The Essential Guide to Saving on Airfare | Nitish Gautam | Skillshare

The Essential Guide to Saving on Airfare

Nitish Gautam, Professional Internet Marketer

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12 Videos (1h 36m)
    • How to Save Money on Airfare Overview

    • Should You Use a Travel Agent?

    • Best Sites to Book a Flight Ticket Online

    • Lesser Known Travel Deal Sites

    • How to Avail Discounts by Profession

    • The Ultimate Travel Packing List

    • Airplane Seating Secrets They Don't Want You To Know

    • How to Avoid Flight Delays

    • How to Get Free WiFi Access at Airports

    • How to Find Free Paid Lodging in Airports

    • Crazy Tip Free Luggage Carts

    • How to Save Money on Airfare - Conclusion


About This Class

I'm going to tell you something and you're going to agree with me - we all love to travel, but the unfortunate reality it Airfare, Hotels, Car Rentals can make our ideal trip into a never-ending struggle. From Jet Lag to Lugage Packing Woes, there seems to be a hurdle every step of the way to our dream destination. Not anymore!

In this travel-hacking course, I'll teach you countless tips & tricks I've used to save big on airfare. Not only that, you'll learn the best times and days to book a flight, how to maximize the benefits of travel rewards, how to save using credit cards, which cards to apply for, and other travel hacking tips & tricks that have been a part of my arsenal for years! 

Start Saving Big on Airfare and Make Your Next Trip Unforgettable!

In this course, you'll learn:

  • How to Find Free Paid Lodging in Airports
  • The Best Travel Rewards to help you save more!
  • How to Get Free Travel Insurance
  • Secrets Travel-Hacking Pros Use to Save Money on Air Tickets & Find the Best offers
  • The Best Sites for Booking Air Tickets Online
  • How to Get Free WiFi Access at Airports 
  • How to Pack Your Luggage Like a Pro
  • How to Avoid the Most Common Mistakes Made by Amateurs
  • How to Avoid Flight Delays
  • Factors which Influence Airfare Pricing
  • Tricks Airlines Use to Sell More Expensive Tickets
  • The Ultimate Travel Packing List​

Most travel-hacking courses are too complicated or over-priced. You'll quickly realize this course isn't like the rest. Learn why by enrolling today!





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Nitish Gautam

Professional Internet Marketer

I am Nitish Gautam, a digital marketing expert with a wide variety of skills. Ever since I could remember, I've been reading up on the latest SEO, Social Media & PPC strategies; and have worked with many companies as part of their Marketing team. As a result, I've acquired knowledge which would be useful to anyone in the field of internet marketing.

I hope you have a great time watching my tutorials. And remember, I'm always here to help. Just hit me up and I'll respond as quickly as p...

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