The Facebook Ads Beginners Bible™ - Build Ads & Audiences that work! | Michael Suppo | Skillshare

The Facebook Ads Beginners Bible™ - Build Ads & Audiences that work!

Michael Suppo, Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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7 Videos (1h 18m)
    • Thank you for learning Facebook Ads with me!

    • Navigating the Facebook Ads Manager

    • How to Build an Audience from Scratch!

    • How to Clone a Successful Audience & Find your Mailing List on Facebook

    • Build an audience that is x30 more likely to interact with you

    • How to Boost your Posts like a Boss!

    • Run an Effective "Likes" Campaign!


About This Class

​​If you want to get started with Facebook Ads, you will love this Skillshare course! It has been designed to tailor to busy entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to use Facebook Ads but don’t have the time to learn the finer details of online advertising and can’t afford to lose money on advertising that doesn’t work.

In this course, I am going to take you from knowing little to nothing about Facebook Ads to being online with your first successful ad in under one hour! 

You will learn:

  • How to build an audience of people who specifically WANT what you are selling!
  • How to get highly-targeted “Likes” and with the knowledge of how to get them for less than your competitors are spending for the same Fans!
  • Which posts to pick and how to boost posts to make them viral!
  • A step-by-step guide to creating successful Facebook Ads in less than 10 minutes.
  • How to navigate through the Facebook Ads Manager and how to interpret ad results!

... And so much more!


This Facebook Ads Mini-Course will tell you what you need to do to get started with running a successful Facebook Ad.





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Michael Suppo

Your Superhero on Skillshare -

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1. My expertise with Facebook Ads and Marketing has led to my 200,000 fans on my Facebook Page.

2. I have built my YouTube channel to 134,000+ subscribers and over 11.5 million views using a repeatable video launch model with Google AdWords!

3. My success with Instagram Marketing has led me to build an account with 51,000+ followers!

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