The Easy Way to Create a Vision Statement | Stephen Owens | Skillshare

The Easy Way to Create a Vision Statement

Stephen Owens, Author & Pastor

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7 Videos (27m)
    • The Easy Way to Create a Vision Statement

    • Who is Stephen Owens

    • What is a vision statement

    • Components of the vision statement

    • Crafting a vision statement

    • Communicating the vision statement

    • The Conclusion


About This Class

Do you have vision that you want to communicate? If so, you need to take The Easy Way to Create a Vision Statement. This class will walk you through:

  • The Components of a vision statement
  • Crafting a vision statement
  • Communicating a vision statement
  • And more...

Take this class today and begin moving towards your vision. 





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Stephen Owens

Author & Pastor

Stephen Owens is a pastor, and author. He is the pastor at Mt. Calvary Baptist Church in Bedford, Ohio. Before becoming the pastor of Mt. Calvary, Stephen planted Triumphant Assembly. Stephen has over 18 years of ministry experience, which ranges from Sunday school teacher to pastor. Stephen has a passion for encouraging leaders to be all that God wants them to be. Whether they are in the marketplace or in the church Stephen has an encouraging word for them.

Books written by Stephen:<...

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