The Fast-Track to Awesome Geometric Mandala Designs in Adobe Illustrator | Veronica Galbraith | Skillshare

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The Fast-Track to Awesome Geometric Mandala Designs in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Veronica Galbraith, Surface Pattern Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Downloading and installing the scripts

    • 3. Setting up the workspace

    • 4. Creating mandala with allpoints script

    • 5. Creating a fabulous colour palette

    • 6. Keeping your colour palettes organised

    • 7. Colouring in your mandala

    • 8. Creating calendar with Calendar script

    • 9. Laying out your first calendar page

    • 10. Practice time: creating second page

    • 11. Last words

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About This Class

In this class, I'll teach you an easy and super fast way to create eye-catching geometric mandala designs in Adobe Illustrator... Because who doesn't love a beautiful mandala design?

These circular patterns are wonderful to look at, easy to create and very versatile. You can use them in all sorts of projects like:

  • Colouring sheets/books
  • Greeting cards
  • Branding & logos
  • Home decor products (e.g. cushions)
  • T-shirts
  • Accessories (e.g. tote bags)
  • And even on tattoos!

This class is totally suitable for beginners, but even if you know your Illustrator inside out, you might come out the other end with a couple or more tricks up your Illustrator sleeve ;-)

We will use a couple of Illustrator scripts, the Live Paint feature and a little-known technique to create fabulous and interesting colour palettes, among other Illustrator pro tips that you can use again and again in your design projects.

If you're not familiar with Illustrator scripts, get ready to be surprised! A script is a series of commands that tells Illustrator to perform one or more tasks, so you can automate some of your design work and save some time... :-)

We will put your brand spanking new mandala designs to good use by creating a calendar. You can create 12 mandalas and do a full year or do as many months as you want. This calendar will look lovely in your own home/office, or you can make several and use them as fabulous Christmas/birthday presents!

See you in class ;-)


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Veronica Galbraith

Surface Pattern Designer


Thank you so much for stopping by. So first things first...



I am a designer, originally from Colombia and now living permanently in Cornwall, UK. I graduated in Product Design 20+ years ago but since then have mostly worked in graphics for print & web. A few years ago I decided to specialise in Surface Pattern Design and I'm loving it!

I design prints with bold graphic elements, striking colour combinations & a playful attitude. They can be used for various applications including fabrics, homewares & stationery.

Visit my shop at for some unique, bold & very colourful homewares!

Visit my portfolio at to see more examples of my work.

You can find me on Instagram at i... See full profile

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1. Introduction: everyone. I'm very outbreak on a surface designer. I spend most of my day signing Prince and cautions for products like Bob Breaks stationary homewares. I do have a very graphic stuff. I loved designing with real bright, bold colors. In these jobs, I'm gonna show you a great way to the time beautiful and colorful. Mandela's way really fast in district, we're gonna be using script, which are that you can use inciting his traitor to automate tasks that are really boring TD's. But don't worry, you're not going to write is gonna be super single for the project. We're gonna create a beautiful calendar again. With the help of a script, you can also decide to use your analogy signs in a completely different project. That's fine, too. You don't need to know in a straight to take these class because I'll be holding your hunt old away. If you do so, I think you'll enjoy it, too, because you become a field takes and treats. So if you love Monday as bold coders come enjoy me at skill share. Get going. He's for presents 2. Downloading and installing the scripts: the's close. We're going to use to illustrator script, so I should start by explaining what a scripts are. Okay, so I script. It's a series of commands that tells illustrator to perform one or more tasks. These tasks can be simple, affecting only one object in the current document or complex affecting objects in all your illustrator documents. The tasks might even involve all their applications, like war processors, two spreadsheets on database management programs on their great for automating repetitive tasks on saving loads of time. Okay, so the first thing we're going to do is download this creeped we need for this project on. Then we're gonna instill them in Illustrator. I have already opened the Web sites where I can download the scripts from. You can find the links for these sites in the your project area off the class. I'm going to them. Load the old points scraped. First, you can see the link here. Sometimes you can download the scraped Joe's by clicking on the link, but sometimes you're going to have to right click and save link us to be able to download it, and I'll show you why in a minute I'm clicking on this link on the file is downloaded to my downloads folder. Okay, so now let's get calendar script. Now we can see the download link here. If I try to click on this link like we did before, you can see it opens a new browser page full of gibberish, and that's not what we want. So let's go back in these case. Then we're gonna have to right click on Save Link us here. We need to choose where we want to save the file. I'm going to select my downloads folder again and say, I will finish now downloading the scripts. So let's install them in. Illustrator, I'm gonna close my browser. So first of all, you need to make sure that illustrator is close. So I got illustrator completely closed. Now let's find the scripts folder on a mock. You go to applications, Adobe Illustrator presets and you be scraped. Be aware than the NGP folder can be name differently, depending on your location. Now let's open our downloads folder on drug. Those two scripts we just downloaded into these folder scripts folder I'm We don't We can now open illustrator to check that this creeps have installed correctly. Okay, so now we go to file Inside Illustrator scripts on we want to check. If they all points on calendar scripts appear in the least. Yes, here they are, all points on calendar. If you want to keep your script somewhere different to a script folder, you can on the only different differences that they won't appear. Lister in the scripts menu like little all these ones. But you can go down to other script and find them in your hard drive manually so I could click other scraped and then navigate to where you put here scraped. So we finish with this lesson, so I'll see you in the next one where we'll be setting up their work space in Illustrator. 3. Setting up the workspace: Now we're going to create a new document for our calendar project. We go to file new in these new document window. I'm going to select the print option as I'm going to create a calendar for printing in the blank document presets. I'm going to choose a four of my document size and in the preset details, we can check the size of the document. Choose your orientation color mode on similar settings. I want my calendar to be portrait on a leap cm. Wake a cooler as my color mode as I'm planning to print it. If your designs are going to be displayed only on screen and recommend you choose the RGB mode here, you can also decide now how many months you want to create for your calendar and create as many are boards. I'll create six our boards. For the moment. You can always create more later on anyway. Don't worry about the other settings for thes project. Now click create. Great. Here are my six hard boards. I'm going to concentrate on Arbor one for the moment, so I'll go to my our ports panel, which I can find here in my toolbar or by going to window our boards, I'll double click on our poor one to select it, consume on it and be careful not to double click on the actual name because that is just for changing the name instead. So just click on these area. Okay, lets collapse that panel. Now I'm going to greater margin guides to help me with lane out their design elements later on. So let's make sure that we have are smart guys on the snap to point up jester known to help us place elements more accurately. So go to view smart guides uncheck that is staked on its not to point the same. Okay, so now select the rectangle tool on hold or your mouse over the top left corner off your our boat. You'll see you're a smart guy Starting on on the world intersect Kamina That's the exact right place to click and drug too great. A rectangle that cover the whole larboard drug all the way to the opposite corner On to you see the word intersect again with that Rick tangle Stills like to go to object pots pops it path and we're going to create a rectangle inside the one we just made. But 20 millimeters in words. So right, 20. In the upset area, you need to put a miner's because we wanted inward. If it got if it was going outwards, then you will live it without the miners. But right minus 20. In the upset looks, keep review to check that you're happy with the size of the margin. Click OK With that tunnel still selected, go to view guides on May guides on today we got ourselves a margin guide. You can now delete the original rectangle by selecting it imprisoned Delete key on your keyboard on. We're all set to start designing our Mandela now, so see you in the next lesson. 4. Creating mandala with allpoints script: Now we're going to design our first mandala using the old points script. This is scraped works by drawing a line from every Uncle Point to every other Uncle Point and I selected shape. It works on polygon stars on even in free Hon shapes. But for the purpose of this class, we're going to stick to polygon shapes like circles, squares, hexagons, etcetera. So let's see it in action. First, I'm going to draw a simple shape so you can see the script working. It's simples way Klay can hold on the rectangle to to see the menu options go down to the public until on Click Once to select it, click somewhere on your our board to bring up the tools dialogue, books we're going to create hexagons. The right sakes on the sides. Books on for radios. Let's say 70 meal. If you have your bounding books on, this is the bounding books. You won't be able to see all the Uncle Point, so go to view Hi bounding books. Now you can see all the uncle points on these shape. They're these little blue squares. These are the points that the script is going to use so the script is going to make a line from these unca point to all the other uncle points from these and complying tool, the other ankle points and so on and so on. With a hexagon still selected, go to file crypts, whole points and much it all lines have been created automatically for us. They're also very handily grouped so you can move the's shape. We don't worrying about leaving anything behind something to notice that the script created lines even where we didn't need them, like from here to here to here to here. So our original shape is now redundant, and we can get rid of it. So selected, I'm pressed the delete key on your keyboard. You can obviously do what Jesus script deed manually, but it will take so much longer, particularly when you have more complex shapes with more Uncle points or several shapes of stock together, as we'll see later on. Now let's get something a bit more conflicts going on. Go to your rectangle, to which has the Taliban tool selected at the moment and click and hold to select the Ellipse tool this time. Now, this time, instead of flaking on the our board to bring the options for the shape Miss Clayton drug from the center of the shape we just created. The smart guides should help you locate the exact center by showing intersect again. So they re teas inter sick, click and drag while holding shaved to constrain the ellipse to a circle on while holding old to draw the circle from the center release when you're happy with the size of your circle so minus around, I'm gonna do it around 110 millimeters on you can see the measurements off your shape. While you're dragging, you can see that the circle has only for AC uncle 0.123 and four and I'm one more on component to my script can create something a bit more complex. So you cannot on complains like going to object, huh? At Uncle Points, the's command will our uncle points right in the middle off existing occupying. So in between these two, it created these between the circle two days, etcetera. You can do these as many times as you want, but for these Mandela, I'm going to just add one set of funk a point with the circle still selected. Go again to file great all points. And we have now created quite a complex design without much effort. Gonna be select so you can see it properly. There it is. Before we go any further, we better save all our hard work. So to save your document, you just go to file, save on you. Give your file any name you want. I'm gonna call mine mon dollar calendar and I'm going to save it to my desk. Quicksight click OK on your don't. I'll see you in the next lesson where we will be creating a color palette to finish off our first mandala. 5. Creating a fabulous colour palette: way have our first Monday ality song. We're going to create a gorgeous color palette to call a rating. Because these $1 have so many areas to coloring, we're going to create a color palette that is varied but consistent. We want to choose colors that have some sort of relationship going on between them. On you'll see what I mean. In a minute, I'm going to create a color palette that has four main Hughes on 32 other colors made up from combinations of those for Hughes. Sounds complicated, but I promise you that it's very simple. So okay, we need first to decide what are four main Hughes are going to be on to make this process easy. I'm going to use a website called Color Fobs to choose my four main colors. I could do this with adobe color, see scene, but I guessed most of you know about it, so I thought I could introduce you to an alternative. Okay, so I have the color fops page open here and you can find the link in the project area off the class for thes website on. You have several options in these side. You can browse pallets that people have created here and choose when you like. You can create a palette from an image or from a new Errol or randomly I'm going to choose wrong them today because I'm feeling super wild and crazy. I'm going to select four for the number of colors I'm gonna choose sorted for the hue and I'm gonna choose bride Let me know City when the flicks have made I'm gonna hold on, Ty See what this concept with on Viola Here's my fabulous palette. So obviously you can do this until you get a color palette that you like. And if you create an accountant color fobs, you can store your color palettes in your own collection, but obviously you don't have to. And now I'm gonna click on each hex value for each color, which is like the name of the color to copy it on ticketing to illustrate. Okay, so I'm gonna cook these when I'm gonna go back to illustrate administrator. I'm gonna create a small square with the rectangle to So first, I'm just gonna move Mitchell bid thes way. I have more space to work, so I'm just gonna leak on drug while holding the shift key to constrain the shape to a square. It doesn't really matter. The size of the mom injures more or less like these. With this, a square selected Go to the color palette, which is here in the tools far side bar. Or you can go on get it by window corner. Here. Just make sure that the field I couldn't selected, which is the one of the front onda we need now to paste the hex value we just copied from Color fob. But what we're seeing here, he's These are the values put for C M y que So we need to go to the options menu on Choose RGB Now we can see the hex value field so we can paste the hex value. We just cup it from corner five. Um, present Now we bought our first color. Now click on this stroke I can to bring it forward, so that means the strokes active now on removed the stroke from the square by clicking on these non I can. So that removes this black stroke from the square. Now let's get the other three spurs ready for the other three main corners. So with the square still selected, I go back to my selection tool A and I'm going up drag while holding the old on while holding the shift key to constrain too horizontal. I'm going to drug this square, leaving a space in between off about four squares. Now I'm going to drug dealers thes two squares we just created on. I'm gonna drug vertically creek and drug while holding and shifting an old key again to duplicate them. Unconstrained the movement vertically again. Live around foursquare space in between the squares. So just about there you'll see why in a minute. Okay, so now select the second square. So with my error to I'm going to select thes square and I'm going going to go back to color fobs and I'm gonna compete the second hex value, and I'm gonna go back to Illustrator on Choose the Feel for that shape. And now we come select Hanks value, um, paste, the one we just copied prison. And now we're going to do the same for the other two color. So select dame third square. Go back to Color Farms Co P, go back to illustrator check that is in the Philly selected on paste third body presente and now the last color Select the square. Go back to color farms Hopi, the hex value. Go back to illustrator on paste. Okay, now we can collapse today. Corner panel on now for the interesting bit So selected top two scores by taking and drugging over both of them On double click the blend tool on your tools final. It looks like a square on circle on a square circle in the middle. DoubleClick on We're gonna choose specified steps in the spacing drop down menu. There's three options. Just choose the specified steps on in the amount I'm just going to say for okay, and you can see now that the cursor has changed to the blend cursor. Now click on the first square and in the second square, and we created a beautiful blame between the two colors in four steps. Now we do the same with a to bottom square, so going back to my IRA of selection to select both where's at the bottom? Select the blend tool. We already specify the steps so we don't need to double plate your selected tool. Take on the first square become the second square when we got our 1st 2 blends ready. Now we need to release the blends. All the squares become actual shapes. Are the nominees alive? Effect. You can see it that these two are surrounded. Why they blue line? But the ones in the middle are not, because the Nora actual shapes on this line is indicating that it's a blend. That means that is a life effect, which lets you change the settings on, see the changes a straight away. So, for example, double clicking on the blend tool again on this busy, fine three steps instead of four or two, we'll let you see that immediately. Cancel out of that so we don't need the effect to be live anymore. So let's expand it by selecting both plans. I'm gonna go back to my selection tool selecting both blends, and I'm gonna go to object, exponent and make sure that both object on fail are taped on their expansion. Okay, Now all the squares are shapes on their own. With older square still selected, we're going to do the last step to create our final color palette. Look, the blend tool again and click on the first square on the top. Row on on the first square on the bottom row. You, uh, now go back to object. Expand to expand effect. Once again, we now have 36 colors to use to chlorine. Are Mandela the next lesson? I'm gonna show you how to keep all your colors organized with the swatches panel. See you there. 6. Keeping your colour palettes organised: Let's now store all our lovely colors in our swatches panel for later use. So opened the swatches panel, which is on your side bar. Or you can go to win, though. Swatches on. First of all this could read a folded default. Kohler's A. Every time you open and out, a new document illustrator fills up these with all these corners, I'm just gonna get rid of them on the closure a little bit. The panel I'm gonna take on the searches panel options menu at the top left, and I'm gonna select. Select all the news the select, all the colors that are not being used in the document except for black and white, with all the color still selected. Click on the Bain icon of the bottom off the panel and click Yes on the dialog box that it's saying believe such selection. Yes, you might notice that a swatch er to might get left behind, and this happens when another element in illustrator like a style or a symbol is using that color, even though it's not visible to you on the our board. So don't worry about that at the moment. Just deleted by taking on drugging to the bane of the bottom. If he's in closing a folder, like in my case, I'm just gonna drug the soldering instead. Now that we have on him to such his final, we're going to select all or color squares on. Click on the folder at the bottom off the swatches panel here, and this will create a new color group with all the colors used on. They are work selected, which means all these colors are going to be placed inside a folder. I recommend doing days to keep all your swatches organized on, because when the document it starts getting more complex, it's great to know what is what. Also having your colors in groups have some more advantages, like being able to recover our work with a particular group of Kohler's. On some other stuff. I'm planning to make a class all about recovering to keep an eye out. Okay, so nine your group, whatever you want, I'm going to name mine Mandala one and make sure to quicken selected our work because that's what we want. We want to make colors out of this, elected our work, also take convert process to global Alice playing global colors in the recovering class I mentioned a minute ago and click OK, We now have all our colors in our searches final inside a folder ready to be using the next lesson where we will be coloring in our Mandela. You cannot delete all the squares we made. Just they're selected. Just press the delete key because we won't be needing them anymore. On in the next lesson, I'm gonna show you how to color in your mandala using the life paint feature in Illustrator Get ready. 7. Colouring in your mandala: Okay, guy. So here comes the fun part. We're going toe fail our mandala with Kohler using the life pain feature in Illustrator on Because of the way we constructed our mandala, we hunger any actual shapes that we can easily feel with color in the usual way. For example, if I try to select these area here, it will select one of the lines that makes up the shape. But there's not an actual feel area, so I can choose their. I can only select the strokes. Here's when life pain comes in handy. When you convert a group of shapes into a live pain group, you can use a life pain pocket to start feeling the areas with Kohler. We don't worry if their actual shapes or not. Let's see it in action, so it's easier to understand. First of all, I'm going to select the whole mandala. That's very important step. Select all the lines. Then we go to the shape builder tool in our tool bar. This is the shape other two, always two circles in narrow click and hold to bring up its heat and tools and choose the life pain bucket leaves just under neither shape color too. You'll see that your cursor changes to a small swatches preview. Now go to the swatches panel and choose any color you want. I'm going to choose this beauty. Now I start clicking on the spaces where you want these color to go. So let's say I wanted here, Here, here, here. If your bucket is color in the strokes and not the fields, go and check the tool auctions by double clicking on its icon on the toolbar and checking that pain feels is staked on pain. Strokes is not okay. My needs a right. So I'm gonna council how to appear on you can just the next color by clicking on it on the sorts of spinal like these, as we did before. Or you can make use of the many searches preview attached to your cursor. So the middle color that you see next year cursor is being used at the moment. But if you use the left and right arrows on your keyboard, you can rotate through all the colors in your color group like these when he's a big group of color. So I lie to choose a straight from the swatches final because it takes a long time to rotate through all of the color. So I just prefer to choose from the such as Finance Director, so you can turn that such is preview by going to the options in the tool on untech cursor swatch preview. Could you prepare if you make a mistake or decide that you don't want to use the life paint a feature you can go to edit and do any to do one on Do as many times as you want until you get to the place where you are happy to be a or you can go to object. Live pained on you can say release. This will convert the Mandela back towards its original form. Okay, so I'm going to call her all these men d'Alene on a less speed up the process of bait. So you don't get absolutely bored watching me, and I'll see you in a minute. - Okay , so I finished coloring my Mandela. So now I'm going to get rid of the black stroke as I prefer the look of it without with the Mandela selected, go to object life paint and select expand If you prefer to keep the stroke but change exc order. Now it's the time. So with the Mandela selected, go to sort his final on, make the stroke active by taking on its item this one of the back. It's a stroke. And now change the stroke corner to whatever you want. So let's say I want these to be the stroke color. Now you can see that the black stroke has changed to that red color. I want to get rid of it completely. So I'm going to go back two solid months. Andi, I'm going to on group the shape until it because at the moment is completely grouped. I'm going on group it until it allows me to select only a stroke. So I'm gonna go to object and group and check. Not yet. Ready to select Mandala on group? See, Now I can get rid of this trail. Can very teas, so I can cool. You might need to a group more times, May or less, but do it until you can get rid off the stroke Completely. Very tastes. We're left only with available shapes. Now you can select and color these shapes like an era shaping illustrator. So at the moment, he said group. But if I select the Sarah Group selection tool, my tool bar, I can select each shaped individually, my concolor it in your color. I want I'm Wortham. Our first Mandela is finished, so I'll see you in the next lesson where we will be creating our first calendar month. 8. Creating calendar with Calendar script: We're not going to create our first calendar month using the calendar script, and I need to warn you the scripts options are not very reliable on sometimes you might see some error spoken up, but who can complain when it's completely free? So for what we need, it works perfectly. So breathe and try to keep calm. Okay, so go to file scripts on Select the Calendar V. Five D one script, the one we don't load it before on. We have quite a few options in here. You can just your language. I'm going to live minus English. On the size drop down menu, you can choose the size and layout of your calendar. I'm gonna in late minus page one up, but you can experiment with them and see which one you prefer. I'm going to choose August for demands just because Agassi's Comey, but obviously you can choose any months you want on for the year. I'm gonna leave year US 2000 and 17. I tried enabling multiple month calendar to do ceremonies at the same time, but it didn't work for me, so you're very welcome to give it a go one. Let us know if you manage it. Okay, so in the style in area, I'm going to leave everything as it is because I notice that changing the options here created errors so you can experiment with all the options later if you fancy. But I recommend you leave them as they are. Okay. Click. OK. And you might think that nothing happened. Does the calendar gets created outside the arbol, So just zoom out by selecting the soon to I'm clicking in the middle of the our board while praising the old king. You'll soon see your calendar appear. The calendar should be group at the moment. But to make sure we're moving every single element, I'm gonna go to my selection to click anywhere on the screen so nothing is selected. And then I'm just gonna grab everything together on drug it done here to these hardboard. Now assume back in with a soon tool again such a system to in the toolbar on a team until you get to a comfortable sighs. Okay, so now we need to solar calendar to make it look a little bit Pridie. Um so first, select them the group selection tool by going to the direct selection to in the toolbar on juice showing its heat and menu. You can find the group selection tool under me. The one with the plus the stool would let you select objects from a group with are going to and group them first. So click somewhere empty on. They are poor to this. Select everything. Now click on the blue area off the calendar to selected on the leader. Because we're not gonna need that. Before I moved my calendar into place, I want to change the phones to something nicer. I'm going to get the type tool. They stay here in the Kildare on select a month on the year text. By taking on dragging now, I opened my character panel from the sidebar here, the one with the A Or you can also go to the window type corrector. Okay. And I'm going to choose another thought. I'm gonna choose you. See you. You can I'm gonna make it a little beat, Boulder. A swell. So I'm gonna go. Maybe that now I'm going to select the days and again, I'm gonna change the phone, See you, or you sail. I think it's a Spanish word. Okay, I'm gonna leave it 300 bold. Now I'm going to select the days and again changed the fund. Good thing 500. You can also change the size of the text if you feel that it needs it, I'm gonna leave these ones like they are at the moment. And then we'll see if when we make it smaller, we need to rece ice a text. Okay, so I feel that the days are too close to the heather. So I'm going to press. I'm gonna put my cursor here, and I'm gonna press return just after the year. And it made a huge space or less fixed art. I double click to select the whole rows of whatever. If I don't look like it will select whatever invisible characters there are in there on. I'm going to change the signs of the text to something a lot smaller of this other moment. Is it 72 soulless? Choose, maybe 12. And I think this is looking a lot better now. So I'll see you in the next lesson where we'll lay out our first calendar page 9. Laying out your first calendar page: Okay, guys. So we're ready to lay out our first calendar page on first. I'm gonna duplicate the calendar before we start playing around with it. Because you never know if you want to go back to the original version. For some reason, it's always good to keep originals or different versions of your designs while you work because you never know. Okay, so I'm gonna select my calendar on I'm gonna click on drug while praising the old key to duplicate it. Okay, well, the calendar is still selected. I'm gonna double click the scale to because it's obviously a little bit too big for my page . So I'm gonna reduce the size that will click on the scale to on make sure prevue It's staked so you can see what is going on while you put your number scene. Make sure uniforms ist eqt because we want to scale the calendar proportionally. We don't want any distortion going on in here. I'm gonna scale mind to 70% on. I'm not like Okay, okay, That looks about right now with my selection tool, I'm going to select the Mandela on the calendar together. Fine on the top bar I'm gonna make sure that in these drop down menu next to their line commands a line toe, our board is chosen. So select a line to our board and then click on a recent align center and that will make sure that these two elements are aligned to our our board horizontally. Okay, so at this point, you can start moving things into place. So if you decide that this is not in the right play, just start moving things around. These might want to go down a little bait or to stop, okay, even went to scale things. At this point, I recommend that you turned back on your bounding books because that way it's easier to scale You're elements. So go to view show bounding books. And now, when you select your element, you'll see these bounding box around and surrounding your object. If you now can scale it with their hind to go to the scale tool every time just by drugging on these corners off the bounding box. Okay. Make sure always that you have the shift key pressed because if you don't press shaped while you're scaling, this is gonna happen. He's gonna be stored your shape, so make sure shift is pressed while you're scale. Also, if you want to scale from the center of the shape, you press old as well. So now it's scaling from the center of my mandala. Okay, I think I think I'm just gonna leave it that size If you try to do the same, kind of scaling with a bounding books on the calendar is going to mess up your text because this is a text books. So if you try to do that, it just goes completely wrong. So I'm gonna do that. What you need to do, select the calendar and go back to your scale. Toe. Don't double click this time unless you want to, of course. But this time you can just click on it on just drug on one of the corners again, press shift to constrain the movement on scale proportionally. Very important because we don't want any distortion going on gonna do that because I think I'd like that size of the moment. Okay, My guides are over the moment, but you can turn them on and off by going to view guides, hide guides or show guides. If they're showing. Sometimes when you're laying out is good to have the moon. But sometimes it's good to have them off us. Well, so you can visualize your design in bed time. Okay, So I think this is looking good on for the purpose of this exercise. I want to keep the layout quite simple, but I do want to make a couple of changes. So I think they circle is too big and it's just very distracting. So I'm gonna select my text toe. Gonna so like that circle on a press delete to get rid off it on I'm gonna press the space bar to make a little bit more spacing there I'm gonna choose my lips too By going to the rectangle toe we can hold And then you find a leap still underneath And I'm gonna sue made so I can see a little bit better what I'm doing. And I'm just gonna draw a circle but a little bit smaller. I thought I look Spanta make sure that your feel cooler here or here. He's the same color you have for your calendar. So I got my calendar black, so I got my field black for my circle. Okay, on. I want to add a couple of lines. So I'm gonna go to my line segment to my toolbar, and I'm gonna click and drive while holding the shift key to if I click and drug without the shift Kid can go anywhere these line. But if I present shift key, he will Even if I move up on done will go for essentially will constrain that movement. So I'm just gonna do that on while it's selected. I'm gonna go up here to my stroke, Kohler, and I'm gonna press tomorrow, and I'm gonna choose black for my corner. Okay, So I'm gonna grab my selection to on while the Linus still selected. I'm gonna click and drag Well, present shift and old so I don't placate the line another same time. I'm constraining the movement vertically, and I'm going to duplicate it down here. Okay, so I think that looks nice. I'm just gonna move a tiny little bit. They sliding appear. I think Now I'm going to select the two lines because I know they're not centered on. They are bored, and I like things centered all the time, so I'm just gonna click on that one. And then while present shift, I'm gonna click on my second line while they're both selected again, make sure along Torbert. Our board is selected on press for a central line center, and that will align your lines or a centrally to your our boat. There's some out and see how these is looking. And I think it's looking good. Let's turn my guy itself so you can see better on Yes, looks quite nice. So there you go. We finish the first month of our Mandela calendar, so in the next lesson will make our second page. But I'll be going at a faster pace. It took it ready for it. 10. Practice time: creating second page: this video, I'm going to create the second calendar page on. I'm going to do all the steps we did before, but I'm going to do it at a faster pace because you already know where we're doing. Also, I'll be using keyboard shortcuts for some commands that it's a faster way to work. And I highly recommend that you start getting used to use in share coats if you don't already, as it will save you loads of time for most of the many commands I showed you on the or videos there, it's a short cut, and you can find them next to the words on the Manu's. You can also download a cheat sheet and keep it handy. And there are plenty online. I'll put a link to one on the project area of the class in case you fancy it. Okay, guys, so we're gonna make our second Mandela for our second calendar page. So first I'm gonna grab my polygon tool on. I'm gonna create polygon off six sides on around 100 mill radius. There's a big too big, so because we go to a bounding box, I'm just going to resize president shape So it doesn't they store the shape Perfect. Okay. And make sure if if you could have shaped that has colorant made sure that you get rid of the color so you can see the lines when we run the script. So at the moment, I God feel known So you can choose these on select non on the stroke of the moment is black . Okay, so now I got my first hexagon. I'm gonna duplicate this hex ago on pasted in front. So what you can do is copy on pace in front, or you can use a share cuts. So copei testing front ease, Kamande If so now you don't see it because he's just in the same place. But now I'm going to rotate it by over in outside the square instead of doing the recites That which is right on the square of the bonding books. I heard outside and does the rotate command. So I'm going to rotate it. I'm gonna praise shift at the same time. So it rotates, Jane, 45 degrees. Okay, so I'm going to rotate 90 degrees Mike O p. In that state, I'm gonna de select now these hexagonal by clicking outside, I'm gonna select my lips too. I'm gonna go right in the middle where it says intersect and I'm gonna click and drug while president Old and shave too great a circle. Okay, so those shapes should be now line in the middle if you are in doubt, but they're aligned. Or if you're smart, guides are just playing up or not own. You can select the three shapes on. Make sure that you go to align to selection selected here in this drop down menu on select horizontal align, I'm vertical align and there will be aligned old in the middle. Okay, Now, with the three shapes selected, I'm gonna go to file scrapes. All points. There you go. A CPC lemon squeezy. Okay, so I one thes Mandela to be more or less the same size off this one. So all the calendar is consistent. So this one, I select basement dollop on my August month on. If I go to the transform a panel on my sidebar or by going to window transform, I can see the size off these mandala. So it at the moment he's the weight is 147 almost one for eight millimeters. So I'm gonna make it one for eight. So it's easier to remember some just gonna place one for eight. Make sure these chain it's clicked because us constrained away on the height proportions because we don't want to scale it and not proportionately so that we take 148. So now we know that I'm gonna like my mandala than the new one. I'm going to select the weights by clicking on the W. And I'm going to write one for a country Kenter. Now, those two are the same way. Okay, so now we're gonna create color pilot for these Mandela. So I'm gonna go to my browser on back to cooler FOBs, and I'm going to create a random color palette off four colors. Assorted here. Obviously you can choose if you want one que in particular, you can choose that. I'm gonna choose bribe because I like bribe. But you can choose light, dark, etcetera. Case of Matan this cruiser fingers. Okay, that looks nice. So I'm gonna copy these hex value. John Buck to illustrator gonna move, and it'll be this way. Okay, so now I'm gonna draw a square to start creating my color pilot. These Esquire has a stroke of black on feel. It's known there's no feel So I'm just going to switch they feel for the stroke. So if I click in the Siro, the struggle is appears It moves to the fail on the failed looks a stroke which was known So now I go toe feel for these square with the score stills elected. I'm going to the color panel on, If you can't see are to be mode for the hex value. Remember, to go back to these options of the talk can choose RGB. And now I'm gonna pay my hex body I copied from my browser into here on enter. Perfect. Now I'm gonna select my square on Copia by clicking, shaped, annulled on the Same for those two shaved and old. I'm gonna go back to my browser copies XX value. Back to your straight talk on. We do the same world. These values okay, collapsed panel. So we got now are four main. Here's I'm gonna choose the two of the talk. I'm gonna go to my blend to make sure I got a specified steps selected un four. Okay, I'm gonna click on the first square on on the 2nd 1 I will go to our first blend. Now, let's choose our bottom squares back to the blend. Snake click When we got our second blend, remember, we need to release the blend so we can make the blend from top to bottom. So I'm going to object. Blend, expand. And now, with those air still selected, I go to blend again. Click on the top. Speak on the bottom. I'm we got our full polit. Now, remember to release that one as well. So we go to blend expand. With all those color still selected, I'm gonna go to my swatches panel and create a new folder, New Color Group. So click on the folder. I'm gonna call these Mandala to selected our work and convert process to Global Should be selected on. Okay. And there is our second color palette. And now we can delete thesis course We don't need them anymore. Now I'm gonna sue Main too cold, Lorraine, my mandala. I'm going to select all my shapes. Remember, you need to select them to make a life pain group. I'm going to select the life paint bucket with cheese in the shape builder tool menu I pain Book it on. Choose your first colder now So I'm gonna choose face pink on I'm a good night's start Cooler inning I my speed up they so you don't need to watch me and get bored. So see, in a minute. - Yes . Okay, so I finished coloring mean my mandala. So the next thing I need to dio worth that I want to do is to get rid of the black stroke. To do that, I first need to release or expand this life paint group. If you remember, we go to object. Life paint expand doesn't look like it did march. But now this is just shapes and strokes. So I'm gonna one group until I can actually get the stroke apart from the group on deleted . So I'm gonna group, which you can do by going to object on group on. I'm gonna do it now on with a shortcut, which is shift command. Gee, So the ship, Jumanji, and try if the stroke comes off that chief coming g again and group and see if it comes off . There you go. So now I put delete delete. Kind of looking quite nice now. Okay, so now we are going to create our next calendar month. So I'm gonna some out. So I see what I'm doing a little bit better on. I'm gonna go to file scripts, calendar all this all day options. I'm gonna leave as they are, except for my mom symptoms. Okay, so remember that calendar gets created outside the our board for some very strange reason. So I'm gonna select my group selection tool because this calendar is completely grouped. I want to be able to select only one item without having to one group everything on. I'm gonna delete that rectal because I don't I don't need it. Now I select my color, and I will bring it down here to form it it. Okay, so I'm going to change the funds all together. So, for these calendar, we did the heather faith in the days and the numbers, but I'm going to change all at the same time. And then after it's changed to the phoned, I'm going to change the weights. So first I'm gonna go to my character, and I'm gonna choose my fund. Okay, so you can see that because September is a longer word. He's moving the 2000 and 17 down. We don't want that on the problem with ease. Calendar scraped. He's These textbooks is pre formatted by the script. So if you're trying to make it bigger to fit the heather, the alignment, it starts going all very wrong. So sometimes you're going to make some hard decisions. So what I'm gonna do, it's I'm gonna go to my type two, and I'm gonna get rid of that. Yeah, on, I'll tell you. Well, we'll put it later When we come fix your months. NATO. Now that I changed all my phones, I'm gonna change the weights. So I'm gonna select my hair and I'm gonna go to the weight. When I remember it was 700 and then for the day. So I remember it was 300 when the Numbers 500. The second thing is, I want these airspace to be a big bigger between these Heather on the days. So I'll do exactly what I did with the everyone out press return. He's two. Huge now, Saul. Select old invisible characters from the road if no, it wouldn't make a change, and then I'm gonna move it. Make a smaller to 12 points. Does exactly the amount I did for the other one. Okay, so we're finished doing the formatting now I'm going to scale it. So with the calendar selected, I'm gonna go to the scale to on double Click. And I remember we scale dealer calendar by 70% someone of the same bad one. And now I'm gonna put it more or less into place. If you won that hung to appear to be able to move your our boat around, you press the space bar, click on drug. That's very kind. And I use it all the time to move around the our boards. Okay, so we got more or less leading to place, but we know it's not aligned or consistent with the placement of thes first page. So let's fix that. First of all, I'm gonna grow up my mind that lock on my calendar check that your align toe are very selected on a line horizontally to the art books. Okay, that's right. Now I'm gonna create some guides so I can place these month exactly as this one. So I'm gonna go to view rulers show rulers or command are with the rulers in place going, assuming a little day so we can see better. I'm gonna drug up guide. So you just click and dropped from the ruler and I'm gonna place it. He was not here to your text because we got snow up two point on. So I'm gonna place it there on its not showing because we have heated them. So I'm gonna go to view guides, show guides. You know, we can see our margin guide on this guy we just created. Okay, So with that dining place, I know I can move this one on. Remember to move it way the shift on because we are lying that already So we want to move it horizontally without going left to right until it touches the guy. Now we know those two things are exactly in the same place. Now, I'm gonna grab my two lines, which I grouped together. So they were on group before. But if you select Juan shaved click on the 2nd 1 and you go to object group, then he would beat it When you move them together. Okay, so now I want to duplicate them on these page to these page. So I'm gonna click and drug while president old and shift at the same time on See how it shows that they intersect. Guidelines showing a studies intersecting with the middle of the page. Mainly guidelines are appearing, but you can check that one goes all the way to the center of the mandala. So that is telling us that is in the middle of the page on That's looking good. So because we got rid of the 2017 here, I'm gonna choose the type tool and select all these Good Rid off it. And I need to get rid of my little circle, which I made manually by deleting it. And now what I'm gonna do, he's when a press the type tool click on your our board When I'm going to write 2000 and 17 I go to character. That should be the same fund because the last one time work with waas died one So it should be the same fund. I'm gonna make it pulled. 700. Possibly this how I look on, I'm gonna make it a tiny little bit bigger. And I'm gonna put this year here my alignment with these numbers. I'm gonna grow a guideline from here. So mean. So I know I'm doing this correctly and I'm gonna drop. Is this not going to they end of the text. So I'm going to leave. There you go. I believe that. Fine. And now I'm gonna create a guideline for these one for the next month. I think I will most alliance with these numbers together. So you see, it's yet. So move it. Maybe a tiny bit more. So if I press my down arrow, it will move the elements together. Okay, So I'm going to get rid of thes guides. I just selecting them in the meeting. One last thing I'm gonna do is I'm going to reduce the size of basement dollar, tiny baby because I think it's too close to these. So remember to drug while prison Schaff, Maybe it made a big, big okay on the other thing is, I want to make sure that this is not going over the margin because at some point I'm gonna want to Makesem holds on this calendar to hang it or something. So I want to make sure that I got that free space. So to make sure What's that I'm gonna grab these guide on? I'm gonna duplicate it. So I'm gonna click and drive while prison old and chief to duplicate it on constrain the movement for essentially at the same time. And there it goes with its elected on with a lying to our poor selected Make sure that is hopes that is in the middle of these highboard. December was selective service waas a line into that I bore. So you need to make sure that you're our board is selected and you can see it. It has, like, a little black line on the outside. That's the one selected someone I select taste one. And now the guide with a line to that highboard know that. Okay, so we're inside the margins. That's fine. The last thing is, I'm gonna create a guide on place it in the middle of this mandala to make sure that the both gondolas are exactly it center in the same place just for consistency honeys looking good. So I'm just gonna hide my guides on, see how is looking, and I like it 11. Last words: Well, there you You made it to the end. I hope you enjoy the class and you learned a few new things. Remember to share your mandalas, your color palettes and you're kind. That's with me and the rest of the class would love to see your results. You can believe I'm going to the your project area off the class, which is Joe's. Underneath these wings, though, I'm creating a project. If you have any questions or comments, please and suffering Silence. Leave them in the community area, which is also being I will be checking them daily to help you out. You're stuck unless, but not least please remember to keep the class of thumbs up if you enjoyed it to leave any feet. But if you have any I'd love to hear from you. Hopefully see your ground soon. Bye