy meeting new people and learning more about them.