The Filmmaker Path: 8 Essential Tips For Success | Dandan Liu | Skillshare

The Filmmaker Path: 8 Essential Tips For Success

Dandan Liu, Documentary Filmmaker | Cinematographer

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11 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Take Creative Ownership

    • 3. Get Feedback

    • 4. Constructively Reflect

    • 5. Observe Professionals At Work

    • 6. Say Yes

    • 7. Film Festivals

    • 8. Stay Updated

    • 9. The Most Important of Them All

    • 10. Bonus!

    • 11. Course Conclusion

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About This Class

Becoming a filmmaker is more than just picking up a camera and shooting with it. It's a long, continuous process of evolution filled with its fair share of doubt, uncertainty, and rejection. Especially with so much filmmaking noise these days, how do you navigate this wonderful, yet challenging path as someone just starting out?

As someone who has made filmmaking a full time career without going to film school, I share 8 powerful pieces of advice to address this question and provide some practical steps to help you navigate your own filmmaking path. These insights reflect my experience and the experiences of the people I've worked with, including those with Grammies and Emmy awards.

Although everyone's filmmaking journey is unique, I hope that you'll find some clarity, comfort, and perspective as you listen to the insights shared in this class.