The First Steps of Decoupage | Colo Alonso | Skillshare
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10 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Trailer Decoupage ok

    • 2. Customize an Object with Decoupage

    • 3. Choose the Object

    • 4. Paint the object

    • 5. How to Apply Paper Napkins

    • 6. How to Apply Wrapping Paper

    • 7. How to Sign your Masterpiece

    • 8. How to Varnish

    • 9. The Complete Process

    • 10. Final Thoughts


About This Class

This class is perfect for someone that doesn’t know anything about Decoupage but would love to customize an object, doesn’t matter if it is a new one or an old one that you are kind of tired and want to give it a second life instead of giving it away.

We will choose an object, think of the design we want to make, learn the techniques, look for the materials, and with the three decoupage techniques (paper towels, paper/cardboard, photocopies) we will decorate it.

This combination will give you one of a kind object, and believe me, YOU WILL LOVE IT.

As I said before, this class is perfect for anyone with no previous knowledge, I will guide you step by step until the end of the process.







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Colo Alonso

Industrial Designer + Wife + Mother

My name is Daniela Alonso, but my friends call me Colo because of my hair color.

My studies of Industrial Design allow me to work in Argentina, Italy and Spain in technical design. But in my spare time I develop my artistic flair, creating my own candles, restouring furniture with decoupage, making origami, knitying, sewing, backing muffins etc...most of these activities I make them with my two kids (10 and 7 years old). They just love to make craft-work as much us ...

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