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The Essential Weight Loss And Exercise Guide For Women

Plato Physio

The Essential Weight Loss And Exercise Guide For Women

Plato Physio

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14 Lessons (1h 28m)
    • 1. Class introduction

    • 2. Warming up and cooling down

    • 3. What to have and not have before your workout

    • 4. What to have after your workout

    • 5. Cholesterol

    • 6. Intermittent fasting 2

    • 7. Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time

    • 8. Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time part 2

    • 9. What is a caloric surplus and caloric deficit

    • 10. Good and bad fats

    • 11. Is being overweight your fault

    • 12. What body type are you

    • 13. Does weightlifting cause women to get bulky

    • 14. Is the sugar in fruit bad

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About This Class

Hey guys! 

Welcome to The Essential Weight Loss And Exercise Guide For Women where you will have your frequently asked questions about weight loss finally answered! My name is Colm, an instructor for Plato Physio and I'll be leading you through our course.

In this class, we have chosen to use strictly bright colors, point by point explanations with relevant images and examples to not just explain different health related topics regarding weight management simply so you'll understand but to do it in a way that you'll remember!

For example, in science class when you were younger, would you learn better from a teacher just standing at the top of the classroom talking to you (like many health instructors do)? Or would you learn better if they used the whiteboard to show their points and examples with relevant helpful drawings in color? Well that is exactly what we offer!

By the end of this class you'll have the necessary knowledge to be able to implement adequate nutrition into your life to help achieve your fitness goals, you'll know how to lose weight efficiently without spending weeks or even months at a plateau and you'll gain more confidence concerning health and fitness to be able to participate in conversations about them resulting in additional education and growth. In addition, you'll be able to help educate your family and friends into achieving a positive healthier lifestyle also.

So guys check out the class and we look forward to seeing you inside! :)

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Plato Physio


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1. Class introduction: Hey, guys, welcome to your essential weight loss and exercise guide for women, where you will have your frequently asked questions of a weight loss and exercise. Finally, answer. I'm column on instructor for Plato Physio, and I'll be leading you through this cars now just to give you an inside in the light background. I'm an Irish physical therapist currently working at a hospital, where I'm also currently doing research to try and improve overweight and obese patients. Adherence to exercise. So this is an area that I am very passionate about. By the end of this car's, you'll be able to implement proper nutrition into your diet to help achieve your weight loss goals. You'll learn health. You exercise to lose weight safely, efficiently and effectively. When l spending weeks or even months at the plateau on your also gain the necessary knowledge to also help those close to you like your family or friends, into achieving their personal weight loss goals. Also, in this course, we've chosen to use bright colors point by point explanations with relevant images on examples. Do not just explaining simply about to do it in a way that you will understand and remember now. Examples of the frequently asked questions that will be answered in this cars that millions of dieters around the world struggle with every day are things like what to eat before and after the gym for five loss. Can you tag it specific areas of your body for fat loss? Can you turn fat into muscle? Andi, can you lose fat and gain muscle at the same time among various order informative lectures ? So the idea shooting for this course is any woman with any level or no level for that matter, off prior health or fitness knowledge. All that is required is enthusiasm to learn and multiplication for positive change within your life. Guys, have a look at the description. Check out the previews for the videos. Andi, I will see you inside. 2. Warming up and cooling down : so we're always hearing about the importance of warming up and cooling down. But what exactly are the important? Well, let's first start with warm, you know, So warming up generally consists off stretching. Unlike cardio now, the reason that stretching is important is that it allows greater range of motion on the eases distress on joints and tendons, which can help prevent injury. In addition, it prepares them 40 movements that they will be required to carry out during the activity, and it also warms the muscles and warming warmed muscles air important as when Mosul is warm, it both contracts more forcefully and relaxes more quickly. And because of this, both speed and strength can be enhanced now when it comes ally cardio. The important factors that it's are beneficial because of it are that it increases circulation. It increases your body temperature. It brings your heart rate up, it increases hormone secretion and then it also helps to a mental preparation. So let's go into a bit of detail about each of these aspects now, firstly, the way a light cardio warm up increases circulation is by enlarging your blood vessels. True vaso dilation, so vassal would be vessels in violation means to dilate Soto. Open now this insurance that your muscles are well supplied with oxygen on enlarged blood vessels will also result in lower stress on your heart. Now, by doing a light cardio, warm blood flow actually increases to 70 to 75% to the relative muscles as the capital Aries in the muscles open. No in comparison to this, if you start working out without an adequate warmer blood flow to your muscles will be reduced to about 15 to 20% as most of the tiny blood vessels or also called capital Aries within these muscles will be closed no. Additionally, it is important as increases blood flow and it was resolved in increased temperature of muscle on increased muscle temperature results in optimal flexibility and efficiency off your muscles. When muscle temperature is high, hemoglobin in your blood releases more oxygen to the muscles, which results in better endurance and better performance. Andi, with this increased blood temperature, also does the same. On is beneficial as as blood temperature rises, the human or the oxygen that's attached to the hemoglobin weakens so that the oxygen becomes more readily available to go to your working muscles, which may improve endurance. So next we have increased body temperature and this is helpful as it helps to improve Mosul . A lattice elasticity, which reduces damage to muscles. Attendant trains on a severe tendon strain can actually result or Sorry. Excuse me. A severe muscle strained can actually result in Mosul tear. So this is something that we actually want to try and avoid? Guys. Okay. Now, besides this, it also helps bring your heart rate up slowly and will help minimal stress on your heart. No. Also, it increases hormone secretion, and this is a benefit because increased hormone production makes more carbs on fatty acids available for energy production. So now let's have a look at point number five off light cardio. Finally, when it comes to warming up before a sport, mental prep is very important, and this is because it clears her mind, increases focus and helps you to review your skills and strategy before the actual sport. So now how do we do an effective work worker? Well, typically, a warm up should last between five and 10 minutes, but the more intensity activity that you're preparing for which are warm, the longer the warm up should be. Now, you also want to make sure that you're incorporating stretching on light, cardio in your aroma. So using both Okay, no. Additionally, we want to use our entire body. So are lower legs. We want to use their trunk. We want to use Oprah extremities. Just everything, guys. Okay, now the next point, it's that we want to use movements that will be doing in your workout. So this is the best warmup advice to give. For example, if you're if you have a training session, you want to be preparing the movements that you'll be doing in that particular training session in your warm or and you want to do at the slow pace and gradually increase the intensity intensity. So, for instance, if you're going to do jogging or squats in your inner work out, OK, then you'd want to do like chugging or light squats in your warm up because you want to prepare the movements for actually the workout. Now, when it comes to stretch in, I recommend that you stretch each muscle group for 20 seconds, okay and goes fund. You don't forget a good warm up will have you just starting to break into a sweat. So now let's talk about cooling down. So go is clearly known is essentially the opposite of warming up. After physical activity, I heard sir beating faster than normal. Body temperature is higher on our blood. Vessels are dilated so they're enlarged, so cooling down will reduce heart and breathing rates on gradually cool body temperature, hence cooling down and can. Consequently, it will bring the body back to its original state before the war. More now an effective killed down also help. The body helps the body to dispose of waste products and toxins that our is are a result of exercise with the most well known waste product. Being lactic acid on the barking about lactic acid is that if it builds in your body, it may actually cause stiffness and crumbs, which is obviously what we don't want now. In addition to this, stretching actually also helps reduce the buildup of lactic acid within your body. On stretching also helps return muscles back to their optimal link tension relationships. So Kooning down goes also helps avoid fainting or dizziness. If you don't kill down, you do not give your blood flow a chance to to be to be decreased gradually on when the heart loses the strong push. Suddenly the majority of the blood has a tendency actually to go to your extremities instead of your head. Which is what creates the whole problem of dizziness and fainting in the first place. So goes again just like warming up. We want to be doing 5 to 10 minutes and we want to be in court. We want to incorporate both stretching on the like cardio. So that has been our lesson. Warming open, cooling down. Thanks for listening. 3. What to have and not have before your workout : Hey, everyone, welcome back. Now, in this lesson, we're going to go true what you have and not have before your workout. So first things first. How long before your workout should you eat well in order for your body to get enough of the nutrients and energy from food in time for you to make a true your workout? Optimally, I recommend eating around one hour before your workout. So now let's talk about what you have and not have before the gym, so treat things are essential. First is that you need to eat healthy carbs. The second is that you need to hydrate with water on the turret ing that is essential is that you need to avoid saturated fats. However, why are these treating is essential? How much carbs and how much, where water should you have before the gym? And why should you avoid saturated fats? Well, let's dig a little deeper and find out. So as mentioned, the first thing that we need to have before the workout is healthy carbs. No guys noticed the way I specified healthy carbs and not just carbs. Well, what I mean by this is that we need carbohydrate rich foods, which are low in fact, and low to moderate in protein. So examples off healthy carbs would be brown rice, which is high in fiber, so it also increases their feedings off being full. Then we have bananas on bananas. A great as you give you quick energy. Help to prevent Mosul Campion journey. Work out on their also great asi. Help reduce bloating as a stops, water attention and gas buildup within your body. Then we have sweet potatoes, which also increase your feelings of being full on the lower insulin resistance, which helps in limit calories being converted to fat. And then our last example is broccoli. So broccoli is also great as it's rich in vitamin C so it can limit the impact that stressful situations have on your body as it reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol while increasing testosterone, which helps fight off body fat storage on for the ladies, you do actually have levels of testosterone just stare a lot lower than levels that men would have. Moreover, why do we need carbohydrates before exercise? Will we need carbs as we need to make sure that we have enough Mosul glycogen in our bodies before our exercise. And what is muscle glycogen? Well, carbohydrate rich foods that we eat are broken down to glucose in our bodies, which is the main way. We give the cells within our body the energy to function. So when yourselves receive enough glucose to work optimally, the rest of the glucose is turned into glycogen to be used as energy at a later period. So let's look at an exit, but an example to explain this. So right here we have the muscle. Then, obviously at the end, here's attendant and we have a low level of glycogen which you can see in yellow, and then we have the body's fuel meter. Now, as you can see, this muscle is running low on glycogen at the moment, so the body's fuel is actually pretty low. Where is in this picture? We have high levels of glycogen, so this means there is a lot of fuel within our bodies. Therefore, the two main functions off muscle glycogen. Ah, as we've already mentioned, it is the primary source of fuel, and it's also important because low levels of glycogen decrease your ability to gain strength on decrease your ability to gain muscle. Now, how much carbohydrates should we have? Well, you should aim to consume about 50 grams of carbs an hour before your workout. However, for the full amounts of carbs per day, I recommend that you have to to tree grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight on cardio days. Obviously, because carbs give you energy, which you need more off on your cardio days and then, on the other hand, on your rest days when you need less energy, I recommend that you have between 0.5 on 1.5 grounds per pound of your body weight. So now let's move forward to the second essential thing to have before your workout. So the second thing we need to do before we work out is hydrate. Put water in one hour of exercise. The body can actually lose 1/4 of its level of water. Now. This is relevant, goes because if you lose just 2% of your body weight and fluid, it can actually decrease performance by as much as 25%. So by staying hydrated, it helps prevent a decline in performance, strength and coordination and It's also worth noting that if we have a loss of coordination , it will further enhance a decline in your performance and also increase your risk of injury . So this is just something to be aware off now. The second thing the hydration helps with is regulating your body temperature, so you'll be aware that when you're exercising, your body warms up, so the cool down we sweat. But if your hydration levels are too low, that means that you could actually have a lack of sweat, potentially causing you to overheat. So this is just something to also keep in mind now. Hydration with water also helps with order bodily functions such as the hurt as the hair. It doesn't have to work. It's hard to pump blood around the body if you're sufficiently hydrated. Also, things like oxygen and nutrients can be transported more efficiently to your muscles that you're working during your workout. And finally, water is a vital parrot off many chemical reactions within the body. So if your water intake is too low, then the chemical reactions were slow down, which will cause tissues to heal slower and make recovery longer also. So how much water should we have? Well, I recommend having eight ounces before you work out eight ounces during your workout every 15 minutes and then eight ounces after preferably wouldn't turn him in the time frame. Andi, just for my Europe. My fellow Europeans, eight ounces is 250 millimeters so this leads us to our turd and final point Avoid saturated fats. So it is true that saturated fats contain a lot of carbs. So again that means more energy. But the problem with this is that when the extra energy comes from saturated fats, the fats actually takes longer to digest. So any that you consume pre workout won't be harvested within your body. Fastenal to provide energy for your work out. So this is the first problem. It digests slowly now. The second problem is that saturated fats also create feelings off sluggishness that will not be helpful while exercising on. Take it from we take it from me guys, I found out the hard way. So with that, that concludes our lesson. Thanks for listening 4. What to have after your workout: Vegas. Welcome to the lesson. What to have after your workout. So to begin with, the first thing we need to have as mentioned in the previous lesson, is eight ounces or 250 millimeters of water, preferably within a 30 minute time frame after your workout. In addition to this, many experts recommend eating your post workout meal within 45 minutes after your workout. Now the second thing that we need to do is eat protein. This is because consuming an adequate amount of protein after a workout gives your body amino acids. It needs to repair and rebuild broken down muscle fibers from exercise. But how much protein is adequate after a workout? Well, aim for between 20 and 40 grams of protein. Now remember how in the previous lesson we were talking about the need for Mosul glycogen stores in our Mosul's as feel for exercise? Well, after exercise, your muscles are depleted off those glycogen sores, so you guessed it. The turn ting that we need to have after a workout is curbs as thes will replenish the glycogen stores and her much crabs. Well, as a rule of Tom goes for every gram of protein. You have have tree grounds of carbohydrates, so, for example, if you have 40 grams of protein after your workout, then have 120 grams of carbohydrates. Furthermore, during exercise, not only do you lose water to sweat but also electrolytes. Onda electrolytes are like the motor oil in her car. They don't make the engine run, but they're absolutely crucial to keep everything running smoothly. So an insufficient amount off electrolytes in your muscles can result in muscle crimes. Andi. Inadequate function. Functioning off bodily systems such as thebe I jest of system never system cardiac system on. Of course, the muscular system Andi. Examples of foods rich in electrolyte would be bananas. Avocados as you continue here, but also raisins, beans, states, potatoes on spinach. So that has been our lesson. What you have after your workout. Thanks for listening, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 5. Cholesterol : delivery willing. Now, in this video, we're going to be talking about cholesterol and weight loss. So cholesterol is basically an oil based substance found naturally in the blood. We're always hearing bad things about cholesterol, but it is actually essential for maintaining good health as it has important natural functions when it comes to digesting foods producing hormones found producing them. Indeed, on vitamin D is important guys for promoting healthy bones as it enhances the absorption of calcium, which in return helps to prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis. Now cholesterol only becomes a problem when the level of it is too high in the blood. Another point is that cholesterol comes from the body naturally as it's produced by deliver . But it also comes from animal derived products such as meat, poultry on full fat dairy products. Now we often hear about plaques building open our arteries If we continuously eat bad cholesterol, Well, these plaques are made of cholesterol on our what restrict blood flow. So here we have the plaques on better just note that this actually is an artery, okay? And then here these little green balls already hate Chios on these little yellow balls rdld else And just don't worry. Guys going to be expounding on what h g, Els and LDL are now in a moment. But why did he is plaques form? Let's find out. So s mentioned already. Cholesterol is an oil based substance. Where is blood is a water based substance. Now, have you guys ever seen what happens when you Troy and mix the two of these together? Well, let's have a look. So here we have water on this represents load, and then here we have oil and this represents cholesterol. Now you see what happens when you troy and mix the boat of these together? Well, they don't mix, and that's because oil is not soluble within water or in order words. Cholesterol is not soluble within blood. If they did mix D cholesterol with just thrown straight for your factories. So sadly, this is one of the factors that lets cholesterol clog up someone's arteries. Now let's go back to the drawing from earlier. So what are LD else and what are hate? Chios? Well, cholesterol is carried around the blood by lipoproteins, which consists of two types. So first we have the hate seals that stands for high density lipoprotein. And these are your good cholesterol. Andi. I've already good. Well, they pick up excess cholesterol in your blood and takes it back to your liver, where it's broken down on removed from your body. And remember, guys, cholesterol is only a problem when it becomes too high in your blood, so this is relevant now. Secondly, we have the LD else, which stands for low density lipoprotein, and these are your bad cholesterol. Now it's known as your bad cholesterol as it invades your artery wolves and cause Arturo sclerosis, which is the buildup of fatty deposits in arteries that leads to heart attacks and strokes . But L E. L's are not the only lipid in the blood that affects your carry a risk. So Trig Lyssarides are also a risk factor that circulate in your blood, which you can see in the picture. So the purple but little balls are the trackless roads. No, this is because triglycerides, like cholesterol, are not salable within deep blood. And do we know what triglycerides are for? Well, they are essential sword fat that we use for energy for later use. So when you need the energy hormones will release the triglycerides into your blood, which is why they circulate within your blood to begin with. So let's get to it. How do we reduce cholesterol? So the first way that we want to reduce cholesterol is via your diet? No, you guys might be thinking, Hey, why don't we just eat foods that have good collateral? Enough fields toe have bad cholesterol? Will there actually not separate food sources of gold cholesterol on bad cholesterol, only certain foods that can help increase good cholesterol and decrease bad cholesterol within your body. So to reduce cholesterol, we first want to quit smoking. If you do actually smoke now, we want to quit smoking. Assist could actually improve or good cholesterol levels on. Remember good cholesterol levels, picks up excess cholesterol and removes it from your body. So this kind of turn reduce your bad cholesterol. Next, we want to limit bad fats such as trans fats, for example, as thieves have been shown to increase your bad cholesterol levels and lower your good cholesterol levels. We also want to limit alcohol as even moderate use of alcohol has been linked with higher levels off your bad cholesterol, so try to limit this to only occasionally. In addition, today, titties we want to increase good fats as thesis is because they are rich in omega three fatty acids, which can also help improve your good cholesterol levels and reduce your by cholesterol levels. So examples of thes foods would be like samin herring, while notes on islands on. Then we want to increase your fiber intake. Now it's important to note that there are two types of fibre we have soluble, and we have insoluble. Now both of these actually have good health benefits, but it is soluble fiber that helps to reduce your bad cholesterol levels. And soluble fiber would be found in things like oats, fruits, beans on vegetables. And this is also why we have soluble fiber written within the brackets. So now let's talk about the second way you can reduce your cholesterol on that is, boy exercise goes. It's important to note that losing as little as 5 to 10% of your weight can improve your cholesterol levels, so actually reducing fat by exercise or by diet in general can also reduce your cholesterol Now. In addition, increase exercise can help lower your levels off triglycerides while increasing your court . Cholesterol levels on benefits can actually be seen with as little of 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise per week put, which are doctors. Okay, aim for 30 minutes per day. And remember, girls high cholesterol usually has no symptoms, so I recommend getting checked by a doctor on. If you do have coolly cholesterol, your doctor might also be able to prescribe you some appropriate medication to aid with the problems. So see a doctor for more information, so that is being our video, cholesterol and weight loss. Thanks for listening and, as always, keep happy, keep healthy. 6. Intermittent fasting 2: so before we begin, it's important to note that if you have a medical condition, consult your doctor before trying. Intermittent fasting guys. So intimate And fasting is currently one of the world's most popular health and fitness trends. Now it's important to point out that intermittent fasting is actually not a diet but rider on eating pattern, consisting of a small portion of your day spent eating on the lower its portion every day spent fasting. So how does intermittent fire scene accelerate fat loss? Well, it lowers into the Nevels. It increases grow hormone levels, and it also increases the release of a fat burning hormone norepinephrine or also called Nora General in. So let's first talk about insulin and how FX fat loss simply put insulin increases the storage of fat and sales and prevents fat cells from releasing fat for energy. This may sound a bit confusing, but we'll have an example now in a moment just to make it a bit more understandable. So since incident increases thes processes, this is what we want. The lower insulin levels by intermittent fasting, however, you're probably thinking, but how can insulin prevent fat loss if you're in a caloric deficit. Shouldn't you lose weight regardless? Well, first, we need to reflect back to earlier in the course where we talked about how we have two forms of energy, the first being ready form of energy, which is the glycogen on the second being a backo form of energy, which is your body fat. So to answer this question on explain insulin, let's use an analogy So our luggage in reserves are like food in the fridge. It's limited, and we can take it out whenever we want to easily and quickly use it. Conversely, we can also put the food back into the fridge easily and quickly. Also, this is because, as mentioned, glycogen is are ready for of energy. No. Additionally, here we have our freezer on. This is like our body fat stores. It's unlimited on it is a source of energy or food if we need it. But in order for us to take the field out off the freezer, we first need to empty the ready state food out of the fridge. So this is similar as we need to use our glycogen stores before we use our body fat source as our glycogen stores need to be exhausted before body fat can be burnt. But there's also a turning to consider guys, and that is how much food goes back and forth between the freezer on the fridge and walking . Charles is well, it turns out that the main influencer is incident. Now watch what happens when incident levels are too high. So as you can see you stop being able to take filled from the freezer or, in other words, your body becomes unable to burn. Body fat is fueled. Now, going back to our original question. If you're in a caloric deficit, shouldn't you lose weight regardless? Well, in a caloric deficit, when your insulin is slowly, instead of it burning fat stores or taking food from your freezer, it will just limit the amount of food you can take out from the fridge. So in order words guys instead of a caloric deficit typically attacking your fat source high insulin levels a result in limiting the amount of energy you can expend to do activities to lose. The fact does, when your insulin levels are low and not hurry, your body fat is more easily gotten to an attack so that is the first advantage of intermittent fasting. So next let's talk about the importance of girl Tarmo Nevels. Now, traditional thinking suggests that once you get your insulin levels low, your foot stores start being released and you start burning fat, like being able to get field from the freezer. In our last example. No go is This actually isn't always the case for some people. They may actually get their incident levels quite low without having any fat being released and those fat not being able to be burnt. But now motor research indicates that when your insulin levels are low on your grow, hormone levels are increased. Well, then it gives you the possibility to start burning. But so this is the importance of growth hormones, and guys remember back to the first light intermittent fasting. Those boats. It lowers insulin levels while enhancing growth hormone production, leading to more body fat burning potential. In addition to this, intimating fasting also increases the release off nor epinephrine, and this stimulates your central nervous system, which in turn boosts your metabolism. So now that we know the benefits of intermittent fasting, how exactly do we do it? so, firstly, we need to make sure that we're in a caloric deficit each day when we dio intimate and fast . Inglis. Just because you're doing intermittent fasting does not mean that you can just eat anything that you want, as you need to be in the caloric deficit to lose body fat. Now there are a lot of different methods to do intermittent fasting, but the principles say the same for each. However demented. The I recommend is a progressive one that starts small and increase intensity every few weeks. So let's look at Level one, so level one is five meals per day. Now these five meals consists off breakfast, then a snack launch snack on dinner. Now there is no fasting for this level. It's just for your body to adopt to lower meal frequency. Now, after two weeks off, this feel free to move to level two. Level two is tree meals per day, and these meals consists off breakfast, lunch and dinner. And again, there's no fasting for this level. It's just adopting your body to even lower meal frequency. Now, after three weeks of this, then you can move to level tree, so level tree. It's tree meals with eight hours eating, 16 hours fasting. So as you can see, we still have breakfast, lunch and dinner. But the only difference between level tree and level two is that for level tree breakfast, lunch and dinner need to be eaten within a hours now. It's perfectly fine to stop here as it was exactly what we're trying to dio. But for those who want to further decreased body fat and feel comfortable, that level tree feel free to try level for after four weeks. So level for is to meals with four hours eating and 20 hours fasting. So we need to have we need to choose two of thes meals. We need to have them within a four hour window, followed by 20 hours fast in. Now I realize level for is very intensive, and that's actually the reason why I chose this method off intermittent fasting because it it makes a letter body adopt do the intensity over a few weeks so it could be easier. But again, guys, if level for so hurt, there's no problem with staying a level tree because level treat was everything that we want to do it's just level for May. Quote body fat quicker. But also, if you really want to tackle your body fat source, you could supplement the intimate in fasting with high intensity interval training for levels one to treat. However, for Level four, I think it would be too taxing for your body to incorporate high intensity interval training with it. So that has been the lesson. Intermittent fasting. Thanks for listening and see you in the next lesson. 7. Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time : building Muslim using fact at the two primary goals of most people who are way training on doing cardio. So it's not a surprise that doing both simultaneously would be the most ideal and efficient way to train in comparison with having separate phases of putting on muscle and then remove in front. However, is it even possible to do both at the same time? Well, that's fine. No, Joey. So first we look at why some people don't think that you can do both at the same time. Well, they were actually going to have to bring in a person to explain this. So say hello to Mary on hopefully married some limey Tannadice pushed. She's £140. Okay, no guys, Obviously, there are various factors that come into play for the rate that you burn fat on build Mosul , such as age, gender, Hoyt, body fat percentage as everyone is different. So the calculations that I'm going to be doing soon won't be a 100% true, especially because it's a made up person. But the estimate will be close enough just to get my point across. Okay, now, going back to Mary so since Mary is £140 she has a maintenance caloric intake off, one tells and 700 calories. So what this means is that in order for Mary to stay the same weight and not gain or lose any weight, she needs to have 1700 calories daily. No guys, just to go off topic for a moment. I'm just going to mention that one gram of protein. It's four calories. One gram of Caribs is four calories on one gram of fat is nine calories, and this is important information for when we're doing some calculations. Now in a moment. And if you don't like mats goes, don't worry needed away. So we're in the same boat now. To build Mosul, you need to eat about 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So since Mary is £140 Mary needs to be having okay, so the calculation would be 140 because this is how much such a ways. Boy 0.8 grounds. Because you need 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight in order to build Mosul, Andi this will equal 100 on 12. So 112 grounds is the amount of protein that she would need, being £140 in order to gain muscle. But now, guys, to find out how much calories that this would amount to we're on to multiple it before on. This is because one gram of protein equals four calories, so decides up to 448 now. Next, we're going to talk about your carb intake. No, for carbs, it's a bit different. So it's two grams of carbohydrates per pound of body weight in order to support muscle growth. So again we'll take or wait £140 and then we look multiply it by two grounds. This will equal 280 grounds, so you need to eat. If you're £140 on your Mary. 280 grounds of carbohydrates per day in order to support mostly girls and again, we'll just find this in calories. So since one gram off Caribs equals four calories, multiplayer before and this will bring a still want tiles and 120 now, Finally, we have to add in your fat Inti, So your fat intake, if you were a £140 would be roughly 60 grams and again goes as one gram of fat equals nine calories. To find out how much calories this will cost, you need to multiply this by no, which equals 500 and 40. Okay, and this actually altogether will amount to 2000 and a Now, if you take Mary's maintenance calories away from 2000 and eight, you'll see that she has a 308 calorie surplus. Now eso to build Mosul, she will have. She will have to have 308 caloric surplus. However, from earlier in the course, you'll know that you need to be in the caloric deficit to lose fat, as you need to born more calories than you consume per day. So going back to the start, this is the main reason why people think that you cannot get a muscle and lose fat at the same time, simply because if Mary was in taking less, then one tells and 700 calories. Sure, she'd lose fat, but she would not. She would not be able to covert the adequate nutrition that it would take to support the new muscle growth. Now that's what these people think. However, he failed to remember that's stored fat is stored energy. There is simply enough body fat to service fuel instead of carbohydrates for the energetically costly muscle building process. So even though you are eating less carbs, stay within a caloric deficit you're already stored. Body fat will replace excessive carb intake to support muscle building process. 8. Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time part 2: So can you gain muscle in the news that simultaneously? No, the answer is yes, you can. But is it the best approach? Well, not exactly. Let's look further. So it is possible to build Mosul either way, order by intervals off coating and then bulking and protein. Or but I just gaining Muslim losing fat at the same time. So it's really down to you or much prefer. So this is why I have decided to meet your lists of pros and cons for each choice to help you decide which is the best choice for you instead of just telling you what to do. So at the end this video, I'll actually just be giving also a short recommendation as to what I think. But before we start, I just want to note that if you are heavily overweight, I recommend that you just focus on court in for now. The following lists are for people who were at a relatively low body fat percentage, but it's still important for you as when you do get down to ah, relatively low body fat percentage, which I'm confident that you can dio it's helpful information for you to know so let's start with the first advantage. So the first advantage is that if you're lean, obviously, if you're booking and coat, or if you're gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, you'll be lean all year around. Andi. Secondly, on advantages that you will spend less time and money boy in preparing and cooking meals. Now a lot of people think that maintaining a lean, athletic physique is very hard. Work is usually staying on top of a mountain is harder than getting there, but it's actually a lot easier to maintain when you're building Mosul and losing fat at the same time as you know what foods that you're going to be eating on in what amounts without having to constantly keep track of this. You can overeat one day and not do any harm. Andi, You might even miss a few days of training and not have to worry about losing muscle. So next for number tree, it's it's easier to maintain now. Number four issue will have more confidence, as when you have less body fat percent. When you have less body Fact, you'll be more confident as a result, as you won't have to concentrate book for exam and the final advantages that you will have improved health Now. On the other hand, the first disadvantage of building Mosul and losing fat at the same time is that first you need to get relatively lean as mentioned to optimally use the advantages, which can be quite difficult when you're certain. Okay, now Number two is that you will have to exercise for a five times a week, which ties in with number tree, which is it's a slower process on this is because, as your carbohydrate intake will be a lot lower for you to lose fat, it will result in less support from muscle broke as Caribs help Mosul achieve its optimal mass gains on finally body re calm positioning it gets tougher and tougher. The more lean that you become as your fat stores become less available on, does less able to substitute the energy requirements when in the caloric deficit that it takes to build muscle. So now let's talk about the advantages and disadvantages of gain Mosul and news, in fact, not at the same time. So let's look at the benefits of knock booking on coating at the same time and doing them separately. So the first advantage that you'll have is more energy exercising most of the year because when you're booking, your carbohydrate intake will be high, so that means you have holly energy. You're also experience faster muscle gains. It will have the carbohydrate intake necessary to support up the moment muscle growth as mentioned in the last. Slow it on With this, you'll also experience great our strength gains. Next, as you'll have more muscle mass, this will result in a heightened metabolism. Onda, as you've already seen in this course that heightened metabolism, means that you burn more calories when you're at rest. Finally, you'll also get a mental break between courts as we are only human and many people get burned out or reach plateaus if doing both at the same time. So you actually be happier when you're not doing about the same time. In my opinion, guys now contrarily the disadvantages of not booking, including at the same time include spending most of the year not being ideally Lian more time on money spent on buying, preparing on cooking food on next. A disadvantage would also be that he and more for a goal comes with, consequence goes As people book, they're more prone to eating bad carbs and fats, which is known as a dirty book. Instead of having a diet consisting off quality Caribs with good fats. So number tree this advantage is you are more prone to having a dirty book. Additionally, when people book, they seem to fall in love with it and get so comfortable with that, they never seem to want to get out of it. So they just used the bulk an excuse to eat whatever you want whenever. So this is also a disadvantage. And finally, entirely to start. Andi, stop booking and cotinine, then, is to do when you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. Which leads us, which leads us to my final recommendation. So my recommendation is to do intervals of booking post summer with quoting just before summer. I recommend booking in the autumn and winter and quitting in spring just before the summer . Sure, you won't be lean all year round, but anyone book and anyone really tell the difference anyway, because in the colder months to be wearing jacket to be running card again swear Earth so they won't be able to notice the difference anyway, guys, and I'm not I really don't think that you will be in the position to to ah, yeah, to show off your body. Anyway. So this way, the my opinion is far more efficient to reach your goals with greater advantages than could then gain Mosul and losing fat at the same time. But it's really up to you guys, so thanks for watching. Can you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time? And I'll see you in the next lesson? 9. What is a caloric surplus and caloric deficit : So in order for us to talk about but caloric surplus on the caloric deficit error that we hear so much about the importance off. We first need to talk about your maintenance, caloric intake or, as it's known by its official name, your basil metabolic rate. Now go is for the remainder of the video. Just to keep things as simple as possible. We will be referring to your maintenance caloric intake as M. C boy. Now, simply put, your emcee Oy is theater mount of calories that you need to consume per day in order to not gain or lose any weight. Hence maintenance, caloric intake. So let's look at an example, so enter quiver and for once I'll just give her a nice Irish name. Now we've actually burns the average amount that a woman can expect to burn per day, which is to tells and K calories. So this 2000 kg calories is burned from a combination of the calories needed to prefer Lloyd daily activities such as walking, going upstairs on lifting with the with their metabolism, which is the which is what is responsible for the cost of energy from your daily function. such as breeding digestion on delivering nutrients yourselves, for example to your blood. So as Creve, it burns two tiles and calories per day. She would need to eat 2000 K calories per day in order to maintain her weight. So quivers, maintenance, caloric intake or B M, or is 2000 K calories per day. Also go is. It's important to note that since this is a fat last course, most of you will not have a maintenance caloric intake off to 2000 calories per day. Like in our example, this is because everyone is different. There are many factors that influence your maintenance caloric intake that includes things like your body serious as your metabolic rate increases. As Waite Hoyt on surface area increase on voice viruses your body composition because fat tissue has a lower metabolic activity rate than Mosul tissue. Next, your gender because you're you're maintenance. Caloric intake averages 5 to 10% lower in women than in men due to having generally more body fat unless Muslims so next we have a judge, and this is because a decrease in the Mosul during adult hold results in a slow, steady decline after 30 years old Now. Next, we have climate, climate and body temperature, and this is because the maintenance caloric intake off people in tropical climates is 5 to 20% higher, then their counterparts living in colder climates because it takes energy to keep the body kill. Next, we have hormonal level on then we have just helped in general as fever, illness or injury may increase resting and metabolic rate by double, or may increase your maintenance. Clark and take a look. So go is to find out your maintenance, caloric intake or your B M, or just type in B M or calculator into Google. And it will give a variety of websites that will offer calculators that you can put into your data to find out what exactly your BMR is. So know that your maintenance caloric intake is explained. A caloric surplus is when you're in a state in which you are consuming more calories than your burning each day. So, for instance, if qui va was to consume 2500 calories in a day and you took away her maintenance caloric intake, so the amount of calories a cost to do digestion breed and etcetera. Then you would get the result of 500 calories extra, so this would be a 500 calorie surplus. What is a country surplus? Important? Well, when people are constantly in a state of a caloric surplus, this is how they become fat, because this is what the extra calories contributed, however, if you were trying to optimally grown muscle economic surpluses necessary when you are weight training, as you need, the extra calories to support the muscle growth now again goes is noted in the lesson difference between getting a fit or skinny body. It's important to be aware that not all of the gained weight from a caloric surplus will be muscle. It is inevitable that some of it will actually be fat, however, if you stay within a 200 to tree 100 caloric surplus range. This is a good standard to keep the muscle game high on the fact gain minimal now, in contrast to a caloric surplus being when you're consuming more calories than your burning each day, the caloric deficit is the opposite, so it is a state in which you were burning more calories than you're consuming each day, so for example, if quiver here was to consume 1500 calories but has a maintenance caloric intake of two tiles and calories to keep her body running, then we'd have to take this away from the 1500 calories that she has consumed and you'll see that she has a 500 caloric deficit. Now you might be thinking, Well, then where does the extra 500 calories come from? To make up the two tells and needed for her body functions well goes. It's taken from your fact, because, after all, body fat is a form of stored energy that was created before Sunday's that you were in a Clark surplus. So it's starting to become a bit clearer. Guys, I caloric surplus odds. The body fat Well, a caloric deficit removes body fat on overtime. Discolored deficit is what eats away at your body fat stores that hides the muscle underneath it, which is why helps you to look more slim, fit on. Defined as a result. No guys, you might be wondering. Well, what if qui leave it burn 600 calories from Marone, for example. It is already in ah caloric deficit off 500 from her diet. Well done. She would be in I 1100 caloric deficit as 500 calories from her diet, burnt on 600 calories from her own burnt equals, one tells and 100 calories burnt, which is 1100 caloric deficit. So I hope this is a big, clearer guys. At times it can be a bit confused, you know. No, I tried my best to explain it. Hopefully it was clear enough. This has been a lesson. What is a caloric surplus and the caloric deficit? Thanks for listening. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 10. Good and bad fats : okay, goes So we've all heard about good and bad fats. But what exactly? Already and what makes them good about? Well, firstly, where do we look when we want to know how much amounts of good versus bad fats are in our field? Yes, so we look in the nutritional label. Now there are four types of fats. We have trans saturated mono unsaturated and polly on saturated fats. However, usually only two off. These types are listed on most nutritional labels. Such is the one we're going to use. So as you can see, the trans and saturated fats are circled here. And these are what's known as the bad fats the's fats and must always be reported on nutritional labels. By law, Converse E. But you don't see here and only see sometimes on nutritional labels is the mono unsaturated on the poly on saturated fats. This is because thes early good fats on providing information about the amounts off thes fats in our fields is actually volunteer is voluntary for the food manufacturers. Now, it's also important to note that there they earn called good and bad fats because good fats contains less calories than bad fats guys. They're actually called good fats because of the benefits associated with them or called bad fats. With the drawbacks associated with them. All fats have the same amount of calories. Guys now going back to trans fats on saturated fats where he's about exactly Well, it's because these types of fats will raise your bad cholesterol and lower your good cholesterol On goes. If you want to find out more information about cholesterol, make sure to check out the lesson cholesterol elsewhere in the course. No good fats. In contrast, support metabolism. Cell signaling held off various body tissues. Immunity hormone production on the absorption off many minerals such as vitamin A and vitamin D, so as mentioned transfats are bad. But there are actually two types of transfats, the naturally occurring kind found in small amounts in dairy and and the artificial going to undergo a process called hydrogenation. No de artificial kind is bad, as hydrogenation is a chemical process. Uschi Package field from going bad. This is because the artificial transfats are used to extend the shelf life of processed foods such as cakes, doughnuts, Andi cookies, contrarily 40 natural transfats. There has been insufficient study stone to determine whether they have the same bad effects on cholesterol levels versus the artificial transfats. However, the good news is that the U. S. Food and Drug Administration no longer recognizes thes artificial transfats is being safe. Now it's actually requiring food companies to phase out trans fats in the products or prove why they are safe for use in the fields. So hopefully this transfers the other countries. Also. Now, it's probably good to mention also that these transfats can still be present in foods that claim 0.0 grams of transfats in them. I know it's hard to believe well. Current regulations allow food manufacturers with less than 0.5 grams per serving to claim 0.0 grams no goes 0.3 or 0.4 grams of trans fats may not sound like it's a lot, but it adds up, especially when you don't realize it's in fields that you enjoy a lot. But the way that you can spot these hidden facts is by reading the label and see if it suggests something called partially hydrogenated oils. Now, if this is present in the food contains transfats now, it is recommended that less than 1% of your total calories per day should actually be from transfats. So now let's talk about the order type of bad fats saturated fats so it is occurring naturally in many foods. But the majority come from animal sources, including meat and dairy products, so examples would be like meat, pork, both her cheese. And in addition, many baked goods and fried foods contain high levels of saturated fats. Also, so how much saturated fats are recommended for our diets? Burgers at most, aim for 6% of your daily calories to come from saturated fats. Now find the examples of good fats such as mono, unsaturated and polyunsaturated Fats would be like avocados, almonds. And while nuts logo is in conclusion, the best way to keep on top of the fats in your diet is to become a label reader. You guys should know what's going into your body as it's very important there. You'll find all the information necessary to make healthier choices. So that has been our lesson difference between good and bad Fats. Thanks for listening, and I'll see you in the next lesson. 11. Is being overweight your fault : Alright goes. So we've all heard the negative things people say about overweight individuals employing that they are overweight because of their own choices. However, is it that simple and clear court, or is there more to con tribute to someone being overweight? Then that meets the eye Well, let's first talk about genes in relation to this now, as of yet, there's not being enough. Research don't to solidify the impact of jeans on the potential for someone to become overweight or obese. However, the arteries that certain genes increases someone's risk for insulin resistance. Now, insulin resistance is the name given to when cells of the body don't respond to properly to the hormone insulin. Amato's incident do again well. It inhibits the breakdown of fat cells and stimulates the creation off body fat. Now, order genes may contribute to a slow down metabolism also, which means you burn less calories at rest than people were. Fast metabolism would on. Alongside this order, genes may render people more likely to pursue fatty foods for gratification while avoiding healthy, low calorie foods. But again, guys, gene testing is only in its infancy. There's not being enough research don't to prove this as of yet now next, we have environmental factors that contribute to people being overweight. In a study done by Fred See Pam Pau Obesity. Socio economic status on economic development, among numerous other studies note that in high income countries, dolls with higher socio economic status were actually less likely to be overweight or obese . Another environmental factor is pollution. In a study done by Duke University, it was found that an exposure to air pollution increases the risk of obesity. In the study, air samples were taken from Beijing, a city known for high amounts of pollution and where a ploy to rats. Then the results were compared with rats given cleaner after 19 days, the rats with polluted air were significantly heavier despite being fed the same diet a Surratt's with the clean air. In addition, they had higher cholesterol and worsened insulin resistance, together with the fact that the rats also showed increased tissue information. Moreover, we have information now overweight individuals have more joint information on the higher level off inflammatory cited kinds. This is relevant guys because information causes both lepton on insulin resistance, which increases appetite and encourages fat storage in addition, these higher amounts of inflammatory cited kinds can reduce the amount of calories you burn when you exercise. So then we have nutritional deficiency, a lack of certain minerals in ones. Diet can also elevate the potential for someone to become overweight or obese, such as vitamin B on magnesium, because they both give you energy vitamin D, as in a five year study. But he lands at our. It was found that older women with low levels of vitamin D may be more prone to put on the weight versus older women with sufficient levels of vitamin D on. In addition to these, insulin resistance worsens in the absence of sufficient minerals switches, omega three fatty acids, magnesium and chromium. So guys, as you can see the lack of essential nutrition's in your diet that may also have an impact on your weight gain, not an X factor that could contribute towards potential to be overweight. It's hormones to begin with. You guys are probably already aware that estrogen is the primary female sex hormones, in contrast to disaster on being in the primary male sex hormone. This is because during the menstrual cycle, estrogen produces an environment suitable for the fertilization. Implantation on nutrition, often arely embryo. In addition to this ah, hormone progress, serene is released, but the ovaries on this necessary 40 implantation off the egg on maintaining pregnancy now to function optimally to female body actually requires an optimal balance of thes two hormones. Progress serene on estrogen no goes Over time, the hormonal balance is shifted in the favor off estrogen. This is because, although both declined with age progress, terrain declines much more dramatically. So why is this relevant? I hear you asking. Well, those estrogen dominance in premenopausal women promotes popular loop around the hips, toys on over arms. As thes areas have a larger number of estrogen receptors, which point behind affinity toe estrogen's. There is an increase in the fat storing form of estrogen called yesterday all. In addition, there is also a syndrome called polycystic ovary syndrome, or P C. O. S, which is the most common disorder in women of childbearing age. Basically, women who have PCOS have higher than normal levels of male hormones, so, in return are more insulin resistant. So this could also be a factor why losing weight could be an even larger struggle. It is best to check with your doctor girls next time you visit just to check this out. And finally we have stress. Now, when we have chronic stress, our bodies become fluted with excess cortisol, which is also called distress hormone. With increased levels of cortisol comes Hoyer incident levels which dropped the levels of sugar in your blood which can consequently drove you to eat sugary fatty foods. So goes more stress equals more Cortazar, which equals more sugary fields. Would it be in more difficult to burn body fat now, in summary, is being overweight completely because of you and you're wrong dietary choices. Well, no, it isn't because, as we've seen, there were order. External factors to consider also, however, goes Is it partially because of you and you're wrong dietary choices? Of course, Yes, as we are all responsible for the choices that we make, However, will it be because of you when you burn the excess fat and look on more importantly, feel better as a result? Absolutely. Guys. So that has been our video is being overweight. Your fault. Thanks for listening. And I'll see you in the next lesson. 12. What body type are you: before starting the process of weight loss, it is important to be aware of what body type you are, as each reacts to weight gain and weight loss in a different way. So, firstly, these body types have a name which was developed in the 19 forties by an American psychologist called William Herbert. Sheldon the cutter categorize de human fizzy. And this name is some other types. No, there are tree, different groups off Samata types. We have EC know Morse measure Morse. Andi Endo morphs, and it's important to know goes that most of us don't fit into Joseph own category but have common characteristics of at least two of these model types. So, for example, you could have 75% characteristics off an end of March, with 25% characteristics off a measure more so you would fit into the animal of category. Now, in brief, Ecto morphs are 10 individuals. Mr Morse are naturally muscular individuals. Onda and no morphs are naturally curvy individuals. But now let's talk about each of these in a bit more debt. So as mentioned actor morphs at a usually the naturally 10 individuals. So this is basically the body type that you think off when you hear the word model. The war, the features that indicate that you are an ecto morph Well, typically, you'll have tin bones, narrow hips and clavicles, long limbs and small amounts of Mosul and body for no. Additionally, actor morphs have a super fast metabolism, which is where they typically have low levels of muscle mass and body fat. And as a result of this, it's also hard for them to put on muscle mass. Exact and examples off actor Mars would be like Cameron Diaz, Victoria Beckham on Kate Moss. Now the next matter type that we would that we will discuss is messy. Mars? No. So we all know decisive people. These other wounds with the God given genetics the hardly and hardly exercise at all, or diet what year have a naturally athletically Andi healthy looking body type. So the features that indicate that you are a measure more consists of having Boyd shoulders , a narrow waist, and the naturally muscular physique on Mr Morse are also categorized by being able to gain Mosul mass or lose body fat relatively easily and quickly. Andi examples off measure more for ladies would be women like Halle Berry, Jessica Biel or Jennifer Garner, for example. Which brings us to our uttered and lasts a matter tight in the Morse. So again, as noted in the beginning, in the morphs, after naturally curvy individuals in the morphs characterized by having a larger frame water, hips and shoulders, short limbs would a pear shaped frizzy on. In addition, they are characterized by having a slow metabolism with gaining weight relatively easily. No, by no means is having this body type of fighting. It just means that you will have to work a little harder versus the order to Samata types to lose fat. In fact, some of the most beautiful women in the world are any Mars, including the legs off Kim Kardashian. Jennifer Lopez on Beyonce on You can definitely sell town look fit with this body type. Just if you were to Troy and resemble and act um, off like Kate Moss, for example, to an extreme intense diet and training plan. It would not suit you as well as a toot stand simply because your muscle and bone structure is different, but the same goes up obstinately. Guys. Women were an act, Um, or body type. Like Kate Moss would never be able to look as good as beyonc or Jennifer Lopez with their body type, even if they were Detroit. Everything within their power. Each body type is beautiful. Just each fits a different version of Beautiful. So that's our lesson. What body type are you? Thanks for listening. 13. Does weightlifting cause women to get bulky : Hey, guys, welcome to the lesson. Does weight lifting cause women to get bookie? So this is something I've wanted to address for a while now. Many women are afraid to lift weights because they were afraid of getting bookie, and by that they generally mean gaining a significant amount of muscle mass and subsequently think that they would look like a female bodybuilder or look masculine. Now. I, for one, respect the female body builder's physique as a chose hard work and dedication. But I can understand why it wouldn't be the most ideal physique for many women. So let's begin with the factors that have that would have to come into play for you to become bulky, starting with genetics. Now, genetics are relevant guys as they determine your body type, which is imperative to get in bulky. If you reflect back to the lesson. What what body type are you? You'll remember that each body type has specific characteristics. So when it comes to looking both E, you'd have to be a measure more as they have the necessary bone structure. Such is having wide our shoulders, then hips aunt having a narrow waist. This is in contrast to an act, um, off here on the left, which has a relatively 10 built with long limbs, or to an end them off on the right, which has a blocky figure with short limbs. Furthermore, measure Marv's also have long and round muscle bellies with your tendons, which enhance their ability to gain most muscular size. Let's look at an example to explain this. So under left here we have a Messam off bicep. Now notice how it has a long muscle belly on. It has a short tendon, in contrast to an act, um off, which has, ah, short Mosul belly on a relatively long tendon Now, in addition, measure Morphs also possess physiological advantages towards getting bulky versus actor morphs and end Amar's as they gain Mosul easier. However, if you were a measure morph, you'd still have alternative criteria to meet in order to get bulky, such as the most significant factor testosterone. So testosterone is necessary to get bulky as it equips you with the ability to enhance muscular size easier. However, women only have about 15 to 20 times less testosterone than men, so they would never be able to get as big as a fit man by lifting weights. Now you're probably thinking more than how to female bodybuilders get so big. Well, it's because many off the female bodybuilders combat their lack of testosterone by utilizing artificial means to enhance it. Such is from various testosterone treatments. Now, in addition to high levels of testosterone for women being essential to get bulky, you would also have to incorporate extreme training volume in your workouts to get bulky. These female body builders don't get their bulky look by spending three or four days in the gym guys, they are athlete who spend at least 15 hours per week working out, progressively overloading their muscles in order to get size. Additionally, to get bookie, you would have to undergo phases of bulky and for years in order to get that big, to give you an idea of how much you would have to eat per day when booking to get that big , some female bodybuilders consume as much as 5000 calories per day to book. Oh, so in conclusion, the answer is no guys. Weight lifting will not make you bulky, so that has been the lesson. Those weight lifting cause women to get bulky. Thanks for listening 14. Is the sugar in fruit bad: alright guys. So to begin, let's first talk about the two different types of sugar. Natural sugars. Unrefined sugars. Now natural sugars don't just contain sugar but also contain large amounts of essential nutrients like fiber, vitamins, minerals, various antioxidants on site. It'll nutrients, so natural sugars are good as thes. Additional aspects found a natural sugar. Help keep the sugar in your blood down on in return. Fight against insulin resistance. Additionally, the nutrient fiber found in fruits helps to slow down the absorption of sugar into your body on help reduce cholesterol levels while increasing the feeling of being full. However, in contrast to natural sugars which have additional nutrients, switches, fibers, minerals and vitamins, refined sugars have no additional nutrients. Refined sugars come from the sugar cane or sugar beets, which are processed to extract the sugar you often hear of refined sugary products is having empty calories as there are no benefits that will help against insulin resistance. So refined sugars are, but now sugar in general is made from tree components glucose fruit, those on a combination of these two sucrose. So the radios off frutos and glucose are pretty much the same, and fruit However, when it comes to fruit those you may have heard a lot of bad press about it, as many scientists believe that excess fruit does. Consumption may be a key driver of many serious diseases, such as obesity, type two diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. But it's actually the fruit dose from refined sugars that is bad for you, not from the fruit dose in natural sugars, such as the type found in fruit. This is because fruit is a minor source of fruit dose when compared to refined sugars. When you look into this studies about the negative aspects of fruit does you know it's that the levels to produce negative results are quite high, not impossible to reach true dietary means, but near impossible to reach such levels from fruit alone. For example, let's compare fruit dose from natural sugar sources to refined sugar service sources. So an apple, a natural sugar source has about 12 grams of fruits, wrote a free frutos versus kind of soda. I refined the sugar source, which has about 40 grams of fruit does. That's more than tree times less fruit dose in a natural sugar source versus refined sugar source. In addition, because fruit has a lot less sugar, it means your body has a lot more time to use opiate sugar as feel before storing It is fact. So guys inch in summary, it's refined sugar that is bad for you. Natural sugar is okay, but make sure to mix up your variety of fruits as different fruits contain different nutrients. Try a new fruit today, so that has been the lesson ish. Is the sugar and fruit about for you times for listening on. I'll see you in the next lesson.