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The Easiest Running Approach - Couch to 21km

teacher avatar Joshua Blewett, Activated Academy

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

103 Lessons (4h 5m)
    • 1. Promo running easy

    • 2. Introduction to your coaches

    • 3. Introduction to the course

    • 4. Why Run?

    • 5. 4. Health benefits of running

    • 6. How it works

    • 7. Understanding fitness

    • 8. Running Easy Approach - Introduction

    • 9. Running Easy Approach - Types of Runners

    • 10. 9. Running Gear - Introduction

    • 11. Running Gear - Choosing correct shoes

    • 12. Zero to 5km Training Program - Introduction

    • 13. Training Program - Planning Time

    • 14. Training Program - Planning Routes

    • 15. Going out for first walk/run

    • 16. Power Walker

    • 17. Rundamental - Face traffic

    • 18. Week 1 - Let's walk

    • 19. Rundamental - Hydrate before run

    • 20. Rundamental - Visible Clothing

    • 21. Running Gear - Running Top

    • 22. Running Gear - Shorts/tights

    • 23. Week 2 - A little more walking

    • 24. Rundamental - Carry phone/ID

    • 25. Week 3 - Getting into the rhythm

    • 26. Running Gear - Running Glasses

    • 27. Week 4 - End of walk

    • 28. Running Gear - Hat/Headband

    • 29. Week 5 - Walk before you tired

    • 30. Rundamental - Always two cars

    • 31. Week 6 - Walk to run

    • 32. Week 7 - Passed Halfway

    • 33. Week 8 - 3x30

    • 34. 2 Running Wild

    • 35. Week 9 - Running Easy

    • 36. Running Form - Stride

    • 37. Running Form - Posture

    • 38. Running Form - Foot strike

    • 39. Week 10 - 20 min run

    • 40. Rundamental - Cat's Eyes!

    • 41. Rundamental - Stretching

    • 42. Week 11 - Nearing the goal

    • 43. Week 12 - WOW

    • 44. 5km to 21km Training program - Introduction

    • 45. It's in the mind

    • 46. Running Easy Zone (Aerobic and Anaerobic)

    • 47. Join us on a run

    • 48. Rave Runs

    • 49. Week 1 - Let's Go

    • 50. Mythbuster - You get fit while running

    • 51. Rundamental - Music

    • 52. Week 2- Fuel

    • 53. Understanding Energy - Fuel

    • 54. Fueling

    • 55. Week 3 - Crossing over

    • 56. 10% Rule

    • 57. Types of runs - Introduction

    • 58. Types of runs - Wet runs

    • 59. Types of runs - Cold runs

    • 60. Types of runs - Hot runs

    • 61. Types of runs - Flat/downhill runs

    • 62. Types of runs - Hill Running

    • 63. Week 4 - One third mark

    • 64. Rundemental - Suncream

    • 65. Hydrating

    • 66. Power Walker

    • 67. Week 5 - Edging Forward

    • 68. Preparing for the long run

    • 69. Long run

    • 70. Types of runs - Long and slow runs

    • 71. Types of runs - Short and fast runs

    • 72. Week 6 - Halfway

    • 73. Running Gear - Watch

    • 74. Running Gear - Arm socks

    • 75. Carboloading

    • 76. Week 7 - Infrastructure Building

    • 77. Rundamental - Chaffing

    • 78. Mythbuster - Race harder than long training run

    • 79. Week 8 - Nearing the peak

    • 80. Rundamental - Negative Split

    • 81. Avoiding Injuries

    • 82. Week 9 - Peak week

    • 83. Rundamental - The wall

    • 84. Injuries on the run

    • 85. Week 10 - The Taper

    • 86. Big Taper

    • 87. Types of runs - Bad runs

    • 88. Week 11 - Less is more

    • 89. Injuries after the run

    • 90. Pre-Race - Week Before

    • 91. Sick - Can I run?

    • 92. Week 12 - The BIG Day

    • 93. Pre-Race - Two Nights before

    • 94. Pre-Race - Day before

    • 95. Pre-Race - Night before

    • 96. Race Day

    • 97. Race Tips

    • 98. Race Plan

    • 99. Race Etiquette

    • 100. Post Race

    • 101. And now?

    • 102. Enjoy the Lifestyle

    • 103. Bucket list runs

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About This Class

Running is the most tried-and-tested, scientifically proven, and effective approach to enabling people to lose weight, stay healthy, look good and feel great. Humans are designed to run – yet sadly the approach that worked for thousands of years has been lost. It’s been lost in competition, “trying harder”, “no pain no gain” approaches. The result is that the secret of the most effective, time-tested approach has been lost. Yet an overwhelming amount of scientific research is proving that the lost art of running easy is the ultimate approach to a healthy, energized and long life. It’s time to discover this life-changing approach once again.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for non-runners and those with some basic running fitness. So, whether you have never run before, or if you have some basic fitness but have always dreamed of running a half marathon, this is the most comprehensive, easy-to-follow course available.

Why do this course?

  • Running Easy approach - only 4 training days a week
  • You will achieve your goal of running a 21km/13mi half marathon
  • You will enjoy the experience
  • You will learn from two experienced, ordinary people like you
  • You will get a guy and girls perspective on how to run and achieve your goal
  • You will experience the unique, scientifically supported Running Easy approach to running
  • You will be guided week-by-week as to what to do and how to train
  • You will be shown practically how to run efficiently
  • You will be given lots of vital Rundamentals that will keep you safe and enjoy your runs
  • You will be inspired to achieve something that will change your life forever
  • You will achieve your bucket list item – running a half marathon!

10 Reasons to start this course today

If you want to lose weight, get fit, stay healthy and feel great then you need to listen to science. Science has proven that running is the most effective way to:

  1.  Lose weight (burn 15% more calories in the 48 hours after a run)
  2. Be healthier with less risk of colds and flu
  3. Reduce the risk of death from all major causes by 70%
  4. Live longer with less disability in old age
  5. Improve bone density and reduce risk of arthritis in old age by 50%
  6. Improve memory and brainpower
  7. Increase productivity by over 15% per day
  8. Boost concentration and treat ADHD
  9. Increase overall happiness
  10. Live a fuller, more rewarding lifestyle.

Your coaches

Join Craig and Nicky, as we take you on a journey that will change your life (literally) forever, as we train you to run (with a smile) your first half marathon (21km/13mi). In addition to being one of the most desired bucket list goals, achieving a half marathon will change your life forever. 

So, who are we, and why do you want us to guide you on this exciting journey? Well, quite simply because we are ordinary people – like you. We have not won any Olympic medals. We don’t hold any world records. You may be wondering why then we should be your coaches on this exciting journey. Well, it’s because we are just like you – but, we have achieved extraordinary things. We’ve run over 100 marathons (42km/26mi), over 20 Comrades ultra-marathons (90km/56mi), and many more other ultra-marathons. And yet, despite all this, we are just ordinary people – ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things. And that is what we want to help you also achieve. 

All too often running programs are designed by top athletes, Olympic medal holders. However, their bodies and their approaches are not suitable for most people. They follow what we refer to as the “try harder”, the “no sweat, no gain” approach. Yet, while these approaches may win those skilled enough, a medal, they seldom become lifestyle approaches for the rest of us. Our approach, which is based on years of experience, and training (ordinary) people from all around the world, is called the Running Easy approach

The Running Easy approach is a unique, scientifically supported, tried-and-tested approach to running. Rather than try harder, it shows you how to run effectively by trying easier. Rather than pain, it’s about enjoying. Rather than faster times, it’s about fun times. We will show you how to run in a way that not only allows you to achieve your amazing goal but is so enjoyable it will make running part of your life. 


While this course takes a "running easy" approach, it nonetheless can be demanding on your body. So, if you are unsure of your current health, please check with your doctor before commencing the training.

What have others said?

"Wooooooooooooooooooooo!!! hellooo!! I am on the biggest high woooo!!! We just got home from Canberra (Marathon) today, and it’s all very surreal... I couldn't help smiling the whole way it was funny. I had one official say to me "You're running a marathon, this is serious! why are you so happy?" Ha Ha. 6 months ago walking to my front door was an effort, I would never have believed I could do this! THANK YOU SO MUCH." (Michelle)

"Craig and Nicky your support and knowledge and experience has been astonishing and I have loved every minute of the course. Anyone who thinks they can't do this, just drop by this course to get a different view. It's life-changing." (Nathan)

"What can I say!!!!!! ;)...Last Sunday I ran the Sydney Marathon!...Woohooo!!!! What a high!! Craig and Nicky, it has been such an awesome journey and I want to thank you for the effort you've put in to make the course so interesting and enjoyable. Who knew that running could be fun!?!? :) Your passion for running easy is infectious - it will stay with me for the rest of my life." (Sally)

"Let's face the facts - I'm no lean mean machine. I was born for speed, not distance. Decades on and I can hardly believe it - I ran a marathon! ...So what's the point of my story? Simple. If you have not run a marathon, you still can!... We (my wife and I) followed the Running Easy program and learnt how to. Yes. Yes, I can!" (Matthew)

"We did it. I can hardly believe it, but I can now say we ran a marathon and it's a good feeling, an awesome, exhilarating feeling. Now I know why Craig & Nicky are trying to encourage so many people to run a marathon. The journey, the training, the race, the pain, and finally the glory is something I too encourage you to experience - you will never regret it." (Petra)

"From couch potato to walking 5 miles on a daily basis in 2010, I wanted to complete a full marathon by the end of 2011. I was very sceptical about my abilities to complete a distance of 26.2 miles injury free... I just followed the running easy approach and the training plan word by word, day by day and completed the 2011 Chicago Marathon successfully... I recommended this book (and course) to a lot of my colleagues and friends since then. Thanks a lot to Craig and Nicky.(Sarma)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joshua Blewett

Activated Academy


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1. Promo running easy: 2. Introduction to your coaches: Hi. I'm Craig. And I'm Nicky. And what is tell you a story? Some years ago. Long? According exactly remember, I was really enthusiastic about getting us involved in rank. So drove us one. Sort of like Christmas Eve or something. Excited. Let's go out and run to anyone, guys. Why not? So happen the beaches that this is gonna be if we're gonna become runners. And so we went out on this run three case for okay, Who? How long is 21 case? Five guys way. Just pushed on and on and on, and I don't have somehow we actually managed it, and it waas awful. We met every mistake because of ignorance. It was arranged us. And that was really the end of any running career that you ever might have. But thankfully, it was not the end of the story. Okay, so, Craig, it's still very enthusiastic to get us into running. Decided a great idea was to bar for anniversary. A book, A book I'm loving Go like that. And the book Waas running your first marathon for non runners. Yes. You're going to give us something to here. He was in a work and I was mad. I mean, who gives a anniversary gift like that? But I'm not running book when you could when 21 was the worst run I've ever done in my life , I thought, never, ever. Yes, so that's a few basically saying, Well, this is not possible. I mean, we can already run is it is We could never run to anyone going after looking at the running program and realizing it wasn't about running every day of the week and it was manageable. It was only four days a week, and they had some great lessons about try easier, which I liked because we didn't try easier for 21. We tried hard and it was hard. Derek, you know, the old my own mindset. We can do it. After two weeks of contemplation, I decided, OK, let's go for it. Let's do the impossible. Let's follow this program and let's go and try and run office. And where did it end up? Well, it ends up where we are now to die. Some probably 12 13 14 years later, it show you where it ended up, right? Well, this isn't even half of them. We have run so many Americans now I think we've lost count. I think it's possibly over 50 marathons, and I can honestly say that we've loved every single one and I can't because we loved it so much. We thought we have to share a story with you so that you, too, can experience the absolute joy of running your first. Not a new half marathon that if you keep going your first full marathon and have as much fun as we head now, you will never believe you'll be saying. But that's not actually the end of the story. So not anyway. I ran 50 or more marathons and countless half marathons and 10 K's in five days and 50 K's in every conceivable distance. We went on and push a little bit further. We ran a race called the Two Motions, marathons and ultramarathons. Anything over 42 kilometers or 26 miles an ultramarathon, and that was 56 kilometers. But that wasn't the end. We ran what is called the ultimate human rights, this one here and this is called the Comrades Marathon is the biggest ultra race in the world, with about 20,000 people doing this crazy thing. Believe it or not, it sells out in about 30 days. If you ever want to enter the distance 56 miles or 90 kilometers, that's two marathons back to back, plus a little bit extra bonus of the end. And this is how many of those we've run. There's a special class that you get to belong to once you've ranted on war, Nikki, myself of both run 10 over the 10 marathons off the comrades. So this is unbelievable. So we're both proud members of the green number running rabbit. For those who know comrades, you get that award or that achievement once you've run 10 Comrades marathon. So what's the point? The point is not about actual, these medals, that's what we're gonna show you. This is just a bonus. In fact, these medals we just keep in a drawer I got. It's fine. If you want to hang them on retainer or something, that's cool. But it's not about the needles. It is about what it does for you. What about the lifestyle? It's about the health. It's about the experiences. It's about the outdoors, and that's what we're going to show you that this is much more than the males. This is about something that you might think is not possible. We know that for many, they have a bucket list on your bucket list. Would be, Maybe run 21 K or run a 42 K thinking Maybe that's never going to be achievable, because I'll be honest with you. If you do read a lot of the running books out of the Charles, you would be put up for life because it's all about getting your personal based training harder. Cross training. It is so much training that I just say, Forget it. I have more things to do in my life, Then have time for this. What we'd like to show you is the sort of program we're going to share with you is not just three or four days a week, not seven days. Not six, not five. We're going to show you how with only four days off training, out of which only one of those days is a long run, the others are just short runs. You too, can run your first marathon and absolutely have a great time. Yes, so the whole of price you're going to see here and we have to find lots of people now. So the result of this friends, relatives, non relatives around the world have been involved. Now probe. And it's the running easy approach. And that's the key. And that's the difference. This approach is. We're not extraordinary. We are ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and we want to show you how you could do. Executive. You're an ordinary person. You don't have to be a come an Olympic runner cycles. I never even have run in your life people. I was not a run at school. I was not around a college university. I never ran. Craig got me for any five case, and that's the most I've ever done in my life. So you can start this program having done no runs at all. So that's a goal. So, Monsieur, join us on our journey, and I know you will not be disappointed 3. Introduction to the course: catch to 21 case. Hi, I'm Craig on. Welcome to our program. We so excited to have you in this program. Program consists off two major parts. The first is caps to five K's developing your core fitness on the second part is taking you from five Colonial three mile fitness app to your first half marathon. You guys can do it. It's going to be an asset. The exciting program. We're very excited to have you, but something that bordered what they gotta do for the first thing we encourage you to do you have committed you bought the program. We want you to achieve it. You can't just but and leave it on your computer and nothing happens from here onwards. You have set the goal to run your first half marathon, and we're gonna show you how you can do it with a small. So what we'd like to encourage you to do right now is get online and look for 1/2 marathon in your area. When is your next city raise? When he just next half marathon. Set the date. Put it on your calendar. That's the half marathon. We're going to be training you to achieve. So what we'd like you to do find 1/2 marathon insert because what you entered you committed then tell your friends. Tell your family you put an ad in the newspaper. But I have it on TV. Absolutely. You don't run your first half marathon and we will then show you how you can train to get to run that on the running Easy way, Right. So final marathon. What you need to do is work out your half marathon workout the dates. So it is important. You will see that if you all I'm fit and you need to go from 0 to 5 kilometer. That is a 12 week program. If you already are able to run five kilometers, you can move to the second part, which takes you from five kilometers to the half marathon. That is also a 12 week program. So if you need to go from catch all the way to 1/2 marathon, you are going to need approximately 24 weeks. So you want to find America half marathon 24 weeks away? Ah, half. Yes. So that would be incredible. It is an unbelievable achievement if you can achieve this. So you know what's gonna happen? We look forward to explain to you how this course works in the next few lessons and explaining our exciting running easy approach to you know what? We're ready for rights. Stop watching C o Neill Assad. 4. Why Run?: Why should you? Right. Good question. Love people in my life war fund, not running the wrong thing. This is probably one of the main reasons we want to share discourse with you because we're not thought. When I first ran in my marathon, I thought it was just about achieving something big. You know, it's something everyone's got a little bucket list or goal and achieve it that in I didn't even begin to appreciate the incredible health benefits you achieve when you start running , especially when you start running longer distances, it is we'll share. It happened late and, of course, all the incredible health benefits that you do experience. And I can assure you will also go through a lot of myths that you've probably being given as to why you shouldn't run and we'll certainly be going through those two. But yet the reason we created this course and are creating it is to shared incredible health benefits. You will also be experiencing well running your 1st 1 21 mind blind benefits and when we show you that you could be so That's one thing at the health benefits. Is this huge that the second thing is getting outdoors getting to explore There is no other way that you can explore places like this you get to explore even if you got holiday will fly something, arrive at a place, put your running shoes on and you get to explore their place like you've never bean. And we've explored amazing places all over the world. All we've made, sure we've always made sure we pack our running shoes. We've bean uh, you know, I cannot explain The best way to explore a new city or a town is on foot and running takes you places and it allows you to see so many things. Yeah, And not only that, we talk about what he called rave rants now rave runs and we'll have a special section to see so many of these. These are these runs when you go out there and it's just like unbelievable experience. Let me show you what that this is a rare run there was featured in Runners World. It's a very popular magazine, and they often asked people to send a picture of what is their incredible the best run that they had. And so this was outrage from this was us running in a Big Five game reserve. So lying somewhere in there in the bush, they probably lines and all sorts of other beasties. But unbelievable experience. Then you don't have to just be in game reserves. You could be any way you could be on the coast. You could be in the mountains. You can anywhere. This is dignity, one of the things we want to imprison you. This isn't, of course, for those who want achieve personal base and got crazy. This is a cause for those who want to enjoy the journey, and this is what we want to emphasize in the way. Enjoy your journey. You're running. We want this to be a way of life for you, which has become for us. And the way you make in a way of life is if you enjoy, no one stops doing things they enjoy. You stopped doing things. You hate this often while things like Jim don't work because you're doing it and you doing it for the health benefits. There's no there's no doubt about that all the time to show you running as even more benefits. But it's it's not a lifestyle thing. And so I got to go to the gym. This becomes a lifestyle. You want to do it because it's so much fun. And that's how we encourage you, like we will in the course, sharing some of our reverence. Dude, I just have one century that you got out on doing to ticket off thin. You know, I've done my run going to look out for exciting runs. If you live near Park, relive near the mountains, the sea and river, you look for these beautiful places and you go and run those places. It's just euphoric. So I go is not a need to teach you how to run and to show you how you're gonna do it and to give you all the incentives we wanted to be an easy and enjoyable approaching the end of the day. It's going to be about lifestyle, in actual fact would also going to include with that course is a foot with Britain, cord running easy, and this is a marathon guard for ordinary people. He has a picture of my sister, who we had her and her husband running the first marathon, which they also thought was absolutely never gonna happen. And it did. And I loved it. They've even shamed a testimonial if you want to read it. And this is her running in Greece just saying, Wow, we went to two of the Greek islands. We brought our running shoes, and here we having a ball doing a run so included in of course, is also more course not just so that you can get everything you need to make sure you can confidently take this journey. 5. 4. Health benefits of running: So we want to tell you about the health benefits off our running easier project. We're talking about the running easy approach in more detail later on. But we will tell you about some incredible science proven health benefits. But before we do that, it is very important because this is ultimately about your health. If you are then embarking any running training program, it is important that you have made sure you're physically OK, and it doesn't necessarily mean that you have. You're not overweight or unhealthy, etcetera, but it is advisable to go and check with your GP just to see that you're OK to take a running program. So rather be safe than sorry. Go and have yourself checked out first before you start on the program. When you got the green lights, which I'm pretty sure your DP's gonna want, you have because it's life changing, then for us on the rest of the course. So let's look at some of the health benefits, and we know she 10 health benefits, and these are scientifically proven health benefits and the notes are linked to the late Listen, I'm going to show you the journal articles so If your science minded you want to read the original medical article, you can do that. The 1st 1 is white loss running, especially the running. Easy approximate and keep emphasizing that because our approach is about doing less rather than more, running and running in a very effective way has been proven to be the most effective form of weight loss, and it all of reasons. It's not only does it help the effect melt from your body by increasing your metabolism, you actually lose weight while sleeping because your metabolism is increased for a period of up to 48 hours. So even after you have run, the increased metabolism is causing you to lose weight. And so that's why it's been shown to be one of the most effective forms of losing Weight is running. In actual fact. I think that 48 hours is quite fascinating. Piece of research with three I have experienced in real life is affected because our running program has you running every second day. That's every 48 hours. Your metabolism will always be running at optimal level, so there's nothing and I can testify to it because we went travelling for three months when I wasn't able to run because we were in Big five game reserves. Where it wasn't adviser was also very hot, and I could just feel the impact it was having on my body because I wasn't running. It was my metabolism was getting sluggish. Everything was difficult. Whereas as soon as you start running, it's like everything just feels so much better. It's just scientifically shown that running has an amazing impact on your metabolism, and as a result, things burn. Fat Boone's You start losing weight right? Next. One is that it makes you healthier. Research published Founded Moderate levels off Running and exercise Remarkably decrease the infections That's called you tora app. Attract respiratory infections, which is where you get your flu is in your cold dramatically decreases those. So again, by getting out there and running moderate exercise win and keep him and force again in and emphasizing that through the course that makes a huge difference in health. And you're gonna be sick. So do you want to be? The one is always living boys got called and my test Me and Nick is gonna be the same literally in the 12 years to be doing this. I would say that entire time I probably had flu once. It's amazing. I can even X remember, if I ever had for that entire period. I had a cold or sniffle once, but just about nothing, I think, yeah, besides that proven in South Africa, we have a medical aid program called Discovery, and it's absolutely amazing in trying to encourage people to live healthier lives because they know the healthier you are the least. You get sick. It's proven so they want to reduce your visits to a doctor. They just need to get to exercising. And what's interesting is that they will reward you that the most points you have to get 900 points a week. In order to get your rewards, they will give you 300 points just to go out and do a five kilometre, 30 minutes run. You can go out and drink the whole day and I'll give you 100 points, which means they know that that cardiovascular exercises, but it's getting that heart pumping and getting the blood flowing has the based impact on your overall health. And if you tired of visiting the doctor or tired of getting flu, you know, sick every two or three months. Well, then I encourage we encourage you to start something like running and just see what impact it has on your immune system. If you don't like dying, which you were dying at all, you will have to die research and was a mess of research project that involved over 100,000 people found that there was a 70% decrease in the possibilities of you dying from a whole range of different diseases and complications and issues. So basically, what has found is that by getting hit by running by exercising, you're decreased by 70%. The chances that you're gonna die from a whole range off horrible time things, I think. What's the You know, the important point to emphasize here is it is yes. Everyone has to die Said only to certain things in life is death and taxes. But what will you do? Want to live the longest you possibly can? You want to live our quality of life, not just quantity. And when you haven't X when you exercise in your foot, not only do you enjoy longer quantity of life, but you also enjoy longer quality of life. And that's what we're aiming for. And I think you know, if you have a look at reasons for people dying earlier, a lot of those things like heart disease, blood sugar, things which are preventable. If you follow the rap diet and you exercise and this is what we want. Encourage number four, a long, 21 year study done by Stanford. This is one of the mist is gonna knock out of the window is like you are when you ran. You're gonna get also the pains and exit when you're older. You know, they found those people who were involved in running moderate running head list disabilities in old age, and that's very important because it's Nikki to see it. It's about quality of life, not only not getting sick now, but into old age. You have a four bit ecology. In actual fact, the discovery may differ. Egg, which I was chatting about earlier they have been they center. The data is now showing people who on the diamond level of the program. So these are the people who have remained fit and kept to these fitness regimes for over five or so years. They, they estimated, last vanished. Now, 90 years and over, just cause they've realized When your body's fifth, you living a healthy life, your quantity and quality of life just naturally goes up. Number five. This is a mythbuster all night. How often when we go until someone there we into running, you get on running, destroys your knees? Have you heard that maybe even said that that is scientifically, absolutely false? In fact, the research shows, and if you look at number five and look at the journal papers that supported, there is a remarkable decrease in osteoarthritis and all issues to do with bone etcetera. And there's a lot of good reasons for the science is simple. Your body is biomechanical, is not mechanical like a car. It is by a mechanic on the more you use your joints, the better for the joints, the more the black blow through the joint and the oxygen and the tendons. So it's very important so that this is tortilla invest. It's exactly the opposite. I think we in this because we brought so many years now we've experienced these these reasons that people give us. I would say the two areas where people do have knee injuries or other injuries when they run. The first is if people run when the injured. Everyone knows when you injured your wrist and often people ignore that and that's often with that can cause a problems and we would encourage you to always wrist. It's about running easy. It's about enjoying the journey. Those people pushing for hard personal basin and running hard. They don't know about that. So therefore it's always about Con stopped running and they run with the injured. And the other reason is a lot of people take sports in the high school and ecology is were they playing soccer? Rugby, cricket, badminton? The sort of sports can be very demanding on the joints and it's often those injuries that they picked up in those years that come back and hold them. So definitely running easy. No impact on your ligaments. We can testify to that. We have run, as you said, countless marathon's ultramarathons. Not one of us in over 15 years of running have ever being injured, and that's running the distances that we run. We have to get Foster because it takes for you to get through this and guess what we have to cut. Okay, Brainpower. Who doesn't want to break that reason? Number six. The recent shows that when you run just for 30 minutes, three times a week is a dramatic improvement in brainpower in memory, in concentration. So it's a great one. You won't improve those in July. Run more reason of seven is running easy improves your productivity. I think you've all experienced when you've had a bad night's sleep or a tough day. You just don't have the energy to, to produce and to into work. And they've proven that when you got and do a five K run before you go to work, it improves your productivity by massive amounts. So if you want to be more productive, that's what running can help you. The big scourge of the modern day and age of it about it often e. H. De uh, attention deficit disorder, and those things exist. But a mess of proven cure, rather than reaching for the tablet straightaway, is getting out and running. It's being proven scientifically by getting more blood, blood to the brain with oxygen to the brain. People who are involved in running can treat a PhD in all those related things by improving the levels of concentration simply by running more right reason that benign, which I think is a huge benefit. Because sadly in the world today, one of the biggest things you often read in social media is a high levels of depression. Sadly, this is something which has no respect off persons. Regardless, our ritual poor you are. Everyone can fall prey to depression, and they've proven that running has an in remarkable impact on depression. It seems endorphins into your blood stream into your brain so that your body just feels that left. And I think you will read in research how lot off psychologists will actually encourage their patients. Other, to go for therapy on a run or to run readily because they know what impact it has on depression. There's nothing that makes you happier. If you want to live a happy life, which I hope you do, then running can give that to you. Find here is number 10. It's all of the reason we've just mentioned. Plus, the bottom line is it's a lobster. It is a lifestyle that would just change you and the research will keep coming out and keep proving that is gonna fix Your brain's gonna fix your heart's gonna fix a joint it's gonna fix your smile is gonna fix everything It really is unbelievable lifestyle investment. And so what we want to share with you in this course is an incredibly wonderful, find enjoyable approach to getting into running to achieving incredible things. But more than that, by having a lifestyle that's gonna transform your life 6. How it works: right. So you are a budget embark on a very exciting running program running easy program. And whether you are on the count 0 to 5 kilometer program, whether you on this 0 to 1/2 marathon program or whether you're on the zero to the 42 breaking, they all have the same basis. And what's exciting, if you on the 1st 10 to 5, But you feel you've got fairly you guys every 21 when you guys here in 42. And in fact, what you got to 42 you can go beyond that, even because the principles are what, accounting. Yeah. So how's it gonna work? Well, basically going to do right up front is we want to explain to you the running using philosophy, because that is the game changer. That is the thing that's going to give you all the health benefits gonna make us into a lifestyle. Gonna make this enjoyable? Yeah, They got to be tough, boss, but anything that's worth something is gonna have a few tough, But But this is what's gonna make it totally different running experience. So it has been a whole section explaining how to run in an effective way. That's a running easy approach. Then you think I will write just about putting a show telling in a couple of some shoes and about their yes, But there's more than that. They're the top of shoes. It's how you run it, your style. It's the clothing you wear. It's how you hydrated. It's the fuels you take it. It's the approach to a hill. And when I talk about all of those things because we want this to be in it, excellent experience for you. We want not to make the mistakes that we had to make. We want you to learn from that, and we have talked about different types of runs You could have. You could run on hot days, cold days in forests and stand rave ran's all sorts of things in different ways to approach in these. And then we are going to take you step by step through the training program so you can achieve that goal. Whether it is that five kilometer, whether is that half marathon 21 kilometer or whether step full marathon, we're gonna bring you to all the states right the way to race day. And you gonna join us on a race? That final thing you wanted to achieve? We want to be there with you. So that's what's gonna happen next. You're gonna get to go through all of these pieces to achieve that incredible goal. We're gonna see you make it. 7. Understanding fitness: what's really important to understand fitness because a lot of non runners have a mis understanding what witnesses. Now there's actually two parts to your fitness, and just to put it in, layman students, because that's a really here is what we call your cardio fitness. Think of that is your heart lines. And then there's your structural fitness, which is your body, your joints, bones, muscles, etcetera. And those two parts are quite different now when you haven't done any rain. The thought that you are coming into contact with which is the unpleasant bodies, your cardio fitness. So you have the right. You start that first that Kaufer kilometer and have that having and puffing. That's Korea fitness that is your Lang's your your heart. How big is your heart gets bigger as you get fitter, how effective your lines are, moving oxygen around the body, etcetera. So that's card. If they reported now, when you are not running for Glenn, you're running pretty. What happens is at the beginning, the perceived exertion in terms of the cardio side ism, way up and over a period time, it will drop down and very quickly off 50 which your find it becomes easier to run. You can even talk while you're and you're not panting off through the first couple 100 meters kilometer. Whatever, you start Siplin and you actually know over a pending that's cardio fitness. The other side is weak, reverted infrastructural fitness. It's It's your body and your ligaments. You don't joint etcetera and what you'll find when you start running. That won't be a big issue. But as the distances increase as you get further and further in the program, you will start to feel but saw. The muscles are a bit step, or that's about 30. And so, as the cardio comes down, the infrastructure perceived effort tends to go up until you get near the end of all of our operations. We have a taper where both will drop, and so the in part you finish feeding. I don't have a cardio for decision. I don't have an infrastructure. Fitness is you. I am ready to run this race, so those are two very important parts off it. This is your structural fitness on your hotline fitness. It is important that you understand it. Both of those are going to play a role in your training 8. Running Easy Approach - Introduction: the whole courses about the running easy approach and what want to do in this next. A few lessons is explained to you some of the key principles off the running easy approach because it is fundamentally different to other approaches. And not only is it scientifically more effective, the most wonderful part of it is that you're gonna end up having and running lifestyle. That's what makes it so exciting. So there is one principle you gotta remember. It is about try easier, not harder. You often hear people try harder. Try harder in their that work when you new studies and also other aspects of love. But in running, that is not what we want you to do. If you want to be effective and you want to make it a lifestyle, it's about trying easier so rather and grit your teeth right. Put your order now, and it will be times when you have to do a little bit of that. But it's all about actually running within yourself, relaxing, enjoying taking in the environment, and you will find that will transform how you right now, the bottom line is that the running easy approach is supported by science. It is showing that if you do less and we talked about this in other parts of the Siri's, if you do this, it's actually more because your health and your fitness is built in the gaps. So it's not about straining. It's not about doing too much. It is actually about doing less and letting your body slowly developed. Now what we're gonna be looking at is a couple of key principles. We go look at types of Rennes because you get three is types and we want to make sure that you're the right type of runner the next. If you want to look, it is some fundamental principles of the running easy approach, and then we're gonna have a look at the next few lessons, so keep focused. This is really important because these principles are going to take you from being couch potato 25 kilometer, 21 kilometer to 42 kilometers marathon and beyond, and you can apply. We've applied it for many, many years and seen many, many successful people achieve dreams that they never thought were possible. So listen carefully to the key principles off the running easy approach 9. Running Easy Approach - Types of Runners: right. We're talking about the running easy approach and the key principles of the rain in practice. First, I want to tell you about the three types of runners that you get the first time around is what we call the job. The dog is that guy. He's just a casual right. And to be that the guy you found in the park is going little dog there governs out here around again. He might see a marathon, you know, happening. It would be a runner and comes out and does nothing for a day or two. And that's the end of the jogger. That's a job, one type of run. Then you get on the other extreme, you get the racer. That's a guy. He's got all the gear and tomatoes, probably as well. And he's watch. He's got the clock and he's And here's the running Hardy put me. He's like, What's a PV? What's your PB calling? Believe otherwise personal based. How far you didn't find it across training what? You'll your vo two next rate. And it's just all the numbers and the fax. He used the race, and there is a place for that. You might want to you better. You might want to go further, harder, faster, but not yet learned to make running a lifestyle first before you go for that. So you've got out Joga, You got a racer and what we call the runner the runner is someone who running for running has become a lifestyle. It's something you enjoy. You don't just do it occasionally when you suddenly all I should run again and grabbed the dog. Go out. You're not doing it seven days a week trying to smash records. You're doing it because it's part of your lifestyle. You've come to a new place. It's a lovely place you're out running. But you know that two or three or four times a week, you're going to run because you love how it makes you feel. And so that's what running easy is about. It's about making you run a someone who doesn't properly effectively and it changes your life. So let's see one of the key principles to making you into a runner are running easy runner 10. 9. Running Gear - Introduction: right, the six. We want to look at running gear now. One of the cool things about running is one of the sport's. You actually don't kneel out of here. It's not like something like cycling. We got to spend a fortune on a bicycle and special pattern, short and all sorts of gifts. But the bottom line is, even though it's running, it is really simple. So when we travel, we need is a sure a pair of shorts and running shoes. And it was really simple. However, there is some important aspects to Aguilera and how we choose it. That's what we need to look at the section because obviously your fundamental piece of your running gear shoes don't look at that detail and then the all the other little bits and pieces and it can make a difference. And it can change what could potentially be a really fine right into not such a fun run. So the section running gear, the various elements picking look at the different things. You don't need all the gay but wanted to cover quite a range of get just so you get an idea and make sure you choose what's just right for you. 11. Running Gear - Choosing correct shoes : right. First up and most important in running deer. It's just use this absolutely critical because it just shoes that are taking all the impact . So when we were running the point of contact with ALS, the action is happening is where your feet hit the ground, and this is what absorbing all of that so your shoes are absolutely important. But what's key is how we run and how we run and how we hit the floor without feet is a whole lot of things come into play it. It's genetics. It's just habit. It's posture, its weight. All of these impact how your shoes are gonna hit the floor while you're running. And it makes quite an important difference to understand that and understand foot strike and then the type of shoes you're gonna choose. There are three ways in which our feet hit the floor on it's called pronation, so you have to worry too much about the words. But if you go and Sadiq shoes you, you might want to use his words when you're talking to the shoe salesman and the first is what's called neutral pronation. And basically what this means is there is the role of your foot from the outside, he'll evenly to the ball of your foot across. The probably bored and 30% of people do. This is a normal way when you strike with the outside of your foot and you slowly roll across to the front to to the edge that is a neutral runner that you get over pronation somewhere over names. Do they strike on the outside, but when they roll, they tend to roll too far across into the inside edge of their Fortinet scored over pronation. Then the lost one are under pronation, sometimes called Super Nation, where there is very little role. They basically hit the outside and hardly role it'll and that's quite high impact. So those your three, you're either a neutral runner, which is a natural role from the outset towards the inside You, you over pron eight. When you over onto the inside or you underpinned eight by hitting the outside edge, right? How do you discover what you are? There a couple of ways in which you can do this one way is you could just go and find a pair of shoes that you had for a long time and just look at how they've worn and obviously need Teoh. You might have for a long time of them inserting your cab. It that's not good enough. It Jews debated, walked in, running in that wood used in any way you can start to see if there is a lot of wear on the inside. The agent possibly means that you are of a prin ating, or there's a lot of were on the outside. It might be that you are under frenetic, but even easier way is to do what's called the footstep test. It's very simple. What do you do with your foot? Find an area species announced dark era doc tiled or something, and off he went to foot. Place it on the dog tile and then remove it. Now what? You'll notice they are three options. The one option is what's called a normal arch. A normal arch means you can see the ball off your foot. You can see your heel, and there is a little joining a section between your heel and the ball of your foot. That is a normal so you can see this space with is an art and there is your hell a link through two with the board of your foot. That is a normal arch. It means you are a neutral ran out, and that's the first option. The second option is when you look at it, you actually can hardly see any gap between. It looks like one piece between your heel and the ball. The front area There is no art because since your arches are the collapsed ovary flat and these are people that into over tonight, this is over pronation. And so these are the people that we require. Sample must support you right in. The third option is what's called the high arch. And with the high art option is just a very small a little ridge that goes between your heel and the ball of your shoe. And it means you got hired to what tends to happen with this time. Aren't is that when you strike the ground, you didn't to hit more on the one side on your on your out it This is a super nation, and again, these are tough people who potentially are going to require a question shoot. So two categories are your your natural runner and your super native Tim to be out of work with a question shoot. It's only the other pron eight hours that often need what accord? Stability shoes that stop set over all of your foot. So bottom line is, when you're choosing a shoot, we suggest you go to some shop where people know what they're talking about. So I don't go to some random shot, go to shop running shop, and they can look at your shoes. If you've got use, they can even get you to run. They maybe do the foot step, step test. But if you've got an idea, you could go in a radiance. I'm looking for a push in shoes or I'm looking for a support you. So it is a good idea to have some idea of what you're looking for. The bottom line is choosing a shoe that is going to support you and is going to be the right true for you. However, key is comfort, absolute comfort. So you may even be a pro NATO and you may go to the shop and they say Yes. So you're gonna need the special support you because it stop the overruling of your feet. But the day their thing is not comfortable, it doesn't matter. In fact, most people can X you get away, even if you are a pro nater with a neutral or a cushion shoot. So key is comfort. Choose a shoe that feels good. Few fits and different. Makes some a little bit wider set. You need to choose one that puts you so when you get into that shop, you put it on. It must feel comfortable, but first he what you decided with 21 trial, and you need to choose a shoe size that is won t even 1.5 or two times bigger than your normal shoe size. There's a test you could do what's called the thumb test the rule of thumb. So your your foot back in the shoe and then put your family should be a gap between the front of your toe in the front of shoe. At least a week off a thumb. Why, it's important. Well, when you ran your feet swell because they get hot up. That's the first thing when you run down hills, you tend to slide a bit and you hit the front of your shoot. We'll talk about this in another part of the Siri's, and you get the great black turnout effect, so it's very important. If you happen to be a size nine, you don't go in and buy a size nine shoes. You gotta buy a size 10 10.5. You could even buy a size 11. So is important. Find the shoe that works for you, but then make sure you get a larger size. Once you selected your shooting you in the shop, put them on and walk around the shop. If you have no opportunity to run up and down a little bit, get a feel from it is a decent running shop. Most shops allow you to take that you home and even go on a couple of mile run, obviously not trail running through water. If for any reason there is any niggling that shoot, there is a little rubbing on the one side. Take it back. That will not get better. You don't run the shoes in. That is not how running shoes work. It's not perfectly comfortable. It is not going to be good when you get to five kilometers, 10 kilometers, 20 club necessity, cloners and onwards. It's gonna be bad. So test the shoe soon as you can. And if it works on a shortest type of run and you feeling comfortable on the owner rubbing things fantastic, you found the rights year. So it is a little bit of a process. And once you find the brand that works for you, Nicky and often on different brands. But it's whatever works are happy to change brands. Trust them in you. Once I found something, I stick with it for a while. It is important Bonsib that works for you and once you found it, stick with them. The last thing is, shoes don't last forever. They obviously also if you keep them in your covered. But if you're using them, we find the average mileage for a shoe is 600 miles or 1000 kilometers, so get 1000 kilometers. And after that, what tends to happen is they just tend to lose the cushioning. They lose it support that they giving you and you may be a little bit harder on the road. So what you may want to do is. You keep your all true and you might use them intermittent be as they get older, just as a backup there. But normally for us of these once a year, we having to change and getting a new pair. So shoes are key. These are the things that are hitting the floor. These are the things they're gonna make. You have a comfortable run the end of the day. You've got a perfect shoot. If you don't even realize you've got the money, they must be going. Hey, on your shoes. I'm your shoes. You must even know you've got shoes on when you get to the end of the right or the race of the training. You didn't think about the Jews, then you've got the perfect shoot. 12. Zero to 5km Training Program - Introduction: right? Well, can we want to talk to you about the couch to five kilometer training program? This is a different training program because it's all about our philosophy off running easy . So make sure before you even look at the train program you have bean through ALS, the material very important material around the philosophy of running easy because we want you to enjoy this experience. We don't want you to come here and take the totally wrong approach. Trying harder. Approach the running hard approach and not enjoying it. So Number one. Make sure you've seen those videos, and you understand the philosophy about trying easier, etcetera and ham pork that is, in ALF whole running approach, right? So the Council five K is all designed to take you just sitting there, doing nothing unfit and take you from that to a position where you can run five kilometers all three miles. Now there's a few things at all different, and if you look at the program, which you will now see on the screen, you like us that they all know distances. This program is all based on time. What's going like? Well, it's very important we actually not that interested in how far you run. We're interested in you just spending time on your legs because that is with this is developed. So ultimately, this program will get you to the very end of it when you are capable of running for 35 minutes. If you do a quick little calculation, your average person at a very comfortable place runs at about seven minutes. Kilometer 35 Divided by seven. You've got five kilometers all three miles, so we want you to forget about distance. It's all about going out there and enjoying yourself as you build up your fitness, so all you're going to be thinking about is going for to start a walk for a certain period of time. So that's how the program is based. It is based on time on your legs as we try and build up this essential core fitness. Now this five kilometer fitness is we call it is court everything. And if you look at any of our other running easy, programs are running easy will take you from scratch to 2/2 marathon or from caps to a full marathon. They rely on this core fitness. Now, In some ways, this is quite hard to get this core fitness, but we're gonna make it as easy as possible, because once you've got this core fitness, you could do anything right. So let's quickly look at the program. The program consists off three parts, and his insurance is divided over 12 weeks, so it is a 12 week program. Four weeks, four weeks, four weeks. All the three parts to this program, the 1st 4 weeks is what we call the walk plus weeks. It's all about you going out for a walk. Now start just any walk. It's not just an amble is that you were strolling with the dogs or strolling around the shopping mall. This is walking with purpose, and then you watch one of the other videos that actually talks about this. It's a power walking. It's five. You don't necessarily one of those crazy race walkers, but you all walking with purpose. And so the entire first part of the program is all about walking is easy is that Then we moved to the 2nd 4 weeks, the second part of the partner and this one. We call it the Walk before, and essentially what it does is it starts to introduce you to running. So you've got comfortable with the fast walking, you know, walk and now you start to run. But before you get tired you got after walking, then you start running again. And before you start to get tired, you go back to walking. And so is this beautiful combination off walking and running. And then the third part of the program is what we call the running easy part. You actually get into the zone where you are capable of running for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and all the way up, finally to 35 minutes. But it's all about running easy, and the principles off are running easy program. So that's how it works. It's a 12 week program to get you to go out around your 1st 5 kilometers, so we'll put it each week. We'll explain to you what you need to do. Follow the program, and we guarantee you will enjoy it. 13. Training Program - Planning Time: what we're coming to the running program are running easy program and these various elements. We just want to explain to you generically hard work the structure, and then we'll have a look at the detail off your week by week program. Now the basic way in which the program works. It works over four days, and it's the same pregnant with the same structure, whether you doing catch the five k with you doing I 21 kilometer, half marathon or even up to marathon. So it always works with four days. And what's important up front is that you choose your times quite quite carefully because the way it works is there are three runs which are ready to be normally to shorter ones and medium one and then a long run. So you basically and see it as a three, sort of not too difficult on the one hard around. So we have playing those four runs, and it's important to try, have a shave job. So what's important is when you choose the four days, you essentially want to make sure there is as much of a gap that you can. Obviously, these four days and you got another three, so you can't totally have a gap between everyone. But you want to make sure there is a gap or a day off before your long run and off to your long run. So, for example, you might say, I'm gonna do on a Monday, a short run, then on the Wednesday a medium lens around. And then the next day on the Thursday another short run. That would be difficult. Then Friday, I'm not going to run anything. Saturday, I'll do my long run Sunday. I'm off again after the long run to recover and be back to Monday Did you must just find a shade all that worked with you. And we found, If you find a ship, Joe, you plan it and try and stick to it as best as you can. So very important to do that. Choose the days of the week that you're going to do your run in. The second thing is, is your notice out programs on the different lens about programs, especially that the longer ones of 16 week programs the best way to decide when to start this to work backwards. So identify arrest because this is what it's all about. It's all about finding that goal. The thing you want to achieve. That half marathon, that 42 kilometre marathon, the thing you want to achieve, and then you will work backwards from there to identify your start date. So you will see how program works with 16 weeks plus place to just taper down, etcetera. And you worked backwards so you can say a right in two weeks time. I'm gonna start, and I know if I follow the program, I will finish perfectly in time for my goal race. So two things in terms of setting up the schedule choose the days of the week, it you're gonna run in and stick to it and then choose when you're gonna start. So it'll finish nicety to coincide with the goal that you've got 14. Training Program - Planning Routes: you've got your running schedule. You know the days you've tries in the days of the week that you will best work to do your right. Now it's time to plan your roots, we found. It's especially when you've got a three or four month program to stick to. Its often a good idea to go look for your roots first, ones that do you feel what you would be comfortable with? That obviously, that could be a little bit quieter and not as much traffic, not as many hills if your first time runner or just something which you feel you'd be comfortable with it. So when we started our program or started running and we had out different distance just to run so later you. But it a three kilometer, five kilometer on eight kilometer, 10 kilometer and gradually that builds up to 12 15 20 and even beyond when you're training for your full marathon, what we suggest you do is gone. Find the roots, go out even with the Khan, Measure the roots so you can find a good five kilometre route. A good eight kilometer by kilometer re Maybe you like going down to revoke the beach And you know of a good fact kilometer you can do on the beach. Those are always lots of fun, and we do that. So you've got your roots in it. When you go out, you know exactly where you're gonna go. Sometimes when you're constantly are looking at a watch to see how far gone haven't gone far enough, it actually makes the race feel or your run feel a lot longer. We found once you know your route just before you note you've run five kilometers and you weren't even aware of it. What we also suggest you do so appoint loops. We've made this mistake and never again We had to go run a longest long run for American. It was a 50 kilometer and we were feeling a bit tired hot, and we will be clever. Instead of going for finding a good 30 we'll just take a regular eight kilometre loop and just do that about four times and then add on the extra two kilometers. Well, I can tell you after you've done your same loop. By the second time we were just we had lost all mental, uh, desire to run this race because we're doing the same thing over and over again, and and we seriously don't recommend it. The race goes your run go so much faster when you've actually got an enjoyable route that you can look forward to do it. And we can also suggest if you have got a longer run you need to do, you can tell a gun. Take your five kilometre route and your eight kilometre route and combining, and that gives you a last longer. Right? So, yes, the important thing is you have got your running shade roll. Now it's time to plan your roots and go up first. Even if it got you, go for the kind and look for some good rooted you feel could become good running routes. Chatu friends running friends Look out for places where you think you could schedule some nuts running routes. And then when you got your schedule, you know exactly five kilometers today you know exactly what you're gonna do that makes you running so much more easier and enjoyable. That's in a final point for choosing running routes. Sometimes it's a good idea if you gotta go up for Let's an 18 kilometre long run and you just don't really have enough places. Where you gonna go to make a full 18 kilometer? What we do is we do a regular five kilometre route and then we hit out on a 13 kilometre route. So we've actually you feel like you've almost banged five kilometers so that when you start out again for your 13 k you almost forgotten that you've already run five kilometers. Don't. My wife works, but psychologically your brain forgets and somehow that 18 kilometer run feel so much shorter because you bank five case and you're just going out for a 13 K run after that. So you can always trick your brain and we do it often. 15. Going out for first walk/run: welcome to pop one of your couch to five K. The first part off this course is divided over four weeks, and basically it's just getting you into walking. The first part of fitness is walking. We hope you've registered for your five K or told your friends you're about to run your first part run because that's going to get you motivated. So, yes, the first part of this course is about getting out there and walking, and we'll show you how to walk to build your fitness. 16. Power Walker: for us. We're not going to be talking to you about walking. You think it's strange if you don't write walking. This is about running a marathon or running five K's or running 21. But walking is fundamental to you will to you achieving your 1st 5 K running your 1st 21 K or your first marathon. Walking is a key principle of running easy, and we got to spend a lot of time talking how crucial walking is to your running program. Research has shown that when you walk in a run, you can extend the range off your distance that you can run by huge amount because that s what Craig was sharing earlier. The important thing of running a really long races to conserve energy and the best way to conserve energy is to walk, because when you walk, not only are you using different muscle groups, so if your running muscles start having a bit of a break while you're walking, muscles do a bit off the work. But you also making sure that your body is resting. It's not using up all the energy when you walk, you conserve energy and you extend your range. It is often a myth when people say I'm going to run a marathon, that this person, in order to achieve that goal, run your 1st 21 K. You have to run whole distance. That's absolute miss, and I'm gonna tell us we have run countless marathons. Every person running a marathon, all half marathon will walk. And often there is a strategy which will share with you with walking is to making sure you workers often people forget. When should I look these two times that you walk? And often we'll talk about this more in your races. When you're racing, you stop for your drink every three kilometers, and that's a good time to make sure you do a bit of walking just to change your muscle groups. But at the time that you walk is where there's a hill, nothing can zap your energy foster than trying to run farce Uphill. Yes, they will be times when you will run up a hill that's that you can even do. It was part of running easy just to build up your your fitness. But we didn't do it when we first started, and you don't have to do it in order to run your 1st 21 case. Hell is a perfect time for you to walk, walk, But when I say walk, it's not the Granny War just strolling up the hill at a casual pace. That's not the walking that we're talking about when you need to walk. It's the power. It's work walking with purpose. You seen those car workers. They move their arms, then move their hips. They're moving at a speed. That's the walking we're talking about. That's the walking that changes your muscle groups, but it keeps you moving forward. It keeps you. They're achieving your goals. So when you comes to hit, when you come to Hill, the important thing is stop walk. But don't walk slowly like you would if you were destroying through them all. You have to walk at a fast, powerful past for you. Moving your arms will share, but all that walking posture with you so that you can get an idea of what it means to do a walk. So the important lesson here is that walking is important principle of running easy. We walk often walking club serves, energy and walking at Abel's of you to run longer distances rat. And now we get hitting out on the road. The important lesson to all the important point on the streets here. It's not just a little stroll like this, because this, unfortunately, is not going to get you. You need to pull walk with purpose, and that's how we gonna get fixed. Let's show you you move that arms, last name and what, like this? Just adding on Teoh Nicky, saying about walking. How important is we've had it with the writing, actually in Comrades Marathon, and we've got to probably about 40 or 50 K market. We made some friends, was a huge hill there on the side of supporting us go some drinks and goodies. And so he started walking up this hill. But we power walking up the hill, and there's a long helpless here was probably been on for about five or six kilometers, and they could not keep up with us, even though we had been running for six or seven hours already. The point is, there's Nicky said. When it comes to walking, it is vital that extend your range. But it is not just a straw. You all walking, Swifty? Yeah. The runners are running will get interview, but you'll catch them later. So walking a very important part off, right? 17. Rundamental - Face traffic: we want to talk about what we call Runda mental. These are the fundamentals of running and they just little pieces of information that we will share with you throughout the course during places. But they are basic, important and often lifesaving things to do with right. The 1st 1 is basic fundamental run facing the traffic absolute. When we see people running with the traffic coming behind them, that is crazy. This is one of the few sports. I'm not exciting. And other things where you gonna run and you can see with your face? Just say, sometimes you don't do that because maybe these no area on the side of the road where you can run, there's no you just can't get off the road. But most of the time you run basic traffic. Very simple, fundamental. When you run, face the traffic 18. Week 1 - Let's walk: Well, welcome to week wine. This is the start of your exciting journey. 12 weeks. By the end of the 12 weeks, you are going to be able to run five kilometers or three miles. So the first part is all about walking. Now, remember, it's about power walking. It's about walking with purpose. It's about putting your energy into that walking. So what we're gonna be doing in week one? Well, very simple. Every week there are only three sessions, so make sure you have allocated your time for your three sessions. We've talked about this, but it is important. Try and find regular days. If you want to do more than three sessions, that's fine, but it isn't necessary. Remember, key to getting fit is also the rest between Jews. Least three days that you can commit to and make sure there's a gap between those days. So day one, you're gonna go out for a 10 minute walk. It's nothing to it. That might be your first walker. Maybe even walk for a while. Just take it easy. Get into it if you find a nice spot to do it, it doesn't have to be hilly. Do your first day. One is a 10 minute walk. Station number two, We move it up a little bit, you're gonna do a 15 minute walk, and then finally, position number three, a 20 minute walk on. None of this should be hopefully to trying. Obviously. Depends on your current level of fitness. But again, walk. Can you feel remember? You need to try and keep it quite swift. But again, walk. How you feel. So three walks for the week. 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 20 minutes. We look forward to hearing how your week, guys. Week number. What? 19. Rundamental - Hydrate before run: So next run. The mental is hard. Drake. Before you run, often, you get Dre too enthusiastic. You with what time you got a watch your time. You don't let right before you've even had your first step of water for the morning, and every single time you feel it. You just at the inside your throat feels parched because you didn't hydrate before you run . So when you running your shorter runs, which is three miles or five kilometers of shorter, we don't take water out on those runs because it's 30 minutes is more is enough time to complete a run without having to hydrate. But it's important before you hit out for that three mile or five kilometre run to have a glass of or half a glass of water just to heart rate, because that will make a big difference on the enjoyment of your run on Dad, you got on the longer runs. You'll be taking fluids with you to have great ever discussed earlier every three kilometers to make sure you're hydrating. But we'll cover some or that offer, so the important thing run the mental is hard rate. Have that glass of water before you hit out for your run 20. Rundamental - Visible Clothing: Runda Minto Visible cardi Don't go on where black clergy and run in the dark. Don't wear camouflage clothing and run in all in green stuff around. Just makes obvious The bottom line you're running and often you're running is around cars around traffic where stuff that's visible. Maybe if you got a hat or you've got something that reflective or shoes about reflectors on be visible. Wear bright clothing way possible. So be aware that people may not see. We want you to stay healthy. We want you to get to the goal. The 21 the marathon and beyond. So so someone it seems. Obviously, people often don't. They were the darkest clothing, and it's just not safe. So when you're running, when you put in the gear on, just take a moment to think about it. Am I going to be visible? Am I going to stay safe? 21. Running Gear - Running Top: right, continuing with reading here, I'm going to be checking about running top. This is very your running gear is important in order to have a comfortable right. It's very important that you get the rack. Yes, so that there's no chafing this no injuries. It's our goal is to make sure you're injury free and you having a red notice as comfortable as possible. So when you're looking at a running top for, obviously, you dress according to the weather. If it if you like asking, you live in a very warm planet. It's very important to get a good breathe a bull running top so that you are feeling comfortable in your run and you're not over overheating. If you're living in a cold climate, they know it's important to also get a comfortable running. Top it with a layer over a breathe herbal layer so that you can run but not overheat. So if you live in a souther planet like we do or very warm time it it's important to get a running top. We find that running. I find a running vest which, as you can see, is very loose fitting. It's breed herbal. It's good to find them under the technical section in running cause technical gear often is readable, so much more comfortable. Put the top on feel that there is no chafing or not uncomfortable hymns or things that might irritate you while you're running. And for women, it's important to get the correct running bra to ensure that you have the right support. You will know, perhaps go to a place where there could fit you to something that feels comfortable for you . And, uh, yes, and then just you can wear a mask, loose fitting, running top other. And this we feel with great in a summer or warm planet. If I was going to run and it was cold outside, I would ever extra layout. We're a long sleep top, which is readable and remove it if I start feeling warmer. 22. Running Gear - Shorts/tights: right, and you've got your running top sorted out often. If you are running for a running club, they may even have running gear, which you need to run in if you're running in a running club and they will have a selection for you to choose from. The important thing is, as I said, with the top, that is not too tight. So there's not changing and you're running shorts. These are also normally typical, so you'll find them under the running section. I can't tell you how many stories I have off men and some women who feel running shorts don't look cool. So they want to rather running the baggies and things which they might make them look a little bit more, uh, fashionable on the road, only two nd around with severe chafing because those shorts were not designed for running so mass. Suggestion to use. Don't consider fashion If you're going out to run and train for your 21 k or your, uh, marathon look for comfort and foot. Don't look for running shorts that are too tight, because that might go Che Think sometimes a bit looser is better. Many running short ever in a inside section underwear section two. That's its according to your preference. Obviously, it's always designed to limit as much training as possible and then forced men and women. There's also compression pants that you can wear underneath your running shorts. There again if they feel comfortable. If you feel like right said with the shoes, the most important thing with your running gear is that you don't even feel that you're wearing it shoes. You shouldn't even be aware of them. Your clothing as you running you don't feel anything. It's all this lack. There's no scratching. There's no rubbing you feeling lighter and you're feeling comfortable. And that's what's important. So we suggest when you subject or purchase running, get go to a proper uh to the running section, Ghosh's sports store that sells running here. It's a fantastic at Venice Mint. You're weird. They lost for a long time, and we really thoroughly recommend that you get the correct running here. If you're about to embark on this training 23. Week 2 - A little more walking: Welcome to Week number two. A little more walking. So last week, in a bit of walking again Week number two in our first phase, which is all about walking on, it's just a little bit more walking this week. Once again, we've got three sessions. Make sure you found comfortable places to walk. You are starting to feel what your shoes are like. And all those gear isis we've talked about before. It's moving. Two week number two. First he tapping the distance a little bit all the time that you're spending on your legs. Remember, it's all about timing your legs all the way in the distance. Session number one, a 20 minute walk. So you gonna go out there, find a lovely 20 minute route. Whether it's around the track around the park around the neighborhood, find a nice 20 minute route. Position number one, then you accession Number two. We're gonna basically keep it the same. We're going to keep you in the same sort of zone. You're going to do another 20 minute walk gained. Remember, have a gap between your days that your party relax a bit, building strength, build its fitness and session number two will be another 20 minute walk. And then finally, we start to move up to the 30 minute area with station number three being a 30 minute walks off for half. Now, you're gonna be out there walking and exercising that your goal for this week. So go up there. Enjoy it, remember? Keep the pace up, but always make sure you're feeling comfortable. Those your three walks free stations for this week. 24. Rundamental - Carry phone/ID: running mental safety about caring things on you when you're running and often if you're running alone. And we do recommend this for the fine events is one of the safety part of it. But just finally to run with others, if you possibly can. But whatever the situation always carry with you a mobile phone so that you can call it could be lots of reasons. You can't twist your ankle. You can't just be taught and you had not. What if the stories you gonna be school someone and also carry some form of I D on you? So if for some reason something does happen, people do know who you are and what's going on, so do carry a mobile phone and you a lot of little patches. You can get this tight fitting. It'll fit quite comfortably in some form of ideas We'll talk about later was not to have a bit of money with you because it remains in the other places you can stop it. A shopping gravel snack makes around fact 25. Week 3 - Getting into the rhythm: week Number three Getting into the rhythm. You spent two weeks walking. Hopefully, you starting to get a feel and feeling a little bit more comfortable about the walking so weak. Number three R three sessions. Let's see what we have in store for you this week. Citian number one Starting off with a not too bad for you now a 20 minute walk so first day at for a 20 minute war should be used to that by now you have a break, then you are a hit session number two. A day or so later, a 30 minute walk. You've done that before, so it's not a big deal. You have done a 30 minute walk, but here we haven't station number three, another 30 minute walk. So you're going to be doing to 30 minute walks in the week. You are starting to build that core fitness, which is to do with your cardio slowly but surely in this first phase, what you're doing is you are starting to build your cardio, strengthen your heart and Lang's so you're panting a bit. That's fine. That's natural. But keep pushing a little bit wider walking. Keep it a walk, though. We're about running it. But you got to 2 30 minute stations for this week. So get out there on Joyce and have fun. 26. Running Gear - Running Glasses: next up the gear list is glasses. Now, this is not about a fashion statement. These like everything like the shoes like the shores like this year, like the hat is about functionality. So with glasses, the reason you wear them over the office reason is obviously for the sun. But we actually, regardless of our run, always put on a hat and glasses because lasted more than just about the sun. They When there's wind, it stops orbit of dust going, guys, when this rain and stop that rain stinging, your eyes were also mentioned. That could do that as well. So regardless, you never looks like it's over. Cost even looks like straining. We've got a hat and we've got a pair of glasses on. Now the thing with the glasses they need to be some form of reading glasses, but if they know what will happen is they'll stop slide on your nose as you get little bit of hot and sweaty, and there is very irritating running and happen to every one or two minutes pushed them up your nose so you need to get glasses. Typically, that will grip you in some way or at least have the little middle section. There are rubber, so it doesn't slide down your nose, so poured into choose glasses or set the nice and light and running glasses also tend to be more breathable because if they don't have a way for the air to flow through them through various holes, you're gonna find that they start to mist up quickly. So a good idea to try and find glasses that are running glasses They're not necessary. Very expensive, but find appear that is light if it's come to be on your face but securely also, when you're not running with them and you don't want them, you want to stick them on top of your head and you want them to stay there. You don't want them as your running because it's not tired enough. They start falling down, so go and find a pair of glasses. That is comfy, and we found when every guy for run always have a hat, always have our glasses always have a good run 27. Week 4 - End of walk: Can you believe it? It's Citian up before it is the end off the war plus part. Remember, our program consists of three parts of 12 weeks. The 1st 4 weeks, the first month is all about walking. And this is your final week, your final week of walking. So if you've been keeping up till now, Fantastic, you've got three sessions to finish the first part off the walking and what we're going to be doing this week. Three sessions or off, 30 minutes. So it's not that difficult. Last week you did two stations off 30 minutes. This week it's three. So you're gonna do all three sessions and a nice strong power walk pace 30 minutes each. Remember, if you're feeling tired, hold back a little bit. But find that special space that running easy space where you are pushing it. But before you too exhausted, you hold back a little bit. So it's three sessions off 30 minutes. Find some fund roots. Find things that are exciting. You are reaching a great milestone. You're about to move to the seeking part off outfit this program where you're gonna begin running. So enjoy this week. Three stations off 30 minutes 28. Running Gear - Hat/Headband: I want to talk about two other important parts of running on Probably one of the most important ones is a hat. Haps are not just any old hat again. Hats are actually quite a technical, and it depends how you buy them. But if you often you can, either by technical hand or you can get it, some of the races give them to you. That's why it's important. Get the right head is happy to be breathe herbal so proper technical had breathing more material because you lose most of your heat through your head. But why you putting the hats on you? Put it on the head for a number of reasons. Number one. It stops, son. So it stopped a lot of the glare. Number two can stopped wind and number three. It can also help you if there's rain, so rain coming to your eyes. Putting a hat on can sometimes make that like more easier to bear. But this key together half that is comfortable, one that fits nicely on your head. Uh, normal. You want to get one that is adjustable and has got an adjustable section at the back, so try and find a hat that fits those again that we've seen over and over again. It's all about comfort. The second element that you might want to make you solve is some form all Ben Donna. These sort of things serve a whole lot of uses for me. I found they really useful in keeping the sweat out of my eyes. So very handy keeps a sweater mas, but it has a lot of other benefits as well. If it's cold, I can Puppet of my years, the start of the race, and that works well and again, it's very easy to take off. If I don't want a day, I can remove it. I can put it on my arm, and it also becomes a useful thing just to wipe your face. So it's a very light thing. Very nice to carry. It doesn't serve, doesn't get in your way at any stage. Not everyone wears them. I just find a I sort of buffed up. Spend anything like this is very handy for a number of reason, from sweet to cold except Risa. What you put in your head can make a difference. Choose the right gig in make sure it's comfortable 29. Week 5 - Walk before you tired: we buy were in part to off your couch to five kilometers fitness, and we have moved from just walking to the second part. The second set of four weeks is where we walk. We ran, but we start walking again before we tired. So this is what we call the walk and run before you tie it. It's a little bit of combat would be time. Take the walking in the fitness that you've built up in the 1st 4 weeks and start to review into the running zone. So what are we going to do? Well, to start with, we're gonna start with a 20 minute session. Don't worry about how far you going. It is a 20 minute station and what we want you to do in that 20 minute session, start by walking, get out there and just stop for a capital minutes. Even those 234 or five minutes start walking little body warm up started quite a fast pace . Because what we'll do is we'll get your body to switch over into the zone where it's preparing for you to run and then start to run, break into a slow right. We want to see you going out there like you saying Bolt is just a slow, comfortable run and run a little bit run. How do you feel if it's one minute, two minutes? Five minutes? That's fine. Decide. And if you feed it, I'm getting a read, Really tied Stop and Karen walking. And as you catch your breath again and you feel OK, start to run again. So this is totally how do you feel? All we wanted to do is 20 minutes off walking and running that your first session, you're gonna do exactly the same thing and your second station except your second station. We want you to just take a bit of a break, so we want you to do hardly any running in your state concession. Go out the back for 30 minutes due mainly walking, and if you're really feeling good, you can do a beautiful runs, and then finally, you come to your third session in your theoretician. We back down to a 20 minute session again, but once more, we want you to put in as many runs as you can. So start with an asterisk. Walk in your third session of 20 minutes. When you're feeling OK, your body is adjusted to the fact that, you know, in the cardio zone I started to run. But before you get tired, step back and start to walk again. So those positions for the week, a 20 minute walk, run, a 30 minute power walk and then a 20 minute walk around enjoy the week on the second part of the program. 30. Rundamental - Always two cars: traffic is part of running, and it's often something that as a runner you have to be aware of, and you always have to be safe. Our goal is as crazy as we want to get you to the end of this. We want to keep you safe. If there is a sidewalk, you run on the sidewalk, don't run in the road. If there's a broadside whip, we often see runners. When there's a broadside with beside that, they're running in the road. That's just crazy, because although a lot of cause do via to the side when they see a runner, you often have the idiot who's on his cell phone not paying attention. He didn't He turned the corner and there's the runner he didn't anticipate. So it's. That's why it's important for you to be the hours on the road. Don't think that car's going to see you. If you see a car coming, you can just move on to the grass while he passes you. If you don't feel that cars paying attention be safe on the road. Often we you want across the intersection and you think well, these cars go is not so don't just think cost passed. I could quickly go look out for that second car because I can tell you he's there. And that's the time when an accident can happen when you think that car's gonna can quickly across the road, the second caused right behind him. So be safe on the road. Run on the sidewalks. Well, it we want to keep you safe. 31. Week 6 - Walk to run: Welcome to Week six. We're into the run walk zone last week Istan it experience when I was lying to walk and then start running before you got tired. You begin to walk again. We're gonna do the same thing. But the only difference is this week is all three sessions are not gonna be the running the walk. Where is last week? We did put in a power walk is one of the stations. Three sessions, but nothing that you haven't done before. So we're gonna start with a 20 minute session. You finished with one of those? It's nothing you can't do. Remember artworks 20 minutes on the clock and between humans. Start with a walk. Now it's forced. Walk until your breathing your cardio starts to settle and then going to run. If you starting to feel a little bit tires you running after five minutes or six minutes or even two minutes, start walking again until you feel comfortable. And then run that decision Number one and it's 20 minutes. We didn't go to session number two and we're gonna do it again. 20 minutes, executive. Same as you did. Station number one. You can do it break between the two days, 20 minutes walk, run and then walk before you tired. And then finally, it's pushing a little bit of station number three. This is our long decision. We're gonna go for 30 minutes, 30 minutes off, walk, run on, then walk before your time. Get out there and have a fantastic week. 32. Week 7 - Passed Halfway: week seven. Do you know what we're counting? You have just passed off way. I told you, Program, you've done half of it. You're now in the second half. Well done. You're halfway to building an incredibly important and life changing. And I mean that life changing core fitness that call five kilometer three mile fitness. So what's in store for this week? Well, once again, we've got out three sessions, and hopefully you're used to it now. So station number one, nothing you haven't done before. 20 minutes, 20 minutes off. Walk, run. And then walk before you Tired. But what we're gonna do for the other two sessions as we're gonna make them both 30 minutes sessions. So again, we slowly building and up. Not much more than about what we call the 10% rule north. Nothing too dramatic. Your second station, 30 minutes. Go out there to a nice power walk. You're feeling good. Start running. See if you can run a little bit more. Push yourself a little bit. But again before you two died, you know, in your body. Now come back to a fast walk on, then run again. That's a second station 30 minutes, and finally, your transition is also going to be 30 minutes. So this is a major part. You have now moved to the second half, and you're getting really close to getting to that goal of being able to run your first find kilometer or three mile with a smile on your face. 33. Week 8 - 3x30: Week eight. This is the final week off the second part of your couch to five K program Week eight. I call it the three thirties. Why, it's obvious you're going to be doing 30 minutes, 30 minutes and 30 minutes off Walk, run before you tire top exercise 3 30 minute sessions. That is amazing. There are a lot of health programs that we belong to, and we know of that. Their goal is to get you to do cardio fitness or 30 minutes. If you read the research, they consider that to be the ultimate. If you can exercise at a good heart rate for 30 minutes, you have achieved what must professionals will say an excellent lifestyle. So you are going to do that this week. So session number 1 30 minutes. You know how it works. Go out there. Stop it. A brisk walk. The breeding will start going as you start to get used to it. Get into your runs own and run for however long you can if there's a hill walk before the hill. If you started to feel too tired, walk before you tired and keep that up for 30 minutes again do that in your second session and in your third session. And if you can push the running just a little bit, order, do it. But you are going to reach this incredible milestone off 3 30 minute run. Walk so God and do it because you just reached the end off the second part of your couch to five K program. 34. 2 Running Wild: way. 35. Week 9 - Running Easy: couch 25 k And you have just reached the third part off the 12 read program. Part one was all about walking Part two was about walking and running. Part three. We are moving into the Nixon with You're actually gonna try and develop the limp and what you're able to run. Remember, Gold is to get you to five k fitness, which has seen. She means you can run five kilometers. But even there you're still gonna be walking in part of those five kilometers of the need arises. So this is what we call the running easy part off the program. We start to develop your running more and more. So what have we got? We have got three sessions, just like we've had for part one on part two. The first station. It's just 20 minutes. This is what we want you to do. Position number one. You will go out for a 10 minute walk. 10 minutes. Don't write, she s walk. But remember, at a nice pace and they will we want you to do is try and run for a 10 minute block of time . Just run easy. That's the key. You're gonna run for 10 minutes, but easy. What is the principal? Wasn't mean. If you happen to hit a hill, you may still walk. You walk before your two time you walk. Before that, he'll drains or your energy. But the gold is that you can. And the environment suits it on its flat on its not too hot. We would like you to try and run for 10 minutes. But again, with the provides, er that it's a running easy approach, even within that 10 minutes. So you're thinking about yourself, your breathing and how you feel that session one session number two. Very similar. The only difference is gonna walk for 15 minutes. Get your blood pumping the call you up, and then you're gonna do it again. 10 minutes off running. 10 minutes off. Running easy. Well done. I heard you on Finally the lost station. 50 minutes walking and 15 minutes of running. It is unbelievable because you're halfway towards that goal now or being able to run for 30 minutes. So the final session make sure you've got a gap between the station number two and three, so you can recover your body sometimes feel a little bit sore because you're not used to it that we refer to his infrastructure pains, etcetera. That's normal. But give yourself a gap. Even if it's two days, go out there, walk slowly, walk a little bit faster 15 minutes on, then see if you can achieve 15 minutes off running. This is a big week. You're in the final part. Go out there and enjoy it. 36. Running Form - Stride: the right posture That's we want to talk about. We spell it r e i g h t. It's the running easy right posture and the three aspects to him. The first espy gonna deal with is your stride because this is the most common mistake that you see when you look at a jogger and potentially the right sir hard runner and the runner that you want to be running easy running now the 1st 1 you get is the stomper. The stump is coming down so hard on the ground there hitting that ground here. You can hear them running, running. They are hammering the ground. It is a very ineffective We're running because so much energy is being lost into the floor . So that is not effective way run in Northern is not effective. It starts to damage your body that can damage your body because of all the pounding that you're giving it. So they're important. Do not strike the ground hard. Secondly, you don't wanna be a bouncer now. Often kids are like this were often around the kids and they look so I'm so they look like rabbits. But again, they running was sort of on the balls off their feet. But that bouncy stride is very similar to the stomper. A lot of energy is hammering strange of the ground and is not being used to project them forward. So two things are happening. You're wasting it into the ground. You also are creating extra impact on your body. Stomp bouncer. What you want to be is a glide glider is beautiful. You watch Nicky running? Yeah, you'll see it. Glider is someone who has Let's the foot to strike in such a way that basically the hell and ball of the foot almost sitting at the same time. And the foot never really comes high off the ground. As a result, the energy is not lost into the ground, but is projecting you forward and the glider. It's almost like someone. Have you ever seen someone in cross country skiing? If you get that sort of idea that motion gliding, they like a skater. And so you're moving forward in this very easy flowing gliding for the most efficient way of running you will develop. It is one of the surest wasted. If someone is really around or just a casual jogger we got there and I could see people on the on the promenade or something out there running. I can see if they just the job because hammering the floor, you see the guys are that person there, a runner on that you can just see. It's efficient. So you want to try and develop that star. Avoid lifting your feet too high. Try and keep them lower to the ground. Keep it almost. It's a shuffle motion, and that is the right stride for rising Easy Runner and will be effective, and you'll get your body to have millions of miles of mileage on it. 37. Running Form - Posture: right. The second part of running form is posture. The past. Your posture is important because if you run the incorrect posture, you end up with other stuff. Four. Sold back or shoulders, and you don't have an efficient running start. So you actually using up more energy. There's a very good book, which which illustrates this running for quite well and what has been quite popular. It's called She running. I don't know if you've heard about it, but if you haven't with looking at up, they describe the posture off, off Ultimate Runner, and the way they describe it, it's almost like if you can imagine the pendulum and how the pendulum moves. That's the sort of motion that you think that you must visualize that sort of running form you should be having. It's almost like as you move your body. It's like your legs are like their legs of a pendulum, moving consistently at the same speed but no apart just gliding through it as a pendulum would be colliding, as when you push a pendulum. The other important thing is not your hunch, your shoulders, but to leap forward. It's almost like when you're leaning forward and you're about to fall over. That's the sort of posture you have on your anti not running, leaning back, you know, crunching your shoulders. You actually leaning your body forward to the point way it gravity wants to pull you forward, and it's that gravity. Then that's giving you the energy to run. So Craig was discussing earlier. You're not wasting energy to the ground. You using all your energy to propel you forward. And that's a such an efficient way of running, so you don't get tired. You can run longer runs because you run. Your body's actually running efficiently. So remember you're going to be leaning forward. Your shoulders are kept straight, but you're leaning forward to the point. Let your body wants to move forward and your legs are colliding. They're not lifting up hard. They're not kicking back fast, that gliding along like a cross country skier or like a pendulum moving along. And it might sound complicated, but just get out on the road and try it. You feel the motion off when you've got that right movement that your body wants to move forward, using gravity to pull you forward and using your energy efficiently. The other important point I want to mention about your posture is that you're actually running from your core. Your call is the strongest part of your body. That's where most of your strength it's. So if I'm using my legs to run, that's not the strongest part of my body. My strongest part of my body is actually my court. So if you can think of a pendulum again, it's the connecting point. Your legs are the legs of opinion. In its way, the legs connect to your core, where your energy the strength comes from. And if you keep the right posture and you run, Glad along. You're actually making sure you conscious of the fact that most of your energy to do this run is being projected from your core. So be aware of your call, and when you're running, make sure you are using your core to project you're for it. 38. Running Form - Foot strike: We're looking at a running form and the right posture, and the third element is your foot strike. You get street types, you get people that right on the on the toes, almost on the ball of their feet, that these are the bounces that you referred to. Easy it on three bounces. Which of the kids, and as a result, they are getting losing a lot of energy, but that what's going to strain their cars so striking with the balls of your feet is not an effective way of running. The second white is, and it's quite common, is landing with your heel and then eventually coming down to the front. But if you think about the concept off heels and dig in your heels and what does it mean, it means you are resisting. And so actually resisting the running, Nikki talked about it earlier about having the right posture, so it's a natural flow. You don't want to hit with your heels what you want, and this is where the glider Mick metaphor comes in. This is where the running, easy type person comes in, where you hitting almost of the boar with your heel and the ball of your foot at the same time. Now, obviously, it's not totally flat down. There is a slap role, but those two are striking the ground very in a very similar time, and that's only possible. If you're not coming from a high point that you're stopping onto the ground. You've got this free flowing gliding style. And so it's hell and board of the foot almost at the same time. Nice floors, Nikki mentioned leaning board gliding into the day. It's about relaxing into the run Soon as you become tense as soon as you become a running hard person, you straight up, you hunched down, you look down and you were hammering the ground. It may be a place for it on the running easy program. Let's look up, enjoy what you're seeing and let it fly. Let it flow, run from the call and you're gonna find that the running easy form is the most efficient way of running to bring you to fitness, no injury and have an enjoyable time 39. Week 10 - 20 min run: week Number 10 things are already happening. We're in the third part off the program. This is the running easy part of the program. We were trying to build up the distance that you're able to run. So hopefully you manage last week because now, in week number 10 we got three sessions fissionable one. You've done it before. 15 minutes of walking, just walking. Don't be tempted at this. Dogs chasing you or some other reason. 50 minutes off. Nice strong power walking and then 50 minutes off running. Remember running easy so you find in our spot. If you on a track or neighborhood, resented the flat and it's not too hard not to call this not snowing whatever. And you could rent for the demons. That's fantastic. But if there's any reason you can't especially on hills and we talk about how to approach a hill, run a little bit up the hill and before you to tide, you can walk. And so you, of course, can have short walks. But remember the walks always fast built into that 15 minutes. That station number one. Session number two Exactly the same 15 minutes of walking 15 minutes of running what we do it. We're trying to build up your endurance, cardio and your infrastructure fitness. We trying to make a hot line stronger and your body get used to it without another doing it . Then session number three, we push it up a little bit. 30 minutes of total exercise with 10 minutes being a walk. 20 minutes being running. Who would have thought that you could run for 20 minutes and you can You're going to go out there and run for 20 minutes. So go out there and show us that you could do it. Those your three sessions for the week. We are closing in on that amazing goal. 40. Rundamental - Cat's Eyes!: right. The next round of mental chatter about is kept SARS, or but there could be called in your country are road studs or road reflectors. This little puppy is what we call a pizza road stud, often seen on the scene of road and run is a track them like magnets, vaka. Awful costs, but not me for runners. I cannot even explain how many runs we've been on way. We've seen a runner gliding along Next minute. He's foot hits that road. Stuttle cats are, and he's face plant on to the top, and that is race over for that runner and often quite critical injuries. We've even seen a runner having to be collected on ambulance due to because they were running on a Daniel. They weren't watching the put it a cats are, and at that speed they hurt themselves severely and ambulance had to be caught. So these things are serious, and what's the problem with them is when you're running along a road, there's a scene to line, and your body seems to gravitate towards that light. It's just something so they some psychology in it, and you're going for that center line and they is. The cats are you? Don't lift your foot up your foot, Knox. It just ever so slightly. And you are on the ground. I've fallen, and I've had my groups heard for months due to just falling. Other cats are so please be aware of them. They're called road starts off road reflectors stay clear away from them because they can be very dangerous. 41. Rundamental - Stretching: run the mental stretching. Stretching is a big thing you often hear this talked about. If you have a goto race, you'll see the Gosden do anything trying to push down walls and trees and whatever. So what's the deal with stretching? Well, these three times you constrict before, during or after I run. No, If you look at the research, not we've got some of the articles. The recent actually seems to point to the fact that there is no medical evidence that stretching actually decreases injuries. So that's what the researchers suggested. No medical evidence off any major benefits of stretching. In fact, stretching before is often not a good thing, because often you cold and you can actually damage the muscle stretching people in effect with the running easy approach you do not need to stretch. Stretching is when the muscles are called and you're going to suddenly put them under huge pressure because you got a sprint. Do not sprinting. Your stretching is gonna take place naturally. As you start that run its slow warm up. There is no need for you to stretch before if you're gonna go run hard. Maybe that different if you're gonna just sprint that different in running easy stretching before is not required stretching during now that's not normally required. It's only normally happens if you will suffer from cramps andan. Often they might try and find a busy of it in a race, etcetera. And even that is not always a good idea, because you can other problems. But if that happens to you and you feel that a fizzy is gonna help you stretch out something or a kink or something, it is possible again. It's not really needed. Stretching afterwards is possibly the only time where there is some value. As the muscles start to constrict, you trying to stretch them out a little bit to increase your your sort of sample nurse and you'll the stretching the muscles. So there is some value in that it is not again scientifically proven. This is really effective, but sometimes it's just feels good just to stretch a little bit. Get the body because it tends to tense up a little bit in the right, so bottom line stretching is not absolutely essential. If you want to do it at the start, be very careful. You need to do it during the race because of an injury. It is possible you may find that it helps you at the end. So that is stretching. There are lots of talk about stretching again. Find out what works for you. But the end of the day running easy is about to slowly listening to your body and letting it get better, slowly and surely. 42. Week 11 - Nearing the goal: week 11 View our at the penultimate week. If you did what we said at the start of the program and you picked a goal you picked apart ground or something like that is gonna do a five kilometre of five kilometer race that's happening next week. You are one week away from achieving that you are able to do it final your penultimate week prior to that. So what have we got in store in this last week in our free stations Verse station, 10 minutes walking, 20 minutes off running. You've done it before. You can do it again. So, you know, had walks 10 minute. It works with a 10 minute fast rate walk and then you switch over to a 20 minute running easy approach. Then we moved to decision number two and we're going to do the same thing again. 10 minutes of walking, 20 minutes of running, and then Session three, we are so close. We are so close and you probably get run 30 minutes. But the whole philosophy is about building you up little by little. And this is applies to this program to 1/2 marathon program to our ultra program to all of the programs. Never overdo it, even if you think you can do a lot more. Don't give your body time to a depth. And so a session number three, five minutes of walking, which is enough time to kick start your body even to today. When we go out for a run, whether it is five kilometers, 20 kilometers or 30 kilometers, we always spend the first couple of minutes walking. It's fantastic. You're gonna spend the 1st 5 minutes a little walk, get your body ready. 25 minutes of running easy. Remember the key, even though you're going to try and run for a block of 25 minutes again. If there's any circumstances, any hills, any reasons where you off feeling a little tired or just to tide? Remember, pull back a little bit. There is an element where you will always have to push yourself at some level, but you buy the stage of getting to know your body. So the goal for this week for the long part for the long run is to get a 5 25 run to convert together. So you're so close to go out and do it, you're nearly there 43. Week 12 - WOW: Week 12 and I've only got 13 that way for you. Wow, You are at the goal. This is the goal week. If you have picked a race that you wanted to injure, a five Kelowna. It's happening this week. But even if you didn't pick one, this is the week you're gonna achieve that goal. Can you believe it? It was 12 weeks ago when you said it, and now you are in week 12 and you about to do it. But let's do it carefully. And the planning and this applies to everything it applies to whether you're doing a five kilometre, half marathon, full marathon, even ultra always go carefully. Always grant easy. Follow what we sang and you won't be injured, and you'll enjoy it. So what are the three sessions? Station number one. That's where we left off last week. Five minutes walking 25 minutes of running. So maybe you had a hope You had a little bit of a gap since your last longer station decision. Three from the previous week. Position one here. Five minutes of walking, 25 minutes of running, then session number two and push it just a little bit more. Five minutes of walking, 30 minutes off running. Now, if you do the calculation at that point, you're very close to getting to your five kilometer mark. But just to make sure, we're gonna have one last station and this final session could be the race. If you booked erase, this would be it. If you haven't booked a race, this is the day you are going achieve it. So station number three, you're gonna go for a 35 minute run. Now that may be that you need to do a five minute walk to start, and we suggest that you might want to go out universe just two or three minutes. Walk just to get your body used to it because that's how we still do it to today. Just get used to it warm of your body. But the goal is to run for 35 minutes. If you can run for 35 minutes, you essentially have run very close to five kilometers. If you were running slightly faster, you may even dunmore. If you rank slightly slower, you may have done a little less, but very easy. You can run five kilometers And so if you want to go out and measure a five kilometre route for the first time or going booking a race and guarantee you, you're going to be able to complete it. But just remember, it's all about running easy. We want you to finish this A smile on your face. Remember the principles, everything we've taught you and you're gonna enjoy it. So this is the big week. What are you writing for sitting here? Watching the video is not gonna make it happen. Get out there and achieve your goal. Is era catch to five kilometers? Well done. 44. 5km to 21km Training program - Introduction: couch to 21 common. A couch to half marathon. Remember the two parts to it. The first is taking you from couch and fit. Never even moved a muscle in your life to five kilometers, three miles. Core fitness at the first part and that's a 12 week program. So the second part, this is the part where we are assuming you are now five kilometers fit. That essentially means you can run five kilometers. Most you run five kilometers. So how does this part? Where will this part is gonna take you from five kilometers three miles up to your first half marathon. 21 kilometers. But it's amazing. We need so many people out there and we tell them. Would you like to run 1/2 marathon? Would you like to run a marathon? Well, what do you like to run an ultramarathon like like this crazy comrades marathon 90 kilometers, 56 miles. And most people is that nowhere. And part of the reason that, besides how scary it sounds running in your business, is I just don't have the time. The training time agendas, you go online and search for 1/2 marathon training partner invariably with a a half marathon program, whether it's a full marathon program, these things to signed by the world's leading athletes. These all these superheroes are running the Olympics, and what do they do? They give you a program that is designed around the principle of being fast and hard. And most of these programs will have you running on a Monday, Frustrating on a Tuesday, running on the winds, they cross training on a Thursday cross training on Thursday afternoon, waking up early on and on and on it goes. It's like seven days a week. Not only is it not possible for ordinary people like you and I, it actually is not good for your body. Look at the science. It's all about less is more our program. Catch 21. The 1st 1 was all three days a week. We're moving up slightly to four days a week, so the five kilometer 21 come on. The program is four sessions a week. Very important that you do the four stations down there, maybe weeks where you can't do one of decision. That is okay. All you need to make sure is that you always do the long run session. So if you have to miss one or even two sessions or baby in some weak active missile three, you were flying you on, whatever it was, try to make the long run session, even if you're gonna move it around, so there's four sessions a week. Very importantly, make sure there is a gap between the stations. That's how it works. Four sessions a week have a gap between always a gap before and after your long transition . So here we go 12 weeks to get you to write your first half marathon. 45. It's in the mind: it's in the mind. What you want about well, running is actually the mind. That is, depending on who you owe us. Some people will say it's 10% physical and 90% mental. Probably most people says totally mental. But bottom line, whether it's 90 10 80 2050 50 there is no doubt the mind plays a huge role in running that we've seen this, especially when you get to bigger distances. Well, we've seen it on the comrades marathon. You get to that 60 kilometer mark and the people that go from that 62 that 90 kilometer mark. Everyone is physically at the end off what they can achieve. That last part is old in the mind, and that applies to whatever distance you doing, especially your long runs and especially the training. You're gonna get to a certain stage in the training you might get just passed off way and you go, Oh, man, how long is this going to go? Well, first, you probably maybe not doing it right, because you're trying too hard. But even if you are, it's I cannot do it. So there is a massive part of the mind that is involved. And so we encourage you to use your mind. You must tell your friends I am in the marathon. You go. I'm American. I am a marathon runner. I am doing a marathon. This is the date chosen. I tell your friends, because the more you talk about it, the more you believe when you believe that changes behavior, those two bees are very important believing. Behave, the more you believe it, more your behavior, the more you behave it before you believe it. And to see yourself imagine yourself finishing that run, getting that meal, Imagine yourself in. Yes, I am a marathon runner. Believe it. Talk about it. And the more you do that, the more it's going to become a reality you could even imagine with sovereign of entering that stadium as you hear the music and the cheering as you get close to it than that being that's the last few 100 years on gonna do another present. Yes, done it. Take those emotions and make them yours. Them, because those are going to become extremely important for you when you are, and you will be at this stage in your training on a long run when you like so far a guy and you hit ripples down and shoulders are debt is where it is so important to put through. And one of the was wonderful things we've got from running has been a benefit outside of running. It's taught us that we can push through things we can push through, learning new things and courses we can push through trying to finish projects. We can push through difficult times, and you learn that in running but alive it comes to believing, so it's in the mind, apply your mind, get the right mindset, and you will find that running becomes an unbelievably exciting and wonderful experience. 46. Running Easy Zone (Aerobic and Anaerobic): but I won't talk about the running easy zone. Now. We've mentioned this in other aspects of simple bothers. You want to know if you're in the running Easy zone name, Engine it. Can you talk? You say important things when you're running, you should be able to have a conversation. I hope you enjoyed your running. This is the sort of wolf running pay. If you can have a comfortable conversation and run, then you running at the Rockets. That's the running easy philosophy you want toe finish your round even with a smile. Enjoy a run while you doing it. So it's all about trying to run at a pace that it's easy to keep chatting as you got. That's right. You have a good right. Okay, now, to start with, there might not be that easy, because obviously trying to build up your cardio fitness. But that basically is what the running Easy Zonis Zone, where you already and it feels comfortable now, just a word of warning we've been just before. We're gonna keep saying it again. The first kilometer or two off you're running, you may not feel like it, even for us who are fit. We'll go out there when I start running, because what's happening is changes happening in your body as soon as you right, I've got some news for you. It doesn't matter, have it? Your the first kilometer, the first of 567 minutes. You're right. You're always going to be pending, and it's all to do with not running fast. Do anything. It's all to do with the changing energy. Sources in your body tends to make you paint, but don't worry a little bit later. Switched when your fitness Baltar state first kilometer and thereafter. You're fine and you're breathing returns to a nice, easy pace, and that's we want to talk about. There's a thing called vo two max, and there's more of the night, so I don't get into the all the detail of it. But basically it's that that maximum right. It's where there is a switch other because what your body does it is. There is a special fuel like petrol 80 p, and it's like this picture all that is required to keep everything going in your body. Now 80 p can be produced in two wives. The one way it's produced is using oxygen. The otherwise produced is using no oxygen. When is produced, the spirit is produced. Using oxygen is called aerobic when it's produced, not using oxygen. It's called anaerobic Okay, without oxygen, and the to a quite dramatic aerobic actually feels quite comfortable. Anaerobic without oxygen is when you start to build. Often. When you start running, your body's like, Whoa, what is going on? And it's not ready in the Indy aerobic zone, and it's using quick energy sources. After a short while, you will find your bones tell you writing here, See, that's what you do it and it will switch over to the aerobics are, and you will start to feel easier. Now, as you get further into the run, you find that you're reading is a lot better. It's a different fuel tanks in your body switching. And as you get into that long run and it's using your glycogen and all the right fuels from the carbohydrates, you'll find that you can run. There is another switch. It happens a lot later when you move even longer when your body's room. I don't have actually got enough glycogen and stuff in the blood I mean, actually start taking energy from the fact and that normally happens after an hour or out in the heart, and you almost feel another switch. Feels like you started out of a but not really, But your body is dancing. I can you to manage how you're getting energy. The bottom line is, is ISO and a lot of medical places use that they often use maximum heart rate, which can be calculated, and they'll say you have to run up to 70% level or whatever. The bottom line is a zone is too sly way your heart is not beat. We literally it's like you're sitting. That's what we're running. Easiest, just like you. Then there is the running hard, the guys at the top there, where they are just absolutely in the eurozone, the sweat is pouring the odds of darling. There's no conversation. The running easy zone is the middle area. It's the area that allows many good people going to tell you to run it. The health providers are going to say you just target simple part. It is about that 70%. 60 to 70 pieces zone off your maximum heart rate and if you can't know for sure. But the simple part is running easy zone is that space. You can be out exercising and still have a conversation and enjoy yourself. But know that you are just pushing yourself that little bit. Get that zone right and you're transformed your life in your body. 47. Join us on a run: right, So we're getting richer, hit out for I'll run And there's a simple ABC check that we do remember things not easy. So the first is a is for accessories. And so we have. Here is a histories like my gasoline and lost isn't anything that I might need in there that's important and things like Cheon having your your watch. What about Stick Project? This reason on your phone that's important. Accessories. Next is body. Is your body happy part of that? His hydration. We were just having a possible That's what you got in addition to your glass of water. Maybe if it is a long around. You had a little snack to help you on the way in the last of your clothing. Just checking that everything That's right. Waring closing. That's brightly colored. Obviously speech. Gonna run minutes later to really his importance. Chicken that Dr You are short or not retired their right to a short and you know what sucks all that comfy with and your shoes? And that message is going out with a hat. Regardless of the weather and my sunglasses, we were those regardless, because they help you and wind rain, sun, snow, blizzard, everything. So that's the ABC once you've done that already. Got for runs. What you waiting for? It's got the right, uh, about to get out for a run. Could be running pulled in. And Allah, we've actually proved some water with just with some hydration on the right. I'm enjoying it, but this is not right and you'll see it goes up there is great, right? All right. This is an example of working after Hill and using the pole to pole technique looks a little landmark telephone call and then fresh. One. ST Paul Run a cold How you get up. Stretch your muscles up the hill. Time to go important running on the side, facing the traffic on If there's a sidewalk, stick to it. Let me run as we see running on the road Place in the side to be but always run facing run stage. Just reached three kilometer mark takes like 2025 minutes, a great time to stop, walk and take a drink. So after a little bit of breaking a walk, it's time to run again, right? So one of the important things when you're running to be able to have a conversation. I hope you enjoyed your running running peg. If you can have a comfortable conversation and run, then you running, running easy philosophy. You want to finish your round even with a smile. Enjoy your run while you're doing it. So it's all about trying to run a place that is easy to keep chatting as you got to have a good run. 48. Rave Runs: rave runs. There is something unbelievably special about running, and people refer to those that Runner's high we sometimes refer to. It is just taking your head for a ran it with you in this experience that you're moving. But you don't even feel like you. You're running. It's just your head that's looking from side to side, soaking in the environment, and this is the real reward of running. This is what you just feel like you all out there, and it's something you can experience sitting in a car on a bicycle. Anything else? It's this unbelievably strange feeling that your body is moving, you hardly aware of the energy, and obviously it requires you to get little bit continue. But you will experience it absolutely and you in this beautiful spot. And so we go out of our way to find beautiful spot. That's what's so exciting about running. You can take those shoes anywhere in the world wherever you happened to be visiting on holiday or whatever and put them on and there's a potential off a rave run. We're gonna go out on a run in. We've done everything will be a rave run, reverential those runs it off just different and exciting. And this one is through forest with lots of mist. Cool, cool, breezy. With that is not figuration temperatures you want. You would think that we're going to God in this way that but sometimes they're the ones that to not to be the awesome rave runs got the glasses on because that keeps it missed out of the ah bulls, it's going to see how it is. So there's so many places whether you run on beaches, whether you run in first with your running mountains, through the countryside on trails, lonely roads, we've done them all, and we just love it and you're gonna love it. So reverends are the beautiful, most exciting part off running. Because when you got that fitness on non Runner will never understand what it feels like to go out and experience a run that is a reverent. So why don't you come and join us and exceed some of the Reverend's? We've been on and get an idea of how absolutely amazing this can take a look at this. This is what we call it a rave run. It's just beautiful. You could have so many different types of rape runs. This is the misty rain run through forests and incredible scenery, and it's amazing when we started out with you, it's cold. But when you get going, you warm up and it's just absolutely stunning. It's just us nature and quiet. 49. Week 1 - Let's Go: week one off your program. I've actually good news for you. You're going to run 21 kilometers this week. You believe it? Okay, you're not gonna run in one guy. You ran it across the week. You actually gotta run a total off 22 kilometers over what you're aiming for across the week. Remember, the way the program week works is each week, four stations, to be very sure to try and do many positions that you can, especially the long run session and during the program will talk to you more about the long run session. And how important is how to approach it and the issues. So each week, what we'll do is we'll tell you about what you can achieve, what you need to God and do. And we give you lots of advice because we want to do this with you. So one of the stations first up, five kilometers simple. You've done this before. There was where you've ended up. This is your previous program. Got you to five kilometer fitness. Second session, another five kilometers service station, another five kilometers. And then finally we have the long run each week that will be what we call the long run. It's pushing, you slap him or this is where you start to build up your infrastructure. That's why it's so important. Do this. The full station, seven kilometers So might seem a little bit more because you haven't hit those distances before. Remember, it's about running easy. If you're not feeling too good, do walk before you Too tired. But see how much of that you can run. So there you have it. 555 and seven. Get out and go do it. 50. Mythbuster - You get fit while running: right, what we'd also like to cover. And of course, it's certain Mythbusters. There are a lot of mythbusters and well missed in running and we call them. We'd like to break those myths that we're gonna go through a few mythbusters with you to give you the correct science behind. Why you doing this End behind the science of certain things. The first Met is get fit while you run. That is something which is a myth. We do not get that while we run. We actually get foot when we wrist. And that's why this course is very important that we put in rest days between each run because when you run, your body is breaking down, getting stronger, and it's in that breaking down. If I ran every day of the week without a wrist, my body would actually never get fit because I'm getting week because my body's breaking down and I'm not resting. So that's often when people get sick. Window is when they run every day of the week and the body doesn't get time to race. So the most important thing we want you to get from this is to know that your body actually gets fit while you are resting, so rest is important and we will cover that in this course why it's so important to risk and it's in the resting that you're actually getting better. 51. Rundamental - Music: run the mental music and running. A lot of people like to put the head runs on your part. Avid golfer run That is cool. Just two things to be very aware of. Number one. Obviously, when you put music on and you are running, you can hear what's going on around you with some guy in the bush or a car behind you, but they're not good. So be careful of using music when you are running. Or so, in a way it is fun, but you tend to miss out the ambience. Or maybe the M. It's not deny services lots of a lot of cars, but you do tend to lose that contact with the surrounding environment. The second thing is, most races that are affiliated with some of the Knicks association actually don't allow music when you're running. So if you get used to it and you do go into rice, you did get the muscles a bit sort of pick in. So you gotta take it off. And now, while you were gonna try and run, this half marathon was marathon, and now music was your big crunch, and you can't do it. So just be aware of that. You can use your music. Just be careful. You gotta use it. But don't rely on it because the end of the day you want to experience the environment. 52. Week 2- Fuel: Welcome to week number two. This is about fuel. We're learning about fuel this week because part of what's starting to happen is as your body gets into the next part, we start to need to learn a little bit about how we are taking in the various energy sources. How body works to burn that energy. One of the the fuel tanks and willing about that this week. But what's on the gods for this week? Well, remember this whole session The whole program is across 12 weeks, one week to on the R four stations to every week. Remember, Always make sure you've got a gap between your stations. Most important gap before and after your long run. So one of the stations not too different to last week. We're gonna do a five position one decision to another five kilometers session three, another five kilometers. But Citian four we are pushing up to eight kilometers now last week were sitting at seven. Now we're going up to eight a little bit more, but you know how to approach it. That's what's on the cards for this week. Let's learn some or its learn about our body. Let's get out there and enjoy are running 53. Understanding Energy - Fuel: right. This part off this course we get another very important part is understanding. Energy does the end of the day. That is what we need. When we run, we run on energy now the two parts to energy. The one part is the fuel. The other part of the fuel tanks fuel distorted. It's up. I know you're seeing what? Doing nothing at the moment. So get up, Get up, Get get up. And I was. When you jump up and down for a little bit and you know what I can see You're not doing it . Get up. Just just for a bet. Fantastic. I knew you were gonna continue this. When you are around now, you've just used a grade fuel that's got a teepee. Your body cannot move without a teepee. The word it stands for weeks over the nights. Basically, it's called a TP. It's the petrol of your body. If the fuel it's like gasoline, that makes you move. No, this 80 p has to be mined. It has to be produced. And so this petro has to come from their resources. In order to produce this 80 p, it has to convert something into the 80 p and the raw material that is used to produce the patrol is called glycogen. So this is glad regions like the oil and the oil becomes your gasoline or your petrol. That's going to fuel you so glycogen is ready to stop. That is very important to produce this fuel, but the thing is way doesn't get the glycogen from well there too wise to get it. One way I could get it is to from carbohydrates. Now that's like going and seeing an oil source under the ground and sucking it out and taking their own converted to petrol. The other way I can get it from is from fat. But that's like taking coal and converting that to oil and that ultimately to your patrol to your fuel. So there's two sources off this energy in the school and kitchen that one is from carbohydrates. It's easier and quicker because it's like taking it directly from the soil source. The other one is from like a coal. It's from your fat. It's a little bit harder to convert. And so the problem is there isn't an endless amount off this beautiful carbohydrates that you could use. But there's a lot more fat in your body that can be mined for energy. But that is 15% less efficient, because imagine that's gonna take it and converted before it could become black edging. And then you can then become 80 p. So it's great to have that preserves. We can use those for running, but it's not the most efficient source of energy. It's their backup source. No. So that was the first part. Is the fuel the second part? All the fuel tanks. So we need this 80 p. The 80 p is created from blanketed. The glycogen gets its was produced from the carbohydrates or from the fact. So where is this This fuel store? Well, basically, you've got three fuel tanks. One is called the Galactic tank. The 2nd 1 is called the aerobic tank, and the 3rd 1 is called the Anaerobic Tank. Now, the eclectic tank is basically your instant fuel. It's this this fuel that is in your body and it can instantly be called on, sir, if you jump up from your desk and you walk something, that's what using using this ANC magnetic tank fuel. But it only lasts for 12 seconds, and normally that's fine. You get up, you walk around, do a few things. You sit down, its it every day. Top movement. Often you in anything it regenerates. So it's fun. And so this is this instant fuel 12 seconds where But once you go beyond that, and that's what happens when you start running. As you start running after about 12 seconds, you start going. Why can't you intend for the first few seconds? Because it's a sick electric fuel that's being used on your body is like I am out of this stuff. And so it goes to the eroded fuel So the aerobic fuel is essentially now when is having to take the blockage in and start to convert it, and it's taking the blockage, and either from the carbohydrates or from the vet, and it's got starting to convert it. Why is it cord a aerobic fuel? Because it uses air just like a car. You take control. He's like a and you get energy. That's what it's doing is taking your oxygen and it's mixing it with the black didn't break it down and producing energy for you so That's why you you start panting because it's taking the energy, so that is aerobic tank. And that's what we use for most of our run. As we slowly start to get into it, the breathing will slow down, but it's still using the energy. If you suddenly push hard and you start running, there is not enough air that you're taking in. There's not enough oxygen for it to be converted fast enough to produce the energy. You have not moved to the third tank, the anaerobic tank. That means without air. And this is saying what? You need energy faster than I can convert it. I'll do it for you. I will. I will make it for you without oxygen. Well, that's girl, Yes, but there's a cost, and the cost is called lactic acid. So as you're running hard and you're and oxygen isn't enough, but it's your body is still giving you the fuel so you can run. What it's doing is it's producing a byproduct called lactic s, and after a very short period, your muscles are burning. You had that sensation. You know what, and you can't carry on like this very long because your muscles on paying on fire. That's a lactic acid buildup. And so that's why we can't stay for very long in the anaerobic zones. So when we were running, we try and stay in the aerobic zone. The first design doesn't last very long, the anaerobic we want to avoid. And so that's why one of our running easy principles is when you're going up a hill anywhere. If you start panting too hard, you're starting to build up lactic acid, and so you need to ease back. So that's fueling. It's a relatively complex thing, and it's not too important to understand it all. The bottom line is we talk about later is you do need to take in some forms off glucose and other type of things and energy and sugars on carbs that are going to help that blockage and reserve state topped up. But the bottom line is run easy and you increase your range 54. Fueling: So now we're gonna look at fuelling. That's the energy you're gonna put inside so that you can go for longer. Like we said before. It's not when you're going for a very short run, which will be a three mile or five kilometre run, it's not necessary to take any fuel or any carbohydrate source before the run. Your body has more than enough stored glycogen in order for you to run that distance. The most important thing to do if you're going out for a three mile or five kilometre run, just take 1/2 a glass of water, a few sips of water before you go for the run and that you do your fun. Hi, Eva. If you're going for longer runs, which are part of the program, you have a long run Every week we only take the rule of thumb. If we're running anything longer than 30 minutes, then we will bring water along on our run so that we can make sure every three kilometers we have a drink of water and that keeps us hydrated so we don't dehydrate. That's very important, but if we're running over an hour, that's when we need to think off taking carbohydrates to to replenish the carbohydrates that has lost due to us running. So the rule of thumb is normally. If you're running over an hour, all the black turn that is naturally in your body will have been used up. And it's not time to refuel right about to hit out for a run. Because you're running more than an hour, we've actually brought some water with just for some hydration on the run. I'm enjoying us, and the normal role of fun is just detect between 30 or 60 grand's off carbohydrates, and that should be sufficient for you to continue running. These are a whole range of carbohydrates you could use. It could just be a a sugary drink, like a Coca Cola. Or it could be a protein bar of Goude or any sort of carbohydrate rich. The food source will help just replenish those carbohydrates that you're losing as a result of running over an hour, and that we would just how you feel. It's also important. Not just have a huge meal just before run, that one feel comfortable. Normally, it's at least one or two hours before that you would have that what we call carb alone or a a bowl of cereal off something that you want. If you do feel you want to eat something before the run, give it at least an hour for their food to settle into your digestive system so that you can run comfortably. And then when going on a long run, which is over an hour, you might find at the end of the run, you want to just supplement your body with some sort of protein because your body doesn't joy that protein. Once you've finished your run, you know your muscles have been used. European had a breakdown off muscle fathers, so just go and make yourself any sort of protein, where that we can sometimes have a tropic mark. It could be any sort of smoothie, any drink or protein. So what strike that you find your you enjoy it. There's no the heart and Victor what it is you have today take. It's really what you feel most comfortable with it that what your digestion decreases. But, yes, the most important rule here is hard rate up to an hour, but over an hour you need to stop looking at some sort of fuel carbohydrate fuel to supplement that lost energy 55. Week 3 - Crossing over: weak numbers. Three. Here we go. We are well on our way towards achieving this incredible goal being other run your first half marathon. So just like the previous weeks, we have got four sessions. So what do we got on the cards for today? Well, session number one, something you used to that five K, You must be getting comfortable. We always find that they're certain routes that are our five K. Every test standard, roughly 30 minute runs. Very good for you. They all the sordid stuff. Even when you have finished this program, even when you're not training may be for a 21 or for a marathon. Those far case, all that all the bars that hold your body together, and so they really important keep doing them. But the more comfortable you feel, you're actually gonna love them to see how videos on rave runs. That's where you really have your Ravens on those five days. So day, 15 kilometers day to we're not going to introduce a medium lens run. So you gonna find the week has got a short run. Medium names run back to the short run again. And in the long run. So if you haven't to drop something never dropped the long run, sir. Make sure you do it. So we've got a day. One? It's five kilometers day too. We're gonna run a seven kilometers. So it's getting a little bit longer. Day three with back to five kilometers on. Then they fall eight kilometers. So we started to push the manage a little bit more. That is what's on the cards for this week. So God, learn some more about your body about your mind, about the things you can achieve But most of all enjoy what you're doing this week. 56. 10% Rule: right, Run the mental 10% rule. You're going to be running this program your 1st 5 K or your 1st 21 K and your 1st 42 K, and you're going to think, How will it I'm sorry, but how will this ever be? There's a dream. All this goal ever be possible. We call it the 10% rule every single week. Your running program will be in such a way that you will not be running further than a total distance of 10% further than what you did the previous week. So if you rent five K's a total distance off car five case last week, we are gonna run an extra 500 meters. The next week, we incrementally increasing your running distance. And why is this important? Because we want to keep you injury free. We want to make sure you keep and you achieve your goal so you will be running a long run every week. And that lone run, which is the run that bold you infrastructure so that you can go further, will never be longer further than 10% off your previous long run so incrementally you'll be running the longer, longer distance. And this is how they say that the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first tip. You just going to be running 10% which is not a huge amount every single week. And that's how you going to be running further, and you're also getting fitter without even noticing it. Last week, you ran a 10 kilometer over 10 kilometer run. Next week it's 11.2. So you gradually building your fitness, you stay injury free and achieving your goals. So remember the rule no more than 10% further than your previous weeks run, and this way we will make sure you stay injury free. 57. Types of runs - Introduction: we couldn't be speaking about tots of runs. They are a whole range of friends you could be doing, and we're gonna go through each of them. With you is road runs. That's when you may need running on Tomic. You could do trail runs. This is really running in a forest or in the bush or anywhere where you off a conventional tar road. And then you have your Beatrice people love running along the beach. You can run sometimes over 30 kilometers of beach running, and your final top of running is trade more running. This is where you on the gym and you're going to the gym and you run on the tradable. The different types of run you run is a A things you have to be in mind. The first thing is to make sure you're wearing the right top of shoot for whatever run you doing. Often a trail run, which is often a lot of rocks of love on even surfaces. You need to make sure you've got a trail running shoe because they are formal supportive so that you can manage the rocks and uneven surfaces. It also requires you to pay a lot more tension when you're on a trailer because they are a lot of potential tripping hazards, so you do need to be a lot more focus when you're on a trailer. But having said that, trail runs can be a lot of fun. I know a lot of runners who, once they've started trail running, that's all they do. They don't even do road running anymore, all the runs on trail rides because they just love being immersed in nature and exploring new trails. And they love also the isolation you experience on a trailer. But that's something to consider when you're on on road run, it's your normal running shoot. Be training and not running correctly, so your body is compensating and you can sometimes find you're shown or certain parts of your foot. Take a lot of strange to be aware of that. And sometimes if the beach sand is not hard enough, that can often fork cause a bit of a comfort. Sometimes people barefoot, but that can cause blisters. Definitely. We've done a lot of beat running, but we just listen to our body foot's feeling, so whatever we start walking but beat running having said that can be a lot of fun. And then finally your triple running, which is just destroyed it running that much. But sometimes the weather is not aligned for you to go for a run. All it's called, it's snowing too hot. You a treadmill can answer your problems, and you can go out and do a Farmall even 10 kilometer on the triple, and you just go according to paste out of the running, easing principles, and you'll have a great drive. 58. Types of runs - Wet runs: right. We're talking about tops of runs, and I'm going to be speaking. That wit runs waitress when it's pouring with rain outside. Yes, runners often love going out running in the rain. Most people are not Rennes and driving in the car. I think these people are absolutely mad running in the rain, but they do not even be in to comprehend that exhilaration you feel when running and rain. It just it is just therapeutic. It's it makes you feel a lot. We often see rain. It's just a different texture. And it's been an interesting journey for Craig. Not because often not even when we walking and we had a holiday place. When it starts raining, everyone goes for shelters like it's forbidden to be outside if it's raining and we just carry on with our walk in the rain, just enjoying the exhilaration off, walking in rain There is nothing wrong with rain. It's just a different texture. Obviously, there anything you have to consider if it's not too cold that you are warm. But if this it's someone, it's ready. Nothing more enjoyable than going out for a run. But obviously a few things that will make your run more comfortable is yes. Make sure you dress accordingly. You can get a waterproof jacket that you can run with. You can also wear a head like, Craig said, because that stops the rain from going into your ass. And also, sunglasses are great for stopping rain going into your ass. So those are the things that help you have a more pleasant running the rain, and if you do are going for a long run in the rain. That's where your plasters and your vessel lino important because you're your clothing is naturally wit. You might find you are having a bit more traffic, so a little bit of vessel E a plaster solves all your problems, so we encourage you to go out and running the red because it is exhilarating and it can be lots of fun. So don't let the rain, but you're just dress accordingly. 59. Types of runs - Cold runs: cold runs. Yep, they're a part of life Depends on the part of world we live in. We come from Africa, and you think there's no called runs. We had cold runs as well. We've been in some really freezing overruns, and they also can be fined. It takes a little tough for your body to warm up, and I know that the start of being in in some races was called a nice The marathon reset. Next, a roaring log fire in the pitch dark in the middle of a forest, and about four, I am freezing with a big blanket over us in the moment you take that thing off and you're standing there and you're good and you just want to get going. Normally, you warm up quite quickly, but you may not even warmer, practically all things that you can use. We've mentioned this. There is arm socks, which could go your arms, and they can help a lot, even having a hit band. You could put the headband, and so it goes around your ears, keeps you warm. Het, even on your head, will help a lot. You can extra layers that sometimes is a good idea, but we use multiple things sometimes at the start of a race. And we've had this specifically at the start of the Comrades. Marathon starts really early. You up in there in a city called Pietermaritzburg that about four in the morning when it's cold and it's being days when it's down to, like, four or five degrees Celsius and you're standing there and you cold. So what do we do? You get bin bags, black bin bags. You just cut into the hole so you hit could go through that little hole for your arms, and you wear that. It shields you. It's just in insulation, and you just use it for a while. And when you feeling warmed up, you could just rip it off and toss it in. I been so you can prepare fruit as long as you just think a little bit about it. It's about layers. It's about being able to put things on and other, discard them or pull them off so that they no longer are a hindrance in keeping you too hot but cold runs You do need to be prepared otherwise can be unpleasant 60. Types of runs - Hot runs: what runs These are probably the hardest going out. I remember back in the day we did Iran, and then it was just stupid. It was part of our training program to 30 kilometers. It was 30 degrees Celsius, and that was a 30 F 30 what we called a terrible experience. So it is ready hot and you've got an option that's just not going out. But sometimes you don't have an option. The rights time is a hot day or you need to run today, and it is important to get used to running in the heat. The key and a hot run is staying cool and hydration. Cool and hydration. So your hat is absolutely vital. Getting that hat on your head and trying to keep as much heat. Orpheus possible. Very important again. I use a sweatband wearing this as well. Very important. Keep them soaked. I have run runs. I have runs Comrades Marathon, which is 90 kilometers, and it's being up near 40 degrees Celsius. That's where over 100 F boiling hard to be running for 18 hours in the baking sun, with a hot wind blowing at you. The only way possible to survive. There is a lot of water. Keep pouring the water of your head, keeping yourself drenched because when the hits you, if that prey to keep your cool so it is possible to survive the hottest runs you need to make sure you're drinking enough that we talked about this before drinking to how you feel . But keeping yourself as which is, you can the whole time. So go slow. Don't expect personal best. It's about holding back. Keeping yourself with keeping yourself hydrated and even not right into the day continued to be a fun right. 61. Types of runs - Flat/downhill runs: We're looking at tops of runs, and now I want to check about flag running and downhill running. Flat running is there is no change. Often, if you're living close to a beach or if you live in a state or a place where there is no many, not many heals. All your runs are flat now. These things you have to be aware of with flat running is this. Not like you are going to be walking because there is no hell. So you can be a risk of a pit of strain entry cause you're only using one muscle group. So what we suggest is, if you do live in an area where there's a lot of flat running, even treadmill running can be flat running. You do walk. Sometimes you have to almost force yourself to walk and often does Drink Breaks are the good times that you could just stop, have a drink and then you walking for a short while and back to the running again. So that is something to remember. Walk, change your pace, change your muscle groups when you're doing flat running and when you're doing downhill running. That's also something it takes a lot of strain on your quads, especially if it's a long down here. You're also tend to need to pay attention to your foot structure, Run on your toes, hit almost the middle of the middle foot struck because that will make sure you don't get injured. And look at your posture when you're running, because if you running with incorrect posture, you can get injured. So downhill running it's important to look at your past right. So when you're running downhill, if you mean Ford, it will called you to hit the road to heart, which could strain in your courts. And it's, uh, causes injury. And also, we recommend if it's a long downhill, Do you have war breaks in the in the in the hill? Cause sometimes we've watched around its They go the last thing down the hill that get to the bottom. It's almost like the legs are like jelly because they've been pounding that rode so hard so fast in the head it has had an impact, so don't just take it easy on a Damron. Don't don't don't overdo it. Don't put a lot of strain on your quotes because you do have further to go. And you, I want you conserve that energy like we keep saying You want to keep those muscles fresh and there's nothing. There's nothing that consent that muscle strength faster than, ah, heart pounding on the road. It does take strain on the muscles, so think about that. I think about fresh mussels, fresh legs and you'll have a fantastic Don run. 62. Types of runs - Hill Running: We're looking at runs and we're looking at tops of runs. And now I want to Ted about Hill running, what he'll running Europe, not heal running? He'll walking as we've stayed before, and he'll can zep your energy faster than anything. And once that energy is gone, you're going to feel it. You're not gonna have it. It's just just disappeared. So what is our strategy for Hill running? If it's a short ill, then we recommend a strong power walk up to the top of the hill that should get you up quickly. You changing your muscle groups, you conserving energy. Sometimes the hell can go on for over a kilometre, even to reinvent heels that are over five kilometers long. To walk that length of tongue is not a good idea because your muscle use your sort of just using the one muscle group all the time and you want to still get into that murder of running. So what we do is like a chatted about earlier is we use certain certain any sort off thing that you can see ahead that as your market look for these Marcus, as we said before telephone poles or electric pulse can be brilliant. Marcus. So it's a rat. We're gonna walk two poles run. One poll walked to Paul's run one poll, and that's a great way of mentally not thinking about the hill. But just looking at each polling before we know it, we at the top of the hill. And as we say before, when you walking, it's not the casual walking. As you walk in amore, where you're walking with your friend on the beach. It's a first power. Were you using your muscle groups? You are moving farts first, but you not running. So you're using a different muscle group, and using that strategy, we'll get you up those hills. One of the key running et philosophies is Are you approach a hill? I see a big hill like this, and a lot of people try harder and make sure they're gonna run and try and teeth to get to the very top, but rather that it is better to do is start running and then start walking before you tired . Not because you're tired. I guarantee you will catch up with everyone else just on the other side. 63. Week 4 - One third mark: we for? You know, that means it means you're 1/3 of the way through this critical part of the program of taking you from five kilometer corporate. This all the way through to your half marathon mark. So what are we gonna do in week four? We 44 sessions week for it's all sort of balances quite nicely. Remember how it works for sessions is a short run, a medium, A sort onda long. So I saw a run for the week as usual. Five kilometers, that course stuff. It's the potatoes. It's that veggies that makes it all work at the end of the day, Then our medium length run is going to be the same as last week. Seven kilometers Citian three is going to go back to the veggies and the potatoes. The five kilometer run on, then finally session fall up to nine kilometers. You're getting very close to running at least an hour now. You're getting into an interesting zone because once you get around the nine kilometre, you are running for about one hour and it's Shia. Were interesting. Things start to happen to your body, your metabolism and how your body starts to get energy and the energy sources will talk about that. Some of the other videos started to change When you go over the one hour mark, your body. So this is a what's going on here? Something strange is going on and it starts to source Energy. Special If you're staying in the running Easy time from the fat. So you want to lose weight? Are you really getting into the white? No. So now so enjoy it. Those your four stations for the week Get out there and have fun. 64. Rundemental - Suncream: next, Fundamentalists, Sun cream. That's something which a lot of runners forget. You got out and you get all your running gear. You've got to shoes. You think you're ready. You have had hydrated, but it's a hot, steaming day out there, and especially if you act for over an hour, you can get severely Sunday, so find a good quality. What a resistance, sweet proof suntan lotion. And we recommend you applied on all the areas where you will be exposed and to ensure that your run doesn't become a bit of agony due to very severe sunburn. So remember the sunscreen if it's hot and sunny outside. 65. Hydrating: right hydrating. I chatted a bit about this with few refueling. Hydration, as we discussed many times, is important. This is your body when you're out on around you, naturally sweating, even when it's cold, your body sweats and you're losing Florence. So before you hit out for a run, have that half a glass of water just to get your body feeling hydrated. Then if you're going out for a longer run longer than 30 minutes, we suggest if you know water stops along your route. Great, then after about 20 to 25 minutes go never. I a subset, some six supported a water fountain or something along the route. If the route running doesnt not have any water or safe drinking water, then we recommend getting a good A bottle, which is comfortable to carry. Whatever your choices, you're going to be running with that. You're gonna get used to running with it, and then, as a rule, every 15 to 20 minutes stop walk, have some sense of order because this will make sure you staying hydrated. You can also have things like Gatorade or energy aid. Those are also good for longer runs because you getting the carbohydrate in your drink, which is obviously refueling. Reenergizing you Sometimes if you don't feel comfortable with running with a water bottle to start with, you could just stop after 45 minutes at a shop and just by yourself a Gatorade or just a bottled water for you to drink for just to keep yourself hydrated. Yes, so the rule is keep yourself hydrated. Carry a water bottle and make sure your hard right at least every 15 to 20 minutes. Another important rule when it comes to hydrating is drink to first. A lot of people say, How much should I drink? You know, should I drink a whole bottle of water to make sure I have enough? The challenge you have there is you've become over hydrated. There's a lot of scientific research on other hydration, and it is actually can be quite dangerous. So the important rule is drink according to First, your body tells you how thirsty or how much water have lost. So when you're feeling on a very hot day, you will naturally lose a lot more, uh, water fluid through sweating. So you drinking a lot more than on a very cold misty day. You might find your drinking a lot less so we found a very good rule to to sort off go by his drink according to first, Make sure at least every 20 minutes you are having some fluids. But dont over heart rate because you'll also feel very uncomfortable when your other 100 but rather just drink according to taste right about to hit out for a run because you're running more than an hour, we've actually brought some water with just for some hydration on the run. 66. Power Walker: for us. We're not going to be talking to you about walking. You think it's strange if you don't write walking. This is about running a marathon or running five K's or running 21. But walking is fundamental to you will to you achieving your 1st 5 K running your 1st 21 K or your first marathon. Walking is a key principle of running easy, and we got to spend a lot of time talking how crucial walking is to your running program. Research has shown that when you walk in a run, you can extend the range off your distance that you can run by huge amount because that s what Craig was sharing earlier. The important thing of running a really long races to conserve energy and the best way to conserve energy is to walk, because when you walk, not only are you using different muscle groups, so if your running muscles start having a bit of a break while you're walking, muscles do a bit off the work. But you also making sure that your body is resting. It's not using up all the energy when you walk, you conserve energy and you extend your range. It is often a myth when people say I'm going to run a marathon, that this person, in order to achieve that goal, run your 1st 21 K. You have to run whole distance. That's absolute miss, and I'm gonna tell us we have run countless marathons. Every person running a marathon, all half marathon will walk. And often there is a strategy which will share with you with walking is to making sure you workers often people forget. When should I look these two times that you walk? And often we'll talk about this more in your races. When you're racing, you stop for your drink every three kilometers, and that's a good time to make sure you do a bit of walking just to change your muscle groups. But at the time that you walk is where there's a hill, nothing can zap your energy foster than trying to run farce Uphill. Yes, they will be times when you will run up a hill that's that you can even do. It was part of running easy just to build up your your fitness. But we didn't do it when we first started, and you don't have to do it in order to run your 1st 21 case. Hell is a perfect time for you to walk, walk, But when I say walk, it's not the Granny War just strolling up the hill at a casual pace. That's not the walking that we're talking about when you need to walk. It's the power. It's work walking with purpose. You seen those car workers. They move their arms, then move their hips. They're moving at a speed. That's the walking we're talking about. That's the walking that changes your muscle groups, but it keeps you moving forward. It keeps you. They're achieving your goals. So when you comes to hit, when you come to Hill, the important thing is stop walk. But don't walk slowly like you would if you were destroying through them all. You have to walk at a fast, powerful past for you. Moving your arms will share, but all that walking posture with you so that you can get an idea of what it means to do a walk. So the important lesson here is that walking is important principle of running easy. We walk often walking club serves, energy and walking at Abel's of you to run longer distances rat. And now we get hitting out on the road. The important lesson to all the important point on the streets here. It's not just a little stroll like this, because this, unfortunately, is not going to get you. You need to pull walk with purpose, and that's how we gonna get fixed. Let's show you you move that arms, last name and what, like this? Just adding on Teoh Nicky, saying about walking. How important is we've had it with the writing, actually in Comrades Marathon, and we've got to probably about 40 or 50 K market. We made some friends, was a huge hill there on the side of supporting us go some drinks and goodies. And so he started walking up this hill. But we power walking up the hill, and there's a long helpless here was probably been on for about five or six kilometers, and they could not keep up with us, even though we had been running for six or seven hours already. The point is, there's Nicky said. When it comes to walking, it is vital that extend your range. But it is not just a straw. You all walking, Swifty? Yeah. The runners are running will get interview, but you'll catch them later. So walking a very important part off, right? 67. Week 5 - Edging Forward: So you've got your long run coming up. And how do you prepare for? Well, as we've said in our generic program, they're important. Brian, too long run always makes you have a rest of the day before so you can come in as fresh as possible. As you pull up the manage, you are starting to take a little bit of infrastructure straight. We've spoken about this before because your cardio fitness gets easier and easier, but your actual body and muscles and joints are feeling that a little bit bored. More so. You want to come in as rested as possible today before make sure you are not running. If it happens to rob in the long run day and it's just a terrible day, it's really, really hot or really freezing already. Not nice course you can change it, so you have to move it out a day or two and new things, and now it's gonna button as the run its It's fine to do that. So sometimes just look at what's going on in the weather and make a call on that so prior to going out in the long run. Very important is preparing do the ABC, so we're getting ready to hit out for I'll run and there's a simple ABC chick that we do help me remember things not so easy. So the first is a is for accessories. And so when you have various accessories like my vasselin and clusters and anything that I might need in there, so it's important and things like a few keen on having your watch. Whatever. Just check you got your exist reason on your phone. That's important accessories. The next is body. Is your body happy? Part of that is hydration. We were just having a glass of water before you got in. Addition to your glass of water. Maybe if it is a longer and you may have had a little snack to help you on the way. The last of your clothing just taking that everything that's right, wearing clothing that's brightly colored and obviously special gonna run minutes later really is important taking their tried and I should your shorts or not to type their right to the short and you went with sucks all that comfy with and your shoes, and that's basically it. And obviously your head we always suggest going out with a hat, regardless of the weather and my sunglasses. We were those regardless, because they help you and wind, rain, sun, snow, blizzard everything. So that's the ABC once you've done that already got for run. So what you waiting for? It's gonna hit the road. The ABC basically stands for my accessories. Have a lot of my accessories. I've got my glasses and got to know what you got my phone. Got any little medication? Are templates are required on the run or whatever it might be? Do I have that accessories? Secondly, body check. Have I got some water have gotten if you'll want to bring a goo with me or some little Joey's prior to going on the run also remembered having ask loss of water something to put in the system so that you on us and lubricated before you go. So that's the body and they lost. He is your clothing check is everything cos that's a rapture that I want, where I got my my little belt on my shoes feeling comfy? Is everything right? Remember, very important. Your long runs are actually every one of them are practices for your actual goal for your race for your 2142. They are very important. So whatever you're gonna be wearing drinking doing on race day, this is where you practice it. So if you are going to be drinking strange drinks so you won't take goose for Carver For the carpet teacher, start practicing as much as possible to do everything as much as possible on your long rants and then go out and enjoy it. 68. Preparing for the long run: Week five. We're now in the 2nd 3rd off our program. We're getting starting to get going. It's gonna get really excited. We are now moving into the next month, Week five. So as per usual, we've got four sessions. Start off with the five kilometer that's three miles, that 30 minute run, that standard thing that keeps your body going. So six number 15 kilometers session number two in a move to another seven kilometers. So it's nothing too difficult. That is what medium aumentaron and incision three seasons going back to five kilometers session four double digits. For the first time in your life, you are gonna be running 10 kilometers. That's a significant number. In fact, you may even gotta find that they are races around you. And often they all five kilometer 10 kilometer race is so may even be a possibility you could find when you're here and do a tin coming around your first ever. So 10 kilometer Dennis a long run. Remember, these long runs air about building the strength of your body building infrastructure. You sometimes feel a little bit tired. Listen to your body. Listen to all the advice we give you a legal essence. Run easy, but listen to your body. Make sure you've got a gap before and after that long run. But this is a fantastic week. As you hit the Tin Corbett of Mark. Get out there and enjoy your week of running. 69. Long run: Right now, it's the long run now. The long run is absolutely critical because the long run is all about building your infrastructure. It's about making those muscles feel the bit more pain and all the body and the joints of the ligament, so this long run is very important. So one thing that is absolutely critical, they already weeks Were you really busy or something happens and you feel you've gotta just don't have time for four rounds. Do not skip the longer read my lips. Do not skip the long run if you have to drop something drop one of the other shorter runs even dropped two of the other ones if you need to. Do not skip the long run if all possible, because that is the most important one. That's just pushing you that little bit more. So it is really important to do that run now. When you've done doing this long, run you on it, it's gonna hurt a little bit afterwards. We've spoken about this that two times a fitness, your cardio, your breathing and your infrastructure, your body, your muscles, joints and that's okay because it's a sign off things strengthening and That's why the rest is so important because as those muscles are starting to tear a little bit as you rest, they restore themselves but stronger. So it's natural to feel a little bit step a little bit sore. And that's why we try and build in this match races we can the long run it is about time on your feet. It's all about the spinning time. Actually Run it walking, being out it because not something we naturally do so So the longer you're actually out there that strongly gonna get so it is very important to do that long run and spend as many hours as possible on your feet. The other very important thing about this long run. This is your practice for the big day. This is your practice off. How to walk out of war kills how to walk there every three kilometers or 15 to 20 minutes. How to eat, how to drink. This is when you're practicing that because if you said you try and do all of these things on race day, you're gonna find it very uncomfortable. So what you're doing is don't need practicing. You assisting, you know there's running the other head. It rubs me why I am getting a little bit rapture. It's not nice. Or actually you know there's do stuff or I can't handle it, etcetera. So it's a great practice for the big event. It's like the dress rehearsal, and also you might have to get used. Teoh having toilet stops between God start again to really longer runs in 3 to 4 or five hours and six hours. So that's necessary. Obviously not that easy, if you just running around subject to find it. But that's also part of it. So you're trying to make this long run the dress rehearsal for the big thing, so don't skip. 70. Types of runs - Long and slow runs: we spoke about fast runs and like rates, these fast runs are important because they help increase your pace. And when you running a long run, it's called a long and slow. This is especially the time when you do not look at your watch because it's not about the time. It's about the distance, the time on your legs. This is where you building your infrastructure, and in order to do this, it's important to start off your long run slow. You actually started bits 70% of your normal five kilometers pace because you want to go further and laugh, we discussed earlier in the course the important way for your body to go further is the war breaks. What breaks up crucial in allowing you to go further. So if you're going up for your 1st 10 or 12 K a long run, what do you have to do? Every three kilometers, you take a water break. That walk Brecht is a change of muscles. It's align your body to build that infrastructure, allowing you to go through that you find the right pace. If you find your painting and you're not feeling comfortable, then you're going too fast, run a bit slower, so you feel that you can have a comfortable like races. You can sing a song or have a conversation, but you're not feeling like you're out of breath and then also practice walking before you tied your about to hit a hill, your body is feeling a bit tired. You don't say I can get halfway up the hill and then I'll rest. You decide. You make the decision to walk before you type in this way. You also you conserving their energy because we're like we said energies like money. Once you use it, it's either s. Craig was a discussed earlier. We find this helps tremendously with your long runs is if you do hit a hill s critics in running can be 90% mental. What we like to use is we use running, we use light poles and we say we're gonna run, walk, run, walk and somehow before you know it, you at the top of the real and the third. The final thing we want to chat about your long and slow runs is hydration. Make sure you hydrate often every three kilometers. You're hydrating your taking the necessary carbs to lie yourself to have the energy to go the distance 71. Types of runs - Short and fast runs: short and fast runs. You think it Ever hear that on a running easy approach? And absolutely what, we're not about Jordan for Australia were not about Harvey, Not about faster, but some dads. You actually just had the energy. You want to do it, go into it. Maybe it's more me than it is, Nikki. That's where I'm telling you, even on again. It is a five K or something. And I just said, You know what? I just feel I want to go for it. And so I go, There's no what? I just go. You can run fast if you want to know that force is not a word that we normally use that bad word. But sometimes you could just take a short five k run and do that and pace purely because she liked find of it. But if you do something, you're a short runs enforced speed. You actually find your overall pace and proves so. You never know when your long run, but you're probably fine when you run that long. Run your slightly faster so they emphasize it's not really about the pace, but if you do want to lift your pay slightly choose a nice flat route and then maybe run into the foster patient. See the difference? I think it's probably very fast in terms of what other people are doing, but for me it feels fast and it's fine because what that sometimes does this faster runs is . They do build your speed overall, and you find that you start to run little bit fast without even realizing it. So short, far strands are regret way just to do something different. We don't necessarily say this is something you need to do that if you're in a spot, you just feeling good. Keep coming back to this how you feel and you're like, I want a little foster. Go a little faster. Listen to your body. Enjoy yourself. And sometimes a quick and fast 30 minute run or whatever it is, can feel really exhilarating. Your feel. Your heart is pumped, so you want to do it. Do it again. Listen to your body 72. Week 6 - Halfway: if you're mathematically minded. You figured it out, haven't you? Six. In a 12 week program. You are in the half day halfway week of this burger and half day as well aspires. But this is very exciting because you are getting to that halfway mark. So you get through this, we're gonna be on the other side after this. So this is what's in store for you and our politicians. You know what station one is about, don't you? Yeah, it's the Brussels sprouts, you know, like Brussels sprouts. Maybe, but if the Pisa veggies, it's the good, wholesome separates of short run station to your medium length ran its putting on that little bit extract. Just boarding you a little bit. We're gonna do a seven kilometre run in back. Decision three Another, The basics. Five kilometer Run. Those three set. You are perfectly for the long run for the week. And we're gonna be doing 12 kilometers 12 kilometer long ransom furthest you've ever done. As we start to push the distance a little bit more So you're reaching an incredible milestone. Now, remember, listen to your body. You need to hold back. Don't miss the long run it all possible, dropped the others. If you need to get out there and do that, achieve what you got for the week, and it's gonna benefit you going forward. 73. Running Gear - Watch: watch is one of the core principles of running easy and price years. Throw away the watch so we're all about a fun time and not a clock time that is absolutely essential. We all about going out enjoying yourself. However, if you would take guys like me and a lot of you, you like to know some of the steps, and it's more ready for interest. So there are a whole lot of watches, whether you're getting an apple watch or which will read a lot of information or you've got a specialist gone and watch etcetera. A lot of runners enjoy to have a watch, and we're not saying Have this watched because you want to run faster or harder. You might want to have it just started at natural roots, which is always fascinated. Seed, which routes you've run, you can see the naps. It's interesting because it will show you pace. It will show you distance run, Tom run and all of that quite interesting. So for for me, I like see how many kilometers have are run this year or one of the places, and it's nice to look at a map and I can see all the places I can't see my average pace, etcetera, and eventually those are things that you get used to it and I've even after Nikki said in previous lessons, we can run without a what. We will basically tell you exactly what I pace us, because we can feel it, and that's what we want you're running to be but how you feel. But if you are interested in some of the numbers in the figures in the stats, all means get a watch. But don't make it the thing that runs your race. You'll see so many runners as a running. You have to go through Foster. We're gonna have those all of the running hard runners for you. If you want to wear it, just ignore it. The end of the rice, turn it off and then have a look at what how you did. That's a great way to use a watch so I can be fine. But don't that it truly rice that the fund be the thing that rules you're running 74. Running Gear - Arm socks: next up little accessory called arm socks. I may have other names, depending, but the bottom line is they very Nasonex history that when you run when you start, you can have them at the bottom like this. But if it's cold, you can quite easily pull them up and they covered your arms. And often the case is at the start of a run. It's cold and you're standing at the start in its and you just got a short little T shirt on and some short and these little puppies keep you nice and warm. So what's nice? You're not having to have a whole extra another layer of clothing. You just got a little arm socks on. And as you start running and you start warming up, no problem. You can just roll them down and get Cuda and Kula. Another benefit is what you can even do. If you don't want to do that, you can wet them. Even keeping them up and wit now means water starts to evaporate from, and that keeps you cool. Samos, your your bandanna. If you wait that it stays with for a longer period of time than your for your skin and would as well, and that evaporation keeps you cool. So arm socks, Great way to stay warm. Ankle right. Next accessory Really handy. Not everyone used them all the time that I tend to use them in a special longer runs is some form or running pouch, so there's lots of room types are trying to find one that's not too bulky. And so in this section here, make sure got my cell phone, and I've got some form of I d. Be talked about that before. It is important to carry some form of communication. You never know when you're gonna need it. You might be tired. You want to run home, you can call and also your I d speaks when you can't. Now what I've done with this. Besides having the section where I storm my phone and my i d. I've added on another little piece it simply just clips on. I can edit on off when I needed, so I don't need it all the time in my short runs. But if I'm in the long run, I have extra things in here that are important in my longer runs and so these sort of things you may want to carry in your running patch, you may want to carry some form or energy. These are Goude taste just things in the will. But if you want to call the harder hit to talk about another part of the course, this is really handy to have available. And then just other little things you may need. For example, a plaster. It could be there. If you're a guy, you get up chafing on the nipples. You can put that on or it might be a blister. You've got somewhere you need to have a plaster. You may want to have some sort of pain tablets. We'll talk about that elsewhere, but to be careful about that. But you have got a headache or a cramp or something that could help, and just also a nice little container with some gasoline in. If you asked on the fuel chasing down by your shorts or under your arms, you can whip it up, invested in and rub it on. So it's just simple things that you're storing in the school patch, and they can make a huge difference to your run. So having a running catch again. It's all about comfort. Find one that fits and it's all about trying it. You're gonna use impotency in your in your half marathon, your marathon or what have you aiming for? But the key is you try all of these things in your training rounds while you running that five K seven K 10 kilometer. That's when you try the gear. So final running patch, it works for you. Fantastic. You could tweak it. Do what? If you like, as you progress. 75. Carboloading: call, buddy. It's a term that you're gonna hear if you hang around runners for any short period of time , are your car, but only and then only start talking about it bride to some sort of racial marathon or whatever you're doing. Basically, what it is is we've talked about the fact that you need carbs and your muscles and carbo loading is the idea on accorded idea that you can stuff mawr, carbs and your myself so that when you're running, they've got more to draw because obviously you can get carbohydrates in your body's gonna de these carbohydrates, otherwise going to go to the fact and have to convert it into into an energy source. But can you stuff Maurin so a lot of runs going to say Yes, you can buy having a lot more carbohydrates in the weeks prior to a bigger ran. So a lot of runners were doing a marathon, for example, may a week prior to that marathon started sort of regime, and we talked about in the notes of it off how you can eat more cars than you normally would, and so they will start to have more carbs. Seven days before 65 and then essentially, but not before its aerial carb fest doesn't work again. There's conflicting evidence. Some would say it does samples that doesn't our view. Is that again? Be very careful just prior to some big race off changing your diet to dramatically we do tend to knock. Before have I'm or called the rich meal, there will be some protein in it. Then we will probably have some sort of pastor or something like that. So we do it. But we over the years you found speeding seven days staffing, lots of carbs and us, if we're not used to it, actually makes us feel less comfortable. So it is something you can try. You can read more about Ed. People might swear by calculating and other than say no. And our experience we found here, it doesn't make a massive difference. We will try and up to call it a little bit just prior to our race and obviously in the morning of our race but into the day don't change anything too dramatic theme. You repeat this over and over and over again. In this course, you don't change your clothing. All of a sudden you try the same clothing, you try the same gear and even your eating patterns, your drinking patterns. You don't want to change too dramatically. But if you want experience carb loading, see if it works have ago. Maybe try before one of your long runs. Maybe you've got a big long run coming, and maybe a few days going up to you start to eat more cops just to see how it makes you feel. 76. Week 7 - Infrastructure Building: week seven. I call this infrastructure building. You would have heard it. We talked about this before. They are two key components to fitness, and a lot of people that don't anything about running misunderstand us. So they think, Wow! When they start running and they're and they're all that Pentti that I could never run 1/2 marathon. It's just not possible. Never repented like this for 21 kilometers. You know that's not the case, because once you have them that cool fitness, what we call the cardio vascular fitness. Actually, the panting goes away Now, in fact, for any run you do. And you've probably experienced this for that first kilometer. Normally you are Penton doesn't matter how fit you are. I've got some news for you. It doesn't matter, have it? Your the first kilometer, the first of 567 minutes. You're right. You're always going to be pending, and it's all to do with not running fast. Do anything. It's all to do with the changing energy sources in your body. A tent city. Thank you paint, but don't worry. A little bit later, switched when your fitness Baltar state first kilometer and thereafter you're fine and you're breathing returns to a nice, easy pace that is the cardio fitness. But what we're now try and develop is not so much because you've got that. And even though they will get stronger, you've got the core fitness. What we are now developing is what we call infrastructure fittest fitness to do with your joints, your Ligon intial muscles, just body movement. And that's what the long runs doing. And as we push the distances, sometimes you feel a little bit sore is a bit painful. The next day you get out of the car off. That's okay. That's why running easy is all about resting, because it's interesting that even then get stronger. So what we got in the car today for week number seven started for that five kilometer and session, one session to seven kilometers, session three back to five kilometers on the incision for 14 kilometers. That is an unbelievable achievement for you to go for this week, but remember, when you get out there, make sure you hydrated because you're getting into that one hour one hour, 45 could even because to two hours, depending on how much walking isn't that so? Start to think about what you're drinking, what you're eating because you need to start practicing what you're gonna do on half marathon day. So you're gonna wear a patch of the end and you have to start carrying things and a little bit of some sort of energy goos or whatever it may be. Start using those now get used to it. Get used to walking every three kilometers because there's a drinks table. Start building that in Mawr and Mawr. So it becomes a natural part off your long run because you want to practice what you're gonna do at the end of the day. So get out there going to take the week on the most important, enjoy it. 77. Rundamental - Chaffing: run them into chafing. We're gonna talk about this in more detail, and we look at some of the health things do with running. It makes you healthy, but they all the negative side. One of them is chafing, right? So everyone there is taking that happens all over the body, especially around where your your running shorts are. And normally this is not a big deal in short runs. But as the runs get longer so the Chaffee intensifies and it's wet conditions, your life gets worse. So we do need to be aware of this very simple cure just by normal, everyday gasoline. Put it on and you will be fine for guys. We get the bonus straying from the top, the usual nipple special. You're wearing a tight ship voice you might like to talk shirts of the body looks good. It's a kid up when it comes to running, so avoid the top. Just number one again longer runs if it's just a short 30 minutes or 45 minutes. Not gonna be a big deal. You go for an hour. That rubbing can have an impact. So now, especially non and all assorted or if you really wanted. It's a really long run, like a two hour three hour for our American top distance. You can put some plaster saunas well, but do be aware that you can get a bit of chafing. It's not into the world, even government. It's actually a badge water at the end of the day. 78. Mythbuster - Race harder than long training run: covering Mythbusters and the Mythbusters I want to share with you is that your half marathon or your marathon is actually going to be harder than your long training runs, even though your long training, because your long training runs are not shorter than your half marathon and your full American, that perception is that obviously your marathon is going to be a lot harder. So why is this an important mythbuster to discuss? Because we know what it feels like. You out there doing your long training, right? You've got your training for your first half marathon and you're going out and running 15 kilometers and you feel terrible. It just I didn't feel good. You feel tired and you say to yourself, Well, if that waas difficult, can you imagine what it would feel like to run another 20 on another six kilometers? It would be impossible and same story for your marathon. You go out. The longest long run you do for a marathon is about 50 kilometers. It's a tough one. You feel tired and you think to yourself there is no way I will run another 12 kilometers. It's just impossible. Well, the good news is and we have experienced this countless times is your long training runs are the most difficult part off your training. Shedd Raul. When you're out there on Marathon Day on Cough, Marathon Day with the energy, the excitement, the other runners just like you just absorbing all the energy and you will feel it is infinitely easier than your long run. So don't feel disheartened. If you go for a long run and you feel that there's no way you're gonna run any further than that, we can assure that your marathon far more enjoyable, you know, go okay, Wait. Just reached the city came off. It's special moment, way unknown feel. How does it feel competing or training when you crazy? I feel like I'm upon me. Even started. Better measure Veda like It's crazy, right? Well, that's city, and it's just the final 12 to Guy 79. Week 8 - Nearing the peak: week Number eight. This is a 12 week program bringing you from five kilometers to 21 kilometer toe, half marathon Fitness week eight means you are reaching the end of that 2nd 3rd the end of your second month. This is unbelievable. And not only reaching the end of that you are nearly at the penny coat of your training. The way the training works isn't build you up slowly but surely, with the 10% rule basically pushing you a little bit more, 10% increase on your long runs, 10% increase sort of overall as you build up, build up to the longest week run which we gotta be coming to next week. But you're nearly there at the moment. So what we got in store for you this week again? Four sessions as per usual. See if you can achieve all four stations. Whatever you do, make sure you don't forget. Do the long run session number 15 kilometers. You know how to do that? Sometimes mix it up a bit if you we always find, try and find different five kilometer roots. How about running backwards? It's amazing when you run a route the other way around. You tend to get used to a certain way. You run it the other way and that just seems totally different. So do that. Go and drive somewhere. Find something interesting for their five kilometer run session number 28 kilometers and station number three back to five kilometers. So try and find it'll cumber brands, you can do theirs. You prepare for the long run for the week. It's getting quite meaty. Session number four, 15 kilometers. We would talk about significant numbers and running five kilometers is a significant number . So was 10. The next one is 15. A lot of races off 15 kilometers. You are getting to be a seriously significant run at 15 kilometers. You already getting to the point where you're going to be on the road for close to two hours. We've spoken about this before. It is very important in your long runs practice what you're gonna do on race day practice wearing the right gear practice, making sure you've got what if a patch, if you're gonna have pain tablets in that count, if you're gonna have goosing that count, if you have any idea, carry anything make sure you are doing it right now. In this long run practice the walking as well. On a normal race, what will happen is approximately to be on the race. Most races every three kilometers so rapidly every 15 to 20 minute type thing. You're going to be stopping and get a drink running easy runners. All the ones that get to that point Stop. Get the drink and drink it. They're not these crazy. Run through the thing and trying to drink at the same time. So practice that as well. You need to practice Began with taken fluids, taken any stops of energies, balls or what if you want while you running now. So the long runs are an experience. It was to make the fun. What we try and do is we try and find a shop on route so you can carry the stuff, of course. But we trying to you know what? If you run, they will stop there. They're gonna have a first grader all not cheese roll. While we're running with Bob Crispness calls. Eat that by cocoas because ice cold or a sparkling water or something that you enjoy. So building find little stops on your run to make it exciting. But remember, these runs are about building up your endurance to infrastructure, but also practicing what you're gonna be doing on race day. So get out there and enjoy this very exciting week. 80. Rundamental - Negative Split: right. The next round of mental is the word negative split. You might hear people say you're going for a negative split. All it means is any races run over, divided in half that you're running the second half of the race Foster. Then this first half of the race. Normally, your goal is to hit up faster, and as you get further down the road, you're getting a little bit more tired and you run slightly slower for the second half. But some runners out, they will go out and do the first run a slightly slower on a fast, a second run as a second half of the race, and that's called and negative split. 81. Avoiding Injuries: Yes, we want to talk about injuries because injuries is often a natural part off any sport. And, yes, runners you often hear of Rennes. You might know runners, you say, I'm injured. I can't run. I go for you is to not be injured. Like I said, Craig and I have been running marathons and ultramarathons for over 12 or 13 years, and we've run over 50 of these. And we have never had a running injury. And and the reason why it's not because off some superhuman abilities, but because of the approach retaped. Ironic as we discussed, we don't run more than three or four times a week. We take those race days because we know that your body gets foot when it risks those runners running seven days a week and cross training. Those are the ones who had a serious risk of getting injured. The other approach we have, which we discussed numerous touches the running easy approach. Well, listen to our body. We don't push our bodies so that it's feeling it z beyond its abilities. We listen to it. We we make sure we can run at a pace at which we can have a conversation. That way we gradually building the fitness so that we are able to run these amazing distances. We also find that when we start around, it's not, You know, don't get out that door and pace up the hill because that's when your muscles are cold and your team to get cramping and injuries. When you have often, you see these school races with mom and there take part in the race and it's 100 meter dash and every dad wants to show the child that they the fastest and they haven't warmed up the muscles. They race at top speed and they end up at physio because they seriously injured themselves . That's why when you start around, we find it's important for the first five minutes even to walk just to warm up those muscles and then your muscles are warm and then you start running and then you will not get injured. So that's our approach, which we believe has helped us from ministry not getting injured. But sadly, some people market injured. That's just part of life. When you are injured, you wrist, you don't run. When you're injured, your body needs to wrist 82. Week 9 - Peak week: we're in the final third week. Nine. This is where into business weekend. What's so exciting about this week? This week is peak week. This is the further risk you're gonna run in the entire program. Sometimes this is the hardest week. Because you're tired from last week in the week before and the money just to go climbing. Don't worry. This is it. This is the final week for you to just endure it. But remember, what's new finance about running easy. So what have you got on the cards? We've got the normal five kilometer. You can hand that. You got that? No problem. Then we got an eight kilometre and station number three, another five kilometers. But here it is the big Mother of the week session of the four. 17 kilometers. That's so close to your half marathon. But don't push it because you're gonna prepare for that race that you're going. You're gonna get to that 21 we want you to run a 21 and enjoy it. So session number 4 17 kilometers A total of 55 kilometers this week. That's a lot of mileage. So do make sure you're well rested coming into your big, long run for the week. There's a dress before arrest. Often, if you often into sore drop one of the other runs during the week. That's okay, but this is it. This is where you are. Good. And from here on out, it's It's downhill to the end. So go out there. Enjoy this big week. Practice everything you're gonna do on race day. Go out and enjoy it. 83. Rundamental - The wall: run the mental, the wall. You might hurt another tune that something comes up. When you talk about drowning, you get hang around. Running for heavy hit wall the wall is that place when it normally doesn't happen. Is not that thing than the 1st 100 meters. You might think that's the ball. There's normally that you've actually got into the zone, you running and you going quite well. And all of a sudden it was like and this is normally after that. Maybe off the two or three hours and longer runs like ultramarathons like comrades. Marathon. Normally it's me. About the 60 kilometre market is about seven hours and and see what's happening is inside your body your whole way in which energy is being Process starts to change, and you feel that all of the sudden change of energy metabolizing of the fact rather than just off the noble carbs. And you actually feel that call the wall because it's like wow, and it's harder to get energy. But again, like anything, you can go through that, and it's not about smashing through. It's actually about running easy about knocking the ball down the feathers. What we would say, And so it's about let me hold back. But let me just relax a bit, maybe walk a little bit more. If I do that, it's going to actually be easier, and it just takes a little bit of time. It might take another kilometer or two or three, and you will find if you keep taking the energy sources, you keep drinking water. For sudden, you'll feel that ends. You renew again and you through the wall and you'll forget. 84. Injuries on the run: we're checking about injuries. We've spoken about how we to how to prevent getting injured. But while you're running, injuries occurred like we discussed the cats. I'll those road starts, you fall on those you injure yourself are. Suggestion in that case would be probably to cut your own short and get home, because that can be a lot more severe. But they also some minor injuries that you will experience on a run. And there is a way that you can help treat those injuries cramping. That's one thing many runners are familiar with when you cramping, Don't try and strain yourself. Just walk. Change your position. Change your running posture until you feel that cramp. Ed. Have a few sips of water. Often that helps in just releasing the crap. Just don't overdo it. Just feel what will help. Walking often is a great whale, even bringing your leg up onto the creme. That can often help you just relieve the cramp blisters as we discussed. Sometimes you got a new pair of shoes. You feel like blisters starting. Had that plaster really in your running patch. Put a plaster on the blister, and that should solve that problem. The other problem is chafing. When you go on long runs, you're wearing a top, you're trying it up, and it is starting to try. If you are starting to feel this rule, feeling on your skin, that's where it's important. Have at best, Veselin ready So that you immediately put Veselin on that place where the changing is occurring and you will prevent a serious checking, which obviously feels uncomfortable. As we discussed earlier, having the rocky is crucial. My goal with running shoes is they must never give me a blister, which means from would go when I'm running with our shoes. I don't want to have any blisters. So if your chute is giving your love blisters, I would seriously recommend that you haven't got the right running shoot for that suit. Your running stop. I've worn the same running brand, which is not Pegasus for over 12 years, because the shoe works for me. So find a running shoe that works for you. That doesn't give you blisters, but obviously, in the beginning, maybe there is a blister. Have some classes really have Veselin ready for chafing? And sometimes if you're really feeling a bit of pain. Having a pain tablet because you're keeping well hydrated can often help you just work through that piece to make your run more comfortable. 85. Week 10 - The Taper: week Number 10 This this is like a party. This is what we call the Taper. You've got to the top of the hell and you're going down the other side. Most people can't understand us. They think well, you're right and running. You keep climbing higher and higher and further and further distance until you get to where you want to get. No, remember, but this is built when you are resting. And so what we're gonna do is we're gonna drop back over the next two weeks so that when you get to your heart marathon race state, you are feeling fresh. We have seen this happen countless times with people Do not taper, do not rest, do not pull back. And they get injured, they don't enjoy it and we want you to enjoy it. So this is week number 10. The tape a week. What do we got? Day One as new five kilometers day to eight kilometers day, 35 kilometers. And now Day four. It's only 10 kilometers. Who would have ever thought we were called it only 10 kilometers, but that's what it is. You're long run is only 10 kilometers. It's nearly the same length as the media. Destin's run Unbelievable. Don't feel the pressure to go on to do more than it. Don't 10 kilometers maximum. You're doing for a long run and make sure you run it easy. Enjoy the tape of weak. 86. Big Taper: okay, I'm going to speak about the big Taken. What is the tape? Well, with any running program, you'll notice when you look at your schedule that we've got building up your mileage until you run your longest long run and then your mileage drops dramatically until you really know how to run your first half marathon or your first marathon. Now, some new Rennes get nervous because I feel, well, I've got to keep running. I'm going to keep running right to the answer that I'm ready to run that marathon. Will that half American? Well, it's very important that Taper is a crucial part of your training program, because what you're doing is it. Once you start running program, you're building up building up plaque crises. Your muscles are tearing that getting stronger, you having those restating between. And that's when your body's getting fitter and you gradually building your infrastructure, your cardio until you go to that longest run. So you've pushed your body to it, almost limit, but your body's tired. It zits danced amazing things, and this is after you've done your last long running. When you look at your program, you'll see that date we normally give at least a two week tape, a period in that tape, a period you always dropping rubbed out. Only 55 or six kilometers, right runs and most new reminiscing. Ah, if I do this, I'm not gonna be able to run. But this is a vital part of your running program. It's a vital part off your body, getting ready to run your first half marathon or your first full marathon. Like we say in running easy. When you raced, you strengthen so your body, although you think nothing's happening, it's getting stronger. It's building itself up. You're doing their little bit of Corber learning just before race day and the time with it . When you're ready to run that race, your bodies wristed. It's not tired and fatigued. How many runners we've seen who haven't followed this rule and they get to the American and they almost fatigued before they even run the first for five kilometers. We want to bodies to be well rested so that when you set out on your first half marathon or you sit out on your first marathon, your body will be rested, rejuvenated and ready to take you the full distance with a smile. 87. Types of runs - Bad runs: bad runs. Unfortunately, that's part of running. It's part of laughable that bad days, bad hair days, bad runs and the other going to be bad runs that are just by holding of bad all these sections. It's part of life, how it works, and it's It is actually quite valuable because it teaches us to get through the heart patches. We spoke about this elsewhere. Sometimes what draining teaches you and the schools you learn more than just running. It also helps us deal with difficult things in life. But the are times when it's just like, Are you working up? And you're like, I just can't do this in our program. We very flexible and if it refuse, really aren't feeling, I don't run, and obviously you need to balance that contest constantly running. But other times I don't feel like running. It's too hot, but you know what we plan to do and I'm going to do it and you get out there and now you're gonna try and do it, or you're at a stage of your running to maybe what happened in your marathon or whatever you do. You hit that point where it's like or is now ready isn't good fun. There's a couple of things you do when you get to this point that can help you get through this difficult pot. Sometimes this is referred to as the war that it happens in a run. So court hitting the wall, where your energy and everything is just a piece of How do you get through this? First, it's in the mind. It was spoken about this as well. Reset your brain, so what will sometimes do but to stop for a moment, Grab some water. If you got some water for the hot day, squared it of your trying to wash your face to make your face feel cool and fresh again. There's a drink stand still. Avoid sitting. That's something you should normally never do. Unless in riel riel die associations there just for a moment. Stand still and then just walk slowly and imagine. If you breathe deeply taking your surroundings, Lift your shoulders, look up and sometimes you even see running. Start to trying to roll the head just to try and relax the shoulders. Put your shoulders back a little bit on. Just try and relax a bit and do that. Do that for a minute or two just to try and reset. Reset in your mind. You re setting the body by refreshing yourself. Also, take a quick look at your posture because often when you really start to get tired, we start to come forward at clinching Outfest. We wasting energy on its not so trying. As I said, Walk for a little, but get more upright. What? Your posture. Drop your shoulders back and walk a little bit more. It's fine. Walk a little bit more and you will find it slowly but surely you get through it, you feel happier, you feel more refreshed. And before you know it, you can start taking that running on again. So you're gonna have those sections in the long run, even before the round starts. At some stage, learn how to handle them, and it's very important in your training runs that you practice getting through those because if you experience it in your marathon in your half marathon or what different is your training for, you want to know how to get through those difficult times. Right now, we're getting into the exciting business end of the race about I'm kilometers to go Getting quite on The important thing now is to walk. Wait, just reached the city came off. It's special moment, way unknown feel How does it feel competing or training when you crazy? I feel like I'm upon me. Even started. Better measure Veda like It's crazy, right? Well, that's city and it's just the final. Well, the guy 88. Week 11 - Less is more: week 11 were in the Taper section. You was dropped it off last week. We are going to drop off even further this week. It's OK. You might feel, man, but I'm not gonna be ready. I'm losing up. It does. No, you're not. You're actually gauging your fitness. It is the most fantastic thing. We want you to feel relaxed. What? The joints and the muscles and everything to recover. So what are you doing this week? Four sessions. Session number one as usual, five kilometers session number two, only five kilometers 16 number three. Only five kilometers and session before the long run is only eight kilometers. Fantastic. You're going to have running easy week with a total of only 23 kilometers spacing the distance of your half marathon. Don't do any more than it. Don't be tempted and all four of those runs run easy. We're letting your body recover because next week is the big Greek. So enjoy. This week looks just like a party week party week before the rial party garden have to find 89. Injuries after the run: right so you could get injuries during the run, you know, is that some of injuries don't actually manifest themselves until after the run. One of my personal favorites, the black toenails, uh, I think just upper room. There's a little bit on different runners do. Even though I have the right shoe size, it tends to happen often Maurin around where there's a lot of downhill and even is my shooting 1.5 to 2 times still manage somehow to hit the front of the Sometimes it couldn't because even by your socks being able to time, it's not the into the well. You probably don't even notice it. Why are you running? Often you feel your toenails are a little bit sensitive, and in a day or two later, they will go black. And then they stay like that for about four months and drop off. I see there's a badge of honor. There's not much you do out of Just live with sexy. You show your friends think you're an incredible run. Blisters. You often make all you something. Make it blisters. After run, you go online how to treat them. We don't find that Dr Sterilizing. It'll needle or something. We just poke the blisters so that all the fluid comes out in a day or two. We don't even notice that you can stick a plaster of it if you want to, but typically just dry out and the blisters are fine. You can get what, of course I am. Just injuries, repetitive strain injuries. And these are typical things like stress fractures. You may feel them down your shins or in different parts of your body. Normally again, it means that you probably running too hard, doing too much. If you are feeding those, the bottom line is the cure for most of those sort of injuries is rice. You don't go out and grab hold of rice and eat it. No, that's not that sort of rice. Rice is an acronym that stands for rest, eyes, compression and elevation. Risk means if you have got some sort of injury, twisted ankle, some sort of stress fracture, you do need to rest, and it's OK. If you stop for a week or even longer, you will be OK. The second s aspect of that is eyes taking ice and putting it on on the sweating a little the painful joint all or fracture or whatever it is. A swelling will help a lot see his compression. So if you can wrap it or put something, times is going to help on also years for elevation. If you can keep your feet up for part of the day, they will help as well. So that is your rest. Your eyes, your compression elevation rice consult, love you problems as well. 90. Pre-Race - Week Before: So are we're getting. Plus, it's all the pretty race preparation we're in the week before. Very important that you coming close to that race day and make sure you checked everything . So you've chosen this race. You've ended in your race. Check the registration. Normally other races happened. You've got to go and you go and register. Pick up your gear. So checked up the dates and the times. Some races you just rob on the day and you get just up you go. Other races required to come a day or two before, so make sure you know what's going on there. Obviously also, this is the week. If you're gonna do the car by loading, you can watch other statements on there. You might want to start to Kabul. I didn't get Just be careful with that. And it's now starting to other little things, you know, turned out so you can forget about the girl toenails. They maybe want to get nasty trips. They're not gonna cause you problems in the race. The big one avoid the bags. It was a little neurotic. You You work so hard to get to this point, you will worry that someone's gonna cop when you and your Ryan writes day and you're not feeling good, so we tend to be a little bit sort of o c d. In this week. Going up making to request a handful Regard Sex one's hand, the d German going to restaurants being a little bit careful, it's worth it. Just for this week. Make sure that everything is OK. Also this week before, just be sensible about to exercise. And then one of our races were going to run a 56 kilometre, actually, and a day before we like feelings. That fresh meat, a big hike up a mountain, you know, wonderful came back, and the next day we were feeling so one step too stupid. So the week before, just take it easy. The program will show you that you're not doing a lot a few days before you. Basically nothing stay refuted, possibly even the day before then obviously check what the roots gonna be. That's what's interesting. Obviously, is going Marshall showing you what the rules are. One of the rules sometimes know music's allow. Just check visible things that's important just to pick up those things. Parking some of these races can be huge and it can be an issue, and we'll talk about this and the timing later. But just check what's going on. Where you're gonna part into the days isn't very exciting and positive thing and have a checklist of what do I need to do this week? What must make sure I've done what must prepare. And as we look at the next little few videos, we will show you what you need to get together. But Creighton, check this to make sure you got everything you want to be prepared. This is the big week. It's very exciting. 91. Sick - Can I run?: one of the horrible things that happens just by running, especially as you get close to the end of your training program, is you, like, freaked out about backs You've been training for 16 weeks for for your marathon and like, a week before you start to like, you know, 99% of the time it's psychosomatic is in your head because you just think you got to get back. However, it is important to be careful. Running is a strange it's a strain on your heart for lines, etcetera, while the is a benefit that you are getting stronger. And we talked about how running actually decreases infection in your upper respiratory tract, etcetera you can and will store gets sick. Now we have a rule of thumb. But again, be careful. And if you're unsure, ask you Dr. Our rule of time is Nick in a bar or nick and below. So if we find that we've got a little snivel and it's now knows, except in the eyes of watering a bit, that tends to be a cold, and typically that's not a big deal. In fact, often we go run with snivel were to feel better at the end. That's Nick. And above. If it's neck and below, there's a coughing. It's in our chest. Don't right. If you have got any sore muscles and they unnaturally so they're not so from you run, you're just feeling a little weak. That means the bags have got into your muscles and your biggest muscles is your heart and it's in there as well, and you don't want put it under straight. So you do need to be careful if you are not feeling well. If you're unsure, ignore even the nick and above in the nick and below thing going. Ask a doctor to check you out, but normally just take it careful. Take it easy. And as we said over and over again, just listen to your body. You don't have to run every single day. You don't have to do that next round that was shared. Your it's OK. The rest. You'll feel better for it. 92. Week 12 - The BIG Day: Week 12. This is the week this is half marathon week. Can you believe it all that way back months ago, You plan for the said. This is the week. If you plan to go on according the program, you have chosen your half marathon pull this week. Now there's lots of little lesson this week we'll tell you, have a plan had approached the race or sort of really important tips. The bottom line is, you put in the hard, hard work. So first, if you want to tell you, is gonna tell your friends, make sure your friends know you're running this. Get them to the end. There is nothing more exciting than to have your friends and your family. The end when you finish across the line and you will, you'll first half marathon. So what's in store for the final week? It's a pre since beautiful six in number one. Far colonias. Too easy for you now. Station number two, another five kilometers station number three and not a five. In fact, you don't even have to do all of the stations if you don't what option Just run to feel loose. Since the number four it's your half marathon, that's the one. But make sure that you haven't loose today's break before the half marathon and maybe even two days. So your final session is going to be your half marathon, and I promise you it's gonna be the most amazing thing you've ever experienced. You standing at that start and a lot of this training is behind you. It is unbelievable experience. And if you follow the program, you in a comedy, you know, could have injuries. And I promised you run according to the advice given you into the other advice that we're about to give you. Now run according to that. Enjoy it. You're gonna finish this thing with the biggest smile on your face, your friends and so super impressed. Well done. Go out there and do it 93. Pre-Race - Two Nights before: it's two nights before the race. This is the most important time to get to sleep because I'm telling you something now, One night before you're not going to sleep well, you're gonna be a little high plan and you have to wake up early the next morning. So the most important sleep with you is the sleep two nights before the race. So make sure you get to be early and have a long asleep. It's possible two nights before, so they're a rest day. You can be as fresh as possible. 94. Pre-Race - Day before: the pre rest the day before your big run. Your you've planned you've trained. You ready for this? So what are the rules or one of the guidelines we like to share on the day before your first half marathon, where your first marathon? Well, the first thing was we recommend is keep off your feet. Your feet are going to do a good long distance tomorrow. The next day you don't want to be black. Raissi's climbing a mountain or going up doing crazy things, and you end up spoiling arrest. Keep your set us much as possible. Keep your feet up. Relax, then, obviously, what are you going to eat the day before? Our suggestion need eat bland food, Eat carbo food, but don't eat something straight. Curry. No, no, You don't want this burning stomach as you running your first half marathon. Also, sometimes seafood can be a bit Darcy because you just don't know. Is it going to be that bed mussel oyster that you shouldn't have taken the rule of promised ? Eat very food, never eat any new food that you've never eaten before. That you're not stomach might agree with. Eat what you comfortable with, like Pastor Modesto's anything that you know that your buddies well used to eating of you. You've eaten it when you've done your long run and those are the things you need to think of when you're eating the race day before then. Obviously, the most important thing is you've got to be prepared for your race that I have seen many runners got for the very first marathon. In actual fact, my cousin did exactly that. He was right going for his first marathon, and he decided not to get things ready. They're not before. So what happens? The alarm goes off for three in the morning. He's got to get in the car. He races off into the car, and he left his rest number behind. Now, normally, you can't even run the rest. You you've spoiled everything just because he forgot his race number. So planning is crucial. The day before you got the top. So on your bed, you've got your checklist like Craxi's. You put all your things for rested on the bed so you know you prepared. You pin your race number onto your vest so that it's prepared. Don't believe that for the day of the race, you put all your supplements that you're going to take on the rest day, your plasters, your vessel lean anything that you need. What will that you plan to use on the rest of Heather's prepared in the partners so that you're ready your shoes off? Really? Your socks, your check. Just truthful any stones or anything that might irritate your foot as you running. Make sure that team like Craig, sees like sure, you're turnouts are clipped. Make sure your last. Since he's put correctly, it's not gonna fall off. Sometimes it helps to crumple it of it just to let it sit, because I've had tons of you put your race number on it as you're running your arms since and scratches the age of the race number, you have chafing that you've never experienced before. So that's something you see a lot off marathon and half marathon runners do that crunch the number of it just so that it doesn't set itself solidly and it can sometimes called Shafee . And then, like greatest, you have your checklist go through it. Have I got my shoes, my socks, suntan lotion, You're running close your supplements, your medication have a chick where I'm gonna park was a mistake you can make is that you think it's only 10 minutes to get to the start of the race. But there's so many cause 10,000 people are running are doing this run so suddenly there's a huge traffic jams and the last thing you want is to arrive. Let so make sure you looked at the rules. You made sure the day before. Where am I gonna park and give yourself ample time for that? So those are the few tips we wanted to share for you on the day before rest day. 95. Pre-Race - Night before: pre race the night before you've kicked your feet up, you have eaten and sensibly you've hydrated to make sure you they have carb loaded and heaven fluids in your body. You had early dinner. It's the day before. It's the night before your big big run. Our suggestion is that you, as we said, get everything prepared and ready so that you know exactly where everything is when you wake up in the morning and get to bed earlier so that you can most times. Marathon starts very early in the morning, and you have to give yourself sufficient time to get through the traffic to park to get to the start of your race. So your alarm's going to be probably going office. Sometimes we've had to set the longest earliest two o'clock in the morning to get to a race . It's further away, so you want to get to bed early. You want to get as much rest as possible and then make sure you've said that along. Can you imagine having done all this preparation and you sleep in on the day of the rest, so make sure your alarm is set even if you need to alarms if you're not too confident about your mom just to make double sure that you're not going to miss their race. So get that along, sit and what you could do, which is a great idea before the big race is. While you're lying in bed, visualize yourself running their race visual has stopped visualized renal and visualized the whole your plan that you're gonna be walking every three kilometers, you're gonna be looking at the crowd. You're gonna be sucking in the energy waving to the tual. This Spectators who are there to cheer you on. See yourself running this race. See yourself at the finish line, putting your arms in the sky, getting ready to get that middle. That whole prices of visualization is crucial to ensure that you're gonna have asthma. Much fun and as much time as much success on your race. So, yes, go not before. Visualize yourself doing that whole run so that almost on the race day it's just about repeating what you've already dreamed 96. Race Day: It's the big day, the day you've been training for the best day of your first half marathon on your first marathon. It's an exciting time well done for getting so far. We know you are going to be so proud of your achievement, and we want to make sure we give you all the right tips so that you can have as much crip pre preparation to ensure your race day can be as enjoyable as possible. So when that alarm goes off at three in the morning or whatever time you've stated, but first thing we suggest you do is going have a lot of breakfast. It's also it's important, like we discussed earlier in the course. You don't want to eat a big meal literally 50 minutes before you're about to run because they had food still sitting quite heavily in your stomach. So at least two hours before its optimal Teoh having your breakfast so that it has time to digest and you won't feel full off heavy with just recently eaten meal as you're about to start your race, it's also a good idea to either have some coffee and was it hydrated? It sometimes people can take some energy aid or Gatorade because they found it's just fueling up the body, but not too much. Not Don't do something you're not comfortable with. Like we say. Always stick to what your body knows. The most important thing is you want to not change anything, so don't do anything silly on race Day will eat something that you've never eaten before. Right you up. You've had a life breakfast. You're close. It will be. Lastly, sit out. So you get dressed. You make sure your Chiklis is there. Once you've got all your gear on, don't forget the suntan lotion. We've seen countless people. Forget the suntan lotion in the race. Today is very hot, and you can get quite some bit. So it does feel a bit weird putting suntan lotion when it's pitch dark outside. But because you put your checklist, you make sure you cover that you get your sunscreen on you make sure you'll none displace securely and we'll see you've got a bag for changing. After the race, I get your backpack with a towel. Sometimes you can put some shape because they have showers and a change of clothing. so that after the race, you've got something fresh to change into you dress. You've looked at the time, and you know you need to give yourself ample time to get to the race. We don't want you missing your first marathon. That would just be absolutely tragic. So give yourself sufficient time to get to the start of the rest. Park your car. That's going to be a challenge. Parking is a challenge when there's so many costs. Looking for a parking space park? Give yourself at least 45 minutes before the start of the race so you don't panic when you know you're raising your stressing because you haven't given yourself enough time to find to get through the traffic to find a parking to find with the start of the race is you want a ride. It's actually write. It was a space. They also doing something incredible. Check to other runners. Inspire one another. You'll be amazed how much energy and how much motivation you can have. Just talking to other people that are doing the same thing that you do. Finals. Small tip we'd like to share for your race. Day is loose stops Yes. You nervous? Your body's nervous. It feels you notice is that sometimes gives you an upset stomach or you've drunk so much liquids because you just want to make sure you're well hydrated, that your blood is about to burst. Those things are normal and we bean it. And what we've learned is that the secret is, if you can 30 minutes before, before you actually get to your parking space. Look at for a service station or gestation, which has a pitcher's, which has a toilet because those when it's so much master to use this. No que there's no rush. We've often find you get to the start of the race, and then they have the porta loos and accused are going for ever because everyone wants to go to the loo and gets you know you want to get to the start of the race. You don't spend your half an hour before the start the race in line for the toilet. So our suggestion is if you can find a spot on route to the race where there have toilets, stopping there, go for your last lose stop and you'll you'll be so thankful you did what you see. The queues at the start of the race 97. Race Tips: Dang, the gun goes on your way. Want to give you some final for the actual race? First and foremost, this is all about Buntong. That's why you hear This is a running easy time Calm to explain to you how exciting this is that achievement when you finish this race. So remember this is what it is. It's about having this amazing running easy time and soaking it up. He also took to They're gonna make your race day just that much more fun. First e stay back. Don't get to the front and especially if there's a lot of runners and and sometimes you're in seeding batches. So you forced into a certain area. But do you know what you might think? Well, I want to get going at the front. If you stand the front, you're gonna be pushed faster than you want to run. Or in that we start slowly in the rest. Don't worry about a lot of people have got adrenaline and they just want a race. And that's a big risk race day. When that gun goes, you pump and you start to quickly you can destroy your race in the first kilometer so don't do that. Hold back. So start slow. Also, there's a lot of people around you. Big crafts of mind the crowd. Be careful for things that have throat be throwing the floor. It spoken other places about tripping over obstacles. A lot of people are wearing like a black bin bags, and it's called that. Pull it off the drop on the floor. They drop water bottle that they were using to fuel at the start on the floor. Be very careful at the start of the race, often dark. What's going on? It's We've seen this happen before. Someone trips at the start of that race. But even if they get up, it's now really difficult for the risk that run with Grey's knees and shins and shoulders and arms, etcetera, etcetera. If by any chance you're holding something and you drop it, do not attempt to get that thing we've seen. This is well, you were holding a bottle or something and you stop it and you drop and you lean down to get so many people around you. They hit you and they fall over you and it's just a drama, so be very careful that the start of the race until the crowd starts to fall out. Right? So now you're going and you may have to do a little bit of walking at the start. The race, anyway because of all the people that's OK just started. Easy. When you feel there's a bit of space, you can start running safety. Start running. Nothing too fast. If there's a hill early on in the race, he's back. Fine, No switch. That's okay. Just he's back. Start easy, Easy As you go, you're start to find things that we call off air pockets. Realize air pockets, air pockets on the little spots where all of a sudden there are people behind you. But there's a bit of a gap, and there's no one there and these people ahead, and we try to find those eight parks. But there's so much more comfortable in the pocket and we'll run into that. Little Spartan just is not so crowded. But having said that, he kept weaving. Weaving is gonna add lots of distance to arrest C Rise. Do this. They weave around this person, this person and this person. If you're running hard, top running, maybe trying to get a personal best you not wanna. We've but don, we've had a whole of extra distance that you don't need and lost e table manners. So as you running, this is gonna be the day where people are serving you drinks. There are marshals on the side of the road there and volunteers who are giving you that. That coke all. They're giving you that water have man, is going to get you often. Find runners have no administrative pushing and grabbing. Give me that. Give me yet These people are volunteers. Say thank you. Smile is gonna make the day's gonna make your death There's a Marshall High, Marshall. Thanks for helping out. The more you do that, the more you're gonna enjoy the race. That more, they're gonna enjoy the race and you have a great time. So just go out there, enjoy yourself, soak in the environment because this is what you've trained for 98. Race Plan: you've planned a lof of this race. You thought a lot about this race, you in the race and one of the ways to make the race, especially when you're running a 21 or 42 easier is to break it down. Anything big broken down is easier to handle, and so you might want to take the race in quarters. Say, for example, you've got the 42 kilometer run you might want to break, then roughly into 10 kilometer pieces. And so you've got that first quarter. That first quarter is going to be right. Just relax. Slow this warming up, insert your normal 10 kilometre route, just running, walking just getting into right then you're getting to the second quarter. And so that second quarter. Now you, you, the body's cold, you're going and you gotta go hard way Fantastic. So you are getting that take according to get the halfway. Get that fantastic. Then you've got that third quarter. This is often the hardest part because you've achieved the hard way guard. But it seems like so far to go, and it's the same in your training program. You get the offering the training, but you're not at the end of the train. So this third quarter is the one where you've gotta have a little bit of results. You're in that final their third quarter now. So again, you might do a little bit of recently. Something's go halfway. Let's imagine this is the start. Spoken about this before you just put your shoulders back. You wrote a hand a little bit. It's a hot day. You put water of your face, get refreshed. Third quarter here we go. And so soak in the environment the atmosphere Before you know you're in the lost corner the last quarter. There's nothing between you and the end now, yes, it's on top of everything else. You're feeling a bit tired, but the end is gonna put you again. Hold that Hold back. Don't suddenly push as you get first. Then maybe the all on a couple of kilometres got you feeling just feeling fantastic. Then you can speed up, but hold back, hold back. Just enjoy it until you get close to the end and you could stop here the way through to the end 99. Race Etiquette: race a ticket, it's important to follow certain. Sort off what we would call raise a ticket when you're on your run because you want to make sure not that the run is just enjoyable for yourself, but also enjoy before all the other first time half or full marathon runners. Everyone's out there to have a good day, and it can. That's possible if we all consider it off one another. So what are we suggest? A xray Zigic? And when you're out there doing your first or your second or any half or full marathon or race, our first suggestion is don't ignore the other Rennes. There was out there doing something Amazing. Check to them give, you know, getting in. Encourage one another. Tell them, Have a good run. Have a good run. They'll encourage you. You'll be amazed how much energy you receive. Just from being positive from from encouraging other runners, you might see another runner looking a little bit down. Just feeling disheartened. Just tell him I know you can do it. Go for it. We're gonna do this. We're gonna finish this race. Your little bit of motivation would be all could have been all that running needed between him giving up or continuing to the end. So be considerate of other runners encouraging. Be thankful also for the marshals on the run. Black, we've said earlier. They have the volunteering Thank the marshals who are holding the traffic back. Also very important point is, if you started the race and it's very cold and you've put on other black bin bag or extra clothing just to stay warm, be considerate. When you take that clothing off, we let get rid of that. Been there. We've often seen certain runners who just rip off the been making. Just check it on the floor and just a few meters back. Another runner trips ever that bin bag and he's race has been destroyed, so don't just trapped anything on the floor in front of you. Be considerate, the aisle runners behind you who could potentially trip over that. So look out for a spot wits space. There's a space on the sidewalk and make sure you put anything you want Chuck away far away from all the other runners, and then when you get to your stops, where you're gonna have your drinks and This is also something that we want you to be aware off. Sometimes they have the drink stops more than every three kilometers. Because of the volume of Rennes, you make sure only every three kilometers that you stop and have your drink at the drinks start to help the other people who are making sure this race day is a fun rest with you in a fund raise for everyone. 100. Post Race: you're done. The rice is done and I can tell you something. There's gonna be pain, but these are the most amazing pains you ever had. You celebrate these pains in the days will do that Come afterwards or even immediately afterwards. You stop. I find even on the drive and you drive home. Then it takes you off. Now on, get out the car and you're like like an old man. These are not paints because these are pains that are a sign of achievement. It isn't falling that when you finish that rice to to try and fuel as quickly as you can afterwards, especially taking in proteins well, often try and have a chocolate milkshake or something like that has got some sugar and obviously proteins. And getting that is going to help your body recover that some people will go home and they had a ball. I spot hot. But whatever you used in your long runs of it helped you, you could do that. And one thing we also love to do is we get home. We've had our Shall we relax? Sometimes your little Napa could be so dives. You wake up so early is, get out for a walk as quickly as you can. Often in the same day will go walk a couple kilometres. Just that walking helps the straits two muscles, because what's happened is, after all, the strain of the half marathon, the half marathon and marathon. Your muscles constrict and you want to try to stretch them out a little bit. And so just some not. But it's just beautiful walking. It is loving it. You wear the right shirt that they gave it to you. If ultimately, even with that, and enjoy it, just a word of warning. You probably gonna have stiffness the next day. In fact, two days later is normally when you have most of your stiffness. But again, it's a stiffness that you celebrate. So it's incredible feeling and you deserve it. Well done. 101. And now?: you have done it. If you're watching this, you have achieved your first off America. That is unbelievable. And please, we want about Tell us about it. Send us your photos. We get so pumped when we see what other people have achieved. We've heard from people around the world and it is so inspiring for us to hear your stories . So appreciate your stories. Postal stories posted here where ever you want contact us through our website. Tell us about what you have done. It's been tested. You deserve the accolades. Well done. And yeah, have you done? If you like assessing bites and we love, I want to tell you so in 20 ones or my just favorite I once you've built up 21 k foetuses are fantastic. You're beautiful half marathons everywhere around the world. It's a beautiful distance. You can run in just over two hours. You get you finished and you're not totally depleted. It's a fantastic thing. But you know where is this guy? If you've done to anyone, you know what? You are so close to achieving your first marathon. Yes, it's a double to anyone, but we can show you how to do that as well. You know all the principles. You know how to approach it. You've got such incredible fitness. Now to go from 21 2 42 is actually not that difficult. So enjoy what you've achieved so far. But if you want to go a little bit further looking out programs to find out how to do a 42 kilometers do your first marathon, which is the most unique thing you will ever do. But at the moment, celebrate. If you enjoy the program, tell your friends of databases nothing nice and having your friends will involve and running and exercising with you. We've loved having you on this program has been absolutely fantastic. Please reach out and tell us how you doing. It would love to see you on one of our other running programs as well. 102. Enjoy the Lifestyle: well done. You finished your first half marathon when you finished your first full marathon. This is something which so few people achieve. You could be so proud of yourself. Enjoyed alot the cheer and adulation you receive from your friends and family. You deserve it. You trained for this and you've done the distance. Something amazing so well done. Congratulations. Now you feel it's over. What I do next that often comes. You achieve something amazing. You don't want to lose all this amazing fitness and energy and you feel that this is something that can become a last offer. That certainly has for us for many, many years and we encourage you to see it as a last thought. This is just some of the first part of this amazing you are. So make sure you give yourself enough time to recover your buddies being through a lot. So for your first week after your marathon or your half marathon, sometimes even your 1st 2 weeks keep it easy, do a bit of walking, but don't go do in your runs you because your body has gone through a lucky wanted to rest and recover, So you stronger on the other side. So you need to listen to your body. It has beens, a few niggles or foot feel, So don't start running while the foot is still store. Listen to your body. And when you feel really, then start your training program again. And what we will suggest is go have a look. If you If you love that half marathon, go look for another half birth and that might be another four months. Time was some not too distant future and say, Well, I've achieved this girl. I'm gonna sit another half American Go look at for the ones that people recommending this high better half marathons in a highly, uh, rated by other runners week often use Ah, half marathon or marathon is an extra destination to go on holiday. So we go with the family and we do together. So this marathon, the half marathon because part of our holiday those things are awesome, and it's a wonderful way to explore and you see, So whenever you live, look out for a new half marathon and compete that as soon as you can, and once you feel comfortable with half marathon, you know that there's a new goal for you, a full marathon, and that could be your new go. I'm gonna now run a full marathon. So look out for a full marathon and that's it. That is your new goal. And if you've just run your first marathon well done, you've achieved another amazing, amazing achievement. And we're very proud of you. And I know your friends and family will be amazed with what you're cheap. So once you've rested, you've made sure that you've your body's well rested. You really for something bigger? Well, you can keep running marathons. And if you really want to, you can take the next step. Which is what Craig and I have done is look at for an ultra American, those other distances, other 42 kilometers and you never know. You, too, can become an ultramarathon relative 103. Bucket list runs: when you've done that 1st 21 all that 1st 40 t you're a new person, not only because you've achieved something amazing, it's a new lifestyle. Enjoy the lifestyle. How entire courses being about lifestyle. We believe that our approach, the running easy approach, is so important because it's something that's manageable. And we've heard this over and over again. Someone achieves the first marathon or the first ultra what Evans is. I can never do it again. Done at the time, then it's not a large style. You can't keep it up. You can't keep it up. What's the point? And often this is the case of going to a gym and things like that, because you just go on, keep it up. We've tried to make sure this is something you enjoy and becomes a lifestyle approach. And so for us here we're not training at 42 kilometre fitness all the time. We run that 42 kilometer or whatever it might be, and then we drop, often just running regular runs of 55 Maybe they are 10 again the next week, 55 maybe eight and whatever suddenly might push a little bit further and run along run over 15 or 21. But it just becomes part of our lifestyle. We're in a spot and we do it because we naturally fit. You want to use this fitness, and so if you live in the area would have local races into the local races. There's nothing nicer. And there's nothing I said in taking your fitness and using in another ways because you now so foot you could do anything. We recently did a thing which is called the Cape. Kamina in the Western Cape, has got a beautiful 200 kilometre walk where you walk sort of 20 to 25 to 30 kilometers a day. And just the racks. That little backpack you walked, you sleep over. We thought, We've got this fitness. Let's use it so you can go on hikes and walks and beautiful things using your fitness, because now you have it. It's part of your lifestyle. So I ran your country walk your country rather well. The opportunities are limitless and not only can experience new things, you're gonna have a new, healthy body that's gonna make you live life and experience life in a totally new and wonderful way people talk about back it. Lis, we have bucket list runs. They are runs that you have to experience at least once in your life. And what if you are in the well, They're going to be these runs for us. They are obviously the big ultras like that. The comrades marathon. There's so many people in South Africa here and around the world and just want to try that once. It's a big grand. Have not gonna tell you that easy. It's more than a double marathon, but it's one of those things. Sometimes you want to do well. Maybe that's a little bit much. Another beautiful run. They build it as the world's most beautiful marathons. Accion Ultra, because it's 56 kilometers a little bit more is the Two Oceans marathon, absolutely standing beautiful scenery as you go past along the Atlantic Ocean and then come around on the other side on dawn Indian Ocean, and it's just unbelievable run to do. Then we've done marathons like the knives the forest marathon must standing, sitting in the early morning of a log fire in the middle of a forest pitch dark with a blanket around us and the atmosphere was incredible as we start just missed and forest and you run this 42 kilometre through this incredible indigenous forest with elephants. Somewhere out there, there's other ones have done like the San Francisco Marathon, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and running crust. Things like that and all the way along the promenade. Just incredible in the atmosphere and these others, we haven't yet tried, and we hope that it could be The New York Marathon could be the London Marathon. What about the Great Wall of China marathon? There's even one in the Arctic and the Antarctic ice marathon. So wherever you are, there are exciting possibilities. You've got this fitness you can experience back it. This runs around the will. So go and enjoy it and tell us about them with love to hear about the amazing runs and you get to do