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20 Videos (7h 18m)
    • Intro

    • Good grammar is important

    • Parts of speech

    • Verbs make me tense!

    • What if?

    • Can't we agree NOT to disagree?

    • Confusing the past with the present

    • Nouns - how we name things

    • Those little words that take the place of names

    • When pronouns go bad

    • A couple other things you didn't know that you need to know about pronouns

    • Getting in and out of the preposition box

    • The comma rules!

    • Punctuation - it's the little points that make all the difference

    • Putting sentences together

    • Don't be passive

    • What goes into making a complete sentence

    • Fragments - just pieces of a sentence

    • Running sentences together

    • Add a little color to your world


About This Class

Aristotle said, "Speak so that I may see you." Today, he might have said, "Write so that I may see you," for we communicate so frequently in writing, that how we write determines how others view us, which means our writing has to be correct according to the accepted “rules.”

Whether you are an English learner or a native speaker who wants to brush up on correct usage of formal, standard English, this class is intended to guide you through the accepted rules of writing and culminates in fun writing project.

A helpful text with exercises accompanies the class.





Michael McIntyre

Prof Mac and all things writing

My name is Michael McIntyre. I have taught at the college level for about 20 years, mostly writing- and literature related courses: literature, film, and also “freshman” composition, advanced composition and research, creative writing, and professional writing. I also teach more generalist humanities courses such as art history, music appreciation, media studies, and study-skills courses. One of my favorite courses to teach is mythology.

I hold a Doctorate at the University of Southern California, a Master’s Degree from California State University at San Francisco, and a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Berkeley. In a “previous lifetime” (or so it seems), I spent some years banging my head against the walls of the film industry. In this time, I wrote several screenplays (the titles of none of which would you recognize) and some other things, including a novel or two.

For several years after that (after I had married and decided I should get “practical”), I ran my own business -- a property management and maintenance company in Southern California. The funny thing about that is, as much trouble as I had running the business, I discovered I was real good at teaching other people how to do their jobs. When I realized that, I started transitioning (I think that’s what they call it these days) into my teaching career. The business collapsing in the early 90s facilitated this career change.

And like most people, I have a life outside of work. I enjoy spending time with my family – I’m married with three children, a couple of whom still live at home.  My wife and I enjoy taking walks in the woods around where we live. I read on all different subjects, including my passion the Gaelic language and Scotland, literature, culture, commentary on world events, and whatever else comes across my desk. I watch films (I’m trying to discipline myself to only watch when I’m on my exercise machine -- both as a strategy to limit my guilty pleasure and to get myself to lose some weight … too much time sitting at the desk!), and -- as strange as this might sound – until a few years ago, I did amateur wrestling a few times a week (the real thing -- as in high school, college, or Olympic-style – not the fake stuff you see on TV). Weak knees and a crammed schedule put a stop to that, however. Now, I just huff and puff doing peddling the aforementioned stationary bicycle and take long walks with Mrs. Mac.