The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Picking Your Colors

Joy Macdonell, Professional Maker and Content Creator

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6 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. Introduction and Color Wheel Review

    • 2. The Dimension of Color

    • 3. 7 Color Combinations

    • 4. Building a Wardrobe Palette

    • 5. The Role of Color in Your Wardrobe

    • 6. Confidently Build Your Wardrobe


About This Class

Your mood, feelings, and attitudes can all be effected by the colors you wear. In addition, your wardrobe is key to eliciting the emotional responses you want from others. Color harmony is essential to a wardrobe. In creating a palette to wear, instead of focusing on a single color, a range of colors should be selected. A wardrobe with a carefully selected color palette will confidently and purposively express your style.