The Essentials of InDesign

Seana Bailey, Graphic & Web Designer

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5 Videos (36m)
    • Introduction to InDesign & Setting Up Your Document

    • Frames & Objects

    • Typography & Typesetting

    • Text Wrap & Paragraph Rules

    • Finalizing & Exporting

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About This Class

Welcome to the Essentials of InDesign...

Whether you are an aspiring designer or looking for a tool to enhance your everyday documents, Adobe InDesign has something for everyone. This program provides the opportunity to design and create layouts for both print and digital spaces with very few restrictions unlike other basic programs.

A Breakdown of What You'll Learn

Introduction to InDesign

  • Creating and setting up a new document
  • Tool menu(s)
  • Grids and guidelines

Text and Art Frames

  • Creating frames
  • Adding text and imagery to frames
  • Resizing content in frame

Objects and Stylizing

  • Creating objects
  • Colour objects
  • Opacity
  • Effects

Typography 1.1

  • Font size and leading
  • Kerning and tracking
  • Character styles
  • Pull quotes
  • Pharagraph tools
  • Paragraph styles
  • Columns
  • Text wrap

Finalizing and Exporting

  • Linking images
  • Spell check
  • Packaging
  • Export options

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Seana is thorough and easy to listen too. She shares a lot of essential information and tips. I definitely recommend.
I have been using InDesign for quite sometime now. And while I am decently proficient in the program it really helped to go back to the basics and find out what slipped through the cracks of my training. These lessons really helped straighten out some of my long term confusions and made me more comfortable and able to use the program going forward. I thank you!
I'm a beginner at InDesign. Even though i'm a Photoshop pro (and Illustrator, and Dreamweaver...) I was getting frustrated until i took this class. I not only grasp the basics now, i had so much fun i kept working on my project, even though it's just a practice piece! The instructor is clear, enunciates well, and has a great balance between verbal explanations and examples.
Sän Inman

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Seana Bailey

Graphic & Web Designer

As a Graphic Designer, it is my job to create and produce an identity for my clients that is in-sync with their business and/or individual vision. By following a set process which begins with researching and initial concepts and ends with final designs and development, I am able to present my clients with well thought out and customized products.

In addition to my work as both an in-house and freelance designer, I also provide lessons both in person and online on how the various Adobe ...

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