The Digital Project: How to Prepare a Request for Proposal and Select a Vendor | Antonella Severo | Skillshare

The Digital Project: How to Prepare a Request for Proposal and Select a Vendor

Antonella Severo, The Digital Project

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Introduction

    • Preparing a Request for Proposal: Background Information

    • RFP Scope of Work and Requirements

    • RFP Submission Procedure

    • Selecting a Vendor: Defining the Evalutation Criteria

    • Where to Find Vendors

    • Selecting Final Candidates and Conducting Evaluations

    • Tips on Making a Final Vendor Choice

    • Final Steps


About This Class


Are you tasked with having to find a vendor for a digital project and not know where to start? The process may be overwhelming and daunting as you are faced with unfamiliar language and processes.

In this 24-minute class, digital project manager Antonella Severo will give you the tools and knowledge to identify and select the best vendor for your company’s digital project. Whether you are starting your own business and building a website for the first time or are tasked with leading the redesign for your company website, this course is appropriate for anyone new to interactive projects.

You will learn:
    •    How to prepare a Request for Proposal
    •    How to define your evaluation criteria
    •    Where to find vendors
    •    How to evaluate candidates for the shortlist and tips on making the final choice

For your class project, you will start preparing your own Request for Proposal for a real project, or practice with a suggested scenario.

No prior experience is required.





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Antonella Severo

The Digital Project

Antonella has more than 20 years experience in project management and web development for corporations, digital agencies, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and nonprofits, including This Old House, Time Inc. and Williams-Sonoma. She's counseled senior management on strategic planning initiatives for their web sites, and managed teams of writers, designers, programmers, online marketers and testers.

She has led many digital projects from WordPress sites to complex, enterprise-leve...

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