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The End of This Card Trick Will Surprise And Impress Everyone

teacher avatar Mr. Jack of Hearts, Card Magic since 2007

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction + Performance

    • 2. What You'll Need

    • 3. How to Set-Up

    • 4. The Main Trick

    • 5. Final Subtleties and Ideas for Clean-Up

    • 6. Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

The "Million Dollar Card Trick" is a very strong magic effect. Four aces turn themselves over one by one and at the very end there is a pretty big surprise!

This class includes a full tutorial on how to make this amazing card trick happen. I will walk you through step by step, showing you all the secret sleights and techniques you'll need to perform the effect.

One of the techniques used in this card trick is the "Elmsley Count", which is one of the most important techniques in all of card magic. Because it is so important I made a separate class teaching the Elmsley Count in great detail. Check it out below:

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mr. Jack of Hearts

Card Magic since 2007


Hello, I'm Mr. Jack ;-)

I started doing card magic in 2007. Over the years I have learned many useful sleights and techniques, that I would love to share with you. Magic is all about lifting people from the sometimes mundane day to day and letting them experience a kind of child-like wonder again.

So grab a deck of cards and let's get started!

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1. Introduction + Performance: Hello again. I'm Mr Jacque a France. And this is my class on a contract known as the $1,000,000 Card Trick. It's a pretty amazing effect. With the four aces. The four aces are shown, and then they turn each turn themselves over one at a time. Andi at the at the very end. There's a very nice surprise audiences love. So I think you'll also enjoy this effect. Andi, I will once again walk you through everything you need to know to perform this on. And um yeah, I hope you like the fact Let's have a look at the performance for this trick. I'll only be using 1234 counts. And they are in fact, before it's also them to you one more time. The Azov Clubs, the Azov diamonds, years of spades and obviously the ace of hearts and the rest of the carts. We will not need for this trick. I wanted to show you something that the aces can do. In fact, if I snap my fingers, one of the ASIS turns itself over person up again, another off those chance itself over on, and I can do it again and again. the next case turns itself over. And finally, the last ace terms itself over. But I can always night, um, come back like this one ace comes back. But sometimes people think I'm using more than four cuts, which is nonsense because I'm only using one, 23 four cuts I hope you enjoy this week. If you want to learn it, just stay tuned as I would teacher to you in the next video. 2. What You'll Need: Okay, So for the $1,000,000 card trick, you obviously need before it for races in this conflict. Aeration. So Ace of Hearts followed by eight of spades. Fulla pays off diamonds followed by eight of clubs. So crap Adak on crept these aces and put them in this configuration. Andi also needs, um obviously the 23 and four off spades on, and you need to put them on top off the deck. You put the 22 of spades, three of spades and then four of spades, followed by thes aces. But actually, you want to either. You have, um, lying on the table, like so are in your hand already, or if you want him to put them on top, you can put him on top. 1234 like this. Andi, just remember, if you want to do it like I did in the my performance and countem off the deck like this, you need to reverse the other like this first. So because by counting like this, you're obviously reversing the over there, and you don't want to screw up your your configuration. So just keep that in mind and well Oh, yeah. Stay tuned. In the next video, I will go into the first face 3. How to Set-Up: Okay, so you start this trick by counting off the four races, just make sure that they end up in this configuration once again. Andi, Actually, what you need is a pinky break underneath the four cards that followed the A. So the 432 and one in different card, it doesn't really matter for this trick. So you need a pinky break under those on. You can just prepare this before you start a trick. So that's exactly what I did. Um, I actually started in this configuration with a pinky break underneath the top nine cards. And then I just went 1234 We just needed for races. And you flipped, um, on top. Or just place them on the deck. And I like to place him a little bit messy. That gives me an excuse to actually square them up on top off the pack like this. Andi, After you square the month, you pick up all all nine cards. All right? Like this. So once again, if the pinky break, you put them on top. And as you square up as they square up, you actually take all counts. OK? But the Spectators don't know that. And, um and then you say, uh, I will count them for you. And what do you actually doing? Is this, uh, these two fingers are contacting the back under thumb on the aside and actually this ring finger this pulling down to bottom card off the pack. Okay, but this happens on undercover off off this hand. So what you do is square up, lift up, and then the rain finger pulls down one card and you catch some thumb break with with your right hand like this. So you will have Ah, a nice little break underneath this indifferent cart, right? And then you say I will show them one. What time to you? Because you make sure that at the beginning, you actually only flesh them for a split second like this. You catch the break, then. So you have. Ah, if, uh um, well, it's less suspicious if you if you now show them. Because maybe at first it was a little bit a little bit too quick. All right, so you say a the ace off the ace of clubs and you put it like this, holding it like this squared up against your thumb, but you're still keeping it here. Then the the ace off diamonds. You do the same thing squaring it up. But this time the pinkie off your right off your left hand actually catches the thumb break . And you only lift up, Um, thes thes cars. You leave, lift the aces and the indifferent card, actually on top off the deck. Okay, so one more time you're in and you're actually in this position, OK, You counted already. Counted Theis off clubs one. And as you square up, the pinky catches the break and you go away on, Do you have left the cuts? It's pretty easy to do. Just practice it for 10 20 times. I don't know. And then you just count last cut the Azov Spain's. And obviously the is off hot. And you can either once again squared up against for consistency or what I like to do is actually do it like this. And really milk this moment a little bit. Because spectator stand will I only remember this and will think that he did this for every cart before that. Okay? And then you put away the decades. You don't need it for the rest of the trick. 4. The Main Trick: Okay, So this whole procedure from the last video left you in this position, you have now the ace of hearts followed by three face down carts full of by the ace of spades. And the three cards in between, Actually 43 and two of spades. OK, so in this position, um, now you will do on elms. We count on if you if you still don't know what a Nelms recount is. I haven't in depth tutorial. On the only count, I will have a link to it in the description off this class and also tried to link it somewhere in this video. So if you don't know how to do the elms account, just check out this this lesson. I end up lesson about 10 minutes only. So don't worry. It's not a very heart move, but, um, yeah, I I explained it in great detail in this other class, and I will not teach it here, So just check out the other class and, yeah, so, uh, you do the elms, we can't showing that already one card has turned itself over. Then you simply ah, some off You're holding the, uh, the cards in this spittle grip like this from the bottom, middle and ring thing at the top. And I knew simply thumb off four counts. 1234 That's this, actually too. But spectator doesn't know that. And you say on the second card has already turned itself over. And then you put the two cards on the bottom. Okay, This sets you up your disposition that this sets you up for the next elms account, showing that another card house turned itself over, followed by another Helmsley count. All carts are turned over. And now, off you say you can also make it. Cops come back like this. You do the same thing you did before thumbing off one at a time. And he showed That's on days off club Sorry is of spades, actually came back and the ace of hearts behind that. Okay, So what for the final punch for the big big finale? You Now just take these two cards and you maybe you do like this ones or something, so they stick together a little bit better. And, um, you place it here while saying, Well, sometimes people think I have more than four counts, but that's in fact, that's absurd, because that's just one, 234 carts. And that's the big finally 5. Final Subtleties and Ideas for Clean-Up: one last thing. You have to be a little bit careful with with this with those two carts so they don't separate. When you place them here, Sometimes they can. They can separate a little bit and that actually room the trick. So there are several different ways to go about this. And one obviously, is to do like this, spend them a little bit and actually dropped in from about half a centimetre or but starting inch? I don't know. Quarter of an inch, something like that. And most mostly, they will stay put pretty good. Okay, if you're still scared to do that, remember you in this position, You just brought back the one. Can't you now could also just, uh, just put the ace on the on the deck that has been there the whole time. Okay. And then count the other cards. Okay. They know different, but you get the idea. You count the other cards also on top off the deck. And this is another way to to actually Oh, to this, which also sets you up. So know this. If you remember this in different cards from before, it's now sandwiched in between the four races. And he could also, uh, now, go had cut this in the middle. Do something like this. A reveal. And this could also be a cart they have chosen earlier. You just need to control it to the do the ninth from the top before you start a trick, Andi wallah, you have two tricks in one eso. That's just another idea. Maybe, But if you want, I could do another lesson on how to do to do that in more detail, if you want on. In the meantime, I hope you got something out of this, and, yeah. 6. Closing Thoughts: so really hope you like the $1,000,000 card trick on my explanation of it. If you did, police consider leaving a positive review. So other students know that this class is worth their time. Andi, also, I'd suggest following me because I will do many more contracts. And in your future. And by following me, you you'll get a little notification on. You won't miss out on future classes. Also please, If there any questions left. If if there if there's anything you didn't quite understand, don't hesitate to ask toe. Ask me anything in the community section of this video. Andi also, um please please please upload our performance off. You don't doing jumping Germany, Andi, I will in the project section on. I will have a look at it and that you know what? You could improve. Maybe, um so, yeah, do that on. But I hope to see you in the next class. Until then, I wish you a very nice day. And again I hope to see in the next class. Goodbye