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The Fallen Angel - Free Advanced Manipulation Tutorial

teacher avatar Andrei Oprinca, Graphic designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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    • 1. Fallen Angel Tutorial

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About This Class

In this tutorial I will show you how I created this fantasy manipulation in Photoshop CS6. I will use the usual composition techniques.

Some topics covered are:

  • Creating realistic shadows,
  • Matching the depth of field of several elements of the composition,
  • Creating bloody tears
  • Creating a broken wing

I will also show you the combination of blend modes and adjustment layers I used to achieve the color effects.

PSD file not included in this course. Only the stock images used

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Andrei Oprinca

Graphic designer


I'm Andrei. I'm a graphic designer with 10 years of Photoshop experience specialized in photo manipulation.

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1. Fallen Angel Tutorial: welcome everyone to another foot of shop tutorial. As I said on my previous video show, how I made this manipulation I will take this is, um maybe an advanced tutorial. I'll use the usual techniques. Maybe some something new here. Also homemade, this broken wing. And while some of the effect that I that I used to get to this ah, little kid, that you can see here all the effects and everything to get to this color tone and to this general look here and now, a quick message from my new sponsor, Squarespace. And we will get started. This new tutorials brought to you by my new sponsors squarespace. The only one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website, online portfolio or even e commerce websites. And for a free trial and 10% off your first purchase, go to squarespace dot com and use the offer code PSD box. Remember, 10% off on your first purchase using the code PSD box on squarespace dot com. I'm okay. So some some of the images used for this tutorial are from Libyan toe art, and some of them are from deposit photos. But as you may know, I will give you a smaller resolution for the images that are from deposit photos so you don't have to buy them. But as I said, it's a smaller size. It's not the original size of the image. Also, if you're pretty a member, you will be able to download this PSD file. The resource is on the original size and also this video if you want to And, uh, what I will do, um, is so, like the entire campus first and go to edit copy and create a new document with Control Command. And because that way, the values, the original vows of this canvas size will be copping automatically here, so I don't have to put them manually. You can see that the original size of this PS defies 5000 pixels, but, um, the the size that you will download as a premium member in case you're you want to download . This will be smaller because this BS defies almost ah, 700 megabytes, which is which is a lot of space. So I will decrease the size of the PSD file to maybe to maybe half of may be the same size that I will use for detour, which is, um, 2500 pixels. Um, let's, uh, go here and type too far. 205 100 picks. Also, this is the campus that I will use for this tutorial. And maybe this is will be This will be the size of the PSD file as well. Okay, so the first thing I want to do is start with the background, as they usually do. And I used to images for the background. This is the 1st 1 and this is the 2nd 1 So I'll start with the background. Um, it's on control. A control C Control W. I worked with the keyboard shortcuts. Many of you already know that. And I will. I will go bit quick here because this is, um, standard, um, many pollution procedures. Let's call them just copy paste images. That's why, since a bit more advanced, not because the techniques are more advanced, but because I will not explain everything in as much detail, at least at least not the usual process. And the next thing I will do is open the other one, which is this one. That's carpet and paste it here. Let's name this BG to and this one BG one. The reason why I named the Layers is because if you want to ask something about a particular day or something, it's better to. It's better for me to identify which later you're talking about. So if you make questions about particularly on the layers palette, please use the names that I use here so that we can that way. No, what your talking about? OK, let's leave that here. Links for the images are on the video description or on. There's nothing there that will take it to my website, and there you'll find links to the stock images and well, that hide the BG for now. And that's open the woman. As I said, I have the dragon and the woman already extracted because I will not spend time showing you how to extract this. The dragon is already in PNG format. I think I'm not really sure, um, so you don't have to extract it, but the woman is over. A white background is not complicated at all. You can use the quick selection tool or other tools I used the Pantsil I already have to tour is about how to extract objects from the background. So this is the woman that I will use. I'll copy it and paste her right here on top on last. Name this woman. Of course. I'll have to make it smaller, but I want to convert this into a smart object, just in case. I want to change the size after ads. The dragon. Um, I actually take a look at the original, seeing more or less the size from the bottom to the top. I think it's okay. Maybe it's smaller. Okay, so we have the main elements here Now. One problem that we will have here is if you take a look and the woman you can see that her feet are out of focus, and our background here is in focus. So we need to add a great Gaussian blur to the background to make to make it fit the blur on her feet. So the way I did that as I converted the BG one into Ah, while we're gonna commit into smart object. Well, actually, if you can do this, do it this way. If you cannot do it, um, you'll have to create a duplicate and add the great the the Gaussian blur to the to the copy and then mask it. But since we have smart objects, let's use that. And now that's zoom in 100% so we can see to see the actual size and go to with the B G one selected and converted into a smart object. I'll go to filter, Blur and choose Umm Ghazi Ambler. And now we'll have to choose a radius that matches the same amount of blur as on her feet. Andi, I think for this canvas size, I think about one point for 1.5 pixels is okay, let's leave it like that for a more realistic, um, for a more realistic effect. We should also adds some God similar to the woman because the agency are too sharp. Okay, so if it's out of focus, well, we also need to make the edges out of focus. And since I already have the woman as a smart object, I can do that. But first I want Oh, um, finished what? I started here on the beach. He won. So when you add a smart filter, when When you have this filter to a smart object and become the smart filter, and you can see it here. And it also you also have the layer mosque for this smart filter. And that's the reason why I used smart object. Because now I can get I can get the greedy into and select black to white. Okay. And now with this layer mosque selected for the smart filter, I can click here and drag up on first. I need to select the linear type and reverse it. I don't know if you can see it. I want to make a Really Okay, see that when you do this, you start to remove the effect with this layer mosque. So what I want to do is leave the bottom part. I want to leave this part out of focus and then this one in focus. So what I will do is draw ingredient from here from where her feet start here to about here and that we would have ah, smooth transition between the out of focus area and the in focus areas. You can see here when I disabled the later mosque. Okay, Now it looks a bit more realistic. But as I said, let's do the same here with the woman I can press control command F that will apply the last filter, which was the Gaussian Blur. And since this is a smart object, it will. This window will pop up and the radius I'll put it to about 1.3 or 1.2. Click OK, and the same thing we can do here with the greedy into. But this time the ingredient will need to start. Maybe here and and right here because we want the bottom part of her body to be in focus. So maybe I'll start here and there. But it's too much ghazi. And so it's too much blur. So let's leave it at about zero point eight okay, but we also need to remove the blur from from the inside of the feet. We only need the blurred because we want to blur the edges, so I'll get the brush tool. So let this little mosque and I'll use a soft brush capacity and flow to 100% ups. Um, I change the the capacity and the flow using the keyboard. You can do that most just by typing on the keyboard. Let's decrease the hardness. If you dive for the number when you have the brush selected it out, it automatically changes that you don't have to do it manually. And if you want to change the flow, you press the shift key and then you tied the number, so it's as easy as that. So if I deactivate this smart filter, you can see the effect now we just blurred a bit. Um, this edges here. Anyways. Part of the feet will be covered by the dragon's tail if I Yep, see that? So if you want to skip this step, you can do it. But maybe another artwork. You'll find this useful. So I just wanted to match the blurred amounts on the background and on her feet as well. Now let's re enable the background to image, and I'll hide the woman for now because I want to mask this BG to Later. I'll create the later mosque for it and get the greedy into again. But this time I'll use the reflected greedy int on the zoom out a bit because I only need this mountain sparked. So what I will do is maybe start ingredient here and do something like that. I don't really like any of the bigger ingredient. Yep, something like that looks a bit better. But now I can see these other mountains, which is not what I want. So I probably get the brush tool, use a big, soft brush, and with your past, yet about 50%. I'll paint this bottom part of the mountains with white. That looks nice. And I'll shift the color to black because I want toe remove part of the bottom part here. Okay, Now I think it looks I think we've got a good bland here. Okay, See that? And because this clouds have pretty much the same color you can you can see how well they blend. Okay, let's reactivate the woman there and let's make some adjustments to her to her layer here. So what I wanted to do is at some shadow here, But I will do that if I remember. If I remember that after at the Dragon, because we will have the tail here. And I want to make the shadow of the tail over her body here. But we'll do. We'll do that a bit later on. Let's add a few saturation adjustment as a clipping mask because we only want to affect her and not the rest of the layers. So I'll create the clipping mosque by right clicking on it, and I'll decrease the saturation to minus 46 and we will add a curves adjustment now, also as clipping mosque. You can also do that if you press and hold the bulky. And when you put the miles between the two allergic and how it changes and when it quick, you create the clipping mask. It's a lot faster. And also you can click this icon here when you at an adjustment layer, you can see it has this icon here. When you click it, it clips it to the later. So now we only affect the woman later. Andi. Now I want to add two points here to make her doctor. But I want to keep part of the highlights there, So I think something like this is OK, okay. Try to get a similar shape to this and you can copy the the input and output values of each point so we can see the values here you can use the same once if you want to. This is our all the adjustments that I use for the woman now. But I wanna keep editing the background because the woman it's too bright, so to say, compared to the background. And I wanted to use something a bit brighter on the bag on itself. So on top of the two background layers, BG one and BG to we will add a great in bump. So I live it to black and white. That's okay. And I'll change the blend mode of this to screen and you can see how they will become brighter and I'll decrease the capacity to 50% because that was to Brighton. Okay, so see how it looks. Now you have another thing that I did is I created sort of, ah, missed there on the distance, I created a new layer, and then I got the greedy into and I want to use the background too transparent, and I'll have to change the car here to white. And when you switch the colors here to white, this one changes as well. So select this one white to transparent and use the reflected Grady in again amount Greek here, where this mountains are press and hold the shift key because we want to create a straight horizontal Grady in. And we wanted to be perfectly straight. So click and drag to about here and let go. And we have to reverse this because one black, white, transparent, transparent to light. Okay, something. But I wanted a bit higher up about here on about that baby. Okay, so this is how how it looks. I want toe drop capacity a bit. Or maybe do it again. I want to make it a bit bigger, so I'll do it again. Yes. I'm think that because I wanted to I wanted to look soft. See that? That's how I wanted to look. But I want to decrease the opacity. Let's say to about 80%. I want to see some of the background there. Let's add now the dragon and this is the file. As I said, you have the link. This is from Devyn art. If you don't find the same one while can use, you can use another one there. Tons of dragons on live in art so you can use them and we want to put this below the woman but above this layer, which I'll call missed and press control Man V to paste it That's named this Lear dragon. And I have to make it smaller, of course. So I press control command t lock the aspect, Rachel here on top. Let's see, maybe 50%. That's a bit too big. So I'll make it smaller, pressing a holding a shift key to preserve the the aspect ratio. But since I already have it locked here, the aspect ratio will be preserved automatically with without having to press the 50. I think I will live it right here. Let me take a look at the original. Yeah, we need to make it a bit smaller. Hopes will have to do it again. 50% and smaller. I want this curved part here to be over her feet here. Okay. Oh, as I said, we will cover part of her feet with the dragon stale. I want to make it just a bit bigger about that big, and let's leave it there. If you're not sure about the size, do what I did here with the woman converted into a smart object and actually, I'll do that because, uh, that way you don't lose quote if you want to make it bigger again. So that's but that 48% Andi a bit smaller. 46. Okay, we're gonna have ah, both the dragon and the woman here. But we need to mask part of the woman's feet to make to make it look like on the tail is in front, off the feet off her feet. Okay, So what I will do is load the dragons selection by pressing and holding the control key and clicking on the thumbnail that will load. As you can see, the the edges attracted the selection and now also like the woman later, I should have created the later mosque before making this election. But anyway, I'll now click with the selection active, I'll click the layer mask icon, and you can see how it masks part of the part of it. But what I will do is feel this election with white, so create a layer mask before you load the selection. So I'll do this again. I'll now press control and click there. And now, effect of the brush tool on select the little mosque that you created, which should should be white And now paint with black. I want to make sure that my opacity and flow are to 100% now open with black here. And it will only paint the selected area even though I pain taking pain right here on the bottom. Nothing will happen because I have this selection which, um, restricts my area here so I can only paint the selected aren t how it looks now. Okay, let's move on. And we need to make some adjustments to the dragon. Has this, um, scion tone here, which I don't really like. So I also like the Dragon Lear and used I think I used a hue saturation. Let me take a look. Yep. And, ah, few saturation and I'll clip. It's to the dragon layer and I'll select. I will make a selective adjustment here. Eso Instead of using the master, I'll use the science and you can see how it creates this selection here. But I'll have to expand it just bit like so maybe it's too much. And now what I will do is decrease the saturation to about minus 70 or something like that . Okay, and I don't know if you can notice it, but the body off the dragon now is it's more of a great own. Let me show you the before and after. See that? And here on the tail as well Here on the neck and on the eyes. See that? It was like, I don't know. I didn't like this. Changes in color, heading like how they load. So I suppressed them by decreasing the saturation off those stones. Okay, Now we need to make the eyes of the dragons stand out of bed. So now there that we're working with it. I want to keep everything here close to the dragon. So Kristin Mueller, um and it will automatically be clipped to the the dragon later. And I'll name this. I I could have placed it. I'm here. But as I said, I want to keep it from everything here as a pack. So to say that's like the brush tool and gets a brown a dark blue caller. Zoom in and use a smaller brush and hardness to about 50 or something like that. 65 doesn't really matter. Just paint the I like that. And now I'll change the blend mode of this to color dodge. You can see how what it happens. It makes the I stand out a lot more. Okay. And if you're not happy with this collar can press, control, command You load the hue saturation with the I layer selected, of course, and you can increase the saturation. You can change the tone and you can see how the eye changes there. And it could make it darker or brighter. If you make it to bribe, you will burn the highlights there, which is not what we want. So I will increase. The saturation may be used. Let's see what tone weaken years this sigh in green tone. I like how it looks. Okay, so let me show you the with with and without this painted layer here, that's how the I stand out. Ah, a little more there. Okay, let's move on. And and the wings on the woman. What I will do is select all the layers of the dragon. Ah, the eyes and everything. And I'll actually put them in a group because it looks better on and this dragon and hide this for a second and we need to now open the wings layer and make the wings for this. Ah, for this angel. So let's open our wing stuck image. It is painted. This is a painted wing so you can see the link The darkest hour. Um, this is the author that made this Ah wing. It's awesome. I really like it. I'll give you the link to this Ah user on different art. And ah, you'll find there a lot of other wings. If you want to use them, use this one. So copy it and I will not save it and paste it right here. You can see it's bigger for in my case here, but I'll make it smaller. Let's try 50%. Maybe a bit smaller 40 or something like death. Andi, that's places there. Of course, we need to place this below the woman later. So that's name this right wing and I'll move it to bits about there and now Duplicated control man J. Flip it horizontally and put it here. What I want to do is ah, rotated just a bit and maybe change the position a bit higher up. Um maybe rotated the other way cause you can see her shoulders a bit up here and also because I don't want to make it look. Obviously, you can tell is the same wing duplicated? But it's not really that obvious if you move it a bit so and also looks a bit more realistic. If you do that, um, flipped this just bits on the other side. Press enter, and we need to make this look like a broken wing. And for that we need to use a part of bone on for that. I used this deposit photos, image of the skeleton and let's see if we have the past here. We don't have it. So what we will do is use the quick selection to and select this part of the bone on this whole part here. Well, actually, it's a lot easier if we use it the other way. If he is the magic wand, it's like the black parts deactivate contiguous and do it that way with the shift key. I want to include this part on the selection, and now I'll use the refined edge while first I want to create the later mosque inverted, and you can see that with the Magic wanted to get re awful edges here. So what I want to do is right. Click and choose Refine mask. And I want to change this to the collar. Here. Let's see where that is right here on whites, because I want to see those. I want to eliminate this black edges. So I will do Is shift the edge a bit like that. Increased the smooth, the father as well. While the smooth let's live you tell it was 20 Increase the federative on one pixel and now increase the contrast and you can see how those edges are now gone. Um, and let's leave this here on their mosque and click. OK, so it was quite easy and quick to remove that. Let's apply the little mosque and we only need this part of the off the arm. So what I will do is get the Polina last so too on and do this and press control, man. See to copy this part and go back to my document here and I'll paste this year above the two wings. Go back here, close it with control W. And I'll name this bone, and this is actually yeah, That was my I named it incorrectly. Here. This is the right wing, and this is the left wing doing. And now let's let's see what we can do with this bone. Ah, hide it for a second. Because first I want to destroy this wing. So let me take a look at the original. Uh, Okay. Ah, I want to destroy this. This part here. So this part of the wing will be gone. So for the left wing, we need to create a layer mosque and select the brush pressing the B key on the keyboard. And we need to select one of this brushes here. They will look a bit better. So what? Actually, first we need we can use a normal brush, a normal hard brush to do something like this. Okay. And then select another brush. That said, Ah, one of these brushes here ah will work better and just paint like dad. I want to zoom in. I would probably the activates the greedy int mop so I can see better. And let's choose another brush and just need to We need to destroy this a bit. Make it look like it's ripped or something like that. Do the best you can hear on the edges. Get this effects and you can also change. Try different brushes for different parts of the off the edge. Ah, try Maybe tomorrow if you want. Okay, let me try this on that one as well. Um, be careful because some Russians have weird sightings here. Like color dynamics transfer do a brush and stuff like that and they will not work well. So if you see strange behavior of the brush, open the brush and take a look at the setting cnd activate anything if you need to. If have brushes off broken stuff like I don't know, broken paper. I don't know things like that. You can use those. Ah, I don't want to have a straight line here. That's why I'm doing random destructions here. I don't know. Maybe something like that's that doesn't look really that really nice here. So repaint that part. Um, I don't know what particular get the original. Okay, Uh, one other thing you can dio like actually, all the elites in the whole part here is keep part of this wings here, make it the brush smaller and keep part of those wings there of those feathers. Sorry. Um, stuff like that. Now, with this bigger brush with the actual size of the brush, reap the edges apart. So yeah. Huh. Um, sometimes it's difficult to get realistic results here, so try your best. As I said, we will enhance the effect with some falling fathers later on. But, uh, try to get a good result here as well. Okay, this is the part of the wing. Maybe I deal with you too much. We'll see. But anyways, now I'll re enable the layer of the bone here, and we need to make it smaller firsts. Something like that. And I want to flip it horizontally and sleeping around like deaths, and I want to make it smaller. Now I want to leave it there and put it below the two wings there on. This is how it looks. Maybe, I don't know, maybe do something like that. Andi looks better like that. And I'll use the leader mosque critically mosque for the bone. And I wanted to lead this part of the one to be visible. But we also need to rape this bone. This part of the bone as well. So first delete this part as you can see, what I'm doing here. Ah, like that. And then you can use them polygonal lasso tool to make a sort of Ah, well, I shall use the free the last so to and make some something like this and feel the selection with black. I'm working on the layers on the little mosque. Hey, I'm trying to Instead of using the instead of using the brush, I'm trying to creates the crack effect or something like that here on the bone manually using the last so to And you get this sort of effect. When you take a look at 100% it looks a bit better, but I want to I want to have ah, more visible effects. My debts. Okay, so we have the bone now, Um, maybe it would be a good idea to put the missing part of the wing here, but I didn't want to do it, so I left it like like you see here, Um, the next thing I did, I'll reactivate the dragon layer and you can see it doesn't really look nice, because the dragon is right there behind this on. I don't want I don't like that. So I want to move it around a bit. That will affect my little mosque here, but I'll remake it, so probably live it like this. Okay, so I will now go to the woman later. And this little Moskal, fill it back with white and repeat the process here. That load the dragon selection right here. Pressing control and clicking on the some new. Now I'll fill this. Well, actually, don't want to feel that I want to paint with a brush the normal heart brush and pay with what? With the black to hide this part of off her feet. Great. Now have it here. Um, let's re enable the eye of the dragon because it moved. I should have linked it. I don't even know what it is right there. Let's move it with the wiki and put it there when it was okay. And what else? Now we need to make some blood effects over the woman's skin on the broken wing and here on the floor. And for that, I use more stock images. For example, this one for the tears. Um, let me zoom man, so I used this part of blood. This image is from from living art, and it's it's easy to find it if you preserve the original name of the file because you can see the name off the author here. And even if you google this, you can find it. If if you use the same name here that you see here, you most of the times, you'll find it. But as I said, I'll give the links to the to the author's account so you can search their gallery and down with this So I'll copy this part of the photo. Go back to my to my document here, and I want to base this on top of everything. So press control, Man V and you can see it's too big. So I want to make it smaller first, and I'll put this on. I don't know, maybe on this part of the face, so I'll have to flip it, But But first I want to make it smaller like so Now we'll flip it horizontally like so and make it smaller. And now we need to try and find a good, bland mode that will work for this, um, even smaller like that. We need to create a layer mask, But first I want to make I want to try some landmarks here. See which one work? Well, actually, I'll try to blend this using the the brush tool. Well, let's try the multiply bland mode and make it brighter. Zollo them the levels and try to use the mid tones. Okay, Something that's so a so you can see the multiply vinyl works and the rest of the edge will blend it with with a little mosque and a soft brush and painting with black to hide. I want to decrease the capacity to about 50% in the brush. Okay, Andi, just bank with the soft brush on the edges. Here you can see the bland. It's quite realistic now. Part of the blood is too bright. So my maybe I have to open the levels again and maybe make the mid tones a bit darker again . Okay, so I would concede. Looks pretty nice that I I think it looks nice. And let's try and find maybe we can use this other part of blood for the other. I Let's see if it works so I'll name the steer. One paste is here in our name. It's here, too. Make it smaller, zoom in and flip it horizontally on placing right there. Yeah, it looks nice, I think like so. And let's tried. Multiply bland mode again and use the levels again. You can also try soft light, but I don't know if in this case will work now is not working too nice. So ah, dark and while they're going is looking good on the brighter parts of the image. But I'll stick with the multiply and used levels and now create a little mosque and with a soft brush blend in the edges. Remember that I have of capacity off 50% on the brush That helps you build up the effect. But on the inside here, I touched too much. So I'll decrease the brush size and paint back with White to intensify the effect. Because I took away too much with a brush and when you zoom and 100% it could see looks a lot better. Maybe the tear want should be a bit higher up. Not too much, something like death, and I'll have to fix ups in the later mosque here. Uh, okay, let's delete that if you want, you can also put some dripping blood right here over her body. But I didn't want to make it to too bloody, even though I think it would look a bit more realistic if you actually let me try that. And I will use this one. As I said, it's not the original image, and also this one could be useful. But I'll use this for the ground there. So here you can see another image of drips. Ah, well, actually, I can see this one would work. I mean, open this and see how I can use this on her arm. Maybe it looks a bit better. This part's right here. Look nice. I forgot about this stock image that I had it. Let's try copying this part here. And since the background of this is completely white, it will be a lot easier to use the multiply bland mode. Um, that's local. Let's try select this and disable it. And they make this smaller 30% Andi even smaller like that and change this to multiply. It looks nice and see those aginst their sees not completely transparent. You can fix that. As I was doing with the other ones using the levels and increased this highlights Move the highlights letter to the left a bit. And that's it. And as you can see, looks nice, but the color is not matching, so I want to use the hue saturation to the saturate this a bit and make it look a bit darker. Um, I don't know if he looks better on her arm, maybe flipping it horizontally. Oops. I don't know. Um, I will live it on her arm right here on the more of the bottom part. I don't know. Um, you can leave it there. Maybe we'll leave both of them on and something like that. Maybe I want to make it a bit dark room hopes, uh, let's not touch the lightness. Okay. So I'll leave it like that. You can try to do a bit of a better job than I did here, but maybe I gave you some ideas. Okay, let's move on. As I said on the wings, let's open that image that I was talking about, which is this one. And again we have white background, which is good. So let's copy this. Well, it's too big. Let's It's 2000 pixel action. Lastly, how it is and we'll deal with sides of it later and we will name this group body blood. Okay, this is the blood that we adhere in the eyes and on her body. And now I want to look, I want to find the wing glaciers. So have the wing. The left wing, which is this one I will pay is that blood image over the left wing. You can see it's huge, as I said, but I will clip it to the left wing now and now we'll make it smaller. Um, pressing control command T locked aspect ratio and maybe about 20% of the original size will be OK. And now you can see because I clipped it to the left wing. It's only that blood is only visible off the over the surface off the wing. And now I want to get rid of the white and only have the blood. So I will change the blend mode of this to multiply, and you can see how it looks now. And I just want some blood there. Don't add too much because it will not look realistic. So some blood over there and now you can duplicate this wing blood. You can duplicate it and put it on top off the bone. I did that by pressing the old key clicking here and drag it down and will duplicate it. And now I'll clip it to the bone and just add some blood like that. Make you look we could look a bit better in my opinion. Okay, so now we have the blood there. We need some blood on the ground as well. So let's open again. Are stuck image. And in this case, I will use this one. Control the man Air control man. See Control command W to close that. Okay, now for this, we can add it. Maybe let's see where we can add this. Let's re enable that greeting. Mom, we can add it, Um, right here below the dragon and blow the well. Actually, let's put it above the mist layer and basted there. Concedes huge. So let's maybe 50% or work to still to steal too much. I hope this images are not too violent. I think this is actually paint painting, so I don't know if it's real blood. I don't even want to know it. So I hope it's faint. I'll leave you like that and, um, actually, even smaller. And now we need to match up with the perspective here. So what you can do is use of the store to s all choose the stored and used this controls here, too. Make it look a bit better to make it look like this blood is actually on the ground here. And analogies perspective and see how I can change this for present. Hold the shift key. Uh, well, actually, you don't have to praise the control key. You can, uh, modify this points here. Um, probably leave it like that. I want to have this line parallel to this line here. These are some car tracks or something, and that matches a bit better. Helps you to match the perspective a bit better, but it's still too much blood here. Um, with so much with so much blow here, this, uh, this poor angel bleated out. So I think, um that said the blend mode to multiply because we need to hide the white, The white background and we need to get rid of those address so I'll increase the I'll increase. I'll use this highlights slider. I'll need this layer Ground blood. Create the later mosque. You can also use this, Um Stockham is that I use here for the wing. If you want to add ah, blood for the ground, I'll shift this horizontally because I want to hide part of this part of this blood there. But it's still too much to, I think. And you can see that even using the layer on the levels, some part of this is still visible. So that's why I created a layer mask. And now, with a soft brush painting with black, I can mask this out and Blanding a lot better. Okay, so against he looks better if you want to change the tone of the blood. So left the layer and press control man the usual below the hue saturation. And here you can change the tone of it using the hue slider and also you can use a saturation. If you saturate, it will start to look darker and if you increase, the saturation starts to look a bit brighter. But do not touch the lightness because this will effect while you can make it brighter if you want, but not darker. Because if you put negative values here, you can see that that background, that it was white. It's time it starts to become darker. And because we is the most supply of land mode,