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The Five Ways to Have a Successful Online Business & To Be a Global Freelancer Entrepreneur

teacher avatar Stan Hustad, What it Takes with Stan Husted

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (1h 5m)
    • 1. In Three Years You Will Lose Your Job - What will yo do then?

    • 2. Why Don't You Start to Brand Yourself Right Now - That is the start to being a Global Entrepreneur

    • 3. Here Are The Five Ways To Be Successful as A Online Entrepreneur

    • 4. Think About Only the Things That You Can Do!

    • 5. There Are No Guarantees in Life, Business and Online

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About This Class

It's not easy, it's hard, but if you can do it; it can be profitable, give you freedom, and you can help and serve hundreds and maybe thousands of people all around the world, and even make a great living.  But how do you begin?  This is a short beginners course for beginners.  

In just about one hour I will give you the  challenges you need to face, and the questions you need to answer if you want to make a successful business online.  Take notes, and then watch it three times and you will know how you should begin to build your online business as a fGlobal Freelance Entrepreneur.

All those people who are selling you stuff that are guaranteed to make you rich online are not telling you the truth.  Here is the simple but not easy way to begin the freedom road as a Online Entrepreneur.

I will be your coach and you can contact me anytime.

Stan Hustad

[email protected]

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Stan Hustad

What it Takes with Stan Husted


I am a teacher, broadcaster, and mentor and iI delight in helping folks improve thier lives, do work that matters, and become more fully alive ans they serve others.

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1. In Three Years You Will Lose Your Job - What will yo do then?: Greetings. My name is Stan Houston. And with your permission, I'd like to be your teacher because we're going to have a global ventures, a GV coach, Global Ventures coaching experience. It is a challenging conversation on the subject. Would you like to become rich as a global Internet entrepreneur? That's what the experience is all about. We'd like to help you deal with that particular question, maybe solve some of those issues and then be able to take some action that will benefit your life. Ah, global Internet entrepreneur. Would you like to become rich? Now? I'm going to begin with a very important question right now. This is a very important question. If by some fortune of ah predicting the future, you got a heads up, you actually knew that your job or your business The thing that you're doing to make money would not exist in three years. If you knew that it was gonna be gone. But you've got three years notice. What would you do know? Uh, would you panic? Would you pray? Would you plan? What would you do if you knew that what you're doing right now would be gone in three years ? Well, that could happen to you. Robots, artificial intelligence. All of the things that are happening online are doing just that. Too many people. And they will continue to do that. They will lose a their situation. Has they used to say, in the olden days, what would you do if you knew that that might happen to you? Well, perhaps this will be a helpful class that clarify something that you might do if perhaps you are saying what I'd like to do is to see if I could m m m 3 a.m. make more money as a global venturing as a global Internet entrepreneur. And we'd like to help you with that conversation. Now we're not promising anything. We're not guaranteed anything. If we could do that, we wouldn't do that. But that would not be honest, fair, true. And those people who say that they're not telling you the truth. There are no guarantees in life, except I guess if you don't like this class, you can probably get your money back. But there are no guarantees of what's gonna happen to us or what will be able to achieve. But the prepared mind, the mindset, the preparation, the planning, the thinking, the doing, the acting all of that will increase your chances of future success. And we'd like to help you do just that. Now we're gonna begin. Not only with that question of what would you do if you knew your job, your career or your occupation, your business would be gone in three years. Let's Ah, asked the question about Rich, that word that four letter R word rich. We put that in the conversation, and some people object to that. Well, you can't promise that I'll be rich and of course we can't. But before we even get there, let's ask you to do something that you need to do. What does rich mean to you? Does it mean money? If it means money, how much money? Uh, $1000 extra a month, 100 extra dollars a week, A $1,000,000 a year? Well, first of all, I would like each and every one of us to think about what it would be like to achieve the goal of being rich. What would that be like? And then I'm gonna, of course, ask you to be a little more thoughtful. Are there other things that might go into being rich that have nothing to do or little to do with money? Uh, if you have 1000 friends, does that make you rich and friendship? If you would have 500,000 people who with open your e mails, does that make you rich? If you have after a brush with death, good health, does that make you rich? So I'm gonna ask you right now to do a very important question, and that's to know what do you want? Now you're taking this class because the idea of being a global Internet entrepreneur and reps you know, making more money, uh, is appealing to you. But if we're gonna talk about being rich and that usually is a success word, what does it mean to you? Oh, rich and friendship rich and money rich and health rich and spirit rich in happiness. What does it mean to you to be rich now that will help frame how you will live and work your life. And it will very much determine what you do on the Internet because you're going to discover that there are five ways five ways that you can become a global Internet entrepreneur. That perhaps could make you money that could actually increase not only your impact in your influence, and that would be good. Be good to be rich and influence, but perhaps to actually increase your income. So right now I'm gonna ask you toe take just a few minutes to think about that. What would it mean to be rich? 2. Why Don't You Start to Brand Yourself Right Now - That is the start to being a Global Entrepreneur: Welcome back. Now you're going to discover that unlike many classes or courses, we just have a few modules. We don't have 2040 50 different modules, and most of them are actually 15 to 20 minutes each. Kind of like a. If you've heard of a Ted talk, they are 18 to 20 minutes. So each one of our sessions is not broken up too much. We believe that getting in the flow and the engagement of the whole thing is very helpful. So most of them are time to be 15 to 20 minutes, never more than 20 minutes in one module. And the we're gonna actually make this about one hour. We have discovered one of the best things toe learn by Is a class, of course, a coaching experience of about an hour. That's right. And let me tell you something. If you would actually listen to a good teaching experience and it would be one hour if you'd listen to a two or three times, you will learn far more than you will in listening to a three hour class or course or experience what, we'll talk about that. But that's part of what you need to learn, because if you're going to be a global Internet entrepreneur, you have to learn how people learn and how people enjoy and gain value in an online Internet experience. And so most of our sessions will be about 15 to 20 minutes. I actually sit here with a little clock in front of me, and it's counting down, just like when I was an international broadcaster, telling me about how long we are going now with this before you. And I hope that you'll perhaps go to our one page handout and again and ask you that question. What would you do if you knew that your, uh, job, your career, your business would be over in three years? And then to simply ask you to ah, perhaps write a sentence or two or to do a few bullet points? Or maybe just a doodle and sketch? What would it mean to be rich? That really wouldn't describe you and say, I'm rich. What would that mean to you now? What you're going to discover is we're going to go through what we believe are the five ways there's really only five ways that you can become right now a global Internet entrepreneur, and most businesses can do that in some way. But obviously they're ones that have a great deal of difficulty and really can't. For instance, I have a friend who right now has a little gelato shop, a little ice cream shop yogurt shop in one of the local shopping malls in our city. Now what happens is he sets that up. And as people come and go throughout their shopping day, uh, they see ah shop and they say, I'd like that and they purchase a refreshment. They don't really go online and order one. They don't shop around and see where the gelato or the ice cream is the cheapest, and then order one online. It just simply happened that if their there and they're hungry or they want a refreshment, they by his product. Now it might be nice to have a little Facebook page or perhaps a small website, which, if people are really looking for that, they could discover him. But he's not going to make a lot of money or make a career by having a gelato shop online. It really has to be there Now. Unfortunately, he's being affected by the whole thing because as many of the shopping malls are getting less and less traffic Duke to the online shopping, there's a good chance that there will be less people in the mall, and that's going to affect his business. And who knows? He may be one of those people who in three years the gelato shop, the ice cream shop may not be profitable anymore, and that may happen to a lot of us. I have a friend who's a Anonima Beal salesman, and he is telling me that more and more people are not coming to the store. The dealership, they're going online and buying their cars without the help of a dealer or a sales professional like himself. And that may really affect him. So maybe he will have be out of business in three years. Oh, the changes. There are many, and they're coming and they could affect you. They'll affect all of us in some way now, because there are five ways. That's what this hour long presentation will be about. However, we're going to concentrate on four of them. We're going to concentrate on four of them and the big one we're going to simply introduce to you. And then you can make some decisions whether that is for you. Now, one of the things that will be helpful just to get started and eventually will have a full class on this. But I want to help you get started. Remember, this is now an introduction of how you can be a global Internet entrepreneur. Many of you have heard about the word your brand branding. Both people don't know what it means, but they've heard the expression and they know I mean something about, well, maybe an image or something that goes into that. And of course, it actually goes back to an expression that comes particularly at least those of us in United States thought about it in the Southwest, where the various life stock horses and animals and cattle they roamed free throughout the range and to make sure that each particular rancher or owner of the livestock could get his or her life stock back as they roam. When they were born, when the animal was born, they would get together and they would brand them. That means they would literally take a hot iron with a design on it and that only that particular establishment or ranch hat they had heated up and they would put a quick burn on the animal. And that animal would then have the brand. And that means they belong to this particular owner or this particular operation. Well, it has now meant your image, the things that people recognize. How can you have a brand? Now, I'm gonna tell you that. That's as I said, a coaching experience in itself. But I'm going to introduce it to you by telling you that they're essentially four things that you should think about. Now, when you think about okay, I'm probably going to have to brand myself. And that's right, you are. I'm gonna give you four. What? I call you words for you. You words for you that will help you begin to figure this out. A brand is based first of all, on the idea that there is something unique about you in your business, something different now. I guarantee you whatever you're going to sell or whatever you're going to do in business today, whether it's literally the brick and mortars, the traditional business or online, they're going to be hundreds, perhaps thousands of people. Maybe many thousands of people are doing the same thing. What could you say makes you unique? I don't say, Well, I give great service or I really I'm nice to people or we have great customer service and we do this and we do it. Thousands and millions of businesses advertise the very same thing. So what you have to do is you have to decide. Could there be something about me and how I do business and the products and services that I may bring? That, at least in some small way, might be unique. So please just think about that word now. What makes you unique Now there's another word. What could be your ubiquity factor? You equip de strange word now. Ubiquity actually means everywhere. It's all around. How can you increase the fact that people encounter you in a whole lot of different places ? Now one of my friends and clients who helped become successful and she says so, is she was very smart, and she said, I want people to say when they run into me and my company and my business Oh my goodness, she's here She's there. She's everywhere. She's just all over the place. She's always serving people, always meeting people. I'm always hearing about her. She became ubiquitous. She had lots of exposure. Lots of people knew her. Lots of situations she was involved in. She's here, she's there. She's everywhere. Now what's your ubiquity factor? Think about how you can be. You pick witness, all right, I'll be part of your brand. The third you is. Do you have something that you understand? You get it, and that's why you can help people do things not remember. People are only going to pay you if you can, perhaps help them solve a problem. Reduce some pain in their life. If you can give them a solution to something that's important to them. If you can help them take an opportunity that they might not be able to do you understand something that will be helpful to them and, uh, they can use, and they will even pay for that kind of understanding. Do you have something that you understand that will make you valuable, helpful and useful? And that's number four. I'm gonna tell you a little bit more about that in another class. But very simply, my daughter, who was very good at many things she did, went off to get her first big job in the big city of New York. And she discovered that all the things she thought people would be impressed by, You know, the fact that she was very smart and she was quite attractive and she was very clever and she had a great education and she could present herself well, she discovered that what really made the difference Waas was she actually useful. And she found out that most people have never understood that that you will only get a job . You will only get paid. You will only have people compensate you pay you, give you more money if in some way you are useful to them and that has to be part of your brand. So now again, we take a break and go into the next session. But you have to understand the power and the possibilities and the potential you will have . If you can take some time right now to begin to brand yourself by saying what will be unique about me, how will I increase my ubiquity factor? How will I have some unique and powerful understanding? I can solve problems. I can have solutions. I can help people pursue an opportunity. I can help them reduce some pain in their life. I can help them solve a problem they need solving because I have some understanding that they don't that I can share with them. And then what will make you useful? Start now to write down all of the ways you could be useful to somebody else so useful that they might even do something they normally don't do. They actually will not only thank you, but they might even give you money for all of your useful help. There we go. And now those are the challenging conversation. No guarantees. But if you want to be a person who is going toe, perhaps make more money or yet rich as a global Internet entrepreneur, you are now discovering some of the first things you need to know and Duke to do just that . Stay tuned. There's more to the program. There's more to the coaching experience on ah how to make more money or how to get rich as a global Internet entrepreneur, 3. Here Are The Five Ways To Be Successful as A Online Entrepreneur: Well, we're back for another scene. Another episode, by the way. I use those words intentionally. I don't say another module or another lesson. I said another scene, perhaps another episode. But just think about that because that's gonna be important in how you will learn how to be a global Internet entrepreneur. Well, we've covered a lot of stuff so far, at least if you're taking this seriously, and I hope you are because I often times asked the question of all my students around the world. I hope you're serious. This is only gonna be about an hour, but it's going to be full of stuff for you. Ah, toe be challenged by to learn about. And perhaps it takes some action on. Remember, you will not be a successful global Internet entrepreneur because you take this class. Unfortunately, a lot of people say, Well, if I just take the class, I'll learn what to do. Well, you may learn what to start to do, but then you actually have to go out and do it. You'll only be a successful global Internet entrepreneur if you really do it now, we've asked some pretty significant questions here. What would you do? What are your plans right now If you knew that you were going to lose your job or lose your career in three years and that's gonna happen to some of you. So what's the plan? What about being rich? Part of, ah, success is knowing what you want. And I have some really clear, very specific specifications as to what you want and what you need. So, uh, what would it mean to be rich? And now we asked you about starting that branding process. And some people say, Well, Stan, what's your brand? Well, I've got a lot of brands, says kind of one of them. I don't wear any hair. That's a little bit of my brand. My glasses are a little bit of my brand. There's a lot of things about me that I use to brand myself. Now you think about that, and we're gonna talk in another class about people who are really, really good at branding themselves. For instance, the man who is the president of the United States right now, Donald Trump. He is a genius, and one of the reasons he is so successful that politics is he is an expert. He is a genius at branding himself. Think about that. How did he do that? Can you learn something from that? Well, we're gonna be talking about how you can brand yourself in some lessons you can learn, but right now I want to move to that into some significant things about how you can now truly be ah, global Internet entrepreneur. And I assume that by the fact that you want to be an entrepreneur, it's more than just a hobby. If you just want to entertain people on the Internet and try and get people to watch your viral videos of cats fighting or whatever the case might be, uh, that's not what this class is about. This is about actually doing something where you might be able to become richer, make more money, perhaps. Ah, change your occupation, change your job, built a business online all around the world. Now there are, as I said, five ways. Five ways that you can actually begin to, uh, make your mark online. Now, let's look at what some of them might be now, the 1st 1 we're not going to talk a great deal about. But I'm gonna put it in front of you now. The way most people make money online is they try to sell stuff. They sell stuff. It may be stuff that they've created, but most likely they're selling other people's stuff. And you know all about that. For instance, I make pens, I really do. I make my own pens, and I need some stumping to help me make a pen. And, ah, this is a block of what's called core EON. And I can use this to make Ah, beautiful fountain pen. And there is a man who, uh, specializes in getting this stuff and I can go on line and Aiken by it. He cuts them up and sells them. I needed a new light bulb for Maya video studio, And so I shopped around and I found somebody who would sell me that lamp. Delivered it in a couple of days. Works wonderfully. You convey by anything you want online if you want it. If somebody needs it, somebody is selling it and you conjoined that group. So you might say, I'm going to sell stuff. Well, now you have a big decision to make, and I'm not even going to try and talk about that because right now there are thousands and thousands of other videos out there. They're all free, where people are trying to convince you to sell their stuff, and you can go and see if you believe it and want to do that. And there are other people who are simply telling you how you can sell other people's stuff . Whether it's on Amazon, on your own site, on other sites. Go get it, go find it there, all kinds of people who will teach you how to sell stuff. I'm line. But let me tell you, it's not nearly as easy as they say. In fact, it's not easy at all. And that's what I want to do now to make sure we're truthful and honest with you. As I said, there is hundreds and thousands and millions of people doing this, and so you have to compete with all of them. I mean, you're gonna have to decide. Well, well, you know, maybe I'll sell stuff to pen makers. Maybe I'll sell light bulbs. Maybe I'll sell jewelry. Uh, that's what I'll do Well, first of all, you'll have to find out. How can you do that? And how can you make money doing it Now? Let me just give you a couple examples of why it's troublesome. Why, it's hard. Let's take that light bulb right now that is helping me do this production. I needed to get a new one. And so I went online, and I found out that in most of the stores, this light bulb was about $19. So if I would go down to one of the local shops, I could buy this bulb for $19. However, as you well suspected, if I actually went to a store or a shop that was not online because they don't have anywhere near the expenses, I could get it cheaper. And I found that I could buy it for between 11 and $12 and there were a variety of people settling the same bolt for 11 or $12. Well, that's like, That's a good bye. I knew what the lamp was worth. They're not cheap. But then all of a sudden I saw something. I clicked it and there was somebody selling it for $6. How can they do that? I'll be very honest with you. I don't know. And they even allowed free shipping. Now, maybe they're actually not making any money. They just are using the light bulb to get my name and email address so they can sell me more stuff. Maybe they're so big and there, pretending to be little, that they can actually buy these things cheap, so cheap and make him a little less quality, and they can sell it. But because they sell hundreds and thousands of them, they might be able to make money at selling them for $6. Whereas you you've got a little shop in your house and you can't sell it for $6. You actually had to pay $8 for that bulb, and that's why you're selling it for $12. And now someone is selling it for $6 you can't do that. You would lose money. You'll go out of business now. Duplicate that scene that scenario, that possibility by hundreds of times, and you are now getting into the reality of selling stuff online. It's hard, it's very tough. You might get really good at it. You might work very hard at it, but It is a hard way to make a living, but lots of people are doing it, and many people are being successful at it, and you might be one of them. Most people who try it can't do it. But you know, you might be the one who gets lucky or works harder or more perseverance. You just simply might be able to do that. And I wish you the best. I wish you all kinds of grace and blessings on that. But it's tough, and I don't teach that because I don't know how to do that. I don't know how to sell just stuff online. I wouldn't be very good at it. I don't know how to do that, but you can perhaps find somebody who could teach you how to do that. Now you can change that just a little bit, and you could sell your stuff online, perhaps something that you can actually make. You don't have to buy it from somebody else. You can actually make it. There's a woman who makes wonderful Western cowboy type jewelry and handbags, which she actually makes herself. She's very, very talented, and she makes them herself. She carves it and makes it beautiful. And she sells them for lots of money because they're handmade because it's a brand. You actually have her name on it. And she's well known as one of the most mm best designers of these kind of handbags. And so people from all over the world who want that particular, wonderful, beautiful handbag they can only get it from her because she makes them. She designs them. She makes it happen. And in her little shop in her home, she has the luxury of working and making these handbags whenever she wants. And then the using online she sells on that way on her ah website on her Web stages. I call it again. We'll talk about that and she does a nice job, and she makes a nice living doing that. Now that's both harder and easier. First of all, she can sell it easier at a better price because it's very unity, a unique it's, ah, something very useful. It's something that she could do that very few other people can do. So she's branded it well, and she's promoted it well. She's priced it well, and she sells her stuff online and I don't know if it's yet a business, but it's a good living, and perhaps that's something you can do to. Okay, think about that now. With that in mind, you make a decision. Am I going to be a seller of stuff of things? And I don't mean to be pretty Jura tive about stuff. It's all out there. As I said, if anybody wants it or needs that, you can buy it online and perhaps they'll buy it from you and you then have to go through the process of deciding which will be the stuff that I will put in my little Internet online store that I will sell and try to make money and good luck blessings on you. But as I said, I don't know how to do that. There are other people in particular subjects and products that do, and you perhaps can learn from them and just simply being at Google it, search it and see what comes up, and you'll probably get some instructions that will be free. On the other hand, there'll be people trained toe, sell you their stuff to sell, and perhaps you can learn from them No let's move it to a better in what I think, more significant way to become a global Internet entrepreneur. Now, would you think about this very carefully, and if you're taking notes, perhaps so you'll check the little note card. But right these four ways down these air, the four ways you can make money on line. You could become a global Internet entrepreneur. You can become a teacher. You can teach, all right, teach online education online, teaching people learning online something that will be useful or helpful or vital to them. And if you know how to help them with what they would like to learn, you can become a teacher. Secondly, you could be what I call a Booker looks, things that people can read that they enjoy or find helpful or useful or just a sense of relief and escape. The Internet business of both audio and riel books via the Kindle and related I books continues to grow. It might even boom again, but it has become a way where many, many people find the way they want to read, and they go online and they find somebody who is booking them. Maybe it's a Blawg. But the term really is, is you are writing a book and you are giving it to them, either free or for a feet for a subscription or for some other kind of compensation commitment. There you go. You can do that broadcasting. You can actually become a global Internet entrepreneur by doing broadcasting radio and television. You can now have your own radio station and your own television station, and you can have people who will watch it and they will buy stuff. Or they will make contributions or they will sponsor it. And you can become a global Internet entrepreneur because you're doing what you thought. Maybe you'd love to. Ben. Why I love to be on the radio. Boy, I'd love to be on TV. I'd like to be a television performer. I'd like to be a star on radio and television. Well, now you can, and you might be able to make money as a global Internet entrepreneur by being a broadcaster. Now related to that is the fifth way you can be a performer. You can be someone who actually performs in front of the Internet audience in such a way that not only Is it fun? Not only perhaps, does it go viral. Not only does it perhaps entertain, but it might engage people in such a way that you can actually make money by being a performer. Now, there you go. Now, in our last two episodes were going to go through this. But right now, I need you to take a time out and think and plan and think some more. Maybe pray you need some wisdom on this. OK? Do I want to be a seller? If so, what should I sell? What should I hear? Um, should I be a teacher, A booker, a broadcaster or a performer? Well, that's coming up. And that's next. And so we'll join you just around the bend in the next scene in the next episode. 4. Think About Only the Things That You Can Do!: from Welcome Back two episode for in our coaching experience are coaching experience, conversation. It's not just a class, it's not just, of course, it's a coaching experience conversation, and we really mean that. I'm a coach business coach. I'm a broadcaster. I'm a teacher. I'm a Booker. I'm a a lot of things as well as a performer. And that's how I make my money online. That's how I am successful online. I am a global Internet entrepreneur, and I use many of the same things that I'm teaching you to do, and I do it reasonably successful. And that's why I believe I have the opportunity to be your coach and your teacher. But you can reach out to me. It's not just this experience. It is, Ah, the coaching experience. So you can email me. You can ask me questions, and I'll be happy to do that. Perhaps you'd actually like May to be your personal coach. Now I will always answer your questions, but perhaps you'd like to engage me in such a way that I really become right alongside of you and your business. We work out a Internet coaching arrangement using Skype or audio postcard or some other way of connecting personally. And I'd be happy for that opportunity for you, your company, perhaps a whole group of you. Oftentimes what happens is ah, a group of people will get together and they will ask me to prepare a class or a course or a follow up or a Facebook live session just for them as they bring questions as they're trying to build their business and make it happen online Episode four is usually the most important because it's really bringing us to the conclusion of what this is all about. Now again, we could do a little bit of review and hopefully you're still thinking about you lost that job in three years. What does it mean to be rich? Uh, how can I begin the process of branding and very shortly we'll have a whole coaching experience on how to brand yourself. Uh, perhaps you would like to know. Okay, how do I begin to actually do one of these things were gonna have classes and courses and experiences for you to actually do those things. Remember, Global Ventures is here. I'm here to help you become somewhat of what I call with a smile. A world class global Internet entrepreneur. We'd like that to happen for you, if that's what you want to do the work and make happen in your own life. So there's always contact information where I can help you in some way. Now let's go to the four ways that we said You can make money online. You could actually make a living online. Perhaps you can become rich in some way on line. Perhaps you're going to sell all the best and blessings to you, but that's somewhat out of my expertise. Now let's talk about the other ways. The what I would call it the easier ways, in the sense that it is something that perhaps only you can do. Anybody can sell me a lightbulb. Anybody can sell me a block for my pens. Anybody can sell me an automobile. There are hundreds of thousands of millions of products that other people can sell that you can sell, but there's only perhaps some things that only you could do that make you unique that you were able to do now. The first thing is you have to understand that online obviously means it has to be delivered over the Internet, and so we usually call that Internet content. And so what? People are looking for our experiences. They're looking for information. They're looking for content. They want something that they can get a hold up that is useful to them. Now's oftentimes tell people when people are paying money for something, this is what they'll usually pay for. Uh, they want something that will solve a problem They have. They want something that will reduce some terrible pain that they're having in life, that something they'd like to really avoid. Thirdly, they perhaps like to pursue an opportunity. They say, Well, I could make money doing that or I could be famous doing that or that's something I want to take advantage of it And they will pay people to do that. Fourthly, they'll pay people if you can make them happy. If they believe that by paying you or giving things to you or doing something with you, it will make their situation better and perhaps make them happy. At least they think it will be or they hope it will be or they'd like it to be. They want something that will make them happy. Now that's basically what people will pay you for. Help them solve a problem, help them reduce the pain, help them in some way of pursuing opportunity. Or perhaps in some way be able to Ah, so be happy, be at peace, have the health they want. Um, that's what people want. And if you can help them do those four things many times they'll actually pay you to do that. They may pay you well to do that, but you have to keep in my That's what you have about. If you're just going to do something that is of interest to them or something nice or unusual, there's all kinds of free stuff out there that is nice and unusual and interesting. And, uh, as I discovered, it was nice. It was unusual. It was good. It was something that I thought was interesting, and a lot of people thought it was interesting to. It's just that they weren't gonna pay for it. It wasn't that worthwhile to them. So that's what I want to encourage you to understand. No, briefly, because again we have about 20 minutes because this will take more if you want to learn more because of all that, if you know how to do something that people will find helpful, like how to become a global Internet entrepreneur, how to do water painting, how to make fine jewelry and sell it online if you continue each people something that they find valuable. Of course, that is a growing and in some cases booming but yet highly competitive way. One of my friends and colleagues name is Danny any I N. Y. And you can check him up, check him out. And I wrote a little book called A Teach and Girl Rich as teaching grow rich. Now, some of you know that there was a famous book on success years ago called Think and Grow Rich, and That's a world famous book. But his point was, there is a way for you to discover and ways for you to create a class or a course that will help people with the lives they one lead and the careers and businesses they want to build . And if you can do it well, you can market it well and you can promote it Well, if you could be somewhat ubiquitous, you might be able to make a good living for a living. You might even be able to get rich by doing that. So I would ask you right now, do you think you could be a teacher, a teacher, Not just of things of interest, but of things that were actually valued by people in such a way as I say that they'll pay money for now may only be $2 or $5 or $10 or maybe they'll pay 100 for it. Or and there people will pay thousands of dollars for the right course. Not many. But there are people like that. Uh, could you create with help and assistance and guidance? Could you teach something that people would find valuable in that way? Now a lot of people don't want to have someone teach them. They want to discover it and read it for themselves. The entire reading experience. There are lots of people who are writing books and they aren't publishing them in the sense that they're making them into a book that you can touch and go through the cover. We all know the famous Elektronik book, the famous Kindle Book, now I have a story behind that. I actually was one of the first publishers Oven Elektronik book. It was before any of those were heard before, But a gentleman actually put this together. And I wrote a couple small e books. No, the very first. I have a little little framework where one time I was ranked number one in Amazon for a particular e book. Now, so what? Hardly anybody bought any books and there were very few of them for sale. But they said it wouldn't work. And so they closed that down. And later on, of course, Amazon decided to come out with something new. And in the years since, that has happened, of course, E books and Kindle books and book. My books are all over the place. No, there are people who have learned how to use the technology of the electronic book and then complementing it, perhaps with a teaching experience, or perhaps with software to help people do something or solve a problem. See how you can then turn your, uh, class or your course or your experience not only into that thing, but combine it in such a way that it is a product. And then you perhaps could get people to subscribe to a ongoing book subscription or an ongoing a coaching or teaching experience. But for those of you who don't want to be a teacher, you are a writer. You'd like to start collecting stories, or you'd like to teach people how to do things. You'd like to entertain them in such a way that you would be Ah, Booker. And it could be a book, as I said simply for entertainment. Or it could be a book that is for education or something that will actually help people advance in their career. You can be a Booker. Thirdly, you could be a broadcaster. Now, let me be very clear about this. I'm prejudiced because I have loved radio and television all my life and a good deal of my career has been involved in the broadcasting arts. And that has been an incredible advantage to me because in learning how to be a radio and television broadcaster that allowed me to do public speaking, it allowed me to do a lot of teaching. It allowed me to do a whole lot of other things that other people could not do well. When I was doing that, I was on a big radio station and it cost thousands and thousands of dollars, and there had to be all kinds of people who would pay more money than I ever had to do that . I was fortunate enough that there were sponsors and people thought I had enough talent and they allowed me to do that. But boy, very, very, very, very few people ever get to be radio announcers and broadcasters. And it's not just being one and doing it and being good at it, you actually have to find somebody who will pay you to do it. And how do you find someone to pay you to do it? If you're not very good at it, how do you get good at it If you can do it Well today, all of that has changed. That's why everybody and I say everybody, just as years ago when I was a college teacher, every one of the new students had to take a class and how to speak. Today. I would say to the You need to take a course or class or coaching experience in how to be on the radio and television. Everybody needs to learn how to be on the modern media. You have to know how to do that. And if you do it well, you've heard of the podcasting experience. What I call you know, the Internet on demand radio. Uh, that's what it means. You know, the I Pod was independent, individual, personal, on demand music, and Steve Jobs was a genius. Who then said, Rather than people listening to the radio and taking the programming that's there and the music, it's there, I'll allow them to carry their own little radio station with them and they can put the music they want and they can play it and listen to just what they want anytime they want. And that was the first iPod. And of course, it turned Apple from simply being a computer business into obviously, many devices. And then, of course, he had some stupid, crazy idea that nobody ever thought would work. He said, I'm going to combine a computer into a telephone. And, of course, many people said, Well, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of. Well, that shows how smart they were because that's what he did, and you know the rest of the story. So with that in mind, you might decide that I am going to become that kind of person. I am going to be on radio and television. There are all kinds of ways on YouTube. They're soundcloud. I can create my own Internet radio and television station. I could get people to sponsor May. I could get people to pay me to come and speak to them after they hear me on the radio. There may be all I could. Maybe I could sell T shirts or I could sell books that I have written or other people have written. Or perhaps I could have teaching experiences and classes and coaches that could be there. Now you see how this all begins to come together, and it's kind of all under the framework of helping people find ways to either entertain themselves, get engaged with other people so they won't feel so lonely or educate themselves so they can be better what they are and what they do so they can make more money. That three m thing that's, ah, vital part of what's driving the Internet. The people are hoping that all of those things can happen. They can put them all together. Now, with that in mind, I want you to then go to the final experience, which is. All of that means that in some way you might have to be a performer, which means that in some way you conduce things that people will actually click and watch because they find it funny or informative or useful in some way to their whatever the 101,000 ways they want to be entertained. Engaged, educated, they find your performance, Nick. Nice fun, cool whatever. In fact, one of the persons who has made some of the most money as a performer is someone who literally shows people how to do gaming. And you don't have to pay. You don't have Teoh pay anything. He simply puts it on YouTube. It is a performance. It is a show. It is will receive millions of people who are in the gaming like toe watch. His show watches performance, learned from him, argue with them, talk about it, it attracts millions of people, and because of that, he then received from YouTube because of all of the people who come to his program, it who watches performance. They then put advertising there, and he, just like anybody else on radio or television, is paid for the performance he gives by the number of people who actually come and largest performance. See the commercial. And then he's compensated as a performer. As an advertiser, as someone who brings value in helping people sell whatever it is they're trying to sell or market whatever they're trying to market, you can do that. Is it easy? Now? Let me be very clear about this. Nothing worthwhile is easy. All of this is hard to do. All of those people who are telling you that you can do this easy. No work. Just get yourself a computer half hour a day. You can make money on the Internet, my friends. That's not true. That's a lie. But those are the ways that you can make money on line. Think about it in our final session, we'll give you a challenge and tell you what to do. 5. There Are No Guarantees in Life, Business and Online: Episode five Our final episode in our about one hour global ventures coaching experience. A coaching experience, a conversation on how to get rich as a global Internet entrepreneur. That's what it's been. It's been a conversation we're not making claims. Were not saying something will be guaranteed. Were not claiming anything except these air the ways that might work for you if you work hard. And if you receive other help and you persevere, it's not just watching something. Ah, a scream and then thinking about it. It always has to be action. Now, just a few minutes to help you get going to the next step. I've asked. You had a lot of questions, you know? What about that three year thing? What about that rich thing? Uh, if you want to sell something, what would you like to sell now? Of ah, teaching, booking, broadcasting and performing? Which of those might work for you? Any of them? Do you have to start somewhere? How would you start? No. Here is one of the most important questions in the world for those who want to be global Internet entrepreneurs. I'm gonna ask you that. How can I help you. How can I help you now? I know a gentleman who tells me that the fact that his entire business success was not due to the fact that he was a great salesman there he is very, very smart and all the things he did. But you know what? His first question to people when he met them in terms of life and business was how can I help you? And that he would try and help them start asking. How could I be of help to people? How can I help someone? How could I help? You know if you asked 100 people? What do you need help with? You might find something that you could teach book, broadcast, perform or sell. What do you really need? How do you What do you need help with? How could I help you? That's one of the most powerful questions. If you want to be a global Internet entrepreneur, start asking people. How could I help you and see here and listen and then ask more questions. And you might discover thing that you could do that. You never thought of yourself that you didn't have any idea. Might be something of value when you simply cared enough sincerely and genuinely to go around. Ask people. What do you need help with? If I could help you with anything, what would you need help with? How can I help you? And I ask you the same thing. How can I help you now? Uh, I'm gonna make a new course. How could I help you? I'm planning on having one on brandy coaching experience and how to brand yourself more details on that. And then we're gonna talk about actually how you could create your first teaching experience. Didn't say class, of course, but teaching. So you could least get started in creating an Internet teaching product experience class or course that you could put online and start to get rich in context. Friends, information, networks, and maybe even make a little more money. How can I help you? You tell me what you'd like to hear, feel experience next, and then I'll seek to make that possible and make it happen. So there you go. How can I help you? And now I always ask that you do something. Here at least is one of the challenges I have for you. What I'd like you to do is take time right now to answer that first question, What would you do if you knew that your job or your business would be gone in three years? Would you write that out? Would you list the things you would do? Would you in some way take some thought action on what you would do? And then can I ask you to do a second thing based on what you have heard, how can I help you take the next step? That would be good for you because you're saying this is what I need to do, I think, And then you're asking someone to help. So there we go. That's what I'm going to ask you to do. As you see, our global venture coaching experiences are meant to be a value to you. 45 scenes or episodes Just a little over an hour. Not much. Maybe a little bit less. Listen to it again. I was taught that if you find something worth hearing or listening to listen to it 3 to 5 to seven times and then act upon it, let it kind of feel your heart, mind and spirit and then haven't take bodily action. So until next time again, you can reach me at Stan used to that gmail dot com stand used to that. Gmail dot com It's really simple. Stand Houston at gmail dot com, and we'll be back on gv coach dot com with another global ventures coaching experience and how you can become a global Internet entrepreneur, all the best and bye for now.