The Foreign Exchange Landscape- The 1st Step to Mastering FX | Mikesh Shah | Skillshare

The Foreign Exchange Landscape- The 1st Step to Mastering FX

Mikesh Shah, Director - AltGmX Technology Pvt Ltd

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13 Videos (41m)
    • The FX Landscape

    • FX Landscape Section Intro

    • FX Volumes Currency and Currency Pairs

    • FX Volumes by Instruments

    • FX Volumes Geography

    • FX Market Participants

    • FX Market Participants Volumes

    • FX Market Participants Financial Institutions

    • FX Landscape Project - Hedging

    • FX Market Participants Corporate & Retail Investors

    • FX Market Participants Algorithmic Trading

    • FX Landscape - Project2 Arbitrage

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About This Class

The Foreign Exchange (FOREX) landscape encompasses -

  • The various currency pairs and their volumes
  • The turnover and importance of core trading centers
  • Various market participants and their importance in influencing FX price action

Rather than diving right into the intricacies of FX trading - spot, FX swaps, outright forwards, fundamentals, technicals, money management etc. it might be a better idea to first build on a framework or context within which we can form trading strategies. Understanding the FX Landscape will provide you with that context. By learning how the geography of trading centers, timezones, liquidity providers influence the FX spot prices understanding technical analysis and trading patterns becomes much simpler. 

In addition to the theoretical aspect of trading, by the end of this course you will also get a hands on experience on how a basic hedge is performed and how a simple arbitrage is performed. 

** This course is a precursor to "The Complete FOREX Trading Course - An Investment Banking Perspective", which can be created based on the feedback from the students of this course.

Thanks for taking this course and hope you enjoy it! You could also watch another trading related course - Tradeonomics






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Mikesh Shah

Director - AltGmX Technology Pvt Ltd

Studied Bachelor of Computer Engineering and a MBA from Queen's University Canada. Worked 8 years in the investment banking division trading primarily in the foreign exchange and bond markets. Spent 11 years in Oracle Financial Services Software Ltd as an IT and banking consultant. During the consulting tenure I worked in various projects - implemented the Sarbanes-Oxley Act - internal controls at the IMF in Washington, built trading systems at an investment bank in London for the algorithmi...

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