The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Finding Your Style | Joy Macdonell | Skillshare

The Essential Guide to a Perfect Wardrobe: Finding Your Style

Joy Macdonell, Professional Maker and Content Creator

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9 Videos (44m)
    • Introduction and Cleaning Out Your Closet

    • Wardrobe Characteristics

    • What Isn't Working in Your Wardrobe

    • Lifestyle Wardrobe

    • Project Management

    • Planning Your Next Wardrobe Project

    • Identify Your Style

    • Body Measurements and Type

    • What Will You Put in Your Wardrobe?

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About This Class


A wardrobe is made up of garments that fit your body type in a range of colors that complement your personality to express your style.  In planning a wardrobe, you must carefully consider the pieces you make or buy and how each piece contributes to the whole of your wardrobe.  Building a wardrobe takes skill and organization.  Evaluating your lifestyle, your body type, color palette, fit, and fabrics will lead you to the answers you need to curate a collection of garments that are your wardrobe.  Join Joy Macdonell to learn how to plan to make and buy garments for your dream wardrobe.  In this class, we will evaluate your current closet, figure out your body type, discuss figure & fit, learn the language of color, develop a wardrobe palette, and plan for how to shop and create figure flattering garments for your wardrobe.





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Joy Macdonell

Professional Maker and Content Creator

Joy Macdonell has had many roles in the Craft Industry from Independent Shop Owner to Product Development Director to Creative Content Director. While at EK Success Brands and Simplicity Creative Group, Joy worked with major brands including: Martha Stewart Crafts, American Girl, Disney, and Sesame Street.

She created Scrapbook Design & You (SDU) while at EK Success Brands which became a national education program for scrapbooking available at local scrapbook stores, Michaels,...

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